Clint Eastwood: It’s Halftime in America

Ok, it’s official, this is my favorite Superbowl commercial of 2012. Clint Eastwood on behalf of Chrysler, proclaimed that America isn’t done, that it’s only halftime and there is time to come back and win. I loved the metaphor, and thought it was well said–and stylish.

As for the hate and blame that is going on, I agree. When all the stupid people get out-of-the-way, America can start winning again.

I’m ready, how about you?

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The Government Can: Tim Hawkins comedy tells it like it is

In every conceivable fashion President Obama is an unmitigated failure except one, he can lie with a straight face. This week there has been much frustration that Atlanta certified Obama’s candidacy for president declaring him an American citizen born in Hawaii. Obama’s legal team spent $10 million plus dollars defending his right to even be president and has done what they have with every failure in Obama’s first 4 years, and that is spin everything around to make people forget what the real issue originally was. Thus, the real work of the true magicians of our day, the lawyers, have managed to direct the entire American society to look at Obama’s birth certificate as authentication to his citizenship instead of the real issue that Obama was an Indonesian citizen when he was a young boy and had to apply to American colleges as a foreign student. Obama lost that coveted citizenship when his step father was recalled to Indonesia, not the fault of young Barry, but there’s a reason the United States Presidency has rules—to help keep poorly built minds resulting from a childhood filled with a revolutionary socialist father, a sleep around mother, and a foreign step-father from becoming president and ruining our nation. Lawyers made it so anyway much to our demise as shown in this video.

But how does this happen? Why do people let the crimes go on? Well, as I write this, the Superbowl representing the 2011 season is being prepared and all across the nation on this particular Sunday beer sales are shooting through the roof. American people everywhere are making a personal proclamation to drinking much and getting “tanked” as they put it. But why? Why would anyone want to get “shit faced,” “wasted,” “trashed,” or any other term to describe inebriation?

Well, there is actually a science to this which is reflected in our national politics and has allowed looters like Obama to rule like kings over the good provided by the United States Constitution. In every society there are basically two types of people, those who think and those who chose not to. All people have the ability to think but not everyone elects to take the responsibility to do so. Taking responsibility for ones actions takes courage, so those short on courage will naturally elect not to think whenever possible. Many of those types of people are those who are running off to their grocery store before the Superbowl to gain as much alcohol as possible so that they can use the excuse of the Superbowl game to drink heavily under the socially acceptable circumstances where drunkenness is expected, much the way it is on New Year’s Eve or Spring Break ceremonies.

When one becomes drunk, they are now free of the responsibility to think, which is why people desire to become drunk, so they can set off the weight of thinking and not carry that weight. They wish to put down their own little ATLAS. While this is going on, members of our government, people like Obama, and his minions of merry men and women plot against us all in power grabs designed by those same scheming lawyers who protect Obama’s presidential eligibility by focusing societies attention on the birth certificate and not the loss of citizenship which is the real issue. The government is filled with these types of looters, thieves, liars, con artists, and legal hacks because they lack the moral integrity to play life straight with hard work and ethical behavior. This is why they get into government to begin with, because it allows them to legally rob their fellow citizens instead of doing it in the middle of the night through an open window, or at gun point in a back alley. These thieves know that if they give away some of what they steal like candy to those who chose to not think, then they can stay in power to continue their legalized looting, because there are a lot of people who elect not to think and they have the same power of voting as those who do.

Being drunk does not always have to include drinking. I know many people who act as though they are drunk without drinking a drop of alcohol. They speak about politics with the bullet points given to them on the nightly news, because they don’t want to think. They choose not to look at the information I’ve given them about government-run schools because they desire a baby sitter while they work hard at their careers. They chose not to think. This is the choice one makes when they decide to get drunk, they live in a state of full-time drunkenness refusing to make decisions, surrendering their lives to those who do think. When a woman lets a strange man feel her breast on the dance floor and her girl friends take a picture with their cell phones and show it to the woman when she’s sober the next day the woman will say with a laugh, “oh I was so wasted.” She says this to disqualify her logic and allow justification for her poor judgment surrendering her actions to the primal desires of biology. The man who sleeps with the ugly two-time divorcee while on the road or accepts the solicitation of the man in the next stall over after a heavy night of drinking will indulge in the primal act of sex then blame the alcohol, not himself, for the embarrassment the next day. This is what those who refuse to think do to America when they refuse to see what government schools are doing to our children, what the welfare state is doing to the American economy, and what Obama is really about behind the smile and self-defacing comments about his big ears, which are uttered to put the President in touch with the side of America that is insecure in their appearances. (Everything is calculated among thieves because at least they think to some extent)

But not everyone is walking around drunk. Some of us, many who read this site, are striving to be awake. And the good news is that because of the audacious power grabs of President Obama, there are many people noticing for the first time that they have been robbed, and they are trying to remember how it happened. That’s good, because the remembering requires thought, so at least their minds are engaging in a positive activity. As this process continues, a new style of comedy is emerging, one of which Tim Hawkins is excelling at. It’s a reasonable look at how America arrived at a time where such a terrible president like Obama could even be in a position of being reelected. It is through our art, our books, our music, our movies, and our comedy that we “THINK” so when a crowd of people fill a theater to watch the act of Tim Hawkins it is a good sign that more and more people are committing themselves to thinking instead of allowing themselves to be perpetually drunk.

It is the drunks among us who have taken all the candy the government offers. It is those weak-minded fools who lacked enough courage to make a decision on their own which has empowered looters like Obama to rule like a king. But that kingdom of fools does not extend into my life, and as I suspect you either dear reader. You and I share that quality, that we enjoy thinking and have not allowed ourselves to be seduced by the primal urges most surrender to under inebriated states. We are awake and we laugh at the comedy of those like us, people like Tim Hawkins and we find ourselves happy to see the theater packed at his performances. We are happy because we see that more people are joining us in the act of thinking and taking responsibility for our lives.

But as bad as Obama is, there are still many in America who would rather be drunk than sober, and those are the men and women of Obama. They are right now watching the Superbowl and find themselves in a faulty state of consciousness. Some of them have drunk so much that they are looking for a place to throw up the contents of their stomachs. Well dear reader, at least we do have something in common with those drunks, we are ready to throw up too. We are ready to dispel from the body of American government the parasites and toxic chemicals that inhabit the heart of our political system, so maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. Perhaps once the drunks get so sick on their own vomit they might regain their ability to think and perhaps will declare to themselves not to drink again, because even with all the excuses, the cost of their inebriation has been too great. The cost of not being responsible for their own lives is too immense and being drunk just hasn’t been worth it. And once they come to that conclusion perhaps they will join us in the comedy of Tim Hawkins and we will all laugh at what fools those drunks made of themselves and our country, but we will all move forward to remove the crooks and criminals who currently inhabit our political system.

So do not mock the drunk as they throw up all the toxins in their bodies. Just hand them a towel to wipe away the filth from their mouths and offer them a seat at the table of thought, so that they can join in taking responsibility of making legitimate the joke known as the federal government.

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