Clint Eastwood: It’s Halftime in America

Ok, it’s official, this is my favorite Superbowl commercial of 2012. Clint Eastwood on behalf of Chrysler, proclaimed that America isn’t done, that it’s only halftime and there is time to come back and win. I loved the metaphor, and thought it was well said–and stylish.

As for the hate and blame that is going on, I agree. When all the stupid people get out-of-the-way, America can start winning again.

I’m ready, how about you?

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19 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood: It’s Halftime in America

    1. Clint Eastwood for president. I’d vote for for a pair of his socks before I would Mitt. And I’d vote for Mitt’s socks before I’d even think of looking at 100 Obama’s. So why can’t we have someone like Eastwood? Actually Ron Paul sounds a bit like Eastwood in that speech…….Hmmmmmm.


  1. Yeah, field of candidates really leaves ya wanting more….. I like Santorum, but so far he’s really sputtered along, I love Paul on fiscal issues! I just can’t get behind the foreign policy stuff, namely his stance on a nuclear Iran. Mitt (Glove) and Newt (Lizard) I can’t support… But ultimately I’m gonna be for ABO Anybody But Obama…. So sad we can’t get a candidate thats not sold out to special interests and their political party. Watch, soon, the whole things gonna fly apart, there is so many theives in that den that is Washington D.C., they will all turn on each other at some point and the whole criminal syndicate will come crashing down.


  2. —-Decades stale ‘EYE–CON—–JOB’ —RED ALERT!—

    Putting aside Eastwood’s decades of skilfully demoralizing
    work, predictive programming for EUGENICS, and tiresome
    treatment of POST American themes —–

    Eastwood himself is a Korea era draftee who NEVER saw
    that war. Hence, he has BALKED and BURIED the
    –20th –30th –40th –50th and NOW 60th Anniversary
    of the awesomely relevant, inconveniently ‘EUGENICS REAL’

    ————————–KOREAN WAR—————————-.


  3. I know a few who don’t hold up Clint. I frankly don’t care. He’s hollywood. Nuff said.
    As for Mittens and Newtered…check out this ad.

    They both go down the rabbit hole. One for doing it, and the other for having Bealzeebub speak his name.


    1. : )

      I think I enjoyed the commercials more than the game. What a wonderful cross section of Americana in a four hour program. I didn’t enjoy all the commercials, but I enjoyed what they said just by being there.


  4. I think Clint Eastwood is the PERFECT *persona* that exemplifies the spirit of America. His tough-guy, no bull characters are always perfect.

    Although I’ll probably NEVER by a Govamint Motors or Chrysler car now (I currently own a Dodge Caravan, pre-Obowmao edition), it was a true testament to the power of our country. I believe the rank and file of the trade unions are the backbone of our country — hard working, christian, patriotic Americans — and have been controlled by the Mafia-like structure of their unions.

    The cynic in me thinks this was the result of a really good creative team who knows how to read demographics reports, not that of a true believer. These are the same people who write obowmao’s “patriotic speeches. It all sounds good, but it’s all bullsh*t.

    We have to get out of the locker room and get back on the field, America! Time to go tackle some progressives and run them off the field!


  5. I’ll have to respectfully disagree. We went bowling with other patriots though. I had no intentions of watching it. Glad we did. I didn’t have to have some b!tch that can’t sing flip me off, or two mayors utter 2nd ammendment and REFORM in the same ad. Gawd. My intellegence is insulted enough in a 24 hour period. Heaven knows I don’t need to invite into my living room.
    The red flags have been flying for a verrrrry long time. We were on the field. Now those that didn’t join us better hope that giant sucking sound dosen’t get to much closer before they get their act together.


    1. That’s why the stupid people have to get out of the way. If they stop pretending they are equal to the rest of us and can be considerded “good” even if they don’t “think” then there is a chance to win. We cannot have a culture of communisim and capitalism fighting it out and still hoping to win. That’s like trying to score a touch down without holding the ball by the advice of communism. To win we have to start throwing the ball again.

      I was a little sad to see that Clint Eastwood let himself to be hired out to give this little speech. He’s a smart guy, and he is Hollywood. He’s used to dealing with extreme leftists without being sick. He is a conservative, but he’s learned to deal with the hippie types. What impresses me is that “they” did hire Clint Eastwood to reach out to “us” because “they” are aware there is a serious problem. That’s a good sign. However, the solution is not one they endorse. Because “they” are the problem. It is their philosophy that is failing. The “stupid people philosophy.”


      1. You made my point. Thanks. I was starting to wonder who you are and what have you done with our Warrior?
        Nice commercial. Sweet, fuzzy warm message. Thats it. Glenn had it right this morning.
        The socialists are in the endzone, and we’re throwing them the football.
        It’s a little late to “start” throwing the football. That’s some serious hope. Don’t do any phone banks to voters. That will go right out the window. I promise.


