Workplace Freedom in Ohio: Using Barack Obama to Pass it

A little bird landed on my window sill this week while Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana backed a new ad for making his state a “Right to Work” state, to remind me of the many union members I personally heard from during the Issue 2 campaign of 2011. Issue 2 was a bold attempt in Ohio that failed and several union members who understood what I’ve been saying about the entire philosophy of union membership being the gateway to socialism was true, and they wanted out of those unions. So out of all the things Issue 2 would have done in for Ohio, it would have freed those public union workers who understood that unions belong in Russia and China, but not in America, and given them at least the freedom to choose.

Watching the Daniels ad below is a grim reminder of what those of us who actually think knew was coming. Indiana is well on its way to becoming a Right-to-Work state, and when that happens, much of what Governor John Kasich hoped to accomplish with Issue 2, will go to Indiana—the precious jobs of the companies in the United States who do not wish to have their company run by socialist unions.

Once Daniels leads his state of Indiana to a “Right to Work” status, Ohio will find itself at an incredible disadvantage. Large manufacturing jobs that Ohio had been trying to lure to the Midwest and its wonderful highway access, close proximity to the east and west, and even the Great Lakes will be lost to Indiana, because companies do not want their organizations run by socialists.

Anyway, the little bird had been asking these same questions, and contemplated what would happen if Ohio had something similar to what Indiana was doing but wasn’t going along the approach of attacking the unions so much as just providing the union worker with the freedom of being able to join. Because after all, in the wake of Issue 2, many of us on who worked on that campaign learned that there are many hundreds of thousands of union workers who are trapped in a corrupt system where the unions take their money against their will and use that money to supply the Democratic Party to work the government toward socialist intentions, and they don’t like it. 

The results from this poll were obtained using the same measures that indicated Issue 2 was going to be voted against by the labor union repeal which said Ohioans by a margin of 56% did not support Issue 2. This poll data had been present all summer of 2011 and many of us who worked the campaign stated that polling could not be trusted, and we believed that if we educated the voters, that the numbers would change in our favor. Well, when the election came around the numbers stayed pretty much stable and we ended up seeing a repeal of Senate Bill 5 trending very closely to the polling numbers all along. So the polling is coming from the same type of source and is just as valid.
Many in the Republican Party felt the sting of supporting Issue 2 (Senate Bill 5) and have lost their courage to do anything similarly bold in 2012, since their focus is on defeating Barack Obama and not allowing him to capture Ohio. Well the polling here shows that Obama isn’t fairing too well in Ohio less than one year from the election, and Obama’s people have the same information that you are looking at, which is why he came to Ohio to create another branch of government this past week. Obama has over $1 billion dollars to convince the very stupid, socialist, freeloaders that he can make shit look like a diamond, and he will certainly appeal to those I referenced. But intelligent, hard-working people will never buy into a president who attempts to lawyer everything like he’s Johnnie Cochren from the O.J.Simpson murder trial. See my article on Obama’s real achievements here: (The charts don’t lie)

Obama and his socialist union brothers and sisters have wrecked the American budget, which is unmistakable in the charts shown on that article. Even fresh on the heels of the Issue 2 repeal, Obama is not more popular in Ohio, which means even if he spends much of his war chest in Ohio on trying to close that gap, well over half of Ohio sees through his act and aren’t buying his rhetoric.

In fact if Ohio had a Workplace Freedom Amendment that was initiated by the citizens and not a political party, that women would overwhelmingly support it with a yes vote, as would members of the African-American demographic. This little bird who visited me told me they had flown to my window from up north in a heavily unionized area and spoke to many of those African-American, (Obama) supporters and they declared, “We ain’t tight with the unions and have no love. They’ve kept black people from getting good jobs for decades.” Well, that shows on this polling, African-Americans overwhelmingly support the right to opt out of a union should they choose to, or to join one. The same demographics that will show up and attempt to re-elect Barack Obama in Ohio support a Workplace Freedom Amendment.

So Ohio has a unique opportunity to use Barack Obama and his $1 billion dollar war chest to come to Ohio and encourage his “base” to give him another 4 years of socialism in The White House. If Ohio had a Work Place Freedom Amendment on the ballot, many of Barack Obama’s voters would vote in favor of ending the union monopoly in Ohio with an option of freedom. So the more Barack campaigns in Ohio, the more he would hurt his dedication to union monopoly.

With all the concerns that the labor unions are an impenetrable force that cannot be stopped, it’s simply an illusion dear reader. The best way to defeat this enemy of American value is to call it what it is, which is socialism, and to allow people to leave who want to. What we saw in Issue 2 was a very organized effort to take even those who wanted out and use their union dues against them with forced wage garnishments to allow the unions to fight Issue 2. Many of these members did not enjoy their obvious loss of liberty and asked people like me for help. By putting a Workplace Freedom Initiative on the ballot in 2012 we could actually use Barack Obama to help us remove union monopolies from Ohio and begin to attract substantial jobs to the Ohio area.

The south as shown in the chart below already has this workplace freedom, which is why Boeing is building a plant in South Carolina, because Boeing doesn’t need work stoppages every three years as socialist oriented workers demand new contracts with higher wages and benefits continuously. We’ve seen what such measure have done to our education system here in Ohio where the teachers unions have taken our tax money and threatened work stoppages to drive up the per pupil costs of education. Companies have learned that this is what these unions are about and they make investments in states and countries that are free from union monopolies and those are the cold-hearted facts.

The term “worker” as Obama and the unions use it is taken directly from the book The Communist Manifesto. Karl Marx used that term to attempt to level the playing field of Europe against all forms of capitalism, which cast Europe into two World Wars and eternal poverty that plagues every European country to this very day. Labor unions are the European export of socialism to the United States and are attempts to infect America with communism. That is not a statement of rhetoric, but a fact.

In America and particularly in our state of Ohio, people have a right to believe what they want. So if they want to support socialism, have at it. But they do not have the right to compel others and force them to join against their will garnishing wages for political use. That practice must be stopped at a bare minimum so that the true value of ideas can be determined in the marketplace of freedom. If unions believe they have all the answers, then the market, not force will determine the validity of their enterprise. And the time to do it is when the President brings his toothy smile and his basketball terminology to the public schools of Ohio to attempt to convince America to allow him to continue on his socialist path. Ohio should permit it to be Obama’s voters who give freedom to Ohio’s workplaces with the passage of the Workplace Freedom Amendment.

Doesn’t that seem fair, and just? It does to me!


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior