Who is Roger Tallblocke: UK Police seize computers from a blogger–America’s future in action

Want a sneak peek into the future of socialism in America? England is about 20 years ahead of the United States politically and just a few short days ago police raided a bloggers home in the United Kingdom and confiscated his computers because he wrote about an issue called Climategate. You can read about that story here:


After the police took Roger Tallbloke’s computers from his home after knocking on his door with a search warrant and arriving with 6 officers, they gathered up his computers and later informed him that he was not a suspect of anything. They would clone his computer hard drives and return them to him. Isn’t that nice?


Tallblocke is a blogger who covers a lot of science information and apparently the greenie weenies of Europe do not like the facts he’s putting out, so they came up with a search warrant, took his computers and harassed him to the furthest extent of their laws. This story is proof that if there are laws on the books that allow for law enforcement to impose itself upon a population, then they certainly will. England has never enjoyed the kind of freedoms that we have in America, so this kind of behavior may not seem too appalling to most Europeans but they certainly are to those of us who live in America. And we must be cautious of any politician who professes that they wish to make America more like Europe, because what happened to Roger Tallblocke is not acceptable under any circumstances, and is the destination if America follows.

Yet that is what is going on in America. Politicians seem to desire with great lust to send us all into European care once again after leaving that socially stagnate, pretentious cesspool over 200 years ago to fight for freedom, become the most dominant economic powerhouse on the planet with a relatively small country, only to give all that back again and join the European Union under the political affiliation of socialism, because in England the Labour Party is in essence the representative of Socialist International. The recent NDAA Act that passed the American Senate overwhelmingly to allow the military and police to apprehend Americans indefinitely comes from the same mentality of European law.

It is the political platform of the Labour Party to endorse all the “green initiatives” and hijacked sciences as a way to spread socialism to every country on earth. That is their goal. And there are many politicians addicted to power who seek to make a living as part of the political ruling class who openly embrace socialism as the wave of the future. It doesn’t matter to those power-hungry looters that socialism stagnates economic growth and limits the spirit of its people into something that is best resembled in history by The Dark Ages. The ruling class will always have money, so the condition of the rest of society is a trivial matter that they don’t consider.

In America our academic types are notorious for their desire to return to the motherland of Europe, to the age of Victorians. Barack Obama is one of those academic types. It is easy to see how his mind works as he travels extensively and quite elegantly on the tax payer dime to do very little as a manager of the country’s affairs simply to campaign for his next election. His wife has shown a tendency to embrace the role of a queen. Her vacations are extravagant and her personal staff is exquisite.

By the way, Socialist International is currently the dominate government in Spain. Check out the map of countries that are under the influence of that particular group.


America was never supposed to be a land where politicians sought to make a living in politics. America was never supposed to be a land where lawyers who spent a lot of money on becoming a lawyer and failed in private practice used public office to enrich themselves by writing laws that nobody understood so they would be required to translate those obscure laws. America was meant to have politicians who served a term or two and would then retire back to the world from which they came turning over the reins of government to someone else who would sacrifice their time and wisdom to a term of public service.

I was recently at an event with John Kasich and I spoke with people there who have put their names on some bold legislation that many Rhino Republicans have deemed will put an end to John Kasich’s political career. To those who say such things I say, “What makes you think John Kasich as governor of Ohio wishes to run for governor again? Why would he? I wouldn’t.” The very presumption that a politician should have a “career” in politics is the first and most devastating black flag that an electorate should consider when evaluating a potential candidate. NO POLITICIAN should seek an office to become wealthy, secure, or even use it as a networking tool as a lobbyist once their term is done. Such people are just low quality citizens who function in only one service, and that is machine politics. And machine politics does not want a representative republic that votes members out every election cycle. Machine politics desires candidates that can hold their seats so one party can dominate another party in what becomes something more reminiscent of a football game, not a meeting of logic and philosophy.
Machine politics on both sides is attracted to socialism because in socialism there is a place for a ruling elite. Obama clearly sees himself this way, and most members of the House and Senate do as well. Most academics feel that they are the illuminated populace that Plato spoke about in The Republic and it is they who must use their minds to rule the masses. So socialism is for these types, which are as numerous as the stars in a desert sky.

That is the reason the politicians are attempting to push American in the direction of Europe. They desire to keep their power indefinitely so that they are sheltered from the real world with an insulation of invented nobility. That future is not shrouded in secrecy, with unknown elements. We know how socialism has affected other countries, and they are not nearly as prosperous as the United States has been. There is no mystery as to that destination and we are headed there.

Recently the school in my community hired a new superintendent who specializes in Global Education. She promoted this benefit to the residents of our community as though it were a positive thing. But what it really means is that she plans to continue a stronger agenda of teaching socialism in our public schools so that the children we send to her will learn and be ready for the world of tomorrow that politicians like Obama are giving us, by handing America back to Europe like a child who ran away from home and was caught again by the authorities to be dropped back off to their mother to be punished for their youthful rebellion.

