The Obama Folly: A famous mouse and Rich Hoffman visit the Clarkcast

The President’s speech during his annual State of the Union address would have been a good one if only there were value behind the words. Obama’s deeds over the last three years have spoke volumes as to his true intentions, so the well delivered lines spoken to millions of citizens on January 24, 2012 were merely those of a well rehearsed actor speaking lines given to him by his superiors—those who pay him money. Recently Matt Clark of the Clarkcast radio network read portions of my article about Obama shutting down Disney World just one week prior to this address on his radio program where the real nature of this president was revealed at that event. You can read that article here:

The value of Obama’s words in his speech has equal value to the act Matt did in the video below where Mickey Mouse called in to comment on Obama’s visit. In fact not only did Mickey call in, but Goofy too as they reacted to Obama shutting down Main Street USE in Disney World to give a self-serving political speech that was but a prequel to his State of the Union address. Now, of course Mickey Mouse did not actually call but was in fact played by Matt Clark as he essentially had a conversation with himself playing both roles. It was a very cleaver bit of radio, but more importantly, it shows how something that is just an act for fun, can sound so real. Just like Obama’s State of the Union speech. Obama is just a character in the game of politics, like Goofy in this skit below. Both are made-up characters who didn’t read their email properly.

The gist of the entire State of the Union speech is one to justify raising taxes. Obama is simply on the same level as every government organization who knows of no other option but to raise taxes to pay for their looting programs. What Obama doesn’t want to hear, or the hands up his ass that move his mouth, is that the real problem is not in raising taxes on the rich to “pay their fair share” but in questioning the value of the programs the looters intend to fund. Who says the tax requirements as they are now are justified? I don’t want to pay for The Department of Education. I don’t want to pay for the EPA. I don’t want to pay for a Justice Department that acts as character assassins for the President of the United States. In fact I don’t want to pay for all those lowlifes gathered on the House floor. I would argue that everyone gathered in the House chamber could have been ejected from government office and life in America would continue the next day, and the day after without any difficulty. All those government employees are non-essential, and to me are but looters of tax money. They provide nothing of value to the United States. With each law they pass, they take America further away from the Constitution, so every day the government is in session, they destroy America just a bit more. So why do we need them, and why do we need to pay higher taxes to pay for useless positions and programs? The even playing field Obama was talking about in his State of the Union is essentially socialism, even if he doesn’t call it that.

If socialism is too harsh of a word, then let’s call it soccer. Obama wants American business to function like a soccer game as opposed to football. The reason American’s don’t take to soccer the way the rest of the world does is because soccer seems to be enjoyed most in socialist leaning countries. In soccer, the forwards cannot be behind the fullbacks when the ball is kicked up the field. The intention of the rule is to keep the ball from being lobbed down the field by a powerful kick and giving the offense an unfair advantage over the defense. American footfall on the other hand which represents capitalism, encourages speed and if a receiver can beat a defensive back to get wide open, it is expected for the quarterback to make a deep pass over the defense to score. Obama wants America to embrace soccer, and therefore an economic system that reflects that game, which is pretty boring, low scoring, and entails watching a ball bounce around a field aimlessly for a couple of hours.

This is the America of fairness Obama is presenting in his speech. He wants to make sure forward thinking people will be declared offsides if they have too much speed and ambition to get behind the defense of U.S. regulation, or in other words—the defense. This is also why Matt Clark had me on his show to discuss the folly of Obama’s intentions to promote tourism in America by shutting down the most successful amusement park on the face of the planet. Matt and I discussed at great length the misplaced notion that political looters in our society are made up as celebrities, and that because of that status can actually displace thousands of paying tourists just so the president can stand in front of the castle in Disney World and give a speech. I argued that the executives at Disney should have refused the president, because Obama is not a king, or even a noble. He’s merely a public servant.

The confirmation that everything Matt and I said in our broadcasts could be seen before and after the State of the Union speech. Jean Schmidt who I’ve talked about here publicly declaring that President Obama is a president that has failed, made sure she was in the receiving line whispering to him on his way in. And on the way out, she was there again to get his autograph, just as many congressmen were doing from both political parties. Before the speech Speaker Boehner was hugging Joe Biden in spite of the fact that the VP and the President had bypassed congress to create a whole new branch of government in the appointment of Corday. Heck, I was at Boehner’s office just last week making the case for why the Speaker should move to impeach the President. And here they were just a few days later hugging, smiling and shaking hands. The State of the Union was simply a copy of Hollywood’s Academy Awards ceremony. The looters of government have watched how Hollywood presents material and they have copied it.

Washington has made the president into an actor and the State of the Union is simply a ceremony where the culture of Washington D.C. gets together, signs autographs for each other and displays their skills of acting for the public to see. But nothing about the State of the Union had anything to do with fixing problems in America. Obama attempted to use his skills as an actor to declare he loved the American Flag, that he wasn’t a socialist, and that he did not want to dismantle America.

He gave a speech intended to confuse everyone and trick them into giving him more time to give America soccer instead of football—socialism instead of capitalism. But all anyone has to do is look at the actions of these characters, these actors who, just as Matt Clark did in his impression of Mickey Mouse, played the role of a character in political theater. Politicians simply play their part; they do not back up their words with actions. They are actors as lost and confused as the Hollywood community because both groups believe in the seduction of celebrity over the valor of conviction. Our political body is made up of poor quality characters who are good actors for the cameras but lack any personal beliefs leaving their actions to be defined by the puppet masters who control their purse strings. With all that said, I would vote for the kid who dresses up in a Mickey Mouse costume at Disney World in Orlando for president because at least I can look at the costume of Mickey Mouse and have more faith in the authenticity of that actor as opposed to the actor that is Obama. Because the modern politician doesn’t just wear one costume to hide their true identities, but several, so many that the only way we can discover the intentions of these actors is to study their actions when the cameras aren’t rolling. I do not want the America of these actors, of these fair-share advocates, these sleazy salesmen who want to replace our American Football with global soccer. I do not want to pay for them with my taxes. I do not want their social programs. I do not want the country they wish to advance with their smiling faces and their hand shakes. Taxes should not go up, but the revenue demands must go down. And the American people must recognize that politicians are not even celebrities of worth because they don’t even make a movie that at least brings joy to the human race for a two-hour film.

The politician brings nothing but lies, and are utterly worthless, and must be overhauled in the minds of America for what they are, based on what they do, and not on what they say. For more on this sleazy salesman proposal read my detailed article on the concept here:

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The Progressive Movie Critic: The intention of a bad review

I wrote my review of the very fantastic film Red Tails at the link below. After the film pulled in a respectable $19 million dollars on its opening weekend in spite of the very critical reviews, I write this with a smile on my face. Unlike most films, Red Tails gained momentum as word of mouth spread through the weekend leaving per screen showings on Sunday higher than Friday (opening day).

Red Tails is wonderful. It ends with a prayer by black men under a flowing American flag, a very iconic image. I predict it will be nominated for at least three Academy Awards and will win two, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Visual Effects. In a rating out of 10 I would give Red Tails an 8, only because the credits in the beginning could have been less distracting. I know what the intention was, and that was to pay homage to the old serial films of the 40’s. But in a brilliantly colored film, it doesn’t work so well. And the music could have been more epic, to match the action on the screen. Those are very minor quips however and hardly worth mentioning. That leaves the question, what were the reviewers thinking who said the movie had “cardboard characters,” that it was “old fashioned,” and that the movie didn’t tell enough of the story about racism.

