Thanks Joe Jobs: The Channel 9 Story

I’d like to thank Joe Jobs for putting the Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom links out when Channel 9 posted their article about the Wednesday Lakota School Board meeting. I have so many articles posted that tell the story of why Lakota is in financial trouble, but I spend so much time doing research, reading and writing, that I don’t see all these little articles that come out. Joe noticed the article and put the Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom links up to share with all the viewers of that particular article.

I only learned about this article when I noticed a tremendous spike in the hits coming to the Lakota postings from Channel 9. You can view that article for yourself at the link below:

The best weapon against high taxes we have is the facts, and I provide these articles for all you warriors out there to use in just such a fashion that Joe Jobs did in this instance. Many people, who don’t read very much, don’t listen to talk radio, and allow the school system to be their primary source of information still doesn’t know this information, and Lakota prays that these social conditions remain the case far into the future. But Joe Jobs used the tools of this website to get the word out to those who are still learning and for that I am greatly appreciative!

Thanks Joe! It’s people like you who can stop these tyrannical tax increases and spread the word for others to benefit. You are part of the solution which can only come through learning.

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Mark Berndt–Teacher–ARRESTED: Feeding his semen to the students with a spoon

When I am accused of being an enemy of public education it comes from the same factions who sought to cover up the recent Mark Berndt scandal in California. When it was discovered that the third-grade teacher was blindfolding students, putting tape on their mouths and taking pictures of them with live cockroaches crawling on the kids and sipping on spoon full’s of semen provided by Berndt the first act of Miramount School in Los Angeles was to fire the long-time teacher, but to contain the story from the public so not to alarm the parents.

I have argued for years that public education is ineffective; it’s overrun by one political party, the liberal persuasion, and in spite of the increases in spending over the last two decades especially after George Bush’s No Child Left Behind act, the performance of children coming out of public education has not improved. The institution of public education seems to benefit only two groups of people in the entire endeavor, the employees who work for public education—it provides jobs of little real value and pays handsome salaries for a token service, and members of the Democratic Party who use the union dues to fund their political campaigns.

When a school system asks for more money with a tax levy the advocates will declare that the tax money spent on the school stays in the community and protects the property values. This is simply not true. The high salaries paid to teachers’ fuel the union dues that flow directly into Democratic candidates. So if you are a Republican or a Libertarian, paying a tax to a public school guarantees that you will be assisting the campaign of a Democrat. Public education has become an elaborate political scam ran by the teachers unions to extort money from the public with fear—fear of having kids poorly prepared for college, fear of losing busing and electives if a levy doesn’t pass, and fear of losing the property value of a home in the district. Everywhere in public education the arguments and complaints are the same, yet the situation is never fixed.

The same advocates for public education will point to the Mark Berndt case and say that he doesn’t represent all teachers, that he is a bad apple, and parents should not worry about their kids in school. Parents are not supposed to be concerned that Berndt was a 30 year teacher with no complaints on his record during that entire duration, except for a January 1994 complaint of touching a young girl.  Parents are supposed to not worry about all the times this teacher didn’t get caught, or the hundreds just like him working all over the United States that are currently performing similar crimes right now, unbeknownst to the parents of the victims. From my experience, I would say that the problem is epidemic, that sex abuse is going on in every single school in the country and is a severe problem that the teachers unions are doing everything they can to contain from a public relations stand-point. In my community I can think of two sexual abuse cases in just 2011 at Lakota, a school with an excellent reputation of academic performance and families of above average means. One was a teacher named Ryan Farhemkemp that was taking pictures of his children in a state of undress and had acts of child pornography on his school computer. He was arrested by the FBI. The second was a teacher who used a student to gain access to a mother whose father was on the road a lot. The teacher used knowledge about the family gained through the student to seduce the lonely parent. Both of those cases were carefully handled with public relations fees to sweep under the rug since the district was very concerned about the public losing faith in the district and not approving the tax levies they planned to present to the tax payers. Another case in Mason, the next district over from Lakota involved the teacher, Stacy Schuler who had bizarre and frequent sex with members of the football team at her house. She’s currently doing 4 years in prison. Ryan Farhemkemp is doing the same.

There is no question in my mind that this is an epidemic in public education. But why? Why is public education filled with these kinds of stories if only parents did a bit of investigation? Well, what makes public education different from other occupations is that public education is government work run by a powerful union. Public education has a monopoly on the education process and because of that monopoly do not have to compete for jobs, so their minds drift to decadence. Whenever there is a condition where employees make great sums of money, and teachers do, at Lakota the average wage is $63K per year in just raw salary, but the teachers do not have to work very hard to gain that wealth, then decadence is bound to occur.

It’s not that public education is not a noble idea. It’s a nice concept; however it is one of the 10 Planks of Communism that has been introduced by socialist leaning progressives under the FDR administrations and LBJ. It’s an experiment that has failed and should be abandoned in its current form. Academics have their place in society, but they lack common sense and should be not be made into presidents, politicians, or leaders of any kind. Academics as they are traditionally positioned are functioning from a faulty philosophy. The modern intellectual from the times of the Greek to present are at odds with the nature of reality and they are not equipped to instruct society at large. They can add ideas, but they cannot drive the philosophy of a society, because they are broken as a demographic group of people.

