Crosstown Shootout Violence: A quandary of entertainment and tyranny

It was just announced today December 15, 2011 that President Obama will sign the NDAA Bill with the more severe language of indefinite detention and torture of American citizens and as I stared at that little bit of data it solidified in my mind a nagging thought that I have had about the general population of America being functionally illiterate and intentionally breed through public education to be complacent and easy to conquer. There have been times that I have wondered about the frequent reports that the Department of Education was infiltrated by the KGB in the early 80’s and the KGB even had President Kennedy’s ear, and that communism was brought to America by our enemies and embedded into our education system and political structure. Such things sound like conspiracy theories uttered by lunatics and derelicts. Yet there is no other explanation of the utter disregard the American people have for being conquered while their eyes watch the act wide out in the open. After all, such things as the House and Senate conspiring with the president to throw Americans in jail and torture them while those same bodies of government cannot agree on the Keystone pipeline, or a balance budget amendment to me represent an open declaration of war against everything that it means to be an American and our enemies are not in some far away land, but sit in our own political offices. But those are not the news highlights that catch people’s attention and get discussed. Instead, people all across the country are consumed with talk about the Cross-town Shootout, the yearly rival game between the University of Cincinnati and Xavier and the fight that broke out at the end of the game this last Saturday.

I listened with some degree of awe to a relieved population when they learned that formal charges would not be filed against the participants of these fights after that annual game. There was talk about what the universities represented, and that fighting of this kind was not appropriate. There was talk about how grown adults who are alumni of these institutions would have to put blinders on to their loyalty and hold these cases to the rule of law as though such a thing would be difficult.  (BEWARE OF THOSE TWO HEADED SNAKES WHO PREACH VALOR IN BATTLE THEN PREACH PACIFISM WHEN VIOLENCE BREAKS OUT)

There were public admissions from the players that they did not represent the values of the universities and that they acted inappropriately in embarrassing those respective colleges.

I had to scratch my head. Why was any of this important? How did the news of this fight in college sports take precedence over the very big news emerging globally and in our nation’s capital? It doesn’t. I realized listening to the various news coverage over the last 5 days that the system built-in America using our education system to utterly destroy American culture was completely successful in taking even the very basic elements of sports and turning them on their head in a moments notice to shape the opinions of the masses in a controlled manner. So let me explain where the masses have gone wrong in this matter.

I like sports as much if not more so than most people. I have become so infuriated by sports outcomes that don’t go my way that I have thrown televisions across the room and through living room windows. My temper is legendary when it comes to this issue of anger and sports, and some might say that I have anger issues. I would say to them, I’m not the idiot who has openly embraced socialism in my culture and been pushed around year by year till all my freedom is gone while the appeasers tell me not to be violent, to turn the other cheek. No, I’ll say the same to you dear reader now that I told the pastor of my church when I was growing up and he attempted to counsel me upon my parents request to be less violent. “Jesus turned the other cheek, and so should you.”

I replied, “Yeah, he did, and look what happened to him.”

“But he died for your sins.”

“Yes, and the Christians were fed to the lions and the evil Roman Empire went on to rule for another few hundred years. Pacifism doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for Christianity; it hasn’t worked for Tibet as the Chinese communists have maliciously killed them for years. And I’d go so far to say it didn’t work for Ghandi or Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Going to prison for over 20 years or starving in a jail or being nailed to a cross are not valiant uses of my personal time, and I won’t be partaking in that activity.”

“May God have mercy on your soul and forgive your judgments.”

“He has, he gave me the ambition to fight evil and see through the masks that use judgment to hide their true intentions. I consider it a gift from God that I intend to use fully.”

So with that qualifier I like sports and I like violence. I like to see the teams I root for play cleanly, to play hard and with passion. But when an injustice is done, I like to see my favorite players stick up for themselves. To date, I loved it when Warren Sapp of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers skipped through the opposing teams practice kicking down the pylons in the end zone. And back in the day I was a tremendous supporter of UC Basketball in the era of Bob Huggins and my favorite player then and to this very day in all of basketball was number 21 Melvin Levitt.