Well, movie critics come from those liberal arts majors in college who, like high school career councilors make a living telling other people what to do. There are many jobs where looters, unable to create for themselves make livings off the creations of others. In spite of the fact that teachers are so highly revered in our culture, I would say they fall under this category. Their usefulness is largely a result of self promotion as opposed to actual results. For instance, home schooled kids routinely outperform public educated kids. The factor in a child’s life is the quality of their parents, not their teachers. The greatest teacher in the world cannot compensate for a bad parent. Teachers can help, but they can’t fill a child’s life with all the essentials, even though they sell themselves as though they can. In movies, it is the movie critic, that lover of cinema who creates for themselves a market that allows them to see all the movies they wish, without having to put themselves out on a limb and ever create anything.

The movie critic like the teacher goes to college and allows progressive leaning professors to shape their thoughts, both occupations having a tendency toward the liberal arts. The teacher leaves college more of a socialist than when they entered and the movie critic does as well. The critic learning that it is progressive political money that shapes Hollywood these days, steer studios and the entertainment industry into the direction of their socialist training. Many people don’t know it, but the socialist labor unions of Southern California have infected Hollywood in very negative ways, making great films very difficult to make. Studios often pick films they believe will get critical reviews, because they believe those reviews will generate a return on the investment in their pictures. Studios have given the movie critic too much power over the culture of motion picture creation.

George Lucas as a maverick filmmaker in every sense of the word has had his quips with the labor unions of the motion picture industry for years. Lucas to keep the cost down on his projects has chose to make films in England, Australia, and Red Tails was entirely shot in Prague. Lucas tends to avoid the Hollywood machine for the stifling controls they have attempted to exert on him in the past. Movie critics are typically very hard on George Lucas not because his movies are bad, or his characters are card board, they are hard on him beacause Lucas pushes the rules to constantly make new discoveries in film technique. Movie critics just like the teachers unions protect their industry. Teachers unions often engage in propaganda warfare against challenges to the public school system. They stand very much against any competitive challenges to their monopoly power, like charter schools, private instruction, and of course home schooling. The reason is that the unions wish to discourage competition no matter what industry is in question. The film critic does the same for their union brothers and sisters in the industry by defending their right to be employed by producers who make their films without the union label of Southern California. The unions and the pawn movie critics would have the consumer believe that a film made in Australia by an American producer is somehow less quality than the films made in Southern California.

Movie critics are advocates for progressive politics. The same critics that will proclaim that The Black Swan was a wonderful film because the characters are so imperfect and complicated will declare that Red Tails is simplistic and silly. These are critics with a social agenda and are attempting to shape the movie industry with progressive politics instead of box office results. This is why Hollywood has seen sagging sales.

The key to Red Tails is that the black characters are not tragic victims of their fate. They are heroes, and they are that way because they strove to prove they are every bit as good as their white counterparts. Red Tails has a fundamental message of self empowerment, and to the progressive community this is a big problem. Progressives seek to make people victims, not to see individuals empowered. So the message of Red Tails is very unprogressive. The black pilots empower themselves. They don’t wait for someone to recognize their efforts. They take the offensive to earn respect first from themselves, then from their white counterparts. The message is really powerful in Red Tails, and every young child should see it. The movie is deciding old fashioned. It even has closed mouthed kissing between a man and a woman. Red Tails is the closest film we are going to find that is a throwback to the kind of films the Disney Company used to make.

Movie critics as much as they wish they could shape the world to their progressive vision can’t do much when filmmakers like George Lucas bypasses the Hollywood system and makes his movies the way he wants to. It infuriates those progressive types who jealously look at Lucas and expect that they should have some of what he has, that they could somehow make movies as good as George. Who is the movie critic to question George Lucas, the creator of the most recognized films in the history of Hollywood? Do those movie critics possess the creative impulse to make anything from nothing except criticize the work of those who chose to remain independent of the Hollywood system?

I’d say Lucas knows more about film, and about life than any collection of movie critics. Like the teachers in the profession of looting the good deeds built by the parents raising their child, the movie critic loots off the success of people like Lucas who make films other studios attempt to copy, because Lucas films make money. So the critic makes their living attempting to tear down filmmakers like Lucas so that they can help lower the bar for their entertainment labor friends from the lofty heights that George Lucas has set for Hollywood. Yet without George Lucas Hollywood would have probably destroyed itself by now. It was well on its way to doing just that in the late 60’s. George Lucas is to the movie industry what John Galt is to the book Atlas Shrugged.

The looters of Hollywood know they are nothing without people like George Lucas, and they hate him for it. They make fun of his films and hope to spread by bad reviews information hoping that Lucas might fail. And someday Lucas might. But it won’t be in the movie Red Tails, because in spite of the Hollywood machine attempting to derail a picture that empowers young black men to rise to their own station in life, and to break the rules if need be to achieve it, the movie is successful because it does what movie fans desire, it gives hope to the audience. It brings magic to the screen and seeks to make icons out of supposed victims which cut to the core of progressive political belief, which is to exist for the sake of altruism, and not the glory of the individual in a quest of psychological and physical redemption.

Red Tails is good because it understands the elusive quality of ambition in the heart of the fortune seeker. It is everything that the modern progressive despises, which is why Red Tails will continue to make money well into the months to come. It’s a movie people want to see, as opposed to the pretentious junk endorsed by progressive movie critics, trained in their progressive colleges, where they learned all they know from old hippie professors who make six figures for doing nothing but braiding their pony tails. Red Tails steps over the value of the movie critic and the Hollywood studio system completely and Lucas smiles for the same reason I am still as I conclude here. Lucas knows that once Red Tails is proven a box office success, the looters will attempt to attach themselves to him, instead of attacking him, because they have no choice. They are nothing without creators like Lucas, and will have to tuck their heads in the sand and shut their mouth as visionaries continue to prove the worthlessness of the movie critics in the roll of modern cinema.

Now dear reader, you are probably wondering why I mentioned the relevancy of the teaching profession alongside the credibility of the movie critic. Well, it’s because both occupations are filled with good intentions, but end up failing as a result. People like Lucas think outside the confines of conventional thought and our society is better because of people like him. And as harsh as the Hollywood machine attempted to slam Red Tails so the film would lose money and dash any future films from becoming a reality, it is the movie critic who hopes to eliminate from our minds all traces of Walt Disney’s Davy Crockett, or John Wayne’s films, and replace those strong movie characters with flawed human beings who look to a progressive government for a helping hand. But Lucas doesn’t just make movies, he is also an innovator in education, and if public education listened to Lucas, they would become much more effective in teaching children relevant skills. So it is the establishments, the teachers unions, and the movie critics who attempt to shield the public from the enlightenment of true innovators like Lucas. And once they realize they have failed, they will then seek to loot the idea for themselves. That is why Red Tails will win Academy Awards in the spring of 2013. Teachers will also lash out to any change until they are forced to accept innovations, and once they do, education will change forever for the better, and the same mind that created Star Wars, and now Red Tails, is also providing innovation for education. You can check out the website of this education innovation here:

As usual, all that stands between innovation and stagnation are the critics. And if we are ever to move forward, we must shut down those voices that use fear and weakness to hold our society to the stone age of thinking simply because they are the true weak links, and are too lazy to advance their thinking to adhere to the visionaries of our society. The M.O. of the critic is to chastise the forward thinker out of fear, and security for the livelihoods the looting critic created for themselves. The critic would prefer a life in chains because they at least have control the chains so long as the population willingly confines itself to their weaknesses instead of reaching forward with their dreams and innovation that is always propelling society forward with new ideas by embracing what worked in the past. That’s why Red Tails and George Lucas are, and will continue to be successful. The human race would be a lot happier if they just stopped hanging on to their empires and embraced the dreamers so that we could all move forward instead of reflecting the wars and corruption of the little dictators who populate the earth using fear as their weapon, and a feeble grasp of an intellectual mandate.

