The Life of Old Hickory: So you want to stop paying taxes?

So, you don’t want to pay taxes! Are you selfish! Poor! Do you not care about your fellow-man! Do you wish anarchy! Or are you a patriot? Are you an advocate of self-reliance? Do you believe that in not paying excessive taxes that you are in fact making your nation and its people stronger? Which is it? Truly, these are confusing times for many who are facing these questions for the first time.

If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to check out my son-in-law’s article on taxes and the 16th Amendment. He has discovered a dangerous truth, that the Federal Government does not technically have a right to collect taxes on our labor in the fashion that they do, but it is a Supreme Court ruling that has created enough legal gray area to allow for the practice by the IRS. Read his article below, but beware, this is dangerous information.

When we are given a Social Security number and apply for a job, we are essentially signing a contract with the Federal Government through our W-4 forms that allows the Federal Government to legally tax us through the method of a federal income tax. While the video shown on my son-in-law’s site is correct for the most part, the cost of forcing the government to adhere to the law is one that will bring violence to your life as the true nature of the government will be revealed to you. How do I know—well, I’ve seen it first hand. The government as it is fashioned currently is essentially an organized crime syndicate. This is why I have spent so much time dealing with the local school issues, because the school systems are built upon the model of the Federal Government syndicate machine. Schools use guilt, fear–and in literal cases–intimidation to extort taxes from the citizens and prevent the mass of society from looking too closely at the actual laws they are bound by.

If you wish to fix what you are about to read, start with your local school and from there the system will migrate into the greater evils of taxes imposed upon us. It’s not that education is bad, but the means of funding it is, and needs to be changed. Just as the means of funding our government needs to be changed, as the current system invites open looting of our labor for a subtle goal of enslavement.

It may be a shock to some, but the story in my book The Symposium of Justice called “Fran Calls” is a true account. The character named Hickory in that narrative about a group of tree-trimmers in North Carolina cleaning up after Hurricane Fran hit Chapel Hill with a fury that shut the town down for weeks, was a uniquely colorful character whom I have known since grade school. It was not because of our adventures in Chapel Hill that our friendship ceased as we haven’t spoken in nearly 8 years; it was a drastic difference in our social positions that finally caused a rift that friendship could not cross after nearly three decades of adventure.

Hickory in his youth was declared a certified genius. He makes Sheldon Cooper on the popular TV show Big Bang Theory look unintelligent. I am being facetious of course; I cannot watch Big Bang Theory to this very day without thinking of “Old Hickory,” named for his love of the wise old trees. The school system had big plans for Hickory. They thought this kid would grow up to be a great inventor like Leonardo da Vinci, or a doctor at age fourteen like Doggie Hoosier, or maybe even a lawyer by age 16. That was the type of discussion that went on in those days. Hickory read an entire set of encyclopedias in the 5th grade and had read every classic by the time he was in the 7th grade. When he graduated high school he had a special honor designation that he still obtained even though he had basically quit school halfway through high school, because his grades had been that good. I was with him at our graduation when he sold his honors robe to a kid for a hundred bucks because the kid had told his family he was an honors student, and needed the special robe so his parents wouldn’t be disappointed. Hickory simply traded robes with the kid in exchange for the money. After the graduation he took me and a few other friends to dinner at Perkins where he spent all the money. The check for the meal was $45 and he left a $55 tip. It was as if he wanted to rid himself of the taint of the honor, and everything it represented from grade school till his graduation.

Without question, every adult teacher, parent, guidance councilor, college recruiter and even local politicians blamed the murderous, violent, thieving Rich Hoffman for inciting rebellion into the life of young Hickory and they were right from their point of view. My lifestyle offered Hickory freedom that he wouldn’t have had any other way. All I did was give Hickory a platform to realize on his own that the teachers, school and other adults in and around his life were looking to loot from him the genius that came natural to his mind. They wanted to say, “We helped make his genius! We played a part in his construction!” Once Hickory realized this, he turned off the facet to them, and they were angry.

In the years that followed Hickory became disenchanted with college, jobs, virtually every aspect of human civilization. He began to question the very foundations of things and would utter similar comments as my son-in-law is doing now shown in that article. Hickory had read all the legal arguments pertaining to the 16th Amendment and decided that he would not pay taxes to the government in the traditional fashion since the government was not unlike the looters who sought to take credit for his intelligence during his youth. He was right, there wasn’t any difference. The government was not able to produce anything. They simply collected from those with talent and then exploited the information as if it were their own. Their behavior wasn’t any different from the cheater in high school who refused to do their homework then copied off the paper or test of a person like Hickory. Without Hickory, the government was just a bit less intelligent and it was Hickory’s freedom of choice to decide to give his intelligence away to the government through his labor or not. But he concluded that so long as he did not fill out a W-4 form or any other traceable document that he would be exempt from paying taxes.

