Home Schooled Kids are Superior: Education is not about teachers, it’s about good parents

One of my favorite reporters at Cox Publishing is Steven Mathews who did a wonderful article recently on how public schools are saving money in the face of declining revenue allocation from the State. The public schools are starting to combine services to help balance their budgets. You can read that article for yourself here:


Of course the public school establishment will complain about these changes. They will proclaim that the quality of education will suffer with all these cuts and combination of services that is starting to emerge. My answer to them is–well, no–it won’t. Anyone who says this is attempting to mislead society.

Public education, (government schools) is essentially a form of welfare. A free education is not a good one. Like food stamps, public housing, or even FMLA benefits, any time the government gets involved and gives the “public” something, there is no shortage of people willing to take advantage of it. And public schools are nothing special; they perform way under their abilities and have been reduced to marketing machines for liberal politics. They are so inept that even a parent who is not a “professional” teacher can do a better job educating their children than a public school teacher can. This is why home schooled children are so much better educated than the public school kids. The testing results aren’t even close. Home schooled kids simply out-perform public schooled kids in every category.

So what can we learn from this? Why is this so? It would be logical for public schools to look at why parents without formal training are out-performing their highly paid teachers with master’s degrees. Public schools if they really cared about the quality of education would get better and learn from the home-school parents—that is—if they really cared.

But government schools don’t care about kids. They only care about their jobs in the government institutions. Public schools only care about maintaining the status quo.

Well I’ll give you the answer dear reader….I’ll tell you why home schooled kids learn so much better than government schooled kids, the essential ingredient is the fundamental difference between communism and capitalism. All human beings are genetically built to learn from their parents, and extended family structures. By default, a young mind will reject the style of education given to them by government education. Public school is a design of communism and can be seen in the 10 Planks of communism. You can see my article on these here.


The idea of free public education is a communist idea. And it’s an experiment that has failed in the American system. Public education might work OK in communist countries where free will has be crushed in the social population into a mush of collectivism that resembles more like a plate of mashed potatoes as opposed to French Fries. The reason communism fails, and public education fails, is that people who get things for free tend to abuse them. When something is given away for free, nobody appreciates the activity. The teachers take the pay for granted because it comes easily. And the kids don’t appreciate what they learn because everybody has free education. Kids want to be considered special and public school does not do the trick.

But a mother and a father do. The parent is invested in their child and care about the outcome of their child’s knowledge. And the children like to have the approval of their parents. So the learning process of our children has virtually nothing to do with the quality of the public schools. It has everything to do with the quality of the parents. Basically, if the parents suck, the kids will most likely suffer. Learning is not something that can be purchased like one buys a shirt or a pair of pants. It requires an inquisitive child and an adult who wants to provide answers.

For further proof that it is not the institution, but the quality of the parents, study the situation of Princeton City Schools today as opposed to how it was twenty years ago. Today, Princeton spends over $15K per student, yet they are not producing academically profound students as they did two decades ago when colleges showered Princeton students with scholarship offers. That is because the demographically proficient families moved north of the I-275 loop. More public housing moved in as the affluent families moved out leaving the kind of demographic difficulties that Cincinnati Public Schools is having to deal with, parents who don’t care about their children and drop off their kids to public schools expecting the government schools to raise their children for them. No amount of money can make the kids learn because the kids have broken homes. If a child has a broken foundation in life, chances are, there is nothing a teacher can do to fix them. The child is doomed to become as deficient as their parents because the static pattern at home is broken.

Lakota and Mason schools presently are great not because of the schools, but because of the parents who live in the community. When those parents leave for the newest community with the biggest houses, Lakota will find itself the next Princeton. Passing tax increases have nothing to do with the quality of education. It’s the parents who send the children to school who make all the difference.

So fear not government schools. You could blend everyone together and share services in any possible combination, your education quality will not be compromised in the least. Because if a simple Christian woman who stays home with her kids and reads to them daily can make her kids learn more and at a faster rate than the genius children of the attorneys and doctors who are too busy with their lives to care for their kids and expect public school to take care of parenting for them, then imagine what such smart parents could do if they did the job of educating their children themselves.

Public school is welfare for the parents too lazy to do the job of parenting. America led the world in the space race and all the technology that came with it in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s with an average education level of 8.3 years. Today it’s nearly 16.5 and our children don’t even know where the country Argentina is on a map. The quality of education has NOTHING to do with money spent or the quality of teachers employed. Education is all about the quality of the family unit itself. It’s a dirty little secret that government doesn’t want anyone to know about, but one that presents inescapable proof that anything that is run by government fails—especially their schools. So wherever they can cut expenses to help lower the cost per pupil for the tax payers need to be done immediately. Families with money in their pockets are happier families than those who rely on food stamps, government housing, and government schools for their sustainability. It gives government workers less to do, and less reason to have a nice, comfortable, high paying government job. But we don’t care about that. America isn’t going to sacrifice its future just to protect the pensions of some employees who aren’t performing an essential task anyway. The value is truly in the children and their success or failure at life is almost exclusively determined by the quality of their parents.

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