Lakota Preschool Program Proposal: The teacher’s union is in charge

It is truly frustrating to deal with a public school system. The same diatribes that America was forced to endure during President Obama’s State of the Union address covering the macrocosm of American life can be heard in the microcosm of public education. Government fails time and time again because they are functioning from the wrong philosophy, one that requires the looting of productive tax payers for the benefit of those who don’t produce so effectively. Government seeks to redistribute services so everyone has a fair shake, and the same blind intentions uttered by Barack Obama can be heard in your local school board meeting. At Lakota, my home school district, the tax payers have defeated tax requests three consecutive times, and I have covered the who, what, why, when and where about that issue so many ways that there is no dispute as to why further taxes are not required for that school system. For a review of those reasons please refer to this article:

It is obvious that the current school board after moving around the bodies a bit have no intention to do what is required to meet their budget parameters, which are driven exclusively by excessive wage expectations by the school employees. And the public school, just like in the federal government uses the neurosis of a few out-of-touch parents to justify millions of dollars in waste in a subtle campaign to expand the reach of the public school and its reach into the sanctity of the American family. As Lakota attempted to reconcile some of its staggering cost overruns driven by very high wages negotiated under a union contract, the superintendent has proposed to re-organize Preschool responsibilities with the Butler County Educational Services Center which could eliminate 42 teaching positions at Lakota and create a savings of $1.2 million dollars. So parents, upset with this announcement are speaking out. They want this “Head Start” program intact for their children ages 3 to 5. To make matters worse, the parents want teachers to possess B.S. or M.S. degrees to perform basically a day care task. These parents want these things because they don’t have to pay for them, but instead were told by their real estate agents upon buying their homes that Lakota offers all these services, so the expectations are there in these young parents.

As I consider what people like Holly Emch mentioned in her interview with Channel 9 News I have to wonder how Lakota got into the business of teaching pre-school kids in the first place. I didn’t think public education began until a child turned 5 and went to kindergarten. Lakota can save $1.2 million dollars just by merging with basically another day care service? Why are tax payers required to pay for day care? Shouldn’t the burden fall on parents like Holly to care for their own child? Don’t these “head start” programs skew the numbers required to provide a community’s kids with a proper education? YES!

Hey, it’s nice to be able to provide day care for parents like Holly. But it isn’t so nice if the cost comes at the expense of the elderly, or those who are barely hanging on to their home. Or a business owner who is trying to figure out if they have to increase their prices to cover their taxes. The schools are pretentious in believing they are the most important characteristic of a community. In fact, they are so arrogant that distinguished members of the school system who also sell real estate for a living, have filed complaints against members of our tax fighting group No Lakota Levy to the Board of Realtors in hopes that the BOR would force those tax fighters to withdrawal their support, and shut their mouth. Real Estate agents who are pro levy, and there are many who are close to the pro tax increase push behind Lakota, want the easy sale. They want to tell a potential home buyer, “There’s nothing wrong with Lakota. All is good. Buy the house. Great schools, great community support, and there is pre-school care for your child.” These real estate agents won’t tell the potential buyer that Butler County had the highest foreclosure rate in the state of Ohio in 2011. Those types of people are the ultimate looters. They care nothing for what happens to their customers once they buy a home they can’t really afford once they find out the taxes on their property will put them out of the house within five years. Those real estate looters will be in a Florida condo 5 years from now, so they don’t give a damn what happens down the road from their looting nature. But if No Lakota Levy messes with their easy money, they will do everything in their power to bring down those individuals, as is evidence by the complaints at the BOR.

I see all these members as disgustingly parasitic. They are leeches to our community and I see the work of combating these looters as a benefit to the wealth of our district of Lakota. I see fighting these moochers as preserving that wealth for the future, because if we yield to them we will end up as screwed up in our communities as the federal government is, and we don’t want that.

Upon this announcement The Cincinnati Enquirer interviewed me for my comments. I gave a frustrated response to the questions which can be read here. The answer to Lakota’s budget trouble is rather easy.

The school board members, the superintendent, the real estate agents who work to push for another school levy will all say that it is the federal government that has given them the legal requirements to supply programs like “Head Start” and many other mandates. But as they make such statements Lakota is targeting the 14.6% of kids in the preschool programs that are possibly eligible for federal Head Start dollars, so it is the money grabbing efforts such as this which put the federal government into the ear of the administrators and take away their ability to manage their costs. Between the labor union and the federal government, the school administrators find themselves drifting on a rudderless boat down a swift moving river, completely unable to control their direction as proven in these actions.

Even when Mantia and company attempt to control their costs, their efforts to obtain more federal money, and cut immediate costs with this merge with the Butler County Educational Services Center, the union still has final say on everything that happens. For proof all one has to do is examine the Preschool Program Proposal provided by Lakota and study appendix C of that document. On that list even with the proposed cuts the union demands 11 positions be filled totaling $339K per year that must be staffed by their people. Ultimately this is the real villain of public education and the element that must be removed from it before a district can ever have a serious discussion about funding public education.