He was right for the most part. But the government system had a way of clamping down on him. I personally witnessed him in court many, many times, and had to bail him out of jail on many occasions. By the time he hit his late twenties Hickory acted as his own lawyer every time. In court there wasn’t a collection of minds in an entire county that could out-wit him in a court of law. Even attorneys who prided themselves with excessive fees for their legal prowess could not win a debate against Hickory. He could simply crush any opponent with his vast intellect at will. So while the entire IRS, FBI, and every police network within 100 miles of his home knew his name they couldn’t do anything about him, because Hickory knew his rights.

Hickory was universally hated by everyone he met. I have never known anyone who was just hated without any words being spoken as people behaved toward Hickory. The cashier at a fast food restaurant hated him for reasons she could not articulate—maybe it was just the way he chewed his food, the land lord who secretly despised that Hickory made him feel like a fool just in being near him, the local cop who demanded that Hickory acknowledge the power of his badge, which of course Hickory cared nothing for. I had the opposite problem from Hickory. I was always personable, and people had always found themselves drawn to me. Hickory always had lots of free time but desired the good company of intelligent people, whom he could never seem to find to his satisfaction. I could never seem to find enough free time because there was always somebody wanting to be around me. Hickory was the best man at my wedding even though the cultural significance of the event eluded him. He was loyal to my family but my wife often felt that he was so in love with me that it clouded his judgment. This love was not a sexual thing of course, but a need for good company, for intelligent discussions. Hickory never could get enough of it. It was not unusual for him to come to our house and speak about the most complex scientific notions imaginable until the small hours of the morning.

These conversations would often come back around to the invisible chains that bound us. Hickory could see them everywhere. Being a genius eccentric did not provide cover for the fact that it was lonely at the top, and Hickory wished there were more intelligent people to associate with. He felt the government took too much and left people brain-dead and stupid leaving all their energy focused on materialism. My statement to Hickory was that if I felt that government took too much from me, then I’d take it back in some other way. If they wanted to loot me, they are fair game to have it done in return. But Hickory didn’t think that was ethical. He thought my approach was dishonest. I explained that I had a family to look after, that I couldn’t afford to live life on the run all the time renting homes, not owning property, and having to make all my money under the table so the government couldn’t grab hold of it through a W-4 form.

Hickory was an excellent arborist and landscaper because of his love of botany. So he ran his own business and kept all the money in cash form. If a customer paid him with a check he’d take the check to the bank it was issued from to cash immediately. He always did square business, was always legitimate in his dealings. He never engaged in illegal narcotics sales or any form of impropriety. He just didn’t want his money stolen from him by the government so he took measures to keep his money from them. He always did things ethically as by his own code of conduct. But working with him always felt like running with an outlaw, which I enjoyed. I did extra work with him climbing trees and doing some of the heavy landscaping work for nearly a decade. We had many adventures that were at times very dangerous. I always worked legitimate jobs during the day and my wife always claimed the income I made from Hickory on our taxes as part of our overall yearly income so we wouldn’t end up in trouble with the IRS. This would anger Hickory because it defeated the purpose of his rebellion and he wanted for us that freedom he experienced. But she did it anyway because she didn’t want for our life the kind of life that Hickory had.

Hickory had so many enemies, threat letters from all government agencies, and overall attempts to contact him by some legal means that the documents completely covered the floor of one room in Hickory’s house knee-deep. In fact, my kids used to play in that room swimming in those unopened letters pretending that they were swimming in a vast ocean. The letters were so deep my kids could pretend they were underwater and could disappear from sight without much effort. When the mail came Hickory would simply throw any mail that didn’t interest him into the room. These were the warnings from the IRS, the summons for court appearances, bill collectors, new husbands of former girl friends; Hickory denied all those entities with a right to exist by just tossing them into his giant pile of bills, unopened. By opening the letters he accepted the letter. By tossing it into his room, the letter officially stayed in some limbo world. The post office showed the letter delivered, but the material never officially reached Hickory’s eyes, so nobody knew how to compel Hickory to open the letters so that the material in the letters could go to the reader’s brain. This went on for at least 10 years.

