Andrew Brietbart at CPAC 2012: We’re not going to take it any more!

Andrew Breitbart had a fantastic speech at CPAC which is worth showing here. In it he talks about his Superbowl party with Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn. He also climbs into the deep well of how far down the rabbit hole many of the radical reformists of the communist left truly are. Breitbart puts forth his battle cry which was fun and refreshing.

The political left today, with leaders like Bill Ayres, Barrack Obama’s mentor in Chicago, expect an end to America. They currently own the media through the head editorial departments because they all studied in the same places and read the same books. They own the press by the same mechanisms. They are used to pushing around the conservatives of us because traditionally they’ve gotten away with it. We’ve allowed terrorists like Ayres and Dohrn to move from a strategy of bombs and violence to racism and other name calling which has been more damaging. It was nice to see Breitbart utter what many of us have been thinking.

The conservatives of the United States have been pushed around, ridiculed, and manipulated for years because we were playing the game straight. But not anymore. Andrew Breitbart said it clearly; we’re not going to take it anymore. The time to fight back is now! And the future for the leftist, greenie weenie, soulless, terrorists are coming to an end.

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Watch the Other Hand: An important segment of GB Radio

Do you ever wonder how logic ends up lost behind some silly emotional issue? When talking about the President of the United States for me the failed policies that have led to an additional $6 trillion-dollar deficit are enough to change presidents in the next election. And if America had a healthy republic, like it’s supposed to be, the failed president would go back to some civilian job, and another president would be elected into office and do their best to fix the situation.

But that’s not what we have—is it? Instead we have politicians who seek to make a career out of public service, and in order to secure their livelihoods, they are willing to do anything to maintain their power. Glenn Beck on his radio show today February 10, 2012 had a marvelous segment on how to figure out what the other hand is doing when observing the conditions of the current political landscape. Listen for yourself to the perplexing quandary that the American people are subjected to in this election year of political manipulation.

The behavior of those politicians who seek to openly mislead you should make you angry. There is no question that the looters of society will be angry with Glenn Beck for speaking these very simple truths, but our society does not, or should not favor the looters and their rules of engagement. These manipulations are the tactics of the looters, but they are unable to perpetrate them unless we give them the power to do so. The political strategy being employed by these looters, revealed by Beck in the clip require good men and women to do nothing which enables the evil to continue. If only dear reader you would pay just a bit of attention and hold yourself in higher esteem, the looters would find manipulating you to be much more difficult. If that were to ever occur, we might find that suddenly the world was filled with less manipulation and more logic. We might find that the good guys actually win and the bad guys would be punished. We might find that respect for ourselves and for one another might once again support our American culture.

But these days it’s the looters who rule, and they are up to no good. They roam about unafraid of you dear reader because they calculate that you are stupid, and cowardly. They calculate that you lack the wisdom and intelligence to see through their charade. Sadly, so far, they are right. The looter rules because the good among us have done nothing. And this will continue so long as this formula persists to dominate our thoughts and actions.

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The Origional Argument from Joshua Charles: A changing landscape built from the heart

When I first received a very good book by Joshua Charles and Glenn Beck it was after I was speaking to a group of education reformers.  A friend of mine had left it for me while I was shaking hands and speaking with people after the speech and my friend had left like a phantom amiss the chaos.  But in her seat she left me a gift; it was a copy of The Original Argument by the mentioned authors. 

Right after this speech I had to leave for Florida on a family vacation, so I had time to read a bit.  The book in this respect was a very timely gift that I appreciated greatly.  Books to me are the greatest gifts I can receive.  I love every single one of them I’ve ever received and I never get tired of running my fingers through their pages, even years after my initial reading.  Every book to me is a treasure.  To this very day my favorite places, virtually the only place I enjoy shopping, is a book store.  My wife and I share this love and we often spend our date nights in such places picking up the next weeks reading material. 

It was during our most recent “dinner and a book store date night” that I noticed in the social sciences section that even after 9 months in print, The Original Argument was still selling well.  In fact, it occupied a whole shelf stacked five books deep all the way across.  I counted 26 books on that shelf which means that the demand for The Original Argument has not died off after its publication, but has increased.  The story of how this book came about is a bit of a miracle story, which you can hear Glenn Beck talk about in the clip below. 

Selling a book is a hard thing to do, and I’ll be doing it myself for the second time in a few short months. There are a lot of books that come out and each one is the hope and dreams of the author. Many of them fail to take root into the public for various reasons. These days books with great names attached sell well for a few weeks after their release because they have access to the publicity machine of the popular media. But those same books lose steam quickly if the public fails to embrace them. Because of Glenn Beck’s name being attached to The Original Argument this book by the very young Joshua Charles had a big release with a great marketing platform, so big numbers in its first week were not a surprise. But big numbers almost a year later are more impressive, and The Original Argument is still steaming along.

As I ran my fingers over the books in the book store I thought about my copy at home which I now look at every day at least once. The book has the feeling of a work that has the power to change the static patterns of our culture, which is good—powerful, and you can feel it when you hold the book in your hands. It has an essence of substance that is unique for books. This probably has everything to do with the contents of the material. The Original Argument is essentially a modern re-write of The Federalist Papers, which is the foundation of The United States Constitution, and is fundamentally a work of modern philosophy.

