Doc Thompson Still Lives: You can catch him on WXYT Detroit

JOB UPDATE:  Doc is now at WXYT Radio in Detroit, in the #11 radio market in the country.  He has afternoons between Glenn Beck and Laura Ingram which will fit him perfectly.  His job there will begin on Monday, March 12th.   You can listen live at this link.

The rest of this article is as it was during the first announcment that Doc was leaving Clear Channel Radio.

Everyone in Cincinnati knows how much I love Doc Thompson. And without question when the sun rises at WLW on Monday, January 30, 2012 people will wonder what happened to Doc Thompson at 9 A.M.

The answer is, Doc had a wonderful wedding in Richmond, Virginia with his wife last week and like a romance novel things sometimes change under the lights on a dance floor. Richmond is the town of their courtship.

Doc is a straight shooter and sometimes changes are needed for everyone’s benefit. So for those who miss Doc Thompson in Cincinnati, you will be able to hear him at WRVA in Richmond, Virginia. And I will still feature his work on this web site. All that has changed is his studio location and the demographic audience.

It’s easy to listen, all you have to do is click on the live feed at WRVA, or catch his podcasts. But rest assured, Doc Thompson is alive and well, and is in a better position to pursue his brand of radio in a time slot that is more appropriate for his changing circumstances.

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21 thoughts on “Doc Thompson Still Lives: You can catch him on WXYT Detroit

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The pics on your FB are great!

    No bunker needed Doc. Listening on the web is second skin. We”ve been through this before. After McConnell’s shocking oust, we get how the game is played. Poof you’re out! We’re a hardy bunch, to a point.
    Just think…no more street car crap.

    Take care and thanks for the great radio here in Cincy, short as it was. See ya on RVA.


  2. Oh wow…..hate that you are not here anymore, but can easily catch you in va…what a bummer. I was wondering if you had your ketchup fountain at the wedding…i thought it was a great idea. Sorry to see you go, but congradulations!


  3. This is a horrible development for Cincinnati. Doc is (was) one of the three local hosts who really “tell it like it is”…the others being Brian Thomas and Darryl Parks. I have listened to Scott Sloan on and off since he arrived here and he just cannot fill the void. I’m guessing ratings were behind this decision, and if that’s true it’s a shame. I have been splitting my 9-12AM listening time between Doc, Glenn, and Neal Boortz with the lion’s share of time going to Doc…I guess now it’s down to Neal and Glenn.

    I wish Doc and his beautiful new bride all the happiness in the world. We’ll be listening on the ‘net!


  4. Consider Doc a friend – know he will do very well back in Richmond – timing was terrible – only wish that Doc and Yuna are happy. Good luck my friend.



  5. don’t forget I heart radio. most people have an android or windows or apple phone with unlimited internet. download and install i heart radio and you can listen to wrva on your phone no matter where you are! i have a car radio with an ‘aux’ input, i hook my phone up to my car radio and listen to wrva no matter where I am!


  6. Thanks for the info and link overmanwarrior. I cannot believe WLW fired Doc! Scott Sloan is awful to listen to. Luckily I will still be able to podcast Doc to get more great stories and news.


  7. LOL I love ketchup, almost as much as i love chocolate.
    I frequently travel outside of the Cincy area, and have utilized I heart radio thru my iphone to catch WLW and doc many times when im away. I sure wish he wasn’t leaving…….


  8. Luckily with the technology, we have many great hosts and stations to choose from. I rarely stay local…host wise. Brian Thomas, that’s it now.

    Ketchup on scrambled eggs. Only country folk still do that. It freaks my husband out everytime… so I put extra on. We get kick out of it. My grandmother used to make her own. Man, that stuff was awful!
    Some things are NOT better homemade. Trust me! 😉


    1. Let me go out on a limb here. Nothing against the guys in the lineup at WLW now, but I think this move will have a bad effect on the overall ratings and will cost more jobs because of this decision. Friendships and trying to repair the sins of the past with new, and even worse sins in the present isn’t very productive. Doc was doing a very good job and people liked him quite a bit. He was very popular. Eddie Fingers has 30 years of name recognition in Cincinnati and Doc Thompson only had 14 months and look at this survey result.

      Doc brought a brand to the morning show that just worked, and was finding his own way. Doc is the kind of guy you want to like and he was easy to hear in the morning. He was a great fit between Jim Scott and Willie. It’s a shame that now that relationship is harmed, because I have a feeling WLW will want to fix that relationship in the future. Doc knew what he was doing all along. It just took Cincinnati time to get over their memories of Mike McConnell. Doc was that talent that could have been nurtured for the days when Willie was no longer around, which isn’t that far into the future. This is a dangerous time, WLW needs to have talent, and this short sighted approach could leave them empty when Jim Scott finally retires, Cunningham retires, and Marty is no longer around. WLW needed a firm solid voice like Doc to compliment Sloanie and the rest of the young talent, and now it has been tarnished forever. Sad story.


      1. do you have insight to why he was let go? I forgot yesterday was February and went to listen and it was painful. He did have a great voice and articulated himself very well…I cant help but think that his support of tea party issues and speaking out so often about levies did him in. You cant silence a voice like his, you can move it somewhere else but its not going away.


  9. Doc just announced that he is done in Richmond also. We will miss him, but have to believe he will land somewhere soon where all can tune in (if he doesn’t have a gig already).


    1. I’m sure he’s up to something, I can think of a few reasons for this. I’m tempted to give him a call about it, but I’m sure he’s explained himself enough this week to last lifetime. When I find out, I’ll put up a message so his fans can follow him wherever he goes.


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