I had never seen anything like it and I warned Hickory that he wouldn’t get by with this kind of thing forever. He had too many enemies and they would eventually overwhelm him. But he’d smile and reply that there was nothing anybody could do about it. The IRS did not have power over him if he did not give it to them. And this was true. He’d get arrested for every little thing the police could arrest him on, every complaint, every mistake even if it was just walking across a road incorrectly. The IRS had many chances to hold him, to try him and prosecute him to the furthest extent of the law since Hickory was already caught and in jail so many times. But Hickory always managed to get out of it because he had better knowledge of the law than anyone who attempted to prosecute him.

But the sacrifice was that Hickory could not just enjoy life. He was off the grid effectively. He was non-existent as far as the static pattern of American life was concerned. To society everywhere he went he was like a ghost and this is what made people so angry with him. They feared him just as they would some supernatural being they didn’t comprehend. I enjoyed my time around Hickory because for me it was like spending time with a dead man while also walking in the land of the living. I gained incredible insight by being around Hickory for over 20 years of this behavior.

I don’t think our relationship ever really ended. Our static patterns just became too great. He was too far over the edge for me to maintain that co-existence. The big moment happened between us where he owed me money for some work I had done with him. He owed me $600 which I needed to pay the house payment and he didn’t have the money. While my wife and I were gone with my kids Hickory came to our house and planted a tree in my wife’s flowerbed, a tree that was worth in excess of $600. When my wife and I returned and saw a very nice note from Hickory explaining that he was very sorry he didn’t have the money we needed, but he wanted to make good by giving us this very nice tree–anger abounded!

My wife was so angry she ripped the tree out of the ground and cut it to pieces. The lack of money from Hickory meant I had to scamper off to work a second job and quit my associations with Hickory because we needed stable income, not the hit or miss type of thing that made the tree work so unpredictable. And when I explained my position to Hickory of course he didn’t understand. He had made the decision to be free of such concerns so he couldn’t sympathize.

We parted ways and haven’t spoken again since. It’s not that his way of life or mine are any better or worse than one another. My strategy and his are but two ways to deal with the same problem, yes the Federal Government is filled with looters. It’s made up of evil in that it is based on theft and encourages people to become thieves themselves to reap the benefits of such a society. But the smart among those thieves, who are too honest to become thieves themselves, will find they are outlaws just by following the law to the letter. They are outlaws because the government is designed to take by force if necessary the work of our labor, and they have concocted every illegal means possible to extort our wealth from us in open larceny. And just like in the public schools, they have made such a theft seem appropriate by attaching emotion, loyalty, and guilt to the paying of taxes to most efficiently extract our money from us.

So yes, my son-in-law is right. Most of what the government does is in fact illegal. As they are functioning now, they are simply thieves. This is not an inflammatory statement, it is a fact. Government chooses winners and losers based on their leisure and the benefit of their existence. Their motive is the casual acquisition of wealth. They want to acquire it from you at any cost. They favor socialism because they have placed themselves at the top of the looting ladder and benefit the most from that political practice. They are the lazy non thinkers among us who are attracted to this government work. They are the lowest of our species because government lacks the courage to act on their own accord. So they seek to take it from those who do act.

If a majority of the American people refused to participate in this illegal activity, they could change it. But so long as they chose to act in accordance with the thieves hoping to get a piece of the pie, our society will remain bankrupt and grossly dishonest. There are not enough jails, police officers, and the IRS is not big enough to punish everyone if society decided to do as Hickory did. And the wise American would do themselves a favor and defund their police staffing levels, and cut more funding to the IRS so that there might not be enough manpower to prosecute Americans in the future. My advice to you taxpayers is not to build more jails because you might find yourself the target of one of the cells in the future. So stop it.

Trust the Constitution and follow it as a guide. The Second Amendment is just as important as the 1st or the 5th, or the 14th. And it’s certainly as important as the 16th. I use the Second Amendment all the time and it works. It keeps the bad guys away and it limits court appearances. It also saves on police staffing. It allows me to take back what was stolen from me if I so desire. If the looters take so much from me that I cannot keep up then I’ll take it back so I don’t go without. That is where Hickory and I are fundamentally different. He doesn’t have it in him to steal, lie, or manipulate to get what he wants. So he relied on honesty and faith in the law much to his personal demise since he was choosing to be that way in a world run amuck with bandits, especially the smiling teacher who proclaims everything she does is for the kids while she plans her vacation over the summer making more money in 9 months than a private sector worker makes in a whole year. Or the superintendent who retires at 55 then gets rehired the next day so they can double-dip from the tax payer. Or a president like Obama who has racked up almost 6 trillion dollars in debt in just three years then professes to steal more money from the rich to pay for the money that same president gave away to his bloc voters to get re-elected so he can rack up 6 trillion more!

