Public Schools are Teaching Socialism: The confusion in forms of GOVERNMENT

On Thursday December 8, 2011 my public response letter to a resident of my community upset with my work at defeating the tax increases for my local school was published in the Pulse Journal. Upon looking the letter over to make sure everything I wrote was there I quickly noticed that the letter was quite a bit shorter than what I originally wrote. That is when I noticed that the Pulse Journal had edited out my references to socialism in public education that I had included in my response.

My first thoughts were that Cox Publishing who produces The Pulse Journal as well as most of the local papers from Dayton to Cincinnati had a policy against mentions of socialism in their newspapers, and for good reason. I will cover that reason in a bit. The other rationale is that many people reading the paper may find it very vitriolic to compare public education to socialism instruction, and such a reality may be thought to be over-the-top.  It could also be that I called some of the parents of my community a bunch of “spoiled brats.”  So the paper edited out my references. Whichever reason, the newspaper did cut down my draft to what actually appeared in the paper, which is their right to do, their paper, their rules. So I will include my original letter below for those who would like to see that note in the fashion that I originally wrote it.

But first, I think a bit of education on why I mention socialism and public education as being so closely related. It is entirely possible that the publishers of newspapers, tax payers, and even many in government themselves do not understand what kind of government America is supposed to be. In fact, I heard Jay Carney give a statement from the White House just the other day where he said America had an interest in promoting “democracy” to the rest of the world, and he said it believing democracy is the type of government that America is which is incorrect. So if he got it wrong, there is a good chance that 95% of everyone in America will get it wrong as well because we were all taught in the same place with the exception of those fortunate enough to receive private instruction or homeschooling. So please watch this video so you can have some context for what follows.

Now here is the letter I submitted to The Pulse Journal written as I intended.


Keep on Complaining Lakota……….please do!!!

Tony D’Ambrosio, I’d like to thank you for your attempt to discredit me here in the Pulse Journal. It brings me great joy to see that people like you are irritated by my actions. It doesn’t take a genius to see that plenty of money is flowing into the Lakota School System and it is extremely disingenuous to hear that there are members of the Lakota community who believe that there is never enough money spent on education. We currently spend $1,140 per $100,000 in property assessment.

The reason I want to thank you and my other critics for your vocalized criticism is that I have noticed a spike in our website numbers from people who are curious as to why you people are so angry. I have received many kind letters thanking the No Lakota Levy for our hard work in defeating the Lakota Levy attempts and it would appear that your anger comforts people’s minds of their suspicions that the pro levy advocates are simply out-of-touch with reality.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that the $1,140 per $100,000 number doesn’t just apply to personal residences, but businesses are taxed at the same rate, so if a business is valued at over $1,000,000 which many of them are, that business will be taxed at the same rate, and that comes out to a big number. I have heard continuously from a series of spoiled brat parents who actually believe in this whole socialism concept that those who can afford a higher tax are somehow obligated to pay it, if a school system demands it. No, that’s not how it works, and if that isn’t socialism, then you tell me what it is, because it certainly isn’t capitalism.

So keep up the complaints, because it is driving people to learn the truth. And the truth is that the LEA should have already reduced their costs to the district by a mere 5%. It’s been 6 weeks since the election, and nobody in the school system has done anything but talk. And talking costs money.

Rich Hoffman


It is understandable that labor unions, politicians, President Obama, Jay Carney and many others who consider themselves part of a democratic government. Educators teaching K-12 and professors at the level of the universities also want a democratic government, because they want America to become an oligarchy as discussed in the above video. They see themselves as part of the “ruling class” so they desire America to swing over to an oligarchy, and public schools have demonstrated that they do not want to create intelligent citizens because it is in ignorance that academia will appear fit to lead. To prove my point pick a random young person out at your local shopping mall and ask them to show you where Georgia or Kansas is on a map. Better yet ask them to locate New Zealand on a globe, and most of them will not be able to show you. But ask them about global warming, or gay rights and they will tell you all you want to know. This is because those children have been intentionally taught to back up a political agenda that favors an oligarchy so they are “educated” voters once they hit 18 years of age. This is an unconscious desire that comes from the Department of Education, the labor unions, and the politicians who set school curriculums to protect their political view points in the future, by creating a bloc voting class of young people who keep them in power.