Once when I was playing softball I head butted the catcher as I was stealing home from third base and a fight erupted because I had scored a point. This game was a nothing game, no money, no professional reputation, it was just two companies against each other, and blood was spilled in trying to win. That’s part of sports. Bob Huggins coached the way I expected a head basketball coach to coach, and Melvin Levitt played the way I would have if I had the ability to play at that level. Mel Levitt’s nickname was The Helicopter because even though he was only 6’2” he was able to dunk the basketball from well above the rim. He could jump in an almost superhuman way, and when he got hot from the outside, he could hit the three pointer. Levitt is the guy who jumps over the three ball racks for a dunk!

I will never in my life forget the epic game when UC beat Duke University in the Great Alaskan Shootout. It was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen, and it was a dunk by Melvin Levitt that sealed the game with no time on the clock. Duke at that time was number one in the country and had 5 All Americans sitting on the bench not even playing, so they were loaded as far as talent. UC beating Duke was an epic tale of David versus Goliath. It was a HUGE win for UC.

Later that year when Mel Levitt played in their version of the Cross-town Shootout with Xavier, when UC was about to win Mel Levitt made a controversial motion with his hand that indicated they had just cut the head off of Xavier University which people thought was in bad taste, but most of the protestors where Xavier fans. UC fans loved the action because deep inside all of us is a blood lust that knows victory is secure when you conquer the will of your opponent.

Now here it is years later and the bad blood between UC and Xavier has boiled for many years stirred up by the media, both schools helped fuel that animosity because they know that sports is how they recruit new students to their institutions. National coverage of the Shootout means high enrollment, and controversy ensures that ESPN will cover the game year after year, because such animosity is good for ratings, because that’s what people want to see.

I’m surprised this Cross-town Shootout hasn’t erupted into violence before this year, because it is that tenuous. But this year, once the violence happened, I am surprised that so many people are upset by the violence. What did they think was going to happen? What did they think was going to happen with all the tension put on that game year after year? I mean Xavier had the game won by over 20 points in the closing minutes of the game and Xavier had all it’s starters in the game to show that it had its foot on the throat of UC. Xavier was going in for the kill, which angered the UC players. So a fight broke out because there was a lot of pride on the line.

The real hypocrisy of our day was revealed in the wake of that historic shootout game between UC and Xavier Universities. The two schools got what they were looking for, a game that people will return to watch next year with great ratings. A sporting event that distracted everyone’s attention for an afternoon and made the parents who are paying extraordinarily high tuition rates for these schools feel some sense of pride in the value of their investment. If the parents can’t see how the college education they are investing in will help their child in the future, they at least get the sense of being a part of the great battle between two rival schools.

But the greater static pattern of the intentions behind higher education is to teach pacifism and socialism to the participants so that the American people can be easily conquered by enemies who are embedded into our society. The universities are in the quandary of needing the violence of competition to help sell their product to the public, but their real intention is to weaken our society so it will fall under the umbrella of UN control.

Saying such a thing is not a stretch of credibility. When President Woodrow Wilson former president of Princeton University proposed the League of Nations, the American people who were rugged individualists rejected Wilson’s idea, and the wrath of anger from the voting public was taken out on Governor Cox of Ohio when he sought the presidency after Wilson and was voted down largely because he supported a League of Nations concept under the endorsement of Wilson. Americans didn’t want to be a part of such a thing. Now, only 100 years later, Americans are ready to accept the idea of a United Nations because they have been taught in public school and college that America’s future is in a unification with Europe and a gradual acceptance of European Socialism. We were also taught to look at pacifists who use hunger strikes and non-violent protests of Civil Disobedience to express our displeasure. The reason is so that our resistance and strategy to that resistance will be fundamentally wrong, allowing an enemy to win over us in victory, and yes America has many enemies.

To demonstrate this idea so it can be clearly seen remember when Barack Obama ran his first campaign protesting against the violence and torture in Guantanamo Bay but today is on the cusp of signing into law the NDAA act that allows for the torture of American people? Don’t you see what is happening? Is it not on the wall for all to see? Is it not as obvious as the computer screen in front of you? Can’t you reach out and touch it so you can know in your mind that it’s real?

