The Obama Folly: A famous mouse and Rich Hoffman visit the Clarkcast

The President’s speech during his annual State of the Union address would have been a good one if only there were value behind the words. Obama’s deeds over the last three years have spoke volumes as to his true intentions, so the well delivered lines spoken to millions of citizens on January 24, 2012 were merely those of a well rehearsed actor speaking lines given to him by his superiors—those who pay him money. Recently Matt Clark of the Clarkcast radio network read portions of my article about Obama shutting down Disney World just one week prior to this address on his radio program where the real nature of this president was revealed at that event. You can read that article here:

The value of Obama’s words in his speech has equal value to the act Matt did in the video below where Mickey Mouse called in to comment on Obama’s visit. In fact not only did Mickey call in, but Goofy too as they reacted to Obama shutting down Main Street USE in Disney World to give a self-serving political speech that was but a prequel to his State of the Union address. Now, of course Mickey Mouse did not actually call but was in fact played by Matt Clark as he essentially had a conversation with himself playing both roles. It was a very cleaver bit of radio, but more importantly, it shows how something that is just an act for fun, can sound so real. Just like Obama’s State of the Union speech. Obama is just a character in the game of politics, like Goofy in this skit below. Both are made-up characters who didn’t read their email properly.

The gist of the entire State of the Union speech is one to justify raising taxes. Obama is simply on the same level as every government organization who knows of no other option but to raise taxes to pay for their looting programs. What Obama doesn’t want to hear, or the hands up his ass that move his mouth, is that the real problem is not in raising taxes on the rich to “pay their fair share” but in questioning the value of the programs the looters intend to fund. Who says the tax requirements as they are now are justified? I don’t want to pay for The Department of Education. I don’t want to pay for the EPA. I don’t want to pay for a Justice Department that acts as character assassins for the President of the United States. In fact I don’t want to pay for all those lowlifes gathered on the House floor. I would argue that everyone gathered in the House chamber could have been ejected from government office and life in America would continue the next day, and the day after without any difficulty. All those government employees are non-essential, and to me are but looters of tax money. They provide nothing of value to the United States. With each law they pass, they take America further away from the Constitution, so every day the government is in session, they destroy America just a bit more. So why do we need them, and why do we need to pay higher taxes to pay for useless positions and programs? The even playing field Obama was talking about in his State of the Union is essentially socialism, even if he doesn’t call it that.

If socialism is too harsh of a word, then let’s call it soccer. Obama wants American business to function like a soccer game as opposed to football. The reason American’s don’t take to soccer the way the rest of the world does is because soccer seems to be enjoyed most in socialist leaning countries. In soccer, the forwards cannot be behind the fullbacks when the ball is kicked up the field. The intention of the rule is to keep the ball from being lobbed down the field by a powerful kick and giving the offense an unfair advantage over the defense. American footfall on the other hand which represents capitalism, encourages speed and if a receiver can beat a defensive back to get wide open, it is expected for the quarterback to make a deep pass over the defense to score. Obama wants America to embrace soccer, and therefore an economic system that reflects that game, which is pretty boring, low scoring, and entails watching a ball bounce around a field aimlessly for a couple of hours.

This is the America of fairness Obama is presenting in his speech. He wants to make sure forward thinking people will be declared offsides if they have too much speed and ambition to get behind the defense of U.S. regulation, or in other words—the defense. This is also why Matt Clark had me on his show to discuss the folly of Obama’s intentions to promote tourism in America by shutting down the most successful amusement park on the face of the planet. Matt and I discussed at great length the misplaced notion that political looters in our society are made up as celebrities, and that because of that status can actually displace thousands of paying tourists just so the president can stand in front of the castle in Disney World and give a speech. I argued that the executives at Disney should have refused the president, because Obama is not a king, or even a noble. He’s merely a public servant.

The confirmation that everything Matt and I said in our broadcasts could be seen before and after the State of the Union speech. Jean Schmidt who I’ve talked about here publicly declaring that President Obama is a president that has failed, made sure she was in the receiving line whispering to him on his way in. And on the way out, she was there again to get his autograph, just as many congressmen were doing from both political parties. Before the speech Speaker Boehner was hugging Joe Biden in spite of the fact that the VP and the President had bypassed congress to create a whole new branch of government in the appointment of Corday. Heck, I was at Boehner’s office just last week making the case for why the Speaker should move to impeach the President. And here they were just a few days later hugging, smiling and shaking hands. The State of the Union was simply a copy of Hollywood’s Academy Awards ceremony. The looters of government have watched how Hollywood presents material and they have copied it.

Washington has made the president into an actor and the State of the Union is simply a ceremony where the culture of Washington D.C. gets together, signs autographs for each other and displays their skills of acting for the public to see. But nothing about the State of the Union had anything to do with fixing problems in America. Obama attempted to use his skills as an actor to declare he loved the American Flag, that he wasn’t a socialist, and that he did not want to dismantle America.

He gave a speech intended to confuse everyone and trick them into giving him more time to give America soccer instead of football—socialism instead of capitalism. But all anyone has to do is look at the actions of these characters, these actors who, just as Matt Clark did in his impression of Mickey Mouse, played the role of a character in political theater. Politicians simply play their part; they do not back up their words with actions. They are actors as lost and confused as the Hollywood community because both groups believe in the seduction of celebrity over the valor of conviction. Our political body is made up of poor quality characters who are good actors for the cameras but lack any personal beliefs leaving their actions to be defined by the puppet masters who control their purse strings. With all that said, I would vote for the kid who dresses up in a Mickey Mouse costume at Disney World in Orlando for president because at least I can look at the costume of Mickey Mouse and have more faith in the authenticity of that actor as opposed to the actor that is Obama. Because the modern politician doesn’t just wear one costume to hide their true identities, but several, so many that the only way we can discover the intentions of these actors is to study their actions when the cameras aren’t rolling. I do not want the America of these actors, of these fair-share advocates, these sleazy salesmen who want to replace our American Football with global soccer. I do not want to pay for them with my taxes. I do not want their social programs. I do not want the country they wish to advance with their smiling faces and their hand shakes. Taxes should not go up, but the revenue demands must go down. And the American people must recognize that politicians are not even celebrities of worth because they don’t even make a movie that at least brings joy to the human race for a two-hour film.

The politician brings nothing but lies, and are utterly worthless, and must be overhauled in the minds of America for what they are, based on what they do, and not on what they say. For more on this sleazy salesman proposal read my detailed article on the concept here:

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