I have met hundreds, maybe thousands of these academics and many of them are good people, who are well-intentioned. But having good intentions does not equate to success at living. The teaching profession is plagued with weak minds at odds with their own existence. Academics are functioning from the same premise as they did in the Dark Ages. They believe falsely that it is consciousness that creates existence. They believe that they think, therefore they are. The static patterns of their learning and living do not allow for dynamics to change their perception because they believe that creation starts with their minds. This is why academics believe infinite amounts of money can be raised and spent on their programs, because they have no concept of the conditions that create wealth. They are blind to existence because they believe it starts with their thoughts. So the entire premise of their very lives is a falsehood leaving them completely helpless to advance society. This is the exclusive reason that with all the investments in education that American society has invested, with all the education involved in 16 years of learning, kids are no smarter now than they were 40 years ago. In fact, it could be argued that kids are less intelligent now than they were when children were treated like adults at 16, could drink at 18, and were working and raising families by age 20. The education class has advocated extended learning, pre-school and a parentless upbringing that has been devastating to American culture, and all one has to do to see it is open their eyes.

The teachers themselves since they are a broken group intellectually often live dual lives, the life they show to the public and the life they embark upon in their private lives. It is for this reason that we find a disproportionate amount of sex abuse cases among educators who are attracted to sexual promiscuity. It’s not that sexual deviancy is not prevalent among all human beings, but a person who has worked hard for 16 hours in a day to pay their bills is less likely to have the time to indulge in sexual decadence compared to the teacher who must only work 7.5 hours a day to make all the money required for their daily needs and the monopoly of education protects them from competition, so the academic does not have to spend their time and resources learning how to be competitive. The teachers’ minds are at ease to think about sexual fantasies because they are insulated from the outside world of competition. And these fantasies serve to bridge the gaps in their conscious reality as it conflicts with existence. Since their view of the world is false, the academic covers up this discrepancy with sexual fulfillment to balance out their lives with the reality of existence. Since they often discover through maturity that the intellect of their consciousness does not drive existence they often find themselves resorting to primal desires to balance out their disappointments.

I would say that most academics struggle with this in the recluses of their minds. Few actually act on them and Mark Berndt is one of them. His desire to feed his own semen to his students is a primal rage at his existence. Just as the woman seeks to consume a man’s semen, or not to, depending on her feelings about the substance, it cannot be denied that consuming the life essence of another human being has a shared quality to it that is often enjoyed during sex practices. For the pedophile they are seeking to fix something in their static patterns with their attraction to children. Pedophiles are broken at their foundations and even with their obvious social problems by breeching their trust with the youth, the pedophile is trying to fix themselves through sexual contact by indulging in a perversion to bring their conscious mind in accord with existence. The gross perversion is considered evil to those of us with a stable mind, but to the academic who has spent their entire adult lives without being challenged under the umbrella of monopoly, a perversion is actually an alignment to their reality. The extent of these issues permeates education at all levels. Just examine the Jerry Sandusky situation at Penn State for further clarification. These are not isolated instances, they are endemic among academics. All that is required is for American civilization to come to grips with this basic reality, to admit that there is a serious problem.

In my eyes public education has failed because most kids do not go to their local zoos with notes taken and curiosity on their faces. Many young people don’t even know how many planets are in the solar system. Young people are not ignited to live the adventure of life by observing existence because they are taught in public education that consciousness creates existence. They are taught to re-write existence which leaves the inquiring mind lost to true reality, because the mind is not seeking to observe the conditions of existence such as why a zebra cares for its young the way it does, or a spider spins a web between two trees. I know teachers, such as my father-in-law who have tried to show kids all these observations and ignite curiosity in them, but it is the system itself that is corrupt, it’s the monopoly of public education that fails, and individual teachers cannot overcome that opposition. The premise of public education is a failed one, and must be completely reinvented. I would say that it has little or no value in its current form.

Many will be sickened to consider how Mark Berndt could have done the evil things he did to his students, young minds who were placed in his care by parents who intended for their children to get a good education but instead were fed the teachers semen, the life essence of the teacher himself in a perverse game of control over the young lives of the children. When a woman does this for her sex partner under normal sexual interaction she is showing that she wants to consume part of her lover in the act. It’s an act of acceptance and primal urgency. This teacher through coercion and trickery behind the backs of the establishment itself sought similar satisfaction with these innocent children. It is the trail that leads to these evils that must be examined if we are to stop it, because public education paves the way for this behavior with their monopolies to create evil among civilization due to the lack of competition. And it is for this reason that public education should be dismantled and privatized with a whole new set of social expectations. Until that time, American society will continue to flutter along aimless, and perverted. Children will find themselves victims to the elderly who have lost their lives and seek balance with sexual decadence. The expectation among the youthful peer groups established in public education that make up the culture of children will continue to promote stupidity so that they are easy pickings for the predators of academia who are attempting to maintain their subconscious self-image of being drivers of existence instead of the observers of it. It is in that simple statement that many of earth’s current evils are committed and will continue so long as the public education monopoly is maintained.

To say dear reader that you are disgusted by this news, of the California teacher who committed terrible acts against the trust of the teaching profession is not enough. You must act in accordance with reality, one that is observed with logic and a history that proves faulty. Until you are ready to admit the failure and take a more proactive role in the lives of your children you will indirectly continue to feed the evil of men like Mark Berndt. So long as you believe that money will fix public education and employees being bought to do the work of a parent, these evils will continue, and you play your role in them through inaction. Being outraged won’t save the next child from this grim reality that has been constructed around the empire of public education.

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