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College Tuition is Unsustainable at 8% Yearly Increases: Resetting the inflated value

Tough love is what I’d call the recent push to convince area schools, particularly my own of Lakota that the days of endless education funding are over, that the bubble has burst, and unfortunately they are the last to know it because they refuse to see. When fighting school levies, public schools will attempt to paint a picture of how necessary they are to launching children into college, and how important their institutions are to preparing children to compete in a global economy. Well, let me save you some time and money by telling you how you can prepare your children for a global economy without increasing your taxes on a public school who refuses to see they have lost their relevance; teach your kids not to go to college and instead find a job and work their way up with hard work. Don’t get into debt, because the financial stability of those loans is questionable, so not having debt is equal to having wealth in the global economy. And be ready to work 10 to 12 hour days to maintain their relevancy for the company they work for. America must become producers again, but right now, we have allowed ourselves to become a service nation, and there just aren’t enough jobs to fill all the positions coming out of college.

Tuition rates for college are going up at a rate of 8% a year. That is not sustainable, because incomes are not going up at the same rate, and they can’t. The economy does not support such increases unless the economy itself grows at the same rate. And the money spent on college is not guaranteeing a good job for the initial investment. What is happening is inflation all across the spectrum and that inflation is driven by ever-increasing expectations that are not supported with reality. To illustrate the situation Darryl Parks of 700 WLW talks with Nathan Bacharach of 55 KRC Sound Money about the devastating conditions of our economy and the treacherous financial situation that higher education has placed itself in. I would encourage everyone to listen to this broadcast below, and send it along to a friend you know or a neighbor, so they can begin to get their minds around this very informative interview. It is quite stunning.

It’s not that college has lost its relevancy in our marketplace, but the institution lost its way in what it expects as compensation and value provided by that compensation. They have extended themselves too far in a quest that is simply a numbers game. Colleges sought to put bodies in seats and didn’t care what they had to do to achieve their numbers, and they are paying for it now. In fact, America is paying dearly as that investment is proving to be a bust, because we do not have enough workers who wish to do skilled labor for a reasonable price, and that is a real problem. So jobs go overseas to markets where workers aren’t so picky, and don’t have such high expectations.

And the real villain here is in the public schools, who like their college counterparts have inflated their own value and worth, hired far too many employees who provide little service to the end product, and they charge too much for their employment. There are too many college professors who make in the six figures, and that is why tuition rates are rising at 8% a year. Education costs didn’t go up, reading, memorizing, and writing on a chalkboard. In fact computers and use of technology have decreased, while tuition costs have increased, because it’s in the financial expectations of the professors and administrators to make vast sums of money in education that have drove up the costs. And in public education the same expectations are present. I have reported that there are over 600 teachers and administrators in my school district who make over $65K per year, which is much more than the average yearly wage of the tax payers who pay the bill. That’s a problem, the math doesn’t add up. And these employees making these sums expect a school district to pay them 2% to 3% increases every year. In fact, when my district of Lakota took a recent pay freeze, even with their step increases, they thought it was a tremendous sacrifice on their part, when it was people like me who have been saying that they are making too much for what they offer in the end, and a pay freeze isn’t enough.  To get an idea just how out-of-touch the public education business is, look at this recent report by Policy Matters Ohio, where they are perplexed at the financial situation they put themselves in.

These employees will complain that they obtained a master’s degree, or a doctorate, but more and more, that doesn’t mean a thing to me and the rest of the tax payers. Just because a politician listened to the union lobby and passed a law mandating that all teachers obtain a master’s degree, it does not mean the marketplace can pay for it. The union lobby and the politicians did not consider the validity of the service when they passed such laws. They did not consider the market value of their legislation, so they artificially created an education bubble which has burst. It was these irresponsible parties, the union lobby and the politicians who created the idea that wages of these levels in education could be obtained on the excessive end, and that society would think those services so valuable that they’d always find a way to pay for them.

We are now at an age where we must question the real value of college, and public schools must figure out how they will fit in with that value. But raising property tax to pass school levies with the assumption that every kid will go to college and rack up $50k or more in debt to get a degree is unrealistic. The entire economic system must reset itself to levels of pre-inflation. This must happen with the value of not only education, the job marketplace, but our actual currency. It is not acceptable to sustain a rate of inflation, because at some point if it takes .50 more cents tomorrow to buy what a dollar does today, cost of living adjustments won’t keep pace, and living standards will decline. The dollar must be made stronger, and the jobs in America cannot be service oriented exclusively and education is a service industry. It doesn’t directly produce new engines, new cars, or invent new technology. Most of those developments are created in the free market system, which is a system that education has put itself at odds with and perpetuated even more social trouble with a reckless philosophy of socialism taught to their students, making the value of education even less.

So there’s a lot of work to do, and it starts by being straight with your children. Education is important, but there is only so much you can do in a class room. Much of the education we all receive comes from doing, and we need a job to get involved with so we can continue that education. In the future our children are not going to leave work at 4:30 every day and make 50 to 100K per year. Our politicians have squandered that dream away. Face it now! Our children will have to stay at work till 7 maybe 8 PM, they will have to outwork our foreign competition and be willing to fight for every dollar. So if you want to help your kids, tell them to save their money, keep it simple, work hard, and do your part as an adult to strengthen the dollar so your kid doesn’t have to scrape even harder to get the value in two dollars that they should get in one.

And for God’s sake, do not ever pass a school levy and increase the property tax burdens on your school district. You might push away the businesses that can give you or your kids a job by doing so, because taxes are too high now, and business are struggling already. Any increase at this point could topple their efforts and drive them away which would be devastating. It is not the task of the communities to figure out how to pamper these education employees into being comfortable. It is the education employee’s job to adjust themselves to the market forces which have and will always drive reality, and is a burden they will only carry when tough love is applied to place that weight on their backs, and not those of us who are already carrying more than our fair share, which is what we as individuals are responsible for.

Free Meredith Graves: A warning before my new book hits stores all across the country

Before all hell breaks loose when my new book, Tail of the Dragon is released in the upcoming months, I need to make a few things very clear. When the Tennessee governor and legislature points at my book and says it is an unfair representation of the State of Tennessee and casts the highway patrol in a bad light, I will point at the below article from The Blaze to validate my intentions.

