Atlas Shrugged Part 2: Green lit and ready for production!

I make no attempt to hide the fact that I think Atlas Shrugged is one of the greatest novels of all time, and that Ayn Rand is one of the greatest philosophers in the history of mankind. When the recent film, Atlas Shrugged Part 1 came out to scathing reviews, the establishment found themselves attempting to deface the film at every turn. The reason for all the commotion is that Atlas Shrugged is essentially a philosophy that decertifies the altruistic tendencies of our modern society.

I thought the makers of the film version attempted a bold endeavor and everything was uphill for them. With the rights for the film being bounced between film icons like Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie who wanted to make a film version, it was obvious that traditional Hollywood could not get their minds around a film version of the massive book that is Atlas Shrugged. After much trial and tribulation, it was decided to proceed to film the movie in a three-part series with Part 1 coming out on April 15th 2011 with John Aglialoro producing assisted by a team of very dedicated Ayn Rand fans. What resulted was an entertaining film that left people traditionally viewing characters of business as villains lost to articulate their feelings, and wanting to lash out at the movie for challenging their stereotypes. Aglialoro had committed to making all three films, but after taking a beating on the first one, he has wisely sought to take his time and pull in even more talent for the very challenging 2nd and 3rd films.

I am pleased to have received in my email box yesterday a notice from the producers that they are proceeding now with Part 2 and have obtained the additional talent of Duncan Scott who worked on Ayn Rand’s We the Living film. Part 2 is set to be released in October 2012 amidst the presidential election which will be appropriate, and the team has released this teaser trailer to entice the legions of hungry fans.

The film versions of Atlas Shrugged are caught between a rock and a hard place. Without the top line talent of the Steven Spielberg’s or George Clooney’s of the world, Hollywood will of course look down its nose at the production values of these films. The greatest film makers in our modern times are unfortunately against everything that Atlas Shrugged is for, so top-level talent is hard to come by for an epic film like this. On the other hand, lovers of the book like me will undoubtedly feel frustration because there is no way to put into a movie the depth that a book like Atlas Shrugged can provide. But that’s ok, because the films serve as completely adequate cliff notes versions of the book and are a wonderful way to introduce the work of Ayn Rand to an audience that may not have heard about her before.

Atlas Shrugged whether we are talking about the book or the movies is not a simple work of just a story intended to entertain. Atlas Shrugged is a work of philosophy. As a work of philosophy it is OK to not have all the usual Hollywood flare, because it’s the meaning of the work that is important. And the film makers have done well to install that philosophy into the movie as seen in the clips below where scenes from the first film are broke down and analyzed for their meaning.

I ran into Ayn Rand for the first time while reading the book Dutch by Edmond Morris. Morris made a mention about the life and times of Ronald Reagan during the 50’s and Ayn Rand’s ubermensch novels were best sellers then. Well the word ubermensch means in German overman which is a concept Nietzsche talked about extensively in Thus Spoke Zarathustra so Morris’s choice of words to describe Ayn Rand sparked my interest. I think he meant it in a derogatory way. But if the progressives didn’t like her, there was a sure bet that I would so I checked out Ayn Rand and discovered that she had arrived at many of the same conclusions about life as I did. Reading her was an affirmation that many of my thoughts were not wrong, and better yet, she had made predictions a half a century earlier that were coming true now. So her work was a validation that I had been on the correct path all along.

The troubling aspect however was that I had always read a lot, and it wasn’t until my upper 30’s that I discovered this very prolific writer, even when that writer was essentially a carbon copy to the type of material that I enjoy reading and writing myself. That is because the work of Ayn Rand had been purposely kept from the public mind for the most part by the kinds of progressive groups who are the villains of Atlas Shrugged in a literal sense.

Over Christmas 2011 my father-in-law who is also a prolific reader, and a school teacher who holds a master’s degree in geology had told me about this great new movie called Atlas Shrugged over dinner. I stared open-mouthed at him as he went on and on about how much he loved the film. I couldn’t believe that he had never heard of the book. After all, he was in high school when the book came out, so I would have thought that at some point he would have run into the material.

He assured me that he had not, and he said the movie made him want to read the book and he planned to get the novel the next time he was at a book store. I told him to wait a moment, that I’d be right back. I excused myself from the dinner table and left my family sitting there while I got into the car and drove down to the local Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Louisville. Not wanting my food to get cold, I told the girl at the help counter, “I have an emergency; my father-in-law has never read Atlas Shrugged. I need a copy of it right now so I can rectify that situation.” She smiled and said that has been happening a lot lately, since the movie had come out. People were pouring into the book store and demanding Ayn Rand’s works! I gave my father-in-law Atlas Shrugged at the dinner table when I returned and his smile was from ear to ear as he held it in his hands as though he possessed magic between his finger tips.

That is why the movies are so important, because our society has had this fantastic work by Ayn Rand covered up to some extent for 50 years. Apparently some literature classes in high schools and colleges have exposed students to Atlas Shrugged, but for the most part the literary classic has been discouraged by progressive groups, and now that the movies are starting to be made, the films are igniting curiosity into actually reading Atlas Shrugged so that more of the philosophy can be absorbed in the written word than could ever be shown on the silver screen.

To me a film is successful if it entertains first, and then leaves the viewer hungry for more information at the conclusion. And for those who do not know the work of Atlas Shrugged these films are introducing millions upon millions of people to a whole new way of thinking that is uniquely American, and I think it’s absolutely wonderful! So the news that the producers have managed to scrape together the money and talent to produce the second film is great news and I will be a tremendous advocate helping wherever I can so that more and more people will be exposed to the wonderful philosophy of Ayn Rand which is virtually inseparable from my own philosophy. For more information on Part 2, there is a new website that let fans follow the progress to its completion and release in October.