Now my reference to socialism which is an economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production and cooperative management of the economy; or a political philosophy advocating such a system.[1] “Social ownership” may refer to any one of, or a combination of, the following: cooperative enterprises, common ownership, autonomous public ownership or state ownership.[2] As a form of social organization, socialism is based on co-operative social relations and self-management; relatively equal power-relations and the reduction or elimination of hierarchy in the management of economic and political affairs. Isn’t this what they are teaching in the schools? Isn’t this what the parents who are demanding that the wealthy of the community pay more taxes? Isn’t this what the schools are inadvertently doing through their unions, raising taxes on the rich indirectly upon communities all over the United States so that wealth redistribution of that wealth can occur? Isn’t that what is happening? The answer is YES.

More on socialism here:

The reason The Pulse Journal, The Dayton Daily News, The Western Star and all the other papers who are distributed under Cox Publishing is most likely sensitive to the term of socialism is because of the political beliefs of Cox Publishing’s founder, James M. Cox. James Cox was a powerful newspaper publisher in 1921 and was governor of Ohio and the hand picked candidate of President Woodrow Wilson to run against Warren G. Harding for president of the United States. Lucky for America, Cox lost to Harding. But to this day Cox lives on in his newspapers. So when you read your local newspaper, you need to understand that the purpose of the paper in it’s founding was not to just deliver the news, but to advance the “progressive” agenda and the roots of that paper go all the way to the top of American politics connected directly to the Wilson administration. Knowing all that, I enjoy my local paper, but I always read them knowing that they have a slant toward progressive politics. This is why many people feel that papers like the Pulse Journal and the Western Star are pawns for the school systems. Those papers have always given me a fair shake in interviews and the reporters, many of whom I know personally are not socialists or progressives necessarily. But the company policy does appear to be sensitive to socialist references since Cox himself was accused of being a socialist on several points. It was thought that Cox lost to Harding because of American animosity toward the Wilson creation of The League of Nations, which became The United Nations. (My how times have changed. Thank your local school for that propaganda in globalism.) The Americans who built the prosperity we all enjoyed as a nation didn’t want any part of globalism and over time progressive politics has taken the edge off that belief to where we currently function as a society, which is advancing the spread of Socialist International.


I do challenge all these angry tax increase supporters to tell me what form of government they believe we are teaching our children because from what I can see from the topics that seem important to these schools and the types of beliefs young people are displaying upon graduation, that they have been taught to be democratic socialists, which puts every nation that uses it on a path toward an oligarchy. This isn’t news…………is it? Surely a majority of our population isn’t so naive to believe that their children are learning the merits of capitalism in public school?

In the first video you learned that contrary to popular belief, the Nazi party was not a far right organization, but was in fact far to the left. The Nazi was far closer to a monarchy than an oligarchy which of course if a government is allowed to continue a march to the left is the ultimate destination for all populations. To add credence to my statement that schools are socialist institutions as they are currently designed, examine this Walt Disney propaganda cartoon from the 1940’s and examine how they propose the Nazi Party Advocate is created from a child. Isn’t that what the current progressive party is doing in our schools today? Are your children learning self-reliance, advanced reading, physics, philosophy, or are they being programmed to be good little voters for progressive positions created by Socialists International?

You tell me what it is? Capitalism or socialism?  Want to see more?  Check out the Story of Stuff, click the link:


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

37 thoughts on “Public Schools are Teaching Socialism: The confusion in forms of GOVERNMENT

  1. Rahm Emanual…”Never let a good crisis go to waste.” I’ll never forget that.

    The “brown shirts” never went anywhere. They slither everyday just beneath the surface waiting for the ripe fruit to fall. When they’ve had their fill, and that day is damn near, you’ll have to stand, fight and choose.

