LaHood Brings Money to Cincinnati: Picking up members of the opposite sex

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood came to Cincinnati recently with an arm load of money for the much disputed streetcar project to give to Mayor Mark Mallory’s pet development. The streetcar received from the Secretary of Transportation almost $11 million for the $95 million dollar budget to continue on with the effort that passed narrowly 51% by 49% in November 2011 with some very controversial ballot language clouding the issue to a large degree. In that particular vote, NO meant Yes, and it was very difficult to actually know what the people of Cincinnati wanted as a result of that election because people on both sides were confused as to how they should vote due to the confusing wording, which was done on purpose. But never-the-less, the streetcar issue passed which brought LaHood to Cincinnati as a kind of progressive victory lap celebration, and Doc Thompson of 700 WLW wasn’t too happy about it as he discussed it on his day time radio show. Have a listen:

When LaHood spoke about how the people of Cincinnati want a streetcar he was simply ignoring the 49% of the voters who shot the proposal down. This is a standard tactic of progressives in politics where they attempt to build a consensus with a denial of the existence of any opposition. Public schools have been using this strategy for many years now to drive up the property taxes to pay for community education when school levies fail. The typical reaction is to put the measure on the ballot 6 months to a year later again and again till opposition withers away and once the new tax is passed, the progressive politicians pretend that the entire community has reached an agreement on the measure.

What these progressive politicians are essentially doing are using a weakness in the human condition that is innate and turning it against the people they have been elected to serve in an effort to impose a set of values that the political class embraces, but might not be generally accepted by the people who elected those politicians in the first place. The weakness exists in the human being because the methods used to impose political imposition on a unknowing public are similar to the human mating rituals. In politics we might call the methods that Ray LaHood, Mark Mallory and Barack Obama used to build a streetcar in Cincinnati a variation of The Delphi Technique which was developed by Saul Aliskey. You can read how The Delphi Technique works here:

For a much more simplified explanation of what politicians like Mark Mallory and Ray LaHood are doing in this streetcar deal I will refer your attention to the pick-up artist who has developed methods of obtaining the phone number of a women whom he has never met in less than one minute. This pick-up artist knows that he must gain the trust of the woman whom he has never met quickly, overcome her reservations, and gain information about her which causes her to invest emotional energy into him, therefore giving him the information he’s seeking. Watch how he does it:

This next video takes the whole process a few steps further. In this short video a group of guys are attempting to pick up two women in a bar. What you will see even though it is done with some level of humor and good fun is essentially the same as what our government is doing to us every day starting with Barack Obama speaking into his head set, and allowing the information to trickle down through his minions Ray LaHood and Mark Mallory to seduce the young women, (the general public) into believing that the pick-up artists have something that the girls need. Click this video to see your government at work.

High speed rail and street cars are part of the progressive platform, just as the progressive income tax is, and the gradual attack of property in the forms of high taxation. By increasing taxes, particularly on property to fund education, progressive socialism is accomplishing two tremendous strategies that can be seen clearly under their Ten Planks, free public education, and decreased property rights. You can read those Ten Planks here:

Yes—that is what progressives are after. Just like the guys in the above video want to have sex with the two women, progressives want to screw the tax payer and to dominate their lives in virtually every way possible……….didn’t you know that? The progressive push to create high-speed rail and street cars is not to connect the nation in a positive way, but to focus large population centers to live near these government controlled areas so progressive politics can continue to gain momentum. Like the pick-up artist tells the girls whatever he thinks the girls want to hear so that the girls will lower their defenses, progressives use buzz words like “job creation” and “Seed money” to lure their targets in for the great seduction. Listen to Lahood talking about those very issues here. When listening notice his emphasis on the $2 billion in federal money, also notice his mention of the cost of fuel. This is why progressives do not want to drill for oil in America or they are against pipelines, yet support new construction in places like Brazil and Venezuela. They purposely want fuel costs to go up so Americans are attracted to the aspects of culture that Lahood is talking about. It is not to protect the environment. It’s to advance the cause of socialism…..sorry to inform you of that if you didn’t already know.

But why do progressives want trains and street cars? Well, it’s all about bloc voting. As I write this the Gallup poll of President Obama’s job approval rating is sitting at only 41% support his job performance while 51% disprove and the differences are undecided. Yet the Republicans are struggling to find a candidate who can beat Obama in a presidential election—why? If a majority of the American people disprove of the President, then why wouldn’t he be thrown out of office in the next election? Because while the President and his progressive party could travel thousands of miles of rural countryside, which is a majority of the United States, and have to find voters with a search warrant, the President is very popular in places where the government gives away things to buy votes. Progressives do well in inner cities which have dense populations and vote democratic. Young people who can’t buy a home yet tend to rent apartments in metropolitan areas and they tend to vote democratic because they have been programmed to do so through union controlled public schools. Illegal immigrants hide out in large cities and live with their legitimate family members who provide refuge for them. It is the legal immigrant that votes democratic to protect deportation of their relatives. The gay populations tend to live in metropolitan areas also and of course they vote democratic. Welfare recipients live in metropolitan areas—so as you can see dear reader, although most of those who vote in a progressive fashion are in the minority, politicians have been scandalously clever in finding ways to get the liberal-minded all to live in concentrated areas. This allows a progressive president to capture states that have high electoral counts and to carry those states if the state has more than one or two large cities. This is the condition in California where high populations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco in sheer bloc voting power can dominate the conservative voters who occupy the suburbs and win an entire state’s electoral votes for Barack Obama. Ohio, another key battleground state for the presidency is very conservative between the cities, but contains four large cities, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and Toledo. The rest of the state is very traditional, but progressives in a century of give-a-ways by stealing money from our taxes to give to those mentioned minority groups have built an entrenched bloc voting monopoly that has rigged the system in their favor, and they used our money to do it!

This is why progressives want High Speed Rail and street cars. They are appealing to their base who tend to be broke anyway, on welfare, or too irresponsible to operate their own car. And they want to keep those sad people who way, close to the cities and dependent on government where they can be controlled and used to buy votes in future elections. It doesn’t matter at all to Ray LaHood, Barack Obama, or Mark Mallory that a majority of American’s do not support their policies. It doesn’t bother them because progressives view America like a pick-up artist views a woman he wishes to sleep with then leave the next morning with a fake number and no way to contact the man who did the deed to the unsuspected woman who can’t even find her panties the next morning because the thief stole those too.

Doc was right; LaHood’s visit to Cincinnati was simply thug behavior. It was Chicago style; organized crime oriented bullying to flaunt in the faces of the masses that resistance is futile and that the progressive political machine will get what they want one way or the other, in spite of what those same masses have to say about it. Because to them, they do not respect the average tax payer, to them, all of society is a potential candidate that they would like to inject their sex organs into simply for the sport of conquest and a maintenance of their power so that whenever they wish they may use, abuse and disrespect us at their will.


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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