“Emperor Obama expands government anyway!” That’s what the guy in the video below says about how Obama appointed Richard Corday to a new consumer watchdog position in the government. To term this activist president in such a way is completely accurate. Obama is an arrogant power grabber who truly believes he’s a dictator. He has very little respect for the United States Constitution, where he’s stated in the past that he believes the document is old, and requires constant revision over time………………..spoken like the true looting lawyer that he is.

Obama used a loophole in the recess rules to appoint Corday and he’s not the first president to do so. Both Bush’s used this practice, Reagan did, Teddy Roosevelt did, but Obama has taken it to a new level with this “bending” of the interpretation of the Constitution terminology with an activism that is shockingly disrespectful.

This is why I’m writing to my congressman, Speaker Boehner shown in the letter below, and recommending that he take immediate action to censure and or impeach President Obama from the office of the President of the United States for the simple reason that it’s the right thing to do. You can read the exact letter that I hand delivered to my congressman today for further context.

January 16, 2012

Speaker of the House
Congressman John Boehner
Butler County Office
7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Road
Suite B
West Chester, Ohio 45069

Subject: Appointment of Richard Cordray for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Dear Mr. Boehner:

It is certainly not against Mr. Cordray that I address this to you, nor is it the involvement of presidential politics in an election year. It is simply a matter of the current President of the United States, Barack Obama taking steps, most notably the recent appointment of Richard Cordray for a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to abuse his power as president by-passing congressional approval for initiatives he desires to set in motion.

The law means nothing if it is ignored, or manipulated out of convenience, and the President has openly participated in “high crimes and misdemeanors” as defined by Article 2 section 4 of The Constitution with his willingness to abuse his power to bypass the checks and balance system put in place with a congressional body. I understand fully that such an act by a Congress led by you is difficult and would go in the opposite direction of your attempts to work in a bi-partisan way with the president and his political party.

I sympathize that any act of impeachment or censure that would be mandated by a majority vote of Congress most likely does not have the two-thirds vote in the Senate to pursue such a measure to its end. But that does not eliminate the necessity for action by the branch of government that you represent on my behalf. I am troubled to consider what inaction by this Congress will mean in the future, if this abuse of power is not checked against the balances of protection the Constitution creates to prevent extreme activism on behalf of this President and future Presidents who will point at this time and the case-law that follows to maneuver and erode away the United States Constitution even more.

The acts of aggression were not done by you or your Congress, and I would hope that you would do as you swore to and protect our Constitution with your office and not feel you must shoulder the blame on yourself or your political party. But feel free to declare it was me, your constituent who demanded action in the pursuit of justice, because it must be done, or worse will befall us in the years to come.

Sincerely Yours,

Rich Hoffman

The strategy of Emperor Obama is the classic Cloward and Pivan tactic of overwhelming a system with so much information that nobody can fixate on any one issue. In this last year, the Obama administration has launched the Attack Watch website connected to his campaign page asking Americans to inform against other Americans who disagree with the President, he pushed for aggressive language in the NDAA Act and signed it on New Year’s Eve, this after ramming health care down our throats in the first year of his presidency which is on its way to the Supreme Court where Obama is counting on the commerce clause to create case-law against the Constitution severely weakening it further, he has used his Justice Department as a personal weapon to try to advance tougher gun regulations with the failed “Fast and Furious” scandal that makes President Reagan’s Iran Contra Affair look like a child’s game. As 2011 was ushered in as a New Year one year ago, it was Net Neutrality that grabbed for more power through the FCC, and now we have aggressive legislation being supported by Obama to regulate the internet.

Obama works fast, he pours on so many issues that the media who eats out of his hand cannot keep up with the stories fast enough. With a smile the President waves off all prying eyes with the skill of a magician, and when the eyes pry anyway he declares racism, or plays class warfare between the rich and some made up middle class who seek to trade away their freedom for the feed which comes out of governments hand like cattle to the feed wagon. History will show that Obama is a bad, corrupt man, who his deeply troubled like many Roman Emperors who became tyrants. Nero comes to mind. Nero was rumored to have played a fiddle as Rome burned, and Obama seems to be attempting the same thing in America. Obama is proof that every family needs a good strong father in it; because the lack of one in Obama’s life seems to have destroyed his ability to tell right from wrong and left holes in his life that only power can fill.

Thinking back on how Obama ran for office in 2008 swearing to close down Guantanamo Bay and criticizing the water boarding of terror suspects, he has now signed into the law of the land the NDAA Act that allows the water boarding of Americans. Where are his concerns over human rights and peace now? Do any of the fools who voted for him still think he’s honest, and well-intentioned? He has shown the pattern over the last four years of being incredibly aggressive, power-hungry, manipulative, and out-right brutal. He counts on the masses to be too stupid to call him on it, and he trusts that his skin color will prevent any body of justice from coming after him, because he has armies of collations that will shout down his attackers as “racists,” if they do. By the way dear reader, do you know what water boarding is? Do you know what the NDAA professes to do to you if you fall on the wrong side of government opinion? Have a look.

In relation to everything mentioned above, Obama right after signing the NDAA Act came to my state of Ohio, which is a battleground state for him, and picked a Ohioan in Corday to expand government to his liking, and then blamed Congress for his “need” to violate the checks and balances of the Constitution for the sake of the country, as if he were the declared savior of it. In fact, he has recently declared himself as a “Warrior of the Middle Class,” and virtually everything he is doing, he’s doing for the selfish notion of getting re-elected, since he is so drunk on power, he knows his life will be meaningless without it. President Obama is the classic con man, and we’d expect to see his type as the sleazy car salesman at a junk dealer, or that pervert who picks up drunk women fresh off the rebound close to the time a bar closes. Typically lowlife characters like Obama do not make it to such a high office, but within the United States there are forces who wish to see American destroyed, so Obama has over a billion dollars in contributions to fight with in his war chest, so even an inept, power-hungry oaf like him can appear to be a brilliant strategist.

This is why Congress must act against the president to not only defend itself from a very aggressive president, but to defend our Constitution from an enemy who resides in our White House. When public servants take the oath of office they swear to protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Well, we have a domestic enemy to the Constitution in the current President, and he needs to feel the justice of those who seek to protect it from people like him.

I encourage you dear reader and do as I have done, copy and paste the letter I wrote and fill in your own information if you’d like. But do write a similar letter to your congressman urging them to act on your behalf to bring justice against the abuse of power that President Obama has taken against our Constitution, and a willingness to slap each American in the face in a mad quest for power that is as insane as the most feared, and tyrannical of the Roman Emperors.

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