Teddy Roosevelt King of the Progressive Party: See the list that shows where unions spend their money

I have on my night stand three massive books about Teddy Roosevelt that I cherish greatly by Edmund Morris. Roosevelt was a complex, intelligent man who by the end of his presidency had begun a slide toward Victorian socialism which came from his roots being born wealthy in New York. Teddy at the time was the youngest president and was still a young man who climbed to the highest office of the land early, due to his love of fighting, and his ambition to be loved. And once that office was over, he went on a safari for an entire year and during that trip with his son Kermit decided that he wanted to run for president again once he returned back to America. But there was a problem, his good friend; William Howard Taft had the Republican nomination leaving Teddy to enter the race as a third party candidate. Teddy Roosevelt became the first “Progressive” presidential candidate by a political organization that would entail Woodrow Wilson, Walter Lipmann, and eventually Roosevelt’s younger cousin, FDR. The Teddy Roosevelt who had been the Rough Rider just before the turn of the century was by 1912 a communist sympathizer lured into the philosophy by the work of Marx, and Sir Thomas More’s Utopia. At the time Roosevelt thought he was being quite clever, because communism hadn’t been around very long and was all the rage of Europe which he adored. So Roosevelt believing that he was part of the “elite” class by birth began a dark journey that would launch a century of gradual erosions on the United States Constitution leading to a tyrannical speech by current President Barack Obama who would take up the Roosevelt progressive torch, and attempt to lure Republicans over to the progressive party with the name of Teddy.

In the speech below you will see President Obama attempt to use Teddy Roosevelt to appear as though Republicans have embraced the philosophy of Obama’s party. Obama and Roosevelt as Teddy was in 1912 are both Progressives, which is just an American term for Communists. You will see that reference at the 11:20 mark.

I wrote in a bit more detail what happened to Roosevelt especially during the later years of his presidency and the years directly after in this article. Feel free to dig a little deeper by clicking on that link.


The path to hell is most always paved with good intentions, and this is certainly true of Teddy Roosevelt. The problem is, once he realized that he had gone too far, his mind was so corrupted with power that he could no longer understand what his policies were doing to the future of the United States.

Roosevelt at no time in his life came to understand money. He was born into a wealthy family, wrote countless books, was Vice President, President, Police Commissioner, world traveler and adventurer, yet during his entire life he never came to realize the meaning of money. He had been born without understanding how money was made, and at no time did he learn to make it. Roosevelt if he had not been born into a wealthy family would be a bum, barely able to feed himself. He is the exact effigy of the condition described in the book Atlas Shrugged by the famous MONEY SPEECH. You can read that speech here:


As to the rest of what Teddy represented and exactly what Barack Obama and his friends of progressives are after, listen to this radio broadcast by Glenn Beck where he breaks down the speech from above and explains what is really going on.

These are not Republicans and Democrats, these men Teddy Roosevelt and Barack Obama. Much of the wealth these government looters enjoyed in American prosperity was put into motion before Roosevelt became president. It took a hundred years to get there from 1799 to 1899. Progressivism has been a cancer to American independence since the time of Roosevelt up to the current date. Socialism has been more openly practiced by our government and this is what Obama is proposing. Open socialism will gradually over time become communism where the ruling elite, such as Obama and his hero Teddy Roosevelt, will be the masters of our fate.

Roosevelt is praised for his attack on the railroad monopolies and asserted that it should be government’s role to prevent monopolies. But the unintended consequences of his actions have created the largest monopoly of all labor unions, and an ever expanding government. After all, isn’t government as an employer a monopoly? Who competes with government to drive down the costs of government, the private sector? Doesn’t government have an unfair advantage over the private sector in being able to impose at will more regulations so that the private sector cannot compete head to head with government? Who busts the government monopoly when it proves that it is much too large and more dangerous than the railroads were in Roosevelt’s time? I’d say that government is much larger and dangerous than the railroads ever were. Because at least people had a choice of whether they wanted to use railroads or not, we don’t have a choice but to use a government service of some kind, because it’s everywhere and in everything.

Due to the trust busting actions of Teddy Roosevelt you can thank his grave for every building permit that you must submit in your local township, every fee you must pay to government for an inspection of some type or another for every one of those jobs created by government must have some revenue, and authority must be given to collect those fees. The monopoly of government has created many divisions of itself to regulate some aspect of our living, and most of the time there is a fee for the inspections that must be met. It was Teddy Roosevelt who started this path toward socialism through progressive philosophy.

Labor unions became a mechanism to this government growth. For every time they protested government found a way to create more government to deal with their complaints. It didn’t take long for unions to figure out that these rules worked out in their favor so the monopoly of labor unions joined with the monopoly of government to create an oligopoly of taxation scams through legislation and regulation which simply looted money from the United States economy to fuel progressive politics. If you have any doubts about how tight labor unions and government are in protecting their respective monopolies, just examine the situation with Boeing attempting to build a manufacturing facility in South Carolina, a right-to-work state, and you will see who the villains really are.

Teddy Roosevelt laid the groundwork for the socialist labor unions to get a foothold in America, now progressive politics is heavily funded by these labor unions. Below are the campaign contributions by the various labor unions from 1990 to 2010. It is through these labor unions that progressive politics has been feeding with money to expand their philosophy.

Notice how most of the money goes to Democrats, like Barack Obama. Some of the money that went to Republicans are the types of Republicans who are Progressives. Back in 1912, Teddy Roosevelt would have qualified. But in our modern times state senators like Bill Seitz who fought against the collective bargaining bill of Issue 2 in Ohio, or Federal Senator John McCain would fit in that category of “PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICANS.” They aren’t any different than politicians like Barack Obama. They are all in essence the same.

So what is the plan of these mighty all-knowing progressives? What do they have in mind for America?
Slavery. They believe they are smarter than everyone else, and they believe they have the right as the “ruling class” to make decisions on your behalf.
And it all started with Teddy Roosevelt over 100 years ago and those progressives have been eroding away the American Constitution for that entire time. They revealed themselves last week when they voted that the military could arrest Americans without trial with the NDAA act. Check it out for yourself:


Progressives intend to reunite America under the umbrella of Europe. They intend to deliver America to the hands of Socialist International and they have sped up their plans recently because people are starting to catch on to their scam. That is why Obama gave that speech in that particular town under premise of New Nationalism. That New Nationalism is Socialism for America.

Oh, and one more little footnote about Teddy Roosevelt, leader of President Obama’s Progressive Party. Many people think of Roosevelt as the Rough Rider who marched up San Juan Hill and led his troops to victory. What many people don’t know about Roosevelt’s true intentions in trying with great vigor to leave his cushy government job as Assistant Secretary to the Navy was there was more to it than just patriotism. Roosevelt was a man of many talents, he was a politician, he was an author, he was an explorer, he was a naturalist, but more than anything he was a hunter. He killed lions, elephants, bears, virtually everything he ever met that had four legs. And deep in his heart which he revealed before his regiment left the port of Tampa for Cuba was he wanted to hunt a human being. Roosevelt wanted to know that he had the courage to take the life of another man, and until he killed a man, Teddy doubted his own manhood. So the vigor of his great charge of San Jaun Hill was to kill another man and know that he had the courage to take the life of another human being, which he did, much to his personal relief. After Teddy killed his man, he became settled in his mind knowing that he had conquered that personal goal, and his slide into a more Progressive thinker had begun every year thereafter. That is the leader of the Progressive Party and President Obama’s idol. That is why I keep the Teddy Roosevelt books next to my bed, so I can review them often, and never forget the hypocrisy of good intentions.



Rich Hoffman

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