With the passage of NDAA, Net Neutrality, Health Care, more commitments to Medicare and the money eating public education system, America will very soon become the place where a simple blogger will receive a visit from the police to have their possessions confiscated, analyzed, and returned only by the discretion of the police state. And we will have this lack of freedom for the simple reason that the politicians we elected into service did not understand the Constitution of the United States and instead sought European refuge for a fruitful career as a ruling elite.



Rich Hoffman

20 thoughts on “Who is Roger Tallblocke: UK Police seize computers from a blogger–America’s future in action

  1. The UK is a pretty scary place to those of us who cherish our freedom here in the United States. They are indeed just a little farther down the road to socialism and government control than we are. The anti-gun laws and high taxes are one thing but what they’ve been able to do with technology is truly scary. I’ve read that they have a network of thousands of cameras equipped with license plate recognition technology that allow them to track a vehicle literally wherever it goes in a city.

    Now, according to this story here:


    they are now testing cameras that can determine your speed between two points, making it much harder to evade a fine by slowing down when you see the camera. It’s like the next generation of speed cameras in use here in some states. These can automatically fine you and send you a ticket for even a momentary lapse above the speed limit.

    It makes me think of the awesome song “Red Barchetta” by Rush… written in 1981. Read those lyrics. “Before the Motor Law…”The Eyes”…..”Outside the wire”…Neil Peart saw it all coming.

    Were almost there, people.

    Red Barchetta

    “My uncle has a country place
    That no one knows about.
    He says it used to be a farm,
    Before the Motor Law.
    And on Sundays I elude the Eyes,
    And hop the Turbine Freight
    To far outside the Wire,
    Where my white-haired uncle waits.

    Jump to the ground
    As the Turbo slows to cross the Borderline.
    Run like the wind,
    As excitement shivers up and down my spine.
    Down in his barn,
    My uncle preserved for me an old machine,
    For fifty-odd years.
    To keep it as new has been his dearest dream.

    I strip away the old debris
    That hides a shining car.
    A brilliant red Barchetta
    From a better, vanished time.
    I fire up the willing engine,
    Responding with a roar.
    Tires spitting gravel,
    I commit my weekly crime… “


  2. After I wrote that first comment I thought of a couple of things. First, in the interest of full disclosure, Neal Peart wrote those lyrics based on a 1973 article in “Road and Track”. Still, they’re great lyrics. Secondly, it reminded me of the recent Cincinnati street car debate. Social engineering politicians love to push mass transit on us, but they are almost never self-sustaining for one main reason: we Americans love our cars! They represent freedom! Our motoring freedoms have been under assault for years. As you said, Rich, they need more revenue streams. Now we’ve got DUI checkpoints, seatbelt, texting, and soon cell phone use as primary offenses and in the future, speed and red light cameras everywhere.


  3. I read Naomi Wolf’s “End of America: A letter of warning to a young patriot” a couple of months ago when it was anonymously left on my doorstep. I’m grateful to that friend.
    This is in that book… Which were her 10 steps to the rise of fascism. Any of this ringing any bells? How ’bout all of it!!
    (funny how I saw she was arrested as an ows protester) I’ll forgive her since the book was spot on.

    1.Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy (“terrorists,” today, mainly Muslim terrorists).
    2.Create secret prisons where torture takes place (offshore in secret hell-holes, and on US soil including 44 solitary confinement torture units where presently, 100,000 Americans are secretly tortured daily).
    3.Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens (police and military police are in operation, even with an Executive Order signed by President Obama for “targeted killings,” to assassinate Americans on U.S. soil.)
    4.Set up an internal surveillance system (cell phones and cell phone towers, paid neighborhood snitches…)
    5.Harass citizens’ groups (such as Targeted Individuals including whistleblowers, rights defenders, peace and justice workers).
    6.Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
    7.Target key individuals (such as Self-identified Targeted Individuals now report but officials refuse to aid).
    8.Control the press (black-out most of what is in best interest of the public and manipulate viewers to watch what is in bets interest of the corporate government).
    9.Treat all political dissidents as traitors (‘You are either with us or with the terrorists…”).
    10.Suspend rule of law (the U.S. has done this so many times in recent years, it is known around the globe as a nation state believing it is above the law, a rogue state).

    Published Sept. 2007

    Abuse of power already firmly in place.
    The time for questions is over.
    Better know who you are and exactly where you’ll stand…not tomorrow, right now.

    I’m angry with my fellow man that still dosen’t have a clue, yet enjoys his freedoms like they’re guaranteed. Nothing more pisses me off. Well almost. Lucky for me I already shed all those around me that have blinders on. I lost many friends and family, but have the important ones surrounding me, as I do them. What would we have in common these days anyhow? Zero. I can’t even remember myself a year ago. What was important to me then? I haven’t a clue. I’ll remember next year however, EXACTLY what was important to me now.
    Do we all have to be so political? The answer is easily, yes.

    On a much, much lighter note: Rush was phenomenal! 2112 never leaves my truck and it gets played all the time. Geddy Lee has a set of chords like no one since Robert Plant.
    I wonder if they meant 2012….


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