At some point Ohio will have a Right-to-Work amendment to our Ohio Constitution which will break up the union monopoly forever. This will happen because Indiana is going to get it, and Ohio will have to follow to remain competitive economically. Once the unions no longer run our public schools, we can then see how much money education will really costs. But not until that time should any additional funds be allocated for public education under any circumstances. Because it is obvious that the school board and administrations have no control or courage to even ask the labor force to take a 5% cut to save those 42 jobs that are in jeopardy. I know a portion of the teachers of Lakota are willing to take a pay cut, because I asked one of them on 700 WLW, and they said in the affirmative, “Yes I would take a pay cut to save the jobs of teachers.” Listen for yourself.

Yet the school board and superintendent won’t even ask the question—why? The answer is that it is the union who runs the Lakota School District, not the administrators, not the school board, and certainly not the superintendent. It is the union who controls the employees, our children and our property values. They are like a cancer that if removed too suddenly might kill our bodies so we find ourselves blasting ourselves with chemotherapy in an attempt to rid ourselves of the increasing taxation of costs driven exclusively from a parasitic labor union. Cutting early child care programs that are actually the responsibility of the parents are suddenly a crisis to the neurotic mom so busy in her life that she expects the community to raise her child. And to garner tax increase in 2012 rather than deal with the real costs, the Lakota School System would rather disguise a cleaver extortion tactic, which is what all this amounts to, in a campaign effort to gain more revenue for their looting tendencies.

For all these reasons and more articulate why I am disgusted. It saddens me to know that I am much more correct in all my accretions than even I fantasized about in speculation. Because the actions of this school board show clearly what the real intentions truly are for the Lakota School District in 2012, and that is simply to ask for more money to cover their lack of management ability, and courage in sticking up to the unions and protecting the taxpayers. Each one of them acting in this fashion should be ashamed of themselves for knowingly playing this dangerous game that will prove detrimental and short-sighted to the greater community surrounding these public schools and how their lack of courage and skill will affect the lives of thousands.

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8 thoughts on “Lakota Preschool Program Proposal: The teacher’s union is in charge

  1. In my opinion only, if the school board would grow a pair, they should not ask for a levy and declare bankruptcy and force the union to make reasonable wage and benifit consessions. Isn’t that exactly what american airlines is doing right now?


    1. That’s a great idea, and you’re right–that’s what the airlines are doing, and why they are doing it. You should put that idea into their survey they are taking to figure out how to pass another levy in 2012. They just don’t understand what the word no is.


  2. Sheesh, they really do live in a bubble. I just found out my company has to cut 20 people out by mid-February and I havent gotten a raise in 3 years–and I pay a lot for the insurance–I still consider myself lucky!!


  3. They do not provide a day care service and we do not get hte pre school program for free. We pay $250.00 a month for this service. I chose the Lakota pre school progrma for my child because they teach from the Lakota program so once they start Kindergarden they have a head start into the education worls. Nothing is free in this program. The head start program is taught by a non certified teacher with a 2 year degree. If they merge the program then I still get to pay the 250.00 a month for a lesser program


    1. Thanks. Good info. You can thank Lakota for chosing to maintain their union contracts by cutting programs like this one instead. All I expect is for them to live within the $160 million dollar budget they currently have. I think that’s pretty generous.


  4. The Early Childhood Development Center was the brainchild of Katherine Klink, the former superintendent. The taxpayers were not given a vote. No one asked the taxpayers if they wanted to pay more money for this exorbitant idea. First of all, at the time, there was zero need for the service. The staff called people to get them to sign up their children. They forced and created “the need.” I believe they did receive some federal funds, but not enough to justify the burden.
    They spent millions to re-renovate the old Freshmen building that was adjacent to the old Lakota High School. They had renovated that building many times at a cost of many millions of dollars. Their “creative” AND WASTEFUL ideas cost them zero and the taxpayers MILLIONS. These bozos have no ability to think or plan into the future. Also, who do they think pays for the ESC? Same old suckers! The taxpayers.

    HeadStart is the brainchild of LBJ. It was to target inner city children whose parents don’t care enough about them to read them a book once in a while. The parents themselves are the product of the failed educational system. Never-the-less, the children are the parent’s responsibility. The sex education that is taught K – 12 has only exacerbated the single parent mess. The government really can’t do anything well. It has served to destroy the family that a child needs to be properly nurtured.

    There are many private pre-school babysitting schools in our area. They do not cost the taxpayers a dime. If a parents requires this service, I suggest they give the business to one of these private schools. Why should the taxpayers pay for something that is the parents responsibility. If the mothers decide that their career is more important than raising their child, then they should pay the price of that decision. If they decide to be a single mother and work, then they also need to pay for their own children. Don’t ask retired seniors to pay for what is the parent’s responsibility.

    The board talks about the ESC taking over. Why wasn’t that done in the first place? Each district and entity wants to protect their own turf no matter what the cost to the taxpayer. Explain to me why a pre-school child requires a teacher with a masters or bachelors degree. Non-certified parents have been taking care of their own babies since time began. The fact is that there are studies that prove that Head Start has no benefits after the first grade. The fact is that home schooled children fare far better than almost all government schooled children. The statistics are out and they prove these facts.

    The district wastes millions of dollars on teachers with masters degrees. The state no longer requires a masters. Does it really make sense for a kindergarten teacher to have a masters? I ask for the taxpayers to check out the curriculum required to obtain and elementary teacher’s degree. Compare those classes to an engineer or accountant. I have a relative who was first in her class in engineering and has her masters. She works a full year, starts with a one week vacation and makes the same as most starting teachers. I’m really sick of the whining about being underpaid.



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