      2. Worry not. There are always meanings behind meanings behind meanings. Eastwood as a director and actor plays a bit of Trojan horse himself. I shudder to think what Hollywood would have been like without people like him on the inside to keep those idiots in check. Being a conservative who can spin the mind of liberals is a good thing, and to see them coming to him says a lot about their position.


  6. What Eastwood said could be taken two ways. If he was insinuating that Obama can turn this around or perhaps that AMERICA and its people can turn this around!!?? How can anyone with half time of intelligence still be for anti-American, good time, spend thrift Obama after all he has said about this country and what he hasnt done for us in only 3-1/2 years. Even if he kept the country leveled but he couldnt even do that Mr Eastwood! Even Bill Clinton regards him as the worst president yet and is taking this country in the wrong direction. Maybe these big movie stars have everything they want and dont SEE the problems because my own children are struggling to hold onto their jobs and paying their bills. They couldnt even have a decent vacation this year. The POOR dont have to worry they have a safety net – the government. My friends kids are on welfare and they get everything they need whereas my kids are just getting by!!! We the middle class are struggling – can you STUPID people out there see this – unbelievable!
    Obama is clever and wants socialism. This is your precious OBAMA! He celebrates Ramaden in the White House and dosent even acknowledge Veterans Day. Oh yes he had to this past year because he knows he is losing ground among the Christians and other religions plus the veterans. Now his advisors tell him to go to church and they take a picture of him kneeling with his hands griped together like a holy man. What a phony!I I heard him speak at a college about how wonderful the Muslims are and that Iranian people are highly intelligent, artistic, etc. Did he ever speak about the history of the Hawaiian people where he lived. Has his wife ever said anything good about America until she got into office! He goes overseas and puts America down and speaks about SLAVERY. Still talking about slavery! Sick of it! Why because he is one black that has a CHIP on his shoulder about white people. He doesnt have much likeness for white people even though his hippy mother was white. He would love to see this country run the white people in a corner.
    I was listening to a talk show the other day and they had just black people calling in. All the black people who called in spoke very poorly of Obama and said that they would NOT vote for him again. One woman went so far as to say that he is a HYPOCRITE. So what does that tell you – you stupid Obama people and if that is what Clint meant then I will look at him differently now. Its too bad movie stars have to get involved in politics because when you like a star and they are on the opposite side especially now with the country being in chaos you look at this movie star differently If our country was like it use to be – This is the first time in my entire life that I have ever seen our country split and having terrible times! Wake up guys. We need a BUSINESS president – a working president, a proud American president not an ICON and that is what Obama believes he is because he is the FIRST black president who should not have been in office at all! There are many intelligent pro-American black men that could have run for president. All Obama has is a great vocabulary and would make a great salesman! Do your homework Obama people and see what type of people he hung with and what he studied in college and taught for 6 months – Saul Alinsky – a communist socialist – a man so liberal you wnat to vomit!!!! These are his idols. Certainly not America’s fore fathers. Did you know that he sent the bust of Churchill back to England when he got into office. Now with all the debt and people on unemployment he is remodeling the white house. Can you believe! While my kids and friends are hurting!!


    1. I’m with you on the movie stars. Can’t they see they are used for political purposes to help sell an idea? I know Clint is aware of this, but from his stand point, he may not be alive much longer into the second half, so he might want to say something now. But just a few weeks ago Brad Pitt was at the White House being seduced by Obama just to get those key words of endorsment. Who will you vote for Mr. Pitt? “I like Obama. I think he has good ideas.” The actors seem to not have the ability to think because their scripts do their thinking for them. Yet they are treated as though they are thinkers. Isn’t that interesting? Thanks for your passionate comments!!!!


  7. Wow! Elizabeth you sure said volumes in your comment. Keep writing you
    have great ideas and we need to see your input more often.

    As for the superbowl, it’s just another diversion to keep the American people
    busy while the billionaires make more money and the politicians create chaos.

    What made me the most irate was the free campaign interview with the current president and Matt Lauer just before the game. How transparent was that little gratuitious piece of propaganda.


  8. My wife’s take on my favorite actor’s commercial as we watched it air live was, “Oh my God! Eastwood is campaigning for Obama!” She thought that the somewhat ambiguous “America will rise again if we all work together and put aside our differences” theme with no specifics sounded an awful lot like the “hope and change” we got last time around. I can see where she’s coming from. If they would have aired the spot without the Chrysler tag line at the end, what would we be making of it?

    I don’t want to put aside my differences and work with the “other side”. There’s no compromise with the evil that comes from the progressive philosophy and unions.


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