My editor and I just closed off the edit to my long awaited project and it is off to the design teams and copyeditor. The book reads faster than anything I’ve ever read and it’s packed with little details that I’m very proud of. But the plot line of a fictional governor using the Tennessee Highway Patrol as his personal army, and means for obtaining the White House by manipulating a Fraternal Order of Police endorsement is an old political trick that does go on in abundance all over the country. The reason I picked Tennessee as the primary plot center is because there is a history there of a vigilant THP (Tennessee Highway Patrol) that does get wrapped up in the personal business of politics. I’m thinking of the THP 100 Days of Heat campaign as seen in their promotion video.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is very proud of their vigilance, and they advertise themselves almost as a military force that is protecting people even from themselves, which brings up a whole bunch of constitutional questions. But as a whole, the THP functions like most Highway Patrols in other states. On the inside the officers believe they are serving the public by upholding the law, so they reside on high moral ground. But on the outside, among the rebels of society, who question the validity and qualifications of the “law makers” the thin blue line of law enforcement becomes a shield against corruption since the people must often fight the law to get to the corruption that makes the laws. In the case of my novel, a power grabbing governor can use the THP to execute their personal political initiatives and if there isn’t a law on the books to allow them to do so, they will make one. This is the problem with blind obedience to law enforcement and is the subject of my book. I think the current governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam is a pretty good guy, so my story doesn’t target his administration. But it cannot be forgotten that at one time Al Gore was governor of Tennessee and most recently Phil Bredesen who I would term a progressive and these two governors show how Tennessee politics can play out on a national stage, and when a politician gets a corn cob up their ass to make things happen, turning to the THP to implement their wishes borders on abuse of power.

It is that abuse of power that I focus on in my Tail of the Dragon, or rather the temptation to abuse power for personal means. Because Tennessee has a history of political activism, and a proud, military like Highway Patrol, this makes them the target of my subject matter. It’s also because of stories like what was shown in The Blaze article above.

Innocent enough Meredith Graves walked into the 9/11 Memorial in New York City and checked her gun at the door, thinking she was doing the right thing. However, unknown to 39 year old Graves, a registered nurse and four year medical student from Knoxville, New York doesn’t recognize the 2nd Amendment and has gun control laws that defy common sense. So she was arrested and thrown in jail and faces a 3 and ½ years of possible jail time if convicted.

Oh, by the way, it wasn’t drugs that were in her pocket, it was crushed up aspirin. But the assumption was that it was cocaine, so you can see dear reader how quickly politics can become nationalized. All Meredith wanted to do is see the 9/11 Memorial. The injustice of this case has prompted in the Tennessee State Legislature House Resolution 585 which reads “We remind the citizens of New York, especially those residing in New York City, to drive carefully through the great state of Tennessee, paying extra attention to our speed limits.” The threat is obvious; the THP has been instructed by the state legislature to pull over speeders from the state of New York in protest against the arrest of Meredith Graves, which is a noble cause by Representative Frank Niceley the Knoxville based farmer who proposed the legislation on behalf of his constituent. I actually admire the action. New York City is violating the Constitution by not recognizing Meredith Graves right to carry a firearm and they attempted to paint her as a gun nut drug dealer to justify their arrest. It happens all the time in the realm of politics. And Tennessee is fighting for one of their own. But—the speed limit is the law, and Tennessee is admitting that they can, and do target specific groups of people when they need to make a point. In reality it is the people of New York who will pay for the crime against one of Tennessee’s own. In my new novel it is the tourists of Tennessee who find themselves pulled over and getting excessive citations to fund the presidential run of the fictional Tennessee governor. In both cases, reality and fiction, the Tennessee Highway Patrol is used as a tool to carry out the whims of the political class.

When Tail of the Dragon comes out it’s not the people of Tennessee and the THP that are my intended targets, where billions of dollars of damage is caused and war breaks out because the police simply pulled over the wrong guy, a guy who refuses to acknowledge the right of the law to infringe on his liberty. My target is the political system like Mayor Bloomberg who pushes for the harshest conviction of Graves because he wishes to justify his unconstitutional state law by sacrificing an American citizen to the whims of the political class. And it’s the tendency of a well-intentioned legislator to use the Highway Patrol as a weapon of war in any capacity, whether the intention is a noble one demanding release of Meredith Graves from jail so she can return to her home in Knoxville, or to generate revenue for the state. My anger, and the point of my upcoming novel is the use of law enforcement as a political tool that constantly infringes on the Constitutional rights of American citizens. My book is about a war that breaks out when one guy says “No” to the right of the law to jeopardize his freedom and the political struggle of that action as it evolves all the way up to the President of the United States.

So no offense Tennessee and I’m sorry in advance to put you in the national spotlight when my book hits the shelf. It’s not personal. But unfortunately, because of a history of actions and a reputation like the ones discussed in this case involving Meredith Graves, it is Tennessee and the clash of cultures between big nanny state politics in places like Washington D.C. and New York that cross paths with gun carrying, law abiding citizens like Meredith Graves who wanted to do the right thing, that dictate my attention. In fact, a very close friend of mine had almost exactly the same thing happen to him at the Washington Monument a few years back, and it was quite an ordeal. Unfortunately for Tennessee, it was Al Gore who became the spokesman for the movements Mayor Bloomberg represents. So the plot of my book takes place in Tennessee because it is this state more than any other who sits on the frontier of tyranny and freedom in a war that has been ongoing for more than 100 years.

When the book hits the bookstore shelves, believe me, people like Meredith Graves are what I’m thinking about, and not the unfortunate lives lost in the THP during the events that occur in my story as the police find themselves caught between politics and the people. I write in fiction in hopes that the actual violence can be avoided in reality as these struggles over ideas play out. But sometimes, like the situation involving Graves, I have my doubts.

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Once again, George Lucas has shown that he can see way over the horizon to the essence of a problem, and in this case, with his most recent film, he grapples with the spirit of America and what makes our country tick. The genius of this very, very good film titled Red Tails can be seen at the start of most NFL football games, like this one during a home game with the San Francisco 49er’s where the actual Tuskegee Airmen which Red Tails is all about, took center stage as Elijah Kelly sung the National Anthem. If you’ve ever wondered why moments like the one shown in this video gives you chills up your spine, the movie Red Tails will define it for you.

I loved the film Red Tails featuring the adventurous exploits of the Tuskegee Airmen for all the reasons that The Huffington Post and The Hollywood Reporter disliked it. You can read those reviews below for reference against the one I’m writing. Contrary to the three reviews below I love John Wayne films and I love “Old Hollywood.” And I love stories where the good guys know they are good guys, and the bad guys are purely evil. I also like my villains with scars on their faces so you can clearly see who they are and what they are up to. In real life it’s often more difficult to see who the enemies are, so in our movies, it’s fun to see them clearly. And I love stories where squeaky clean crusaders fight for justice against tyranny! For all those reasons I have looked forward to George Lucas’s epic story about the real life Tuskegee Airmen for over three years now and the last 6 months have left me very hungry for the meal that is Red Tails. On the day after my viewing, I feel filled the way only an exquisite meal can sooth and I can assure you that I will not forget it.

Red Tails review from The Huffington Post which complains the film is blatenly old fashioned.

Hollywood Reporter review complains that the characters are squeaky clean.

Slant Magazine: I really think this one is funny.

I would recommend that you stop reading this review right now and go see the movie. You can return here later, after you’ve seen it………….I’m serious, GO SEE THE MOVIE! NOW!

