Eric Holder Should Be Impeached: Playing the Wookie Defense to hide incompetence

Eric Holder, you silly boy—you got caught in a scam to increase gun regulations that cost the life of a border patrol agent, and to divert the attention away from your incompetence when conservatives called for your resignation you used the Wookie Defense to protect your public image. That’s cute.

If you don’t know what the proper term and definition of the Wookie Defense is I provide it here for your education:

You specifically said after the intense House Judiciary Committee questioning of your horrid job performance as head of the Justice Department that the reason so many people were upset with you was because, ‘This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him, both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.” Well, Eric–Mr. Mustache man who took away the red, white and blue of the Justice Department website in favor of a more Socialist International color scheme, it’s not because of your skin color that so many people despise you. In fact, until you brought it up, I didn’t know you were a black man. You are lighter in skin color than John Boehner so I just thought you had a “vacation tan.” And I’m glad that you brought up the president in this, because you have clearly been his little minion in a radical leftist quest to ruin America’s traditions and rebuild it under a socialist mentality. That is why you are disliked by those in our nation who like America for what it was, not what you and the president wants it to be. In fact on this holiday season the video below shows wonderfully why you are not liked, because even though this video is directed at Obama it is you who are the wind beneath his wings and allowed him to bring about all the problems Americans see in their country during the Christmas of 2011.

No, it’s not because you’re a black man, but you did earn a lot of criticism when you failed to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter harassment, which you seemed to endorse. Remember that? You are despised because you refuse to defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, and that you are suing the state of Arizona over exercising its right to check the legality of the people living in the state. You are despised because you are advancing America into the ways of socialism directly to a path of communism, and you are doing it openly and you do not care what people think because you are the highest law of the land and obviously believe that you are above the law, and can rewrite laws to justify your actions. You obviously don’t care at all about the Constitution of the United States. Eric, you and your good buddy Barack, who is not even a constitutionally valid president, not because he wasn’t born in Hawaii, but because he gave up his citizenship when his step father took him out of the country to study in Indonesia, have openly schemed against the Constitution at every turn, and there are people who hate you for it. You swore to uphold the Constitution yet you have been at war with it. So what did you expect people to think? You’ll take actions against the town of Kinston, North Carolina, where your office blocked an election where voters overwhelmingly decided to abolish political party labels for candidates running in future elections. The reasoning from the Obama administration, as Rep. King recalled, was because without party labels, blacks wouldn’t get elected. You’ll micromanage those types of actions but you will do nothing about your own boss who used a foreign student status to go to college in the United States because he gave up his citizenship. After all, those are only rules…..right. And when you control the rules, you can make them up as you go.

Eric, you are disliked because you have lied, manipulated, diffused and participated in open warfare with the Constitution of the United States. That is why you should be impeached. Before your bungling of Fast and Furious, you had already committed enough crimes against the United States that will embarrass our history for centuries, and that’s in just 3 years. The death of an American in Fast and Furious and you and the Presidents willingness to allow American guns to kill countless Mexicans so that you could create more gun control legislation in the United States shows what kind of man hides behind your mustache and why you wear one. For more on my theory of men who wear mustaches check out this article, because Eric, you are the epitome of them all:

Oh, I’m sure you’ll attempt to justify that people like me and thousands of others are just part of a radical minority of conservatives and don’t represent the masses. Well, you would be kidding yourself. Most people agree with me, they are just too afraid to say so publicly. My statements are only radical when put next to the progressive politics of your intentions, which have moved the Overton Window so far to the left, even a suggestion of returning to the political middle seems radical to your type of people. Click here to understand the Overton Window and what it is:

I will say this much to you Eric Holder head of the Department of Justice and minion to the President Obama, I do not recognize your authority. You are a joke compared to my loyalty to the United States Constitution. You are not upholding that law and that is the law I live by, so your office, your authority, your entire existence means absolutely nothing to me. You are acting illegally, criminally, and you are attempting to destroy the nation that I live in and love, and that makes you the enemy.

At a bare minimum, you should be impeached! Not because of your skin color, your sex, your politics, or even your mustache, you should be impeached because you suck at your job in relation to upholding the Constitution, and are an embarrassment to the money I have contributed in taxes. I expect more value from the money I spend in taxes and you are not a government employee of any quality. You should be impeached as a message to future employees that they cannot behave the way you have in a federal office. You can hide your actions from yourself in the mirror behind that hair under your nose, but the rest of the world sees it clearly, and the gig is up as they say in Chicago. Of course you’d know all about that wouldn’t you!

The Wookie Defense will not work for you Eric Holder, because no matter which way a neutral observer looks at your actions, socialism and an enemy of America is what they will see. Your guilt is grossly evident.


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

14 thoughts on “Eric Holder Should Be Impeached: Playing the Wookie Defense to hide incompetence

  1. I’m grateful for Alex, you and those that I stand with.
    He’s spot on…they Don’t care….AT ALL.
    Very good video. We are being lied to at every turn. I could go on but It’s pointless. I do enough homework, I know exactly what’s coming…so do you and most of the commenters.
    I pray SOPA will be trashed and burned so we can continue our First Amendment as well, but knowing this gotta be a realist
    A whole lot of people are going to be shell and culture shocked very, very soon. And those that do know, if they can’t get their mind around what they would do to survive, they also will be ripe fruit.

    Sheer Heartbreak, but I’m getting past it. I have to. We have to. Time’s up.
    Time for discipline..body and mind.


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