What’s the Difference between a Whore and a Regular Job: Not Much, they have the same goals

I have no doubt that several lawyers, public relations people, school officials, law enforcement personalities and general busy bodies are at this very moment wondering what on earth they are to do about Rich Hoffman. I received more than a handful of phone calls yesterday from friends, family and enemies wanting to know why I cared so much about the situation at Lakota Public Schools where it is now clear that the administration desired very much to rid themselves of their PR director and they spent a lot of money to do it. For a review of this situation click on the link:


Much of these conversations centered around a presumption that I gave a rat’s ass what people thought of me and that somehow public relations spin would work with me, which I found insulting. So I patiently listened to the nearly dozen pleas for reprieve, some of them were actually well-intentioned and useful, but most were obvious attempts to steer me in a direction, away from the path that I know is correct.

But how do I know what’s correct where others do not? That is always the question, isn’t it? How could I know something that “they” don’t? After all, weren’t they educated to know things, and trained to sell that knowledge back to society as a kind of exchange for their time and trouble? And if I did not follow along the path of their orthodox, then how was I qualified to cast an opinion?

Well, this particular quandary requires some basic education. I sympathize that much of what I say and do will require a fresh perspective from the typical reader and listener of my points of view. And to qualify the thoughts of these people, I would refer them to the classic Clint Eastwood film, The Gauntlet.

In that movie Clint Eastwood plays a cop who has to transport a Las Vegas prostitute to a murder trial of which she was a witness. Unfortunately for Eastwood, the police force has set him up because they deemed him too stupid and naive to see that organized crime wanted to kill the prostitute and the police chief knew that to provide cover for the murder, a cop would have to die also. So the police chief picked Eastwood to escort the girl in for the trail so both could be killed without any real trouble.

During the journey Eastwood learns that many of the people in the system he knew and trusted over the years are actually far more dirty and corrupt than the Vegas prostitute, and compared to her, most of the people in his life were actually much bigger whores. This postulates my position over politics in general and what I’ve learned about the role of public education in our communities and can be seen vividly in that document request exhibited in that essay mentioned. Most people conduct their lives like whores; they sell their time away often too cheaply and are surprised that people don’t respect them when they flaunt how much money they have. In fact I watch with some levels of fascination at the topics of conversation among families over holiday breaks and company fiestas just how important respect is to so many people, and they are surprised when people don’t respect them when it’s obvious that money is all they care about. Just like the whore who takes off her clothes, lets some man or woman ravage her body for personal pleasure, the whore gets paid, takes a shower then does the whole thing again for the next paying job; how is this any different from what a lot of people do every day?

Is a paying job not whoring because it involves a school with children in it, because both occupations take personal liberties with their conscience to make money? I do not believe that the PR director who charges the tax payers such large sums of money as shown in those billing statements for listening to the radio, or answering emails, or advising the superintendent on what to say to the press has any more social value than a Nevada prostitute.

It’s not just the education profession, but rather I’d say it’s virtually any hourly job where nothing tangible is produced which equates to prostitution in my mind. For example, if you are a lawyer and charge by the hour to listen to a client, you are no different from a whore. The only real difference is you leave your cloths on to perform your job. In fact, you get paid to dress up, not dress down, and to not maintain a fantasy of sexual release but the fantasy of power given to you by politicians, your peers who wrote laws at the state and local level to give you business. All your meetings with a judge, all your depositions, all your court appearances are simply role-playing to maintain the fantasy of law and order. If you are a doctor, in most cases you are charging by the visit to write notes so clients can get off work and perhaps fill a drug prescription you know your patients don’t need. You know most of your patients don’t need the drugs you prescribe but you do it anyway so that the pharmacy down the road can have the business. You don’t want to believe you do this; instead you persuade yourself your patient’s need you, and you must convince them of the same to keep them coming back for more.

Pharmacists even with all their education and knowledge are merely being paid to keep people addicted to pharmaceutical products. Once the body’s natural systems become addicted to the products of pharmacy, physical dependency is created and pharmacists know it, yet they continue day in and day out to keep their mouths shut because they don’t get paid to think, they get paid to administer drugs. Think of the teacher who sells their 7.5 hours a day away and their dreams of helping young children to learn halfway through their 20’s that they are but pawns to the labor union and the political power those unions play in politics. The teachers keep their mouth shut because where else can they make so much money and only work 227 days a year, 7.5 hours a day……A Nevada whorehouse?

Even reporters who thought they’d change the world with their reporting and find once they get their big break for a respected organization like Time Magazine, CNN, or even a local newspaper find out that their editors put caps on their reporting and learn too late that they are simply PR tools who are paid to provide the slant of the company and to like it or quit, just like a prostitute. Or the PTA moms who are on their second marriage and currently having an affair with their coworker while their husbands are out-of-town. These busybodies have a voracious appetite for some bottomless pit of fulfillment who move to a great school district hoping that the school will cover all their personal faults and give their child a shot at being better than they are. So they beg for more tax money when the school administrators demand it and those PTA moms end up sounding just like whores competing for work. (How is this any different from a typical levy campaign?)

I could go on and on, but for simplicity the rule of thumb is, does the job you do make something that can be sold to someone else? Or is what you are making just air spoken from one mouth to the ear of another. If it is the later, you are no better than a prostitute to my way of thinking. That doesn’t mean you don’t have value, after all I would not say that prostitutes are bad people. They are somebody’s children and inside every one of their minds are the hopes and dreams of every human being. But what they do for money not only says a lot about their personal philosophy, but their own sense of worth. The people I admire are those who make things. It might just be a factory worker who makes pencils for $9 per hour, or it might be a developer who creates shopping centers and restaurants. It might be the inventor who creates DNA technology that eliminates the entire pharmaceutical industry. I put the value of that one person over the collective value of every single employee because the inventor made something real. The employees simply showed up to collect money, and wherever there is money, there are always whores on money just like there are always flies on shit. The more money, the more whores looking to take some of it. The pharmacy companies are making pills which are equivalent to the condom manufacturer who supplies a whore house. The values are equitable.

So I am not impressed with any of the characters in the documents seen in the referenced article. None of the PR work impresses me, none of the legal work, none of the administrative work, none of the financial strategy; it all reeks of a whore house to me. I know that this information is a shattering revelation for many who have invested their entire lives into these professions, and that is what drove all the messages I received about my article. But a whore is a whore, and if you are selling yourself for only money, you are doing the same thing that the sex whores are doing, only you don’t take your clothes off to do it. The social value of your endeavor is no different, and getting mad at me won’t change that. Only you can.

If you want to know who are the whores and who are those of value in society it is very easy, the whore performs a task then asks for money.  The people of value make money then purchase what they want!  The money can be spent and the people of value can always make more whereas the whore cannot.  The whore must clean themselves up and sell their time again, and again.  They are dependent on the desire of a creator to provide their livilihoods, and will always be at the mercy of lust, hunger, or pity from those who actually make money.   And by that measure the grill cook at your local fast food restaurant has more value than the President of the United States because at least the grill cook made a hamburger where all the president did was whore themselves to the highest paid clients.   It doesn’t matter if it’s the cat house or The White House, it’s all the same in value. 

So I do not care what a group of whores think of me, because their opinion is of no real value, only perceived value which isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. 



Rich Hoffman