I’ll say to you dear reader what I’ve said to Hickory, I’ll play the game the same as the looters to survive and if it turns into a gun fight, then so be it. Hickory however said that violence was unnecessary because the Constitution guaranteed the freedoms he demanded, and he was right. But not without the threat of violence from the looters who attempted to harass that knowledge from his mind so he’d fear to act on it.

Personally, I like my way better. Whichever way you chose to fight, the conclusion cannot be escaped. Government is functioning illegally and needs to be ended in its current form. I personally think Ron Paul or a president like him is the best way to bring about a real fix to the American system. Unemployment will jump up to a temporary 30 to 50% while we eliminate all the looting programs, but at some point if America is to survive the pain will have to be endured eventually. The only question is when, how and where will the American people finally come to terms with these facts.

I write here, and in my books hoping to ease the mind of Americans into the reality of understanding that they have decisions to make, and they will be best equipped to make those decisions if they put some value into their intelligence and start listening to their own souls as opposed to the government looters who are seeking company in a society of thieves. The smartest of our species are not lawyers, doctors, teachers or even scientists. Many times they are those who chose not to be those things. Hickory is the smartest man I have ever personally known. I have no doubt that he could argue law with the best of our Supreme Court Judges while at the same time performing open heart surgery. But in a society of looters, it is the just, the good, and the honest who are the criminals. And until we change this aspect of our culture, America is doomed.

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13 thoughts on “The Life of Old Hickory: So you want to stop paying taxes?

  1. Wow, what a great post. I think you’re right on in your dissertation on the legality (or lack thereof) of income taxes. I’ve followed that argument for most of my adult life, and the results of those who declared income taxes to be illegal and stopped paying them. To a man they end up in jail. Mike McConnell used to talk about this very often. It’s true that we give the government the power which they use to enslave us.

    As I read your post I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between you and your friend Hickory, and Ragnar Danneskjöld and John Galt…two men fighting the same fight in different ways!!!!!! The pirate and the genius!


    1. Unfortunately, I didn’t read Atlas Shrugged until after all this. Things would have made more sense if I had. But I had thought the same thing. In fact, the scene where Ragnar puts the gold at Hanks feet is very close to something that happened in real life. It was one of those errie moments when reading a book that doesn’t come too often.


  2. I would have to agree with your son in law. In our Constitution, taxation is framed in the “powers of congress” portion Section 8 article 1. In the article, it states that all taxation is to best equal. Ours is a marxist communist progressive tiered theft system, that the Feds have used to social engineer our population. I would also add that capital gains tax is theft also, I work hard for my money, and it is taxed when I receive my compensation on Friday. Then I invest in (risk) my capital, receive a gain on my investment, and the government comes along with their hand out again to collect on my intelligence and good fortune. CRIMINAL, ITS JUST CRIMINAL!


    1. If 10% of us told them to shove their tax laws up their ass, there aren’t enough of them to stop us all. In fact, I think many of those thugs in government would find themselves very overwhelmed.


      1. The best way to kill the beast is to starve it, weaken it with less food so it cannot fight. Let it run it’s energy down.

        The dumb thing is to keep feeding it. That’s what we’ve been doing and that monster has gotten bigger, fatter and more greedy. Now we have to slay it.


      2. I spoke with a financial advisor ten years ago, he asked me a interesting and provocative question: “Do you make enough money to lend to the US Government, interest free? Of course my reply was no. Since that day my taxes were restructured so I would owe $50-200 at the end of the year. One of the best decisions I ever made.


  3. One step at a time my friends. First we must support candidates like Ron Paul that are screaming the mantra of deceit coast to coast. Dr. Paul made a huge step forward tonight and his speech was right on target. It seems to me that more and more people are waking up. It has taken a long time, but the rumble is getting louder; hence the passage of NDAA by the corrupt minions in Washington, DC. It is time to get out and replace as many of them as possible.


    1. Spoken with true wisdom gatekeeper. And you’re right, the best thing to do is replace the slime with good people. But there are so few truely good people I have my doubts. For for the sake of society we should let the system work. If it doesn’t, well–then we take the next step.


  4. If all taxpayers would just keep their money all year long instead of sending it into the government hands, we would shut them down so fast, no one would know what to do.


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