Why Should You Move To Lakota: By Rich Hoffman

Dear potential home buyer or business investor:

Before I say anything let me make something clear, I am not an investor in any of the properties I’m about to mention, or am I employed by any of the below. I simply feel a considerable pride in a community that has been a part of my life for most of my years. If you are moving from another town and looking for a great place to live or you are looking to open a new business and have West Chester, or Liberty Twp, Ohio in mind as a possible destination, let me put your mind at ease from some of the things you may have read in our papers or heard on the radio airwaves across the nation. You probably have a school board member like Julie Schafer who was just elected to the Lakota School Board by the heavy labor union backing in the community you are leaving from. In my experienced opinion, school board types see the world from only their view-point and have very little understanding about how things work in the real world, so don’t let the things people like her and the other Lakota School Board members say regarding higher taxes discourage you from investing in our community. Every community has these types of people. They are victims of a false education and believe they are equal to those who actually create things.  I don’t say this to pick on Julie, but when she makes comments publicly such as what she did at the link below, it calls for a response that I feel must be explained to those who might misunderstand her comments. You can read those comments for yourself here: (She is right about one thing, she does have a lot to learn)


While it’s true that the unions have brought an extreme leftist ideology that includes never-ending higher taxes to the Lakota School System the communities in the district have an organization called NO LAKOTA LEVY that is fighting the school districts tendency toward higher taxes and is requiring them to still maintain the excellence which our community expects.

Many people like Julie Schafer and Joan Powel who is the current school board president at Lakota believe incorrectly that new residents and businesses move to communities because of the schools, which isn’t true. Many in our district have recognized that such things are simply the rhetoric of the union lobby and many of the residents of Lakota have supported No Lakota Levy in keeping taxes low in West Chester and Liberty Twp to protect your investment in our community.

The crazy PTA nuts and labor union types who infect our public schools are in the minority at the Lakota School District and that is one of the greatest aspects the community has to offer which should secure your investment into a new home or a business. West Chester and Liberty Twp is made up of freedom loving people who are of above average income range. They keep their large yards trimmed immaculately and crime is almost unheard of. Our community knows what you really want and that is wonderful green space to increase your quality of life, but also the convenience of abundant commercial enterprises. No matter where you live in West Chester or Liberty Twp you are close to multiple high-end shopping complexes. To the west is Bridgewater Falls, where just about anything can be found in a fantastic outdoor mall. To the south is The Streets of West Chester which includes its own movie theater and several exclusive dinning selections along with retail establishments. To the east is the Voice of America Shopping complex that includes virtually every restaurant and chain store in existence. If you can’t find it there, it probably doesn’t exist.

But the king of all these shopping luxuries is about to open in 2014 and is well on its way to becoming a reality. It’s a complex that will be over 1 million-square feet, a $300 million shopping complex that will be one of the first major developments in the United States since 2008. The complex will be called Liberty Town Square and will bring 4,500 permanent jobs to the area. The shopping complex is the brain child of Steiner and Associates and will trump their previous developments of Easton Town Center in Columbus and The Greene in Dayton. This development will be the coup de grace of similar developments not only in the region but in the nation and will naturally include department stores and movie theaters but also office space with housing.

Now, it might be wondered why so many fantastic developments are all focused in such a small geographical region. In fact the school districts of Lakota, Mason, and Sycamore are all fantastically rated districts, and the schools with their union employees certainly wish to take credit for that prosperity while they will claim it was their policies that built the neighborhoods. Well, it wasn’t. Those regions that will surround this new Liberty Town Square development has witnessed such explosive growth because the best and brightest who actually produce jobs that make and sell things have fled the higher taxed areas of the Cincinnati area to this oasis of low tax property where there are many opportunities to invest in the home of your dreams or start that business without the fear that the revenue you generate will be consumed by higher taxes.

We understand in this region of prosperity that the reason cities and the schools that inhabit them have failed is because the people who start businesses, and have a genuine concern for their communities left when the tax rates took too much of their personal incomes. That is why they have moved to Lakota, and Mason, and Sycamore, to avoid the looters of public office who wish to take their money through taxes. The region is wealthy and the people successful because they have avoided the large city governments with city councils, large police departments and other civil services, and that’s what allows for developments like Liberty Town Square to be built, because the tax money that normally gets consumed to social services in large municipalities are kept by the residents and allows for expendable income to be spent in the fantastic shopping offered in these neighborhoods.

So prospective investor into the West Chester/Liberty Twp Union Center Complex and the new Liberty Town Square, go ahead and sign that lease. Because in addition to all these fantastic financial considerations the Lakota School District has a very organized tax fighting group called No Lakota Levy that will protect your investment into our community from the looter mindset of city builders, commissioners, and school systems. Those school board members who think they are the center of the universe and the schools are successful because of their feeble efforts are taught the folly of their beliefs by this tax fighting group. No Lakota Levy exists to keep these government looter types into a minority to protect your real estate investments and to provide an atmosphere which creates the thriving atmosphere that few in America will have the privilege of enjoying, an evening at Liberty Town Square while your children attend a 1st class school. The crime will be low. Your neighbors will be kind. And you can live as free as possible from the looter tendencies of large government that is nestled in the All-American life of West Chester/Liberty Twp.

I look forward to seeing what you can bring to our thriving community.



Rich Hoffman