Stay tuned!

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Tail of the Dragon: Press Release

After three years of work, my latest book, Tail of the Dragon is almost complete. As of this writing the novel is at the copy editor and art departments at American Publishing and galleys are soon to follow. The release of this novel still appears to be during the summer of 2012.

The press release below is close to how the final document will look and I am putting it up here at this time to share with my readers as they have followed the process along for many months now.

Tentative press release:

Eschewing authority, one man’s desperate search for freedom evolves into the greatest car chase in American history. It all started with a race to the White House.

In the exhausting presidential-election process, the American people are subjected to candidates’ self-serving hyperbole that threaten freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution. The Occupy Wall Street movement, the Tea Partiers, and ordinary voters from every walk of life all want the same thing: freedom from a dishonest government.

But what is freedom?

Nicknamed “The Tax-killer” for his work in fighting tax increases, author Rich Hoffman uses his own frequent altercations with the law to explore that very question. His latest fast paced novel, Tail of the Dragon, chronicles NASCAR-loving everyman Rick Stevens in his quest for freedom after a mundane lifetime of playing by the rules. One man–who challenges authority and incites the government’s wrath all the way to the White House–will discover the true meaning and price of freedom.

“In Tail of the Dragon,” explains Hoffman, “I found that the best way to get our minds around the concept of freedom is to have the characters break every conceivable law and see what happens. Rooted in a political world mirroring our own, it’s more than fiction, I call it faction.”


For an author interview, contact Jeff at Hoffman is experienced in all forms of media and is sure to liven up your venue with wit, knowledge, and large doses of entertainment.


I’m excited about the release of this long-awaited book. The work has certainly been worth it. After reading the book about twenty times now I can honestly say that readers will be in for a unique treat that I’m happy to supply. But to quench the thirst that is building for the book’s official release I am putting links to many of the articles that I have written about Tail of the Dragon during this process to make it easy to review the material that has led to this amazing story.


Art of the Supercar

Heart of an Inventor

Free Meredith Graves: The politics of Tennessee

Legend of the Misty Mountains

Production Notes

The Philosophy of Tail of the Dragon

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Ding Dong the King is DEAD: Remember the day Woodrow Wilson left this earth

February 3, 1924 was the day that the progressive president Woodrow Wilson died. Listen below to Glenn Beck as he talks about what President Wilson meant to America and how Wilson should be remembered.

America was seduced by Wilson and the progressive revisionists of the period which took our nation on a fast track to the type of conditions we are struggling with today. It is because of Wilson that we should place the blame for the state of education which can be heard in this next clip. The kids in this video are proof that progressive education methods have destroyed America starting with our youth.

Just because things are today the way they are does not mean that we should maintain them. Woodrow Wilson was a mistake for America and we should rewind our history to our national identity before he and his progressives did their work. So remember, every February 3rd of every year from now on, that the world is better because one less progressive ideologue is attempting to bend the United States Constitution into a platform for kingship.

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The Cliffhanger Ranch Adventure Outpost: A new beginning to an old idea

As it can be easily deduced by the content here, I have a colorful life that is filled with many unique characters and experiences. One such character is Nathan Ormes who has known me since I was 2 years old. In the 90’s Nathan and I fought city hall, ran all over the country involved in political activity and started a few businesses. One such business was a company called Cliffhanger Research and Development, and the primary product at that time aside from an invention called the Torque Socket Extension was a line of T-shirts that was set to compete with No Fear Gear.

Nathan and I presented our line of T-shirts to the McCormick Center in Chicago at the Imprinted Sportswear Show in 1994 and were set to establish our base of operations in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We had a good idea that was very lucrative. My T-shirt designs were so lucrative that I often sold the shirts right off my own back, literally. The inspirational sayings on them evoked that type of emotion from people, so Nathan and I took all the money we had and went to the show in Chicago not even having enough money for a hotel room while in town. We slept in the car at the dock by Meigs airfield watching the planes take off and land all night.

We had a few offers for consignment deals, one that was very lucrative, but it basically took away our creative rights to the company which wasn’t in our best interest, so we walked away from the show with our company and our rights, but no national deal. Soon after, several law suits for other business endeavors tied up our free time and cash for years and our idea for Cliffhanger Research and Development was shelved for a while as Nathan met his current wife and moved to South Western Kentucky and we parted ways. I took the name of Cliffhanger and made a character in my first novel called The Symposium of Justice to pay tribute to our original business idea of always having ideas that pushed the edge of innovation. Cliffhanger was in my novel the personification of an OVERMANWARRIOR.

Nathan however took a different path which can be seen in these documents presented here culminating in his 15 plus year quest to pursue his own dream and make good on the Cliffhanger name. Nathan has started the Cliffhanger Ranch Adventure Outpost in Southern Virginia, deep in the heart of moonshine country to provide a retreat for Americans to take a step back in time and relish in the meaning of what traditional America is all about.  Such ideas do take money, and the work below is a result of Nathan’s business plan to raise the capital, but for my readers here, I provide a peak. 

For me there is nothing more wonderful than when a person refuses to take his eyes off the ball and wrestles an idea all the way to completion, and for Nathan this is a big task that has required leaping over a gauntlet of hurdles to arrive at this point in time. I am scheduled to go down there during the summer for a meet the press event where I’m going to do some whip tricks and generally create a fair amount of publicity and chaos to help launch this new endeavor. And as I prepare for that show, it brings comfort to my mind that the Cliffhanger name not only lives on in books, but also in a ranch that is dedicated to preserving America in all the fashion that it was intended.

It gives me great pride to see that my friend has made good on his promise not only to me, to his family, but to himself to let nothing stand in his way and to bring to life the seeming impossibility of a dream that grew roots around a kitchen table designing T-shirts.


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