Seeing Evil: Fighting against those who are agents of destruction

One of the least commented but most viewed posts I had last week was the Archie Wilson case. It seems to not be very surprising to many people that a commissioner would abuse his power to the extent that Archie did. I mean doesn’t everyone have a couple of prostitutes on the side that they supply cocaine to in order to have crazy sex with? Then—when they get caught, hide out-of-state and pretend they were in a drug rehab getting “fixed” for their “illness.” That illness is called—evil.

Well, I suspect that many of my dear readers here are suffering from little evils that are living out in their minds, and they do not feel qualified to cast a stone against it. After all, aren’t we told that we should not cast stones if we live in glass houses? Yet this is how evil lives and survives, with threats of destroying those who might cast a stone in its direction. This has left our society paralyzed against even identifying evil. And this is the topic of Glenn Beck on his recent GBTV episode. Check it out.

Do not take the position of not seeing evil, not hearing evil, or not speaking of evil. Because evil wants to remain hidden in our midst’s so it can consume our very souls. Evil wants to continue as it has leaving society paralyzed against it. But do not become seduced by its power. Do not be threatened by its fury. You are better than it is.

How do I know this? Well dear reader, because you are reading this. If you can read this without laughing, snickering or attempting to belittle it, then evil does not have your soul yet, and there is hope. So fear not, evil is not as ominous as it would have you think it is. Don’t be afraid to call evil what it is when you see it, hear it or someone speaks it. The agents of evil are not necessarily those who are actually evil, but those who remain paralyzed by inaction and guilt to stand against it. Don’t be an agent of evil. It’s a perilous path with an outcome that serves only those corrupt enough to benefit from not having a soul.

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Why FACEBOOK is Evil: A dad shoots his daughter’s laptop

I’ll have to say that I agree with this father who saw the nasty comments his daughter put on Facebook about him and his wife. Should the father have unloaded a clip from his .45 into the laptop of his daughter for what she said about his family on Facebook? Absolutely!!!!!!!

I still get many questions as to why I do not have a Facebook account. The answer is that I think Facebook is evil, and I don’t care to participate in it. I do put a Facebook “like” button at the bottom of my posts and I see every day that hundreds of my hits come from Facebook where my readers put links to my articles on the Facebook walls to share with their friends. I recognize the upsides to having Facebook, it keeps you in easy touch with family and friends, and provides a timely status as to the activity of a person. As a matter a fact, a co-worker of mine just yesterday was trying to get a flight out of Dallas but it was delayed, so based on his Facebook page he was able to announce to everyone concerned that his flight would be later than anticipated.

But—Facebook does too much, knows too much, and tricks the user into revealing too much about themselves. About ten years ago I read a book by Jim Marrs called Rule by Secrecy. It’s a conspiracy theory book that talked about the Bilderburgers, the Rothschild’s and the One World Order type of stuff as might be expected. It also spoke about the methods the CIA and FBI were employing to attempt to put chips under everyone’s skin so they could track them easily. When I finished that book I wrote in the front, “THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS BOOK.” I meant dangerous because knowing such things can warp your view of the world and can take the mind down a rocky slope of disillusion. However, at the time of reading that book people were openly angry about the cameras that police were having put up at traffic lights calling them “big brother” and the idea of tracking people anywhere they went was still science fiction. So the CIA and many other organizations found a more subtle way to impose their will on the American and world population so to make their job much easier, they found a way to trick us into giving them all the information they’d have to spend months, perhaps years gathering and allowing our own need for voyeurism to drive a complete end to our freedoms. They put their money behind Mark Zuckerberg and allowed the program of Facebook to do all the work for them. Apparently the CIA is so in love with Zuckerberg that the Facebook founder has earned the ominous nickname from the intelligence community—the Overlord.