    The election of 2012 will be the turning point in our nation’s history. We will either stand together as Americans to save our Republic or we will abdicate to the order of national socialism or worse, to the person (I will not call out his name or call him leader or president) of which sits in the Oval.
    Choose wisely because time is up. Liberty strikes back ….or you will conform to the new pattern of society and you will have no choice, ever again.


  2. The public school system has become a breeding ground for socialist / marxist curriculum and cummunist propaganda. I can remember being taught in third grade how great tax and spend democratic socialism was. I can also remember said teacher having our whole class draw pictures and write captions under them, protesting nuclear war. Yes they were sent to then President Reagan. Now how evil is that? Using little school children to promote your beliefs and radical political views.
    Btw I noticed Gordon Gee got into our pockets for another 2% raise and a $149,000 bonus……


    1. We hesitate to call these schools by name, because we want to believe in them. But they are bad for our society. Look around at the condition of the young people.

      I remember being in school when Reagan was president and I thought the schools were socialists THEN. Heck, the Department of Education was only a couple of years old. But once the 90’s hit, things really started to pick up as the unions became stronger, and Clinton was president. It’s been sliding ever since, and now it’s not only dysfunctional, but entirely too expensive.


  3. I remember discovering Rich’s blog for the first time about a year ago. He said that he had “a lot more” that he was holding back about society. Those of us who had already “taken the red pill” knew what he meant. The numerous recent posts on matters such as socialism and the sex trade industry are proof that Rich is not holding back anymore. The time has come to expose what has been going on in society is here. As Vicious said, if we don’t act now it will be too late. I fear we may have had our chance to turn the tide against the unions in Ohio and we missed it. The unions got out the vote and too many liberal city councilmen and school levies were voted in on its coat tails. If we let this happen on a national scale next year by voting in a progressive- Democrat or Republican- the results will be disastrous.


    1. Has it been a year already? I learned from this last levy attempt at Lakota that there is no reasoning with them in the political class. When I saw for the third time the pro levy people pretending that 18,000 people had said nothing at the polls I realized that the system was broken beyond repair and that we need to start calling things by name.

      Locally we did well on Issue 2. There are national readers who come here every day, but so far most of the people who read are from West Chester, Lakota and the WLW audiance, and the work put up here has at least made people examine their beliefs more closely and it does show. I think I will have a unique opportunity to spread the work over the last year that is up here to a national audiance because that book I’ve been working on will be released this summer and I think it will attract a whole new group of readers from all states to see what we’ve been doing locally. Because of that recent election, and the successful edit of that book I have decided to not hold back any longer, because holding back hasn’t been working.

      I am no longer worried that the Hollywood crowd will find much of what I put up here right-winged because they are already saying such things, and the book is being published regardless of the controversy, which is a relief.

      I have a post about the book going up tonight, to lighten things up a bit and share what’s going on and start creating the needed buzz that is required for such a thing to be successful. But there was a time when I was in the middle of making the deal that I worried my work on the school levies would hurt the chance of the book getting published by a legitimate publisher. And it did hurt since many of the people who work in the book industry are progressive minded and love public education. But they see that I’m on to something and are at least willing to take a step back and rethink their positions, and in that process, they are learning new things. So the journey behind the scenes has had a lot to do with this gradual taking off of the gloves that you are talking about. To me it’s war, and I’m happy to fight it out with ideas now, because once we turn to weapons, things will get ugly. And there’s no reason to hold back on the ideas when they count for so much.

      Glad you noticed, Phil!


