Watch the Other Hand: An important segment of GB Radio

Do you ever wonder how logic ends up lost behind some silly emotional issue? When talking about the President of the United States for me the failed policies that have led to an additional $6 trillion-dollar deficit are enough to change presidents in the next election. And if America had a healthy republic, like it’s supposed to be, the failed president would go back to some civilian job, and another president would be elected into office and do their best to fix the situation.

But that’s not what we have—is it? Instead we have politicians who seek to make a career out of public service, and in order to secure their livelihoods, they are willing to do anything to maintain their power. Glenn Beck on his radio show today February 10, 2012 had a marvelous segment on how to figure out what the other hand is doing when observing the conditions of the current political landscape. Listen for yourself to the perplexing quandary that the American people are subjected to in this election year of political manipulation.

The behavior of those politicians who seek to openly mislead you should make you angry. There is no question that the looters of society will be angry with Glenn Beck for speaking these very simple truths, but our society does not, or should not favor the looters and their rules of engagement. These manipulations are the tactics of the looters, but they are unable to perpetrate them unless we give them the power to do so. The political strategy being employed by these looters, revealed by Beck in the clip require good men and women to do nothing which enables the evil to continue. If only dear reader you would pay just a bit of attention and hold yourself in higher esteem, the looters would find manipulating you to be much more difficult. If that were to ever occur, we might find that suddenly the world was filled with less manipulation and more logic. We might find that the good guys actually win and the bad guys would be punished. We might find that respect for ourselves and for one another might once again support our American culture.

But these days it’s the looters who rule, and they are up to no good. They roam about unafraid of you dear reader because they calculate that you are stupid, and cowardly. They calculate that you lack the wisdom and intelligence to see through their charade. Sadly, so far, they are right. The looter rules because the good among us have done nothing. And this will continue so long as this formula persists to dominate our thoughts and actions.

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One thought on “Watch the Other Hand: An important segment of GB Radio

  1. Unfortunately the president’s ratings are up. He acts tough on Iran and Syria and the blind follow. He diverts attention from the evil he is manipulating behind the scenes to “abortion and contraceptives” and all of the media goes along with the hoax. While CPAC is in session the media is ignoring our presidential candidates and with a laser beam spewing the chosen topic of the day.
    They are Pravda in action. We have government controled news. At night I view the BBC. They do the same. For several nights they have shown the same shots of a trumped up “war” in Syria. Watch for yourself. Dear Warrior, I am sure that you can easily spot the photography tricks. I believe the entire revolt (including the bodies) is totally orchestrated by the United Nations. We are in trouble for sure. The First Amendment is at risk. In fact the entire Constitution of the United States of America is at risk. We are waiting for a person to be Superman. We are Superman and we must be strong.


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