But in case you didn’t listen to me, let me continue—many critics of films like this are those who seek to tell stories that reflect their life philosophies, which reflect their broken family trees, the propaganda education they’ve received, and believe that every story about African-Americans must include broken down beings who overcome racism in the methods determined in the 60’s. While the racism story is a sub-plot in Red Tails, it’s not the focus of the story because it was not the focus of the original Airmen who collaborated closely with Lucas and the filmmakers to bring this story to life. It is not George Lucas’s issue that most of America has forgotten what kind of men made up this era of freedom fighters, and if the men of the period were not squeaky clean, they at least attempted to appear that way, because the films of the period created the mythology that society functioned under. When Lucas makes movies, he does so with the long view in mind, and that is certainly the case for this movie. My wife and I watched Red Tails late on opening night to a crowd that was a heavily black audience. There was a lot of laughing during the film, and there was a lot of crying. When the film ended I heard something I have not heard in over a decade at a films conclusion—people clapped and cheered. When the lights came up streaks of tears were running down people’s faces and a feeling of patriotism filled the very large theater. The movie ended with a very moving scene involving American patriotism similar to the Elijah Kelly National Anthem shown above. You would have to be brain-dead to not like the characters in Red Tails so the ending was particularly potent. Every character was very compelling and I felt I knew them well as the credits rolled. My wife and I sat until the last credit left the screen and as I stood up to leave, the theater was still packed with weeping women, men who stood with their shoulders squared almost wanting to salute the screen. And little children were glass eyed and looked eager to find an airplane. In the lobby there was a line at the movie poster where dads were standing with their children in front of the painting to get a picture as mothers snapped the proud poses. I cannot remember a time when I’ve seen so much enthusiasm upon leaving a movie and it was a wonderful feeling. Even the sleet falling outside didn’t sour the spirits. As I held the door open for a woman coming out behind me, tears still fresh on her face, she said—“bless you.” Thus, the magic of movies, where they can unite an audience toward a common theme and touch their hearts beyond any social conventions and provoke them to bring out the best in what stirs in the mind of each and every individual on planet earth, a love of freedom, and a yearning to overcome adversity.

Lucas and I both have in common a love of Joseph Campbell, in fact Lucas served on the board of directors of the Joseph Campbell Foundation for a number of years while I was also a member. I had the fortune of attending a special showing of the Star Wars Smithsonian Exhibit back in 1997 because of my affiliation with the Joseph Campbell Foundation, and I can report that I understand exactly what George Lucas was trying to achieve as a filmmaker in Red Tails, and I agree with him 100000000%. He knows the period of history between 1900 and 1970 better than most functioning historians and his knowledge of history is reflected accurately in Red Tails.

While watching Red Tails to be honest I did not think about black men and white men until the characters reminded me of racism during the film. Racism has long been destroyed in America and it was largely through events like what the Tuskegee Airmen performed in World War II that ended it. There was a gradual acceptance by whites of black culture as they enjoyed Jazz in the speakeasy of the prohibition, and the actual black soldiers who fought for the South in the Civil War and begun the process shown in Red Tails of respect for the men behind the color. Respect for the African-American was well on its way by natural causes. It was the looters of government who used the Civil Rights movement to grab power, create bloc voting groups, and push social programs in the 60’s and 70’s that distorted history, and ironically created the falsehoods in education that many of the current movie critics are functioning from.

It’s not that those men of the World War II period did not abuse their wives, or tie up their children into dog cages and torture them, or did not run around womanizing and getting drunk. The difference between the age of Red Tails and today is that the behavior is now accepted, so watching a film about characters who are either squeaky clean, or are trying to be squeaky clean is an accurate representation of the era, and Lucas clearly loves the period so much that he poured $100 million dollars of his own money into a modern mythmaking endeavor, so he’s going to tell the story he wants to tell, and for Lucas, a true historian, he’s going to not only capture the time period, but also the propaganda mood of the films he grew up loving as a child. So the supposed insult from many critics that Red Tails has all the bravado of a John Wayne picture is to me the highest compliment. In fact, the movie is so good that if you did not listen before and are still reading then I urge you to stop right now at your computer and head to the movie theater. Finish reading this review while you wait for the movie to start on your phone because when the lights dim, magic will happen right before your eyes.

The picture opens with my personal favorite plane, the P-40’s on an attack run, and that’s the way I like a movie, fast and furious! And Red Tails is fast, the action is dramatic. It’s a grand, epic film that if directed by someone else, and produced by anyone but Lucas, the film would be touted for an Academy Award in the year 2012. The acting reminded me of the film Chicago, which was critically acclaimed. The dialogue reflects the period. If people think its cardboard, they need to go back and watch more films from that period.

For those who think the characters are unrealistically squeaky clean then I would suggest a visit to the next air show that comes near the town you live in. Over the summer, my wife and I met some of these Tuskegee Airmen at The Dayton Air Show where they routinely attend these events. So it is possible to shake their hands, and speak with them. They’ll tell you stories from those days and history will unfold in front of you. Were they squeaky clean—no. But they tried to be, and that’s the clear difference between the age of the Tuskegee Airmen and the modern young person.

Lucas is offering in his film Red Tails not only some very good role models for young African-American boys ages 7 to 19 to learn about, but a film for all young people to enjoy that is a pleasant alternative to the apocalyptic visions of today’s filmmakers who try to attempt their own versions of Star Wars, but get lost in the special effects and forget about the heart of the story, the characters and their likeability. But Red Tails is not just for the young person, but the historian, the airplane enthusiasts, the avid museum goers who number in the millions, there is no better display of old vintage planes anywhere. To see so many P-40’s flying through the air, 109’s, 262’s, and P-51’s was a serious treat that brought an epic quality to this picture that I personally found overwhelming.

I enjoy the company of these old pilots and enjoy thoroughly the time period of early aviation, which is why the only jacket I wear is a period styled flight jacket. Although I enjoy modern flying, I can’t stand all the rules of the modern FFA. I do not take instruction well, so having a tower tell me when and where I can land does not sit well with me. In the film Red Tails my favorite character was Lightening. I live my life-like Lightening does, so I particularly found myself attracted to his character. Lightening if he lived in the modern age might have found himself paralleling my own life, constantly in trouble and always in a fight. I don’t like to be told what the flight ceiling I’m allowed to fly is when flying near a municipality, so the regulations are a turn-off to me. I prefer the early days of aviation before all the rules when adventurers took to the air at age 19 and were given expensive airplanes to go up and shoot down the enemy and expected to land in one piece, and they did. Most of those planes did not have good heating systems, so the cockpits were cold a few thousand feet off the deck, and the rough conditions made for tough men. The demons that rot the mind of modern males who have adventure robbed from them with too many regulations in our safety conscious society did not rot the mind of the fighter pilots in the largely unregulated early days of flight. And it shows. If you shake the hand of the modern Tuskegee Airman you’ll see a man look back at you, not a watered down human being lacking real experience. When a 19-year-old took to the air to face every fear imaginable, and conquered that fear, they became men of a higher caliber. And that swagger, that higher caliber is what is seen in this film.

