Being Atlas: The art and importance of a motivator who carries all others

There are days when it would seem to a scientific mind that all the demons of existence have gathered conspiratorially in the depths of hell to plot against you. To my mind there is a way to explain with science the beings religion calls demons, but for the sake of simplicity let’s just generalize for the benefit of comprehension. When a load of bad news occurs all at the same time, I have come to reason that such things are not coincidence, but are in fact attacks intended to put a dagger in your spirit.

Negative news will ultimately happen many times in a lifetime, no matter how well one prepares. The randomness of luck and how it is distributed to individual souls is a science that exists at a quantum level. However, when several of those negative events line up within days and hours of each other, the randomness of chance goes down considerably, and is evidently an attack designed to throw you off your game.

Life experience has shown me to take such waves of travesty like a quarterback is expected to stand in the pocket in a football game and connect with their offense to drive the ball down the field as an aggressive defense takes a shot at you. The good quarterbacks routinely take the pressure with poise even if the hits are painful. Cowering under the pressure is simply not an option because the intention of the defense is to rattle the quarterback with constant pressure.

I have no sympathy for those weaklings in our society; those poor quarterbacks who buckle under the pressure. I have no sympathy for those who have bought into the notion that collective consciousness impacts existence. If it did, home teams in football games would overwhelmingly win as the roar of the crowd would affect the play of the quarterback with a force that disrupts existence itself. But that doesn’t happen. All a collective consciousness can do is make noise that is distracting to the quarterback and urge them to make a mistake. But they cannot rob the quarterback of their skill, or their determination.

I see the role especially of men in their families to be the ATLAS, the pillar which holds up their entire family and their structures, like the cool quarterback that must stand in the pocket and carry a football team. In my life I expect to hold up the whole world if needed to achieve the goals of my family. To me, a man should always put the world on their back and carry the whole thing if needed. So problems that come my way must always be taken in stride, there is no room for emotion, for second guessing. There is only making decisions and advancing one’s position, and if the ATLAS is in my hands all will advance with me. That is the task of a man.

Carrying everything on your back is expected, and ATLAS should only be placed off your back when too many within the family structure take for granted that they are riding for free. My expectation is that all are welcome to ride on my back so long as they don’t come to expect me to always carry them. I expect the males to strive to have my strength. And I expect the women to appreciate the strength itself. If they don’t then setting down ATLAS is the only way to shake them from their neglect.

My love of the book Atlas Shrugged is for this reason. It is the only book that addresses the condition of those who ride on the back of the strong as being parasites. And those in government to me are all parasites, because they do not carry anything. All members of government rely exclusively to ride on the backs of those who work, and pay taxes to exist. However, those in government believe with collective consciousness that they can defy logic and reason by wishing into existence the dreams of their minds. They believe that if they come to some collective consensus that the weight of that consensus will steer luck in their direction and solutions will present themselves. This is why government believes they can rack up nearly 6 trillion dollars in debt in a four-year period in the Obama administration, because they are not dealing with reality. They are dealing with collective consciousness and hope that their consensus will provide them protection from the rules of existence.

I do not have any sympathy during such times when I personally face an avalanche of negative news in a short time, with the full intent behind the demons to shake me off my support of ATLAS. Perhaps it is the demons that do these things to curry favor with the weaklings of collective intent, so to prevent them from studying what I do and following. For whatever reason, their frustration at my refusal to be rattled, to set down the world for my own self-preservation, or desire for an easy life, frustrates them noticeably.

The question has come at me recently as it has in the past, how much can one man be expected to carry? What is the limit? Well, the answer is, if the required task is to carry an entire family, then you do it. If the task is to carry an entire community, then you do that. If the task is to carry the nation, the world, the solar system, then you do it. If the galaxy must be placed onto your back, then the mind and strength of spirit must rise up to meet that challenge. If the universe cannot function any longer because the parasites are attempting to overtake it, then it is those who are strongest who must carry that too. It is the responsibility of man’s mind to rise to that occasion if required.

Drinking to numb the mind, hiding from the trouble with over-eating, taking drugs for depression are not options for those who carry ATLAS on their backs. These are the pillars of all society. They are the leaders of their families and without them civilization falls apart if they refuse to carry the world on their backs. Ideally, the world would be much better off if everyone carried their own ATLAS’s on their backs. It wouldn’t require overman with so much strength to carry so many if more would take responsibility for themselves.

But the demons do attack at the peripherals of our lives especially when an individual attempts to shrug off the collective consciousness of the weaklings. The guilt the weaklings feel rots their minds and they pray for assistance to protect their meager lives from the guilt of their lack of strength. So the demons come to answer the prayers of those lazy, lackluster beings who lack the strength or fortitude to carry their own lives on their backs, and look for someone much stronger to do the work for them.

I expect to carry those who are not as strong as I am. But I have little patience for those who don’t appreciate it, and think for a fleeting moment that they are my equal as they rest on my back and look for me to do all the work for them. I will do such a thing for my family, but I do not wish to carry the entire universe on my back willingly without harassment from me to them. They can pray for the demons to come to their aid, but my vigilance will not stop no matter how much pressure is applied. The parasites of collective consciousness will not be able to loot off the power of the overmen without advancement. Like the cool quarterback who stands in the pocket and takes the pressure, the efforts of the weak even in collaboration with each other cannot rattle those with the strength to carry ATLAS on their backs indefinitely. It is not peer pressure that will cause those of strength to place ATLAS back to the ground of reality, but irritation to choke off the lives of the parasites hanging on for a free ride who will suffer in the end, and this is the way of reality. A round ball rolls because it is round. Water flows down hill because of gravity. The run rises and sets because of the rotation of the earth. And the strong will always be more valuable over the weak because that is the nature of reality. Strength is gained by surviving the attacks and taking on more and more burden. Strength is built by not surrendering. Strength is not given out like Halloween candy. So no matter what the intentions of those collective consciousness types, they cannot change this fact, and will for all eternity find themselves dependent on the strong for their very survival. They can pass laws, they can call on demons, they can scream at the top of their lungs for attention, but they cannot change the nature of reality into making the weak the same as the strong, because they are too lazy to pursue the strength. And that tragedy is self-inflicted.

For my part, ATLAS remains on my back without fail, and will be maintained indefinitely. It will be so because I intend it, and realize that such a reality is within my power to guarantee. And that is the nature of reality. If the strength isn’t there today, then it must be built so it’s available tomorrow. We know to recognize the men of ATLAS in sports, Tom Brady comes to mind, Payton Manning is another. There are a few out of the thousands and thousands of athletes in the world who rise up to be so great. And so it is with all man in all occupations. The goal of all endeavors is to make more of these people, not less, and only by building strength and character by refusing to surrender to the demons of the world do we discover them. Because the strong are not built without opposition, so as a byproduct of tragedy, strength is the result. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. It’s an old adage, but it has truth regardless of repetition and stereotype.

Those who carry ATLAS can always be trusted.  They are always there and without fail, they will defeat their enemies.  If not the first time, the overman will eventually overtake the enemies once they have gained the strength to do so.  It is in tenacity that all is conquered because only the strong have the courage to utilize the tool of time to destroy the lazy and complacent who expect to ride for free in a parasitic quest to fulfil a fantasy that reality will crush 100% of the time. 

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