An Indroduction to Objectivisim: The Power of Ayn Rand’s Philosophy

Since it is obvious that our culture has been virtually destroyed through public education, then the task before us is to rebuild ourselves so that intelligence can once again become a foundation within our society. After viewing a recent school board meeting for my local school system and countless trustee, city council, and commissioner meetings, knowing many legislators, participating in countless hours of conference calls, audits, and general business relations, I see there is a clear need for society to step up and perform at a new level of interactivity. Wisdom and intelligence needs to be a part of human interaction once again, because what’s going on today isn’t working.

As I listened with patience for probably the last time, parent after parent speak to the school board hoping to raise taxes yet again to cover their budget short falls I realized that the minds of these poor souls are simply broken. I was not angry at them. My feelings were no different than one would be angry at a child for falling down because the child was learning to walk. The feeling was pity in hoping that they might someday learn to walk and comprehend the world in a similar fashion as I can so that I might be able to have a conversation with them at some future time.

It is in that spirit that I offer the following. I hope with this post to teach those who are stumbling how to walk, how to think, so that we might someday have a conversation and actually achieve something productive.

For my readers here who are fans of the great book Atlas Shrugged you already have the foundation to crawling back into a society that is built on reason. If you understand Atlas Shrugged, then you have the first brick in place for rebuilding your life and society at large. If you have not read that book, then you should. If you want to understand the problems of our day and how to fix them, you should start with that book.

However, that book alone will not do it. We know as human beings that there is an inherit truth in Atlas Shrugged, but we do not know why. We just sense it. Well, Ayn Rand actually had the details of why Atlas Shrugged as a philosophy called Objectivism worked and she constructed her novel as a way to display the mechanisms of her philosophy. That leads the next book that should be studied which is the Leonard Peikoff classic Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, which I’ve referred to on a few occasions. That book would be the next step in understanding how to fix the problems that are in front of us as a nation.

But to more easily understand some of the ideas portrayed in that book by Peikoff, The Culture of Reason Society has produced several lectures to help introduce the ideas discussed in Objectivism. You can see them at their home web site.


For the ease of my readers though, and for use in understanding some of the things I discuss at this website, I am putting the entire lecture series offered by The Culture of Reason Society here for easy study. So grab some popcorn and give yourself some time. What follows while be the equivalent of a semester of college level philosophy and you can have it for free so that you can learn and share with your friends.

Enjoy the lectures and take plenty of notes. And make sure to send this link to someone you care about. This stuff is very important and required for correcting our lopsided society. It’s powerful stuff. If you find some of this difficult, that’s OK. It may challenge your beliefs. I agree with most of it, not all of it, but in essence the goal of the material is designed to make you think which is the primary goal of reason. So keep an open mind and relax and let the material soak in. Don’t try to learn it too quickly, but a bit at a time. If you want it in MP3 form, they sell the material which can be downloaded onto an iPod or similar device which I’d recommend in addition to this format.

Hearing the same material a second or third time with a different media device is the best way to absorb the material before jumping into the ultimate goal which would be to read Peikoff’s book found in the philosophy section of your local book store.

To understand why this objectivism is important for modern society to learn read David Deming’s paper called “The Noble Savage.”  It is how we arrived at this place in time where we must relearn how to be thinking beings, and not the result of a primate progressive marketing effort.


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3 thoughts on “An Indroduction to Objectivisim: The Power of Ayn Rand’s Philosophy

  1. I’ve been so busy I forgot to comment on this one! Thanks for this one Rich. I’m a big fan of Rand and Objectivism.

    The next Overmanwarior lunch: pizza followed by a trip to the Warbird Museum, topped off by a field trip to the philosophy section at Barnes and Noble? 🙂


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