Now, it must be disclosed that the segment you just watched is from The Onion which is a social satire show on the Independent Film Channel, which I am a fan of. So the facts shown in that episode are rooted in reality but are not literal. For instance, I don’t think Zuckerberg is an official CIA agent. But, the billions of dollars that came his way came from somewhere and as anyone who works with money knows, “he who has the gold rules.” Zuckerberg didn’t have any money, but he had the ability to make something like Facebook which a whole army of government workers couldn’t fathom, so they took our tax money in indirect ways and gave it to Zuckerberg to purchase his alliance.

Yes—I’m aware that the CIA is reading this. The FBI is too. Go drink another coffee boys, and see if there’s another doughnut in the break room, because I could care less. I know a few agents and my assessment of them are that they are government workers, just like cops, and teachers, and I have made it pretty clear what I think of them. They have a high opinion of themselves that is not based in reality, but on the strength of their pay checks, which to me is just looted money. I don’t value their service and they don’t keep me safe. I’m perfectly capable of doing that for myself. Because of my beliefs my family has been followed, bugged, and harassed for years. It was really bad in the late 90’s up until around 2005. My wife was followed all over town by strange men in white vans. When she’d go to the grocery they’d get out and follow her around the store.

None of this ever got violent. It was just harassment. It started when we took our kids out of the Mason School System to home school them because we disagreed with the 4th grade curriculum of teaching children to put on a condom. We felt that sex education was our job, and our kids were not interested in sex in the 4th grade, so we elected not to participate. The school retaliated by trying to separate my wife from the kids during school events which my wife frequently volunteered for, so we pulled the kids out of school and taught them ourselves. It was one of the best decisions we ever made as parents.

But the social ramifications where ominous, our families turned against us in a radical way, some of that family worked for school systems as superintendents and teachers. The police began to harass our street. Neighborhood kids began to harass my children as they rode their bicycles around the neighborhood. I responded by video recording everything that happened and the police responded by recording everything we did. After a few years of this it became evident that we were recorded everywhere we went about everything we did.

The constant pressure was unsettling to my wife who treasures her freedom and privacy. We’d have conversations knowing that there were listening devices picking up on everything we said and it took her a long time to realize that the idiots on the other end of the line were just mustache men with fat bellies and inflated egos propped up with tax dollars. They were to my mind peons to my overman concept. As I explained to my wife about 10,000 times, “who cares if a fly on the wall sees or hears what we do. Who cares if they can hear us having sex? We don’t mind the dog at the end of our bed as we kick him off, why should we care about some FBI agent, or other law enforcement personnel? What is there to know about us that we don’t want them to?”

So I am aware that these days virtually nothing is private. The scanners at the airport can see through your cloths. Drones can fly outside your bedroom window. And recording devices can pick up everything you say from many yards away. This information is obtained by the cowards of the government who have turned our hard-earned money against us by stealing it from us through legalized theft and propping up citizens like Zuckerberg in the name of safety. I am not troubled that Google watches every email I send and receive. I view such things as information given in a public place. And if people want to see what I put on YouTube have at it. That’s why I posted it. Or this blog site, I put it up to share with people so they might learn something. If it was private, I’d keep it in my head where it’s safe. But Facebook crosses the line for me. It has evolved into a form of behavioral control that I reject completely. It crawls too far into people’s lives and does everything that Jim Marrs warned about in Rule by Secrecy by making people want to behave like herds of sheep, which goes against everything I personally stand for.

Because of Facebook, my extended family often knows things about other family member’s way before my wife and I do. Facebook allows for that voyeuristic tendency, that secret passion to look at what your neighbor is doing from the comfort of your own home. But it’s a trick; your behavior is being plotted and analyzed carefully. Your contacts and the entire network of your contacts are scrutinized by pot-bellied piggies on the other of a monitor. Everyone is watching each other looking for leadership. The herds of Facebook users are being watched by the herds of the government workers in the CIA and none of them have the guts to step away and be independent.