To keep that ambition alive in my own life I ride motorcycles here in the modern age to stay sharp. The big pistons on my 1500 CC motorcycle remind me of the big engines in the old P-40’s and P-51’s. When I ride to work in the pouring rain and the snow I get noticeably perplexed gazes. In fact just the other day I was pulled over by a West Chester cop who was shocked that I was riding in a torrential rainstorm down the highway on my way to Congressman Boehner’s Office. I had to attempt to answer the question the cop had about why I was riding a motorcycle on such a terrible day. The young fellow thought he would be looking at a maniacal lunatic of some kind when I took off my winter gear and face mask to reveal a middle-aged suburbanite on his way to a congressman’s office. The cop thought he hit the mother load when he pulled me over, assuming that nobody would be crazy enough to ride in such harsh weather on a motorcycle but a criminal of some kind up to no good. I couldn’t tell the cop that I rode in the hard winter out of a desire to stay strong, to harden my resolve, to reach for a fraction of the adventure old fighter pilots used to feel in my daily commutes.

My eyesight has always been 20/10 which is better than normal and my physical attitude is such that when I was younger I could have easily passed the Navy or Air force examinations for admission, and my intelligence would have easily qualified me for being a pilot in the military. But I couldn’t stand the idea of being in the military for years before I could fly. I couldn’t stand a drill sergeant harassing me. I couldn’t take orders and acknowledge anyone as sir, so military life was an out for me. I would have been attracted to the military in the days of Red Tails, but not in the days of Top Gun. There is too much math, too many rules, and too many computers who come between the pilot and their craft as a modern fighter pilot. Each day when I get up I start-up my big motorcycle in the cold of the darkened mornings and listen to the big pistons roar to life in the massive V-Twin, I think of fighter pilots like the Tuskegee Airmen, The Flying Tigers and the Great Chuck Yeager. This morning I had to pull back into the garage because one of my hydraulic lifters was starving for oil with a very noticeable “Tick, Tick,” emerging from the engine. This required an engine flush since the oil was a bit dirty, the viscosity was thickened in the near zero temperatures, and the hydraulic lifters weren’t filling because they were clogged from the hard weather. To run the engine with such a clog could ruin the piston tolerances, so immediate action had to take place.

The old pilots of the P-51’s had similar concerns. They listened to their craft and responded between their mechanics and the desire to fly into combat by the sounds that came from their war machines. Pilots listened to the way their pistons sounded as exploded gas was pushed out and a fresh mixture was pulled in. The mess halls between flights where card games went on and camaraderie among those who pushed danger to the limit bonded pilots in a unique way that is lost to the modern latte drinker in Santa Monica which is why Lucas had to fund Red Tails on his own, the studios just don’t understand these kinds of things anymore, because bravery and valor have been driven from our society. If Lucas wanted to make a film about some young twenty something’s who bar hop around LA, the studios would scramble for his project. But some black pilots fighting Nazi’s over Europe and empowering themselves to rise above their station does not fit in with the modern perception of history, so the project sat on a shelf as studios had no idea how to make or sell such a picture to the public.

I do everything in my power to avoid these pretentious types, the leeches of bravery that have infected our society. I instead from the back of my motorcycle seek the bar and grill with the heavily tattooed bikers and the earrings draped from their ears and noses who frequent such places because there is honor among them, at least in the fashion of pushing danger and a love of piston engines. I have more in common with them than I do the well dressed executives at the Katsuya restaurant at Americana at the Brand in Hollywood. I sat at the bar eating my sushi there one night and had to listen to a very sheltered couple both dressed in pink designer shirts explain to me the fundamentals of economics in America. This man and his friend were nice enough, but were obviously lacking experience in their lives, which I felt sorry for them because they were the same age as I was. Both men had six figure incomes so life in L.A was easy enough for them. They could shop at the Americana, and work in the valley, and never leave. Their biggest trip was a daring adventure over the mountains into Las Vegas in a coming weekend. They were complaining that they couldn’t get a flight out of Burbank soon enough. I suggested they rent a couple of Harley’s and ride there on their own. They gave me the oddest look—such a thought was incomprehensible to them.

I can’t imagine such a sheltered existence. From my perspective I would never dream of flying from L.A. to Las Vegas. It’s just too close. You can almost see Vegas from over L.A. just a few thousand feet above the city. It’s not very far at all. And on the back of a motorcycle there’s a lot of adventure from one city to the other.

I’ve been on motorcycle trips where I’ve met riders at a McDonalds in some far-away land for a group ride, and I find I always enjoy the company, not because most of the riders are hardened men who could have led more productive lives, or smell like B.O. and lack dental hygiene. We share in common a love of freedom and a willingness to brave danger to have it. To me, it’s the closest experience to being a fighter pilot like the camaraderie seen in Red Tails that I’m likely to get in my lifetime. Piston driven motorcycles and piston driven airplanes are brothers from the same mother but different fathers, but are family none-the-less.

Red Tails is a fantastic film that is about everything that is good about Hollywood, and everything that Hollywood used to be, and is still hungered for by the ticket buying public. That is why despite the poor reviews from a generation of people who have lost touch with their history, the movie does what it is supposed to do, entertain, inspire, and leaves the viewer hungry to know more about the subject matter. Because of Red Tails the History Channel will cover the Tuskegee Airman and at air shows little children will seek the hand of the real Red Tails like celebrities, which they deserve. That is the magic of movies, to extend into the daily lives of the viewer long after the lights come up in the darkened theater, a feeling of hope and inspiration. Red Tails does all this and more, which makes it a successful film and one I will purchase on Blu-Ray when it comes out. And I’ll show it to my grandchildren before I take them to the Dayton Air Museum so they can see the real planes. Red Tails is about having a great time at the theater, then reaching for more in an experience that doesn’t just give back for the two hours you watch it, but will enrich your life for years as the name of a Tuskegee Fighter Pilot comes to your mind and evokes images of bravery and fortitude.

The idea of America and the film industry in general became one of the greatest exports of the United States because Hollywood used to make many movies like Red Tails. It is sad that such films are now a rarity, but thank goodness this one was made. George Lucas for many reasons that I’ll cover in a separate article has been under attack by the filmmaking establishment for years, and much of the anger toward Red Tails has nothing to do with the movie. Lucas is a visionary and that makes people angry. But Lucas is more than a visionary. He knows what society needs and he knows how to tell a story that stays with people in the deepest reaches of their minds. Red Tails is in many ways a movie about healing, not just in race relations, but in American spirit. It is an instant classic in my book and will prove to be a film that will be reflected on generations from now as a pivotal moment in Hollywood’s history that might just save it from itself.

If you’ve listened to me, then you are now sitting in the movie theater and the film is about to begin. So turn off your phone, buy some pop corn, and hang on tight. Let the Tuskegee Airmen take you on the ride of your life, and relish every frame of film shown on the screen, because what you are about to see is movie magic at it’s best, and captures the spirit of America in a bottle for all to enjoy for the price of a movie ticket.  That’s why I’m going to post this, then go see it again! 