    2. Note to all the simpletons……Umm, Yes you Libtards…just in case I already lost you……
      WE are a REPUBLIC!
      Phil, I read the discontent and you my friend, are never alone. We read, watch and take notice.
      The first time I contacted Rich and commented, I layed it all out as I always do. I don’t give a damn what people think of or about me. He was important. I met Sandra our poster that same day. This woman has more wisdom in her right pinky than I or you will ever know. I searched her name and called her. It was a school levy issue in the same town.
      She changed my life that day forever. Just as Rich did. I was never more overwhelmed than to find others as freaking angry as I was.
      I asked Rich to find one of my first posts. I know it verbatum as it means as much today than ever.
      The last reference was about a man who had the kahonas to stand up and give the school board a serious and well deserved tounge lashing.This was it and still is…….

      There are people in my life that move me. I mean…REALLY move me. They are few. My father, who gave me the tools to navigate through and then as he was right when he said what I believe would waiver with experience. So right. My husband for letting me move in the direction that drives my heart and soul no matter what. Glenn Beck. Say what you may…he’s my people. He’s been saying what I’ve felt for years. Yes..I cry. All the time. And Rich, who has given strenghth and voice to those of us out there that share his passion and need for serious change on so many venues. We need you and those that stand by you in the fight for the simple morale and values we were taught to respect. I never thought in a million years I would be here. Last but not least…to John. Kudos to you for just handing it to them. I’m honored that you live in my county and Country. God Bless. You ARE a Warrior! Today..I am blessed.

      Rich Hoffman…you are that same Warrior…just better. Keep us close, keep faith closer, and love hard.

      We aren’t going anywhere. This is OUR COUNTRY TO SAVE!!!!



      1. Cydvicious! I love the name. Some things in life can be counted on, and getting better year after year is something I’ve done since I was a fetus, and I don’t see that stopping for as far as the eye can see. So lets dig in, fly our pirate flags and ram it down the mouth of these socialist punks who think they have a right to infringe their timid little souls upon us and rob our liberty like pick pockets in a Vegas casino.

        I say pirate flags because right now that’s how I see things. Giving the enemy a form to attack is not something I’m willing to do. They will be beaten with what they don’t understand, methods that predate the Stars and Bars.

        And beaten they will be! Ideas are more powerful than weapons and ours are better than theirs. (wink)


      2. I Love it!!!
        Wasn’t it some that asked us to blog and call into radio talk shows? Here we are….where is everyone???
        And when we meet up…we’re productive. Nothing falls through the cracks. Not on our watch!


  4. Rich, is there somewhere that you, me, Cyd, Sandra, and the other frequent posters to this site can go and hang out and share our pain and plan our return to what made this country great? I was listening to Brain Thomas the other day and was thinking about the “listener lunch” they do. We need an “Overman Warrior lunch”. 🙂


  5. Phil, absolutely! Contact Rich and he’ll give you my email.
    I was thinking the same thing about you just this morning.
    Time is short.


    1. Believe it or not, I still don’t have Rich’s email! I looked everywhere; on this site, Rich’s main site, the No Lakota Levy site….everywhere. I thought it was some kind of pirate quest like the recent Pirates of the Caribbean birthday present hunt or maybe the Da Vinci Code . 🙂 It must be hidden somewhere on this site. 🙂


    1. There it is!! I don’t know how I missed that. The only thing I can think of is that when I did a Google search on Rich’s name and found his main Overmanwarrior web site the link took me “past” the intro screen straight to another page on his site. Either way, I stand accountable for my actions. I failed the test! I must not be worthy. 🙂 I hereby sentence myself to read Al Gore’s “Earth in the Balance” and Ted Kennedy’s bio as penance.


      1. I make it not so easy to contact me because I already get over 200 emails a day and a good part of it is hate. That’s why I don’t do Facebook either.

        There’s a cool pizza place that could hold a crowd like ours that I’m thinking of, possibly next week before we get to Christmas.

        You’re more than worthy. : )


  6. There are several articles posted on that deal with the evident socialism in public education and in the National Education Association. Through John Dewey there are connections between the Frankfurt School of neo-Marxists and the NEA. Please check out some of these articles. It’s not fun reading, but people need to begin to grasp the truth of just how far to the left the public education establishment in this country is.


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