What I mean by independence is doing things in your life without looking to see what your neighbor is doing, as if reassurance is needed. It is that human need for acceptance, which causes us to look at another human being and see if they have done it first before we dare try that is the downfall of our civilization and Facebook perpetuates it by encouraging it.

This is why those who fear to stand on their own two feet and be comfortable in their own lives can be controlled by some master—an overlord if you will. In my family, it took me almost 10 years to get my wife used to the idea that she could and was watched everywhere we went. It was a trip to Cancun where all our cloths were all over the beach and a Mexican security guard patrolling the area was trying to get a peak of the action. My wife saw the behavior of voyeurism that was inherit in all human beings as we dealt with the guard. I treated the guard like he was as useless as a dog at the end of our bed. His eyes and opinion mattered about as much to me as a fly on the wall or the dog at the end of our bed. And what he said to the other dogs at the guard-house mattered as much. It didn’t matter that he had an AK-47 in his hands. Having a gun is one thing, having the courage to use it, or the knowledge, is another. After that, the unnerving sensation that we were constantly being watched and analyzed by weak-minded, fearful human beings had less impact. We had shifted gears as a couple and learned to live our lives from that perspective.

It still doesn’t make this entire tendency toward voyeurism right. It just means that my expectations for the human race must be broke down into another category. And Facebook is a good gage of that. Those who use it to spy on their friends and neighbors, or even those in law enforcement are of the “sheeple” mind-set, which is they are comfortable in the herds of human existence and can easily be steered about by the overlords like Zuckerberg and the CIA.

But these are the same idiots who couldn’t find Osama bin Ladin even though he was right in front of their faces and had a porno addiction. So much for the effectiveness of the CIA, they have been dumbed down like the rest of society to watching for the status of people on Facebook to know what is happening. I know firsthand what it feels like to be watched by these people, even targeted. And it’s no different from the spider that spins a web in the corner of your bedroom. Its eyes and ears mean nothing because it is small and harmless. I’m certainly not going to kill it for being there. I might scoop it up and take it outside if I feel like taking the time to do so, but I’m not going to avoid undressing in my bedroom because the spider can see. But I’m also not going to invite spiders into my house so that they can make a mess with a network of webs all over my bedroom, and that is what Facebook is. It’s a web of voyeuristic spiders that just clutter up your life. And since I don’t wish to be tangled in their webs, or constantly brushing them away from my skin, I keep Facebook out of my life as much as possible.

The necessity for the human being to rise past the need for social reassurance is why I look to the overman as the intended goal of our species. If being human is defined by the weakness for public acceptance than moving beyond those needs would be the definition of an overman. An overman does not worry about the overlords. They do not have power over the overman’s life. The overman does not care about the happenings of those pathetic creatures. The overmen do not care if millions of eyes are upon them everywhere they go, for it is no different in the forest where thousands of insects and the cells on the leaves of trees are aware of a human in their midst’s and they observe carefully for the sanctity of their own survival. The eyes of the CIA, the FBI, of Zuckerberg and all the rest are just that to me, the eyes of insects whose lives rise and fall by the nature of their existence. Their feeble minds are bound to imprisonment for all eternity because they are stuck in a world built by acceptance and believe that by controlling the behavior of the masses that they can ensure the survival of all. But it’s just another web built by just another spider which can be swept away in an instant at the will of the overman, and there’s nothing the spider can do about it.

And as to how Facebook is evil let me refer to the definition of evil by one of my favorite philosophers Ayn Rand from the great book Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand. “Evil is not consistent and does not want to be consistent. What it wants is to inject itself into the life-sustaining process sometimes—short-range, out-of-context, at whim. To achieve this end, it needs only a single concession by the good: a concession of the principle involved, a concession that evil is proper “sometimes.” Such a compromise is evil’s character of liberty. Thereafter the irrational is free to set the terms and spread by further whim, until the good—and man—is destroyed.” That is what Facebook is all about. That is why it’s evil.

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