In the title I thank George Lucas personally because I am grateful to his contributions of art to human civilization.  I truly am.  Without him, I wonder what would have become of the human race.  As we speak millions and millions of young people are playing the latest Star Wars online game called The Old Republic, which is a valuable social myth maker in its own right.  The impact Star Wars has had on so many lives is obvious.  But other films like Willow, which is a personal favorite of my wife and I, and the great movie Tucker: The Man and His Dream taught me at a young age how quickly and precisely why men like Tucker and Howard Hughes were pushed aside and attacked for their innovations.  Red Tails does for racism, bravery and American pride what thousands of films have failed to do, and is a skill uniquely suited to George Lucas who continues to bring quality to a society that seems hell-bent to destroy itself.  The subtle message to Red Tails is that if the pilots had behaved nicely and not pushed politics the way they did, nobody today would know anything of the Tuskegee Airmen.  They constantly pushed the limit of their orders and the law to arrive as heroes, especially Lightening.  So George Lucas……..THANK YOU!

To learn more about this period see my article about the Flying Tigers here:

You can see my coverage of The Dayton Air Show here:

Also, if you want to meet some of the old bomber pilots and actually touch some of the old planes, you can see and speak with both at the Tri-State Warbird Museum in Clermont County, Ohio. It’s a wonderful place.

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Main Street U.S.A Closes: Barack Obama does what he does everywhere

Barack Obama came to Disney World and did what he does everywhere he goes in the United States; he shut down Main Street USA. I’m sure the intentions of this visit were not to indicate the more metaphorical limerick described in that opening sentence, but that is the perfect summation of the President’s 4 terms in the United States Executive Office.

Everyone who knows me understands how much I love Disney World, and what I think of Walt Disney. While it’s clear that the more progressive caretakers of the Disney Company in recent years seem perplexed as to what made Disney such a successful company they have been wise enough to keep the original intents of Walt Disney alive well after his passing. Disney is one of those I would term as being an overman, a person who thinks beyond the conventions of the learned. One who can see clearly what is still invisible to everyone else. In fact, Disney World as a complex is a major portion of Florida’s economy. To understand just how important Disney is to Florida and the United States in general, have a look at this link of an article I wrote quite some time ago. You’ll learn some very interesting fun facts about Disney World:

There is a part of me who finds the Disney Company very misguided in shutting down Main Street U.S.A at their primary amusement park just so Obama can give a speech. It is a bad move on behalf of management to recognize the value of certain human beings. But they are not all at fault. The management at Disney World are in good company when they host the President. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have done similar events for President Obama, and much has been said about Tim Burton hosting the secret Halloween Party at the White House. Heck, even one of my favorite human beings on the planet sent the Chewbacca costume from Star Wars to appear at that same Halloween Party. This is baffling to me, this whole premise of creators, which film makers are, being seduced by politicians of little worth like Obama.

If I were the management at Disney aside from the fact that I think Obama is a worthless President with no management skill, I would tell the President that he was not welcome to shut down a portion of my amusement park to give a self-serving political speech. I would do that because the average customer at Disneyworld has far more value than a politician of any caliber. However, the behavior of these successful filmmakers and entertainment tycoons does not exempt them from poor judgment. I know many people who are of above average income who attend fundraisers for presidential candidates and other politicians that are anywhere from $50 per plate to $5000 a plate and this is the fundamental trouble with our government. People, who actually have the ability to make money and pay $5000 a plate for a meal to put money in a politician’s pocket, misplace the value of a politician. They don’t seem to have the ability to turn off in their minds the aptitude to not become star struck with politicians and treat them with celebrity instead of servitude. Politicians are public servants, not celebrities. They should never be held up as a celebrity under ANY circumstance at any level.

Politicians learned from Hollywood how to build their image into a celebrity appeal, and the same Hollywood producers and image makers who create the images we see, seem to not recognize that the looting politician is simply using the Hollywood strategy against Hollywood itself to gain money, and political influence within the organization.

If I were Hollywood I would be angry at those looting politicians, and I’d abandon the progressive politics that looters like Obama are trying to slide under the door, because Hollywood is being scammed. Wasn’t it Lenan who stated that if he could control Hollywood he could control the world? Well, they’ve tried to implement communism into Hollywood for years and many actors and producers looking for money for their projects to green light from financiers like George Soros steer scripts in a noticeably leftist direction. The result is that box office results for 2011 are about $500 million down from what they were a year ago. In fact, they are so bad that they are down to the 1995 levels.

It is not internet piracy that is causing films to fail, so the new SOPA and PIPA bills won’t save Hollywood. Piracy is up because the quality of films are down. People are not willing to pay good money for socialist propaganda. They might watch those films for free, but they aren’t going to flock to the theaters to see them. All anyone has to do to measure the sad state of depravity that Hollywood is currently in is examine the James Bond franchise of late. Compare the Bond films of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s to the 90’s and the now the dismal 2000’s. They’ve lost their way with the Bond films. Where are the Bruce Willis films? Who are the new tough guys; because that’s what people want to see. That’s what movie goers are willing to pay for. Who are the new Clint Eastwoods, Harrison Fords, Steve MacQueens? Hollywood has Johnny Depp but he’s more of the type of actor like Dick Van Dyke used to be, who is so talented that he could cover any role. Captain Jack in the Pirate films is an iconic role, but Depp is not an iconic actor that sells a type of film. He is such a fantastic actor that he can play anything. Films are hungry for male studs and women who like to be women. The political agenda that the media companies have signed up for and imposed on their employees, the producers, actors, and writers, are being rejected by the typical American who think the product coming out of Hollywood is so worthless, that they either don’t go, or will only watch the films if they are pirated. If SOPA or PIPA takes away all piracy the American people will just blow Hollywood off all together.

Hollywood is losing money because it got into bed with Bill Clinton in the 90’s, it worked against President Bush, actively and now it’s back in bed with Obama, and half the nation hates these presidents, so Hollywood has isolated it’s market share to only half the nation who are stupid enough to blindly accept the progressive images Hollywood has been trying to sell. So like everything that touches government, who is made up almost exclusively of looters, people who have no ability to produce on their own, but can only steal their worth from others, the relationship Hollywood has had with politics has hurt it desperately.

So it is quite appropriate to have President Obama shut down one of the most successful tourist destinations on the planet with his looting presence. The current managers of the Disney Company have only Uncle Walt to guide them, because they don’t have new ideas, or the ability to produce them. And Obama is in the same boat, he has no new ideas, he’s a pawn for the global socialists, and he looks to looting presidents like Woodrow Wilson, F.D.R, and L.B.J, for guidance. But he’s not an original, yet Hollywood treats the president as such and falsely makes Obama believe he has value where he is simply a looter who has turned the Hollywood image machine against the image makers themselves. But as Main Street U.S.A shuts down to qualify a token king of America so he can speak about programs to promote tourism, to the company that is best at it. The elemental ideas of Americana hover like smoke at such speeches only to be seen but unable to be touched by the looter mind. They can only describe what they see, but cannot feel it, let alone maneuver it.

The reality of the situation is that tourism will increase if the president could lower taxes so taxpayers had more disposable income. Yet Obama is intent to loot more money for more government programs and believes that by shutting down the most popular tourist destination in the world is the way to increase tourism. It’s the same mentality of shutting down energy sources so that American’s will buy into the President’s Green Policies. But none of the people involved in this epic meeting know what to do next. The President is a looter of the public, and the Disney Executives are looters to the estate of Uncle Walt.

