Ben Dibble and President Obama: Using the Delphi Technique to destroy ATLAS

What does the President of the United States have in common with the president of your local school board? Well, both positions along with politicians at all levels in between use the Delphi Technique to create public consensus. This is how the conditions which are proving the great novel Atlas Shrugged true has come about. To learn the specifics of The Delphi Technique I have an entire article on it here:

The Delphi Technique is the creation of Saul Alinsky and is commonly used by community organizers derived from the written work by that known radical. This is why Obama is so good at it. President Obama as a lawyer has learned the very dangerous game of using The Delphi Technique to create a consensus in public opinion as he tests the waters in violating the Constitution bypassing congress to pass new laws. In the following clip you can see that prior to his executive orders as he tested the waters to build consensus among his political base prior to taking the unconstitutional actions against congress. What he’s doing is using the Delphi Technique to build support in mass by using the falsehood of a mythical democracy to use mass to defeat the Constitutional Republic that is the United States.

In my home school district of Lakota, which has seen three levy failures from a school system of over $160 million dollars a year in budget costs and going upward, my community has said no to more taxes to cover the out-of-control spending going on at the school. In fact it was this very morning that I gave an interview to the Cincinnati Enquirer about this very issue since the school has put in place a new president who is using The Delphi Technique to build support for yet another levy attempt in 2012. The portion of my interview which I gave said this in response: “ But Rich Hoffman, leader of the opposition group that opposed all three Lakota levies, dismissed the board’s latest move.

“This is just another spin for trying to manipulate the public. If Lakota wants to be sensitive to the public’s needs, they need to present to their teachers’ union a proposal to reduce their labor costs by 5% instead of asking the tax payers to pay even more,” Hoffman said.”

You can see the whole article here:

This new school board put Julie Shaffer as second in command who worked on the previous levy attempts. So there isn’t any attempt by this body of government to cut their costs. They are going into 2012 with full intention to ignore the votes of the previous levy attempts and go for a forth attempt to pass higher taxes and they are using the Delphi Technique to do it. Below is the press release and speech given by the new School Board President Ben Dibble. Study the content carefully. It’s the Delphi Technique.


This is my first regular meeting as Board President. I’d like to thank my fellow board members for having confidence in me — for electing me president. I will do my best to make you proud that you elected me.

I’d like to take a few moments to reflect on where the School District stands, where it’s headed, and most of all, the School Board’s role in all of this.

First, we all know that the education our students get and the achievements they’ve made are spectacular. Academically, our students are literally second to none. We have test scores to prove that. In 2011, we were the top district among 600 in Ohio in student achievement. So to our teachers and administrators, and most of all to our students, great job. I am proud of you, and I know the rest of the Board is proud as well.

But we all know Lakota faces great challenges. And some of them may be self-inflicted. We do not have sufficient support from our community. Three consecutive times, our tax levies have failed. We have theories about why thousands of people have voted against our levies. We’re taking steps to find out for sure what’s wrong, including a survey that will go out in the next week or so. And we’re planning many other opportunities in the next few months to listen to the community and gain feedback.

But before I go further, let’s acknowledge that the School Board could be part of the reason for our levy failures. During the last couple years, the School Board has projected an image of divisiveness – that we weren’t always working toward the goal of providing the best possible education at the lowest cost. Starting tonight, that needs to change. The School Board has an opportunity for a new beginning – a fresh start. And I ask my fellow Board members to leave behind the ways we’ve done things in the past and take a new approach. Doing things the same old way will lead us down the same path that has resulted in three levy failures. Our credibility and communication with the community needs to improve.

As president, I will lead this board with these four things in mind:

1) To be open with the community. That means making sure appropriate School Board discussions are held in public — that School Board actions are clearly explained — and making sure the administration is open with the community as well.

2) To seek feedback from a cross section of the community, not just the folks we think will agree with us.

3) To take actions always with the best interests of our students in mind, not our personal interests.

4) To treat fellow board members with respect, even when we disagree.

The School Board is a legislative body. That means disagreements are inevitable. The community needs to recognize that disagreement is part of the process. Each board member needs to identify when it’s important to stand his or her ground on a key issue and when it’s important to compromise.

We have a new board member – and a new vice president – Julie Shaffer. And I’d like to put her on the spot for a moment – to put a special burden on her shoulders. I encourage her to help change the way this board is perceived. This board cannot continue to do things the way it has done them and expect the community to support us. Please help us change, Julie. You have the benefit of having fresh viewpoints. Please know that I welcome your input.

Julie is not the only new leader in Lakota. Many of our top administrators are new as well, including Superintendent Karen Mantia, Treasurer Jenni Logan and human resources director Diane Brunsman. I am impressed with their work. They are trying to steer things in a new direction. The School Board needs to support them. So I’d like to put a special burden on Dr. Mantia and her entire Executive Team as well: When the School Board doesn’t live up to the standards you expect, let us know. We need you to speak openly. You have experience in public education that we don’t have.

And I put a special burden on the community. I ask the community to wipe away any perceptions about the School Board and administration that might be outdated. With new board leadership and new administration, things are changing. Give us a chance.

Even the way we’re dealing with the required $9 million in cuts is refreshing. Yes, Dr. Mantia and her Executive Team are working to identity where the cuts will be made. The results will be painful. But the administration will not just be recommending across the board cuts to the School Board, then announcing that their work is finished. The administration is working to consolidate, streamline and modernize our educational system — to give the community hope that things can get better — to modernize the curriculum to better meet the needs of our students, preparing them for their lives and careers beyond Lakota.

In a way, this is a honeymoon period for the School Board and Administration. Together, the School Board and Administration are learning and becoming strong, effective partners. I have faith that the community will realize that this new leadership partnership deserves its trust and support.
With those thoughts in mind, let’s move on to our agenda items.

So you might be asking how did Ben Dibble the little ol’ school board president of Lakota learn the same techniques as those used by President Obama? Every year in November the OSBA (OHIO SCHOOL BOARD ASSOCIATION) has a convention in Columbus where they teach school board members how to employee techniques in passing school levies in communities, it’s called LEVY UNIVERSITY. Ben and all the rest of the Lakota School Board members are invited to attend the event and it is there that they learn the Delphi Technique. They may not call it that by name now, I believe they call it “consensus building” or some variation of the term, but the technique is the same no matter what name you call it.

It is the Delphi Technique that allows President Obama to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and it is the Delphi Technique that allows school boards to pretend a public did not vote against their agenda. The key is always in how these parties treat a vote. When a vote is taken and the results are ignored you can know that the aggressor is looking to the Delphi Technique to whittle away at public perception so the aggressor can sell to the public the goal of that aggressor to vote their way. It’s called consensus building and it’s used at all levels of government including your school board. And as long as you the voter allow it to continue by allowing yourself to be manipulated by the Delphi Technique it will continue to be used as a strategy to ruin our republic.

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