Face it, your education institutions even when they use violence and sports to help unify the minds of their alumni, faculty, and students the true intention is to undo the American mind into something that can be controlled. That was the objective from the outset of the twentieth century and it holds today and can be heard in the apologies of the players for both schools and the coaches. Because the static patterns of the institutions themselves have pushed back against the dynamic of sports by reclaiming pacifism as the goal of the institutions. The goal of sports is to win. The goal of a battle is to win. The goal of an act of strategy is to defeat your opponent and if violence breaks out, it’s part of the deal. The goal of higher education is not to win however, it’s to make mush out of the minds of the participants, and to reprogram them into pacifists who can be conquered quickly by the forces of existence who desire to rule the world. The goal of college is not enlightenment; otherwise so many people who graduate would not be so stupid. Believe me, I’ve been there, I know. I actually lived on the campus of UC for a number of years and I know what it’s like. I know many professors and their political beliefs. I know who runs what and what their intentions are. Those personalities are who sit in the boxes at the Cross-town Shootout and hope that nobody notices what they are really after. They hope and pray every day of their lives that people will just keep their eyes on the scoreboard, on the stats of their favorite players and that the violence of competition stays within the acceptable parameters to feed the blood lust of the public just enough to keep the money flowing and the entertainment value high without compromising the strategy of International Socialism for which they are completely committed to. If you have any doubt of that, click this link:

Yes, while I enjoyed the exploits of Mel Levitt from over a decade ago, the stats from those games mean nothing now. And the energy spent watching those games are something I will never get back. So it I allowed myself to use my time on those activities where it diverted me from learning what’s going on elsewhere, I would have committed a sin to the nation. But I didn’t. I enjoyed sports as an entertainment venue that is here one moment, and gone the next. But I can see that a majority of the masses out there cannot do this, they allow their minds to become distracted by these sports while enemies have moved against us, and now our freedom is threatened by a government who can’t balance a budget, is trying to kill our economy by not approving new energy sources, and is openly creating law to arrest and torture American citizens. Instead our attention is on whether or not UC should have engaged in a fight with Xavier and whether or not charges should be filed against the players.

What a quandary!


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

25 thoughts on “Crosstown Shootout Violence: A quandary of entertainment and tyranny

  1. I agree with the premise of your post, people have been rocked to sleep by the media giants who ‘decide’ which stories to emphasize and which ones to ignore. All the while, real freedoms are being attacked and subverted. Sadly,many will wake one day after its way too late, in fedders, in a cell somewhere, with a pewter cup and a hole in the ground for them to relieve themselves!

    And Obama lectured on the Constitution? How, he never understood its birth, its amendments, its purpose, or its spirit. This is the document George Washington said was a MIRACLE. Because it seemed it would never be ratified. And I for one believe the same, it is a miracle, it is sacred, It is the third (major) document in a series of American documents that Separate us as a people from the rest of the entire world. ….And now, our Constitution is being trodden under the feet of men who have “sworn” to uphold it and defend it from all enemies, foreign, and domestic.

    The nations enemies, now enjoy the comfort of their “elected office”.

    I love the movie “The Patriot” where Gibson’s character stands before South Carolina’s house of representitives and says “I will not trade ONE tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants ONE mile away” and “that an elected legislature can just as easily trample a mans rights as easily as a King can”.

    I see this; as where we are at in our history.


    1. Yes, that movie is turning out to become a modern classic. Too bad Mel Gibson has been blacklisted in Hollywood because was making those types of films late in his career. I love that line too!


  2. Stellar comment Robert.
    How right you are…. and those of us that ARE paying attention to every tear of it’s edges almost regularly now, are horrified.
    Those that are partaking in the destruction of the republic through our own sacred laws of the Constitution have a name.



  3. Maybe the most shocking aspect of the NDAA bill is the number of our representatives on both sides of the asile that voted for it. Then again, why am I surprised. The House was 283-136. Even Republicans Jean Schmidt and Steve Chabot voted for it. The Senate was 93-7 with Portman and Rand Paul voting no. As you said Rich, this isn’t some conspiracy theory- the language is right there in the bill for all to read. John McCain had a big hand in writing the legislation…which just goes to show that if he would have won in 2008 we still would have been down the road to Progressiveville. We need some real conservative leadership, and we need it now!


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