But the real America and the answers it can provide to all these modern problems exist just outside the roped off area the President occupied in the closure of Main Street. It’s over near the Liberty Tree and is above the Liberty Tavern in a window above the Christmas Store, it’s a lone gunman with his barrel sticking out the window standing guard for the tyrants who might come and rob the town of its liberty. You see, Uncle Walt knew what all these modern pinheads have forgotten, that the spirit of America is in that window, and is reflected in the Liberty Tavern itself, and is under the Liberty Tree overlooking Tom Sawyer Island. It’s not at the podium of a pathetic king who wants to exercise his looted power to stand in front of a castle with the same immature ambition that a young girl hopes to meet Cinderella in that very castle. And it’s not in entertainment executives who have allowed a looter to appeal to their celebrity desires. The answers to all America’s problems are in the people who were shut out of the ceremony, and this is why Hollywood and Disney specifically is facing financial setbacks in not performing to the expectations of their market share.

Movies are ultimately about ideas not special effects. And theme parks are built on treasured ideas from movies that touch the soul. The desire for a family of four to travel to Disney World or Universal Studios is to relieve the magic of the movies they love. At Disney it’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Toy Story, and at Universal Studios it’s Terminator, Twister, The Mummy, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Spiderman and The Hulk. Tourists won’t flock to a theme park to ride a MILK roller costar or the latest George Clooney political flick. And until Hollywood gets it, and stops bending over for looting politicians like Barack Obama and putting money into the thieves pockets, the Hollywood market share will continue to plummet.

Hollywood, you will have to choose, will it be progressive reform where you play the role of the propaganda machine for a corrupt group of looting politicians, or will you choose the way of the dollar and pursue the avenues that audiences are truly hungry for, values established in “Old Hollywood,” as modern progressives term it, in a day when movies meant magic and hope, the ideas that built Main Street U.S.A in the first place?

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Old Men Wondering What Happened: The Payday of The Great Society

Even though I am still angry over the coverage by the two guys in the video below, and their involvement in repealing Issue 2 in Ohio, I couldn’t help but be a bit touched by these two men who are both in their 60’s and are wondering now in 2012 what happened to America. What happened to the Great Society of Lynden B. Johnston and the dreams of John F. Kennedy? What happened to the America of the late 50’s and 60’s when Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW and Sheriff Jones of Butler County where just starting out in their adulthoods? Where are the promises? Where are the benefits? What happened to America? Listen to their very heartfelt discussion here.

Millions upon millions of college graduates are discovering that they were lied to. In the early 1990’s when Ross Perot was declaring that there would be a “giant sucking sound” when NFTA was signed is the America we are currently in. Taxes and regulations have pushed businesses to other countries. America has been positioned by several globalists’ presidents starting with George Bush Sr., then Bill Clinton, then George Bush Jr., and now Obama to pull America into a world ruled by the U.N., and that has taken away the paper factories in Hamilton, that Sheriff Jones was talking about. The unions killed the automotive industry too, which also used to be in Hamilton. In fact, most of the technical jobs that America used to be good at are gone, now overseas while the foolish government schools encouraged an entire generation represented by Cunningham and Jones to become doctors, lawyers, and politicians.

And America shows what a country made up of lawyers looks like as litigation is at an all time high. There are so many doctors that they’ve had to invent diseases to convince people to use their services. And politics is a travesty upon the American philosophy and for all practical purposes is a complete joke that has no respect of the people the politicians represent. Greedy professors at universities have demanded higher and higher wages, many of them making over six figures and for doing what? Then to pay for these dangerous, ideological academics, public colleges have had to increase their tuition rates to extraordinary amounts breaking the back of the parents who just want to send their kids to the colleges to get a decent education. But that’s not what’s happening. All the creation jobs are moving overseas, America only has service jobs to offer these students coming out of high school and college, and those service jobs do not pay what the kids were promised when they racked up a $100K tuition bill.

The Great Society of the LBJ’s and FDR’s were an incomprehensible failure and the results are pouring in. Only one generation of that Great Society did well with the inventions against the Constitution that those Presidents engaged in to deliver our society to the circumstance it is currently in. The jobs are gone because the looters and lawyers drove them away. The high expectations of all the college graduates who want their own office in a plush environment, and end up in a cubical working for yet another financial firm selling 401 K plans that are virtually worthless in a market controlled by socialist tendencies, have proven irrefutably catastrophic. There are not enough skilled workers now who know how to weld, how to turn a wrench, or to tap a bolt. America let The Great Society and the liberal teachers of government education to teach our young to not change their own oil in their cars, to not put roofs on their homes, or even fix a dishwasher. We have an entire generation of young people who don’t even know what to do with a hand tool. In fact, it’s considered fashionable to not know how to handle a hammer, or drive home a nail. We have social engineering in public education to thank for that. Young people are more interested in their sexual orientation rather than being concerned about developing an actual skill they can use.

I was working with group of engineers the other day, young people right out of college and we were pulling a threaded bushing out of a tooled surface. The thing had wedged in place and could not be removed with any idea passed around the group. I approached and wondered what the holdup was and they told me of their dilemma. I pulled out my Leatherman tool off my belt and grabbed hold of the bushing after tapping it a few times with a brass hammer, and twisted in increments with a technique I learned years ago in a machine shop. The bushing came loose and the young engineers were looking at the Leatherman like I held some thunderbolt from the heavens. They were utterly perplexed at how easy it was to remove the bushing.

That is why America is failing. Kids have learned all the wrong things. Their values are wrong. Their intentions are wrong. And their ability to adapt is severally handicapped with an education given to them by the same greenie weenies who wish for America to become just another state in the United Nations. America has been robbed of its wealth in money, technology and business. But it has also been robbed of its common sense, and has trained its youth to be service oriented instead of skilled. Sadly those things happened to America on the watch of the two guys speaking above. Their conversation is like the many thousands of similar conversations going on all over the country right now among the same demographic age group, they are asking, “What went wrong. Why didn’t we see this coming?”

The generation of The Great Society didn’t see it coming for the same reasons that we go to a magic show and try and figure out the illusions. The Great Society was intended to deceive and so it did. But the cost of the illusion was not a simple ticket to a show. It was our country, our economy, and our very souls. We have been lied to, and now it hurts to realize it.

I look angrily at this group of people who voted for and supported this Great Society, because they left my generation with a mess to clean up. We have to be the bad guys who must point out all the faults of those foolish presidents who gave away what wasn’t theirs and made promises they weren’t equipped to keep. And people will suffer as a result. Young people will not have the jobs they expected. Going to school will not guarantee a good and stable life where everything that breaks can be hired out to a specialist. Tomorrow’s American will have to be more like the American’s who built the country. They’ll fix their own cars and dishwashers. They’ll grow their own food. They may even make their own cloths. Because the lie of the Great Society that promised a utopia for all the unskilled to gain through academics a respect that would carry them through life has come up for payment, and the debt will prove painful.

America can and will be good again, but not until the young engineers, the grocery store clerk, the banker, and the waitress can learn to use a Leatherman tool to fix a simple problem. It is not in the education and transformation into an academic that makes America strong. It was, and will always be, the ability of the American mind to figure out the solution to problems that leave the overly educated academic reeling for weeks, because their minds were destroyed by the illusions of The Great Society. In the meantime, the old men will ponder what changed in the years gone by, and will feign astonishment at the circumstances of modern America. But the solutions will not be in more of The Great Society, but much less of it, so that individualism can return to the theater of American ingenuity and the skilled hands that manipulate a Leatherman.

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