I spent the summers of 2009 and 2010 reading The Federalist Papers and The Anti Federalism Papers and I will admit that I struggled though them. They are written in an older language that assumes that society is much more intelligent than it is today. Reading these books as they were published in the late 1700’s it becomes quickly evident that the public who read those original documents in their newspapers were of a higher reading level than our modern counterparts so even I struggled with the language. But they had such an impact on me that I started this blog site, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom to act as a modern version of those original Federalist Papers. I wanted to put into context the modern arguments for our day and time with the language used to make a new argument on behalf of the original arguments for freedom. I focus on education issues because it’s obvious to me that public education isn’t working since our population can’t read something like The Federalist Papers and comprehend it. Many of our own congressman and senators have not even read the Constitution let alone The Federalist Papers. So the quality of the political philosophy started with The Federalist Papers has been diminished as society has been made to be of a lower intellect.

This lower intellect is by design. It has been imposed upon us by the enemies of America through a very complex spy network that has penetrated our political machinery, our media, and our government at all levels. To understand how this happens just study the modern movements of George Soros. Without question politicians looking for money from Soros are willing to adapt his policies in exchange, especially in vacancy of their own philosophy, leaving our government easily manipulated by special interest money. This has went on for many years, and Soros is just one of thousands over the years that have sought to dismantle The United States through greed and ignorance where the people of America have lost their way and allowed themselves to be intellectually diminished.

As I sat on the balcony of our condo in Florida and read The Original Argument I was shocked how easy it was to read. What Joshua Charles had done was take the complex wording of The Federalist Papers and simplify them into modern language so it was easy to grasp. Reading that book in the early morning sunrise in Florida and listening to the waves hit the beach with fury as a storm off to the south over the Bahamas was roaring far out at sea I realized that this book had a real power to it and I hoped for it’s longevity and cultural acceptance.

I became a Glenn Beck fan not because of his television show, not because of his radio show, but because of his reissuing of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. I read that book in an afternoon and immediately thought it was more powerful than the classic of communist thought Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. With Beck bringing out again the classic from Thomas Paine he was able to answer the kind of literature that was suppressed by the modern media who had used the 45 points from the 1958 book The Naked Communist to push such American philosophy out of the public’s reach. In that strategy of erasing American history, Common Sense and The Federalist Papers were the primary targets. Beck through his own media empire had developed the ability to push back and reintroduce America to its original philosophy with his new updated version of Common Sense. It’s short, easy to read, and contains the original Paine text in the back of the book.

More powerful than Common Sense, The Original Argument puts the very powerful Federalist Papers into the reach of the modern public and that is a supreme ray of hope in our modern age. Changes do not come quickly. They didn’t at the time of the original revolution and they won’t now. It will take a lot of thought, discussion and reading to reeducate the American population to their roots. I hope to add to that with my own work Tail of the Dragon soon. The goal is to entertain a modern audience into considering what the roots of American society is supposed to be, not what has been manipulated and twisted from the original meaning into the modern progressive theory inspired by political philosophers like Marx.

The power of The Original Argument can be seen on the bookshelf. Bookstores cannot afford to keep books on their shelves that do not sell. And to understand the true temperature of our nation all one has to do is go to a bookstore and see what is selling, and that will show you what the people of our country are looking for. What’s selling is Glenn Beck, Bill O’Rielly, Mark Levin, and many other conservative writers. In philosophy it’s Ayn Rand and Robert Persig. In fact the great book of philosophy by Leonard Peikoff called Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand is now selling that the first Atlas Shrugged film has introduced through DVD sales a whole new market to the work of that philosopher. Rand actually has breakthrough thinking which exceeds the works of Plato, Aristotle and Kant that is uniquely American. It’s good to study the German philosophers, the Greek, the Chinese, but America is now producing its own, and Rand is certainly one of the finest examples. In fact she shreds Immanuel Kant as a founder of a philosophy that has so thoroughly destroyed the thinking of many on the political left, and she does it with very detailed facts.

That work by Peikoff is more on the heavy side philosophically, but still, people are buying it up now, which is a wonderful sign. 4 to 5 years from now American culture will change for the better because of all this reading that is going on. To my thinking the best example of easy philosophy for the majority of American society to grasp right now is The Original Argument. If you have not read it yet, I highly suggest it. Reading that book will give you power, it will give you a better knowledge of The United States Constitution than most of the public officials have and will allow you to demand of them an adherence to it. Communist infiltrators in our public education system know that an uneducated public is easy to mislead, which has been their agenda all along. By reading The Original Argument you can take the next step into fixing your nation by understanding what it is that you are expected to know in order to make requests of your elected representatives. I don’t take my hat off to many people, but to Joshua Charles I do. He did a great thing that history will remember. And thank goodness Glenn Beck had the ability to get this book into the hands of a hungry public. It’s an important work and as long as I live I’ll never forget the speech I gave where I looked for my friend at the end and found a book left behind for me to read instead. The book sat in her seat and invited me to read it, which I did several times now. Those kinds of gifts continue to give for many years. The gift of a book is immediate, but the information gained upon reading it once gives back to you again. If the book is good then the story will stay with you everywhere you go from then on. And if it’s really good it might just expand your thinking to accept new ideas, or ideas that were good but long forgotten. And such is the case with The Original Argument.

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