Self Entitled Monsters: The 1% Strike Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have heard one time too many from the crazy PTA moms who are angry at me for fighting the school levy of my local district, who are functioning under the presumption that the “rich” owe their child some special social duty to pay infinite taxes forever. I have heard one time too many from young people who sympathize with the OCCUPY movements all over the world that I somehow “OWE” them something that I have. I have avoided calling them what they are by proper definition because to be honest I have not wanted to call the public school system what I really think it is. The reason, because public schools are very emotional institutions that many people value, and to call that particular institution by a name that is associated with the communism of the former Soviet Union would seem disgraceful. However, the evidence is in. I have listened to the rhetoric of these PTA moms and their children, the pretentious self entitled monsters that they are. I have seen what these bell-bottomed, neurotic, under-sexed PTA members are producing from their children and by what I see, our nation, even our world will be doomed to failure if we don’t put a stop to it RIGHT NOW! Public schools are socialist institutions that are to blame for the very poor quality of human being they are producing–there, I said it.

One way to put a stop to these crazy lunatics that are direct victims of public education socialism is by teaching them how they are wrong. That is exactly what the very wealthy Peter Schiff did when he went down into the Occupy Wall Street crowd with a sign declaring himself as one of the 1% and challenged all the poor little Marxist, socialist, college students camped there to debate him.

Our public schools are teaching our children socialism. The kids of public education have been for two decades at least, learning raw, social engineering, and we are starting to see the effects of it. For the first time in American history the busy career moms of the 70’s who produced lonely children who grew up to become neurotic parents and learned socialism in their beloved public schools have now become professionals who are too busy to raise their own children, leaving their children to be raised by socialist public schools and again lonely with very little parental influence. Now the parents feeling guilty have given their children all the comforts of modern life without much love to back it, and those children have now been raised to become members of this degrading 99% identifier. Now all these people young and old are discovering at the same time that socialism does not work!

Well, there are those of us, call us the 1% if you want, who have been trying to warn these public schools and the kids coming out of them that they are teaching and learning a philosophy of failure. I mean if schools wanted to teach socialism in a historic context it might be a good thing, but only with capitalism as a foundation. You see, this is what happens when you let a radical, political left-leaning labor union called the TEACHERS UNION run your public school; you get a program of socialism leaving consequences that nobody considered when a social utopia was the naive goal.

Socialism will fail 100% of the time when it must combat capitalism. Look how easily Peter engages in combat with the socialist of the Occupy Movement. He doesn’t even break a sweat, because Peter knows that there isn’t one argument that socialists can make that capitalism cannot defeat handedly.

Our society has allowed the creation of an entire generation of lost children who are so out-of-touch and pretentious that they are now a danger to themselves, not just the rest of society. Every single time I hear a school system ask for more money, or declare that children will suffer if a new tax levy isn’t passed I have to scratch my head and wonder, how are these kids not suffering now? I mean look at them. These kids who claim they are the 99%. Why would they do such a thing? Who wants to be some pathetic majority? Under no circumstance would I ever wish to call myself the 99%. And I would NEVER consider any aspect of socialism of having any honorable merit. Why would I want to provide money to a school so that the school can teach the children of modern society to be socialists?

Adam Carolla captured this problem wonderfully in a recent podcast about the Occupy Wall Street crowd, and I’ll have to say, I agree with everything he says. He captures with wonderful articulation the problem of our age regarding these poor young people who have unknowingly become a menace to society.

Who reading this thinks our society can afford one more generation of losers like what we have produced in our most recent crop of youth? And I do feel sorry for them, because many of those kids are losers because their parents were losers, so it’s not the kids fault. And because the parents were losers, and knew it, they turned the education of their children over to a socialist loving teacher belonging to a union who doesn’t give a damn about the child, but wants to change the world in the way all the crazy flower children of the 60’s envisioned. All those damn hippies who didn’t die of drug overdoses and were so far on the political left and couldn’t get a real job found homes in academia. This is why so many of those goof-balls are currently teaching, because the real world rejected their socialist tendencies and only in tax payer funded education could they find jobs where they could become gainfully employed.

And it’s these old hippies who now work in the Departments of Education, on school boards, as union leaders, and mentor the young teachers they employee with our tax money in the ways of socialism.
Oh, I’m sorry to disillusion you of what you are exposing your child to. The preferred term these days is “progressive” instruction, but in reality it’s simply just socialism.

Congratulations, if you just turned your child over to one of these schools without balancing out their exposure with thoughts of your own. You have helped create one of these little socialist monsters.

It is possible for children to attend public school without becoming socialists. But the parent must take an active role in the child’s life, and if you were too busy to play that part, then our society has you to blame. For you have not given American society the next genius who might cure cancer, or a fighter who might combat tyranny wherever it raises its head, or even the next spiritual leader, you have simply raised a pretentious slob who is jealous of the entire world because they are too lazy to compete. After all, that’s why socialism is attractive to a portion of the population, because socialism is the political philosophy of the weak and lazy. It allows those with no ambition to have an equal share to those who naturally work hard, or attempt to use their unique talents to advance their lives.

The Self-Entitled Monsters of our age are on a path of disillusioned destruction if they are allowed to continue on down a path of socialism. The pain for them is now that they are adults is to go back and unlearn all the socialism they received in public education, and replace it with an understanding on the merits of capitalism. The start of that process is that the 1% must engage in a dialogue as Peter Schiff has, and challenge these failures to identify where they are wrong so they can correct their mistakes before it’s not only too late for their individual lives, but for the continuation of our American society. Because our society won’t last 20 more years if it is placed in the care of these Occupy idiots and the socialist instructors in public education. If the fate of our future is placed in their hands, our destiny will become like water and run through their fingers because their hands are not strong enough to cup the water into a form that can be identified and held. Instead we will just become a formless liquid that simply runs to the lowest spot possible before being evaporated into nothing.


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior