The Day Lakota Died: February 13th 2012–the decision to be taken off life support

When Mike Schell of Fox 19 met me in the hall at Lakota East to get a few comments for his story on the epic school board meeting held at Lakota East’s auditorium that was packed to the ceiling with concerned Lakota residents, he asked me why I was there since I have been such a staunch advocate against the tax increases. I told him I was curious as to what the administration was going to do, that they had some time to get things right since the election, and I was coming to the meeting with an open mind hoping that Mantia and the gang of administrators were going to do something bold, and good for the future of Lakota. Mike then told me the cliff notes version of the meeting which he had in his hand. The proposal was 69 teaching positions cut and reducing the teaching day from a 7 period day to 6. I shook my head and told Mike I was disappointed. You can see the rest of the interview at the Channel 19 site and what I said next.

I was disappointed as I sat with my wife in the top row of the large auditorium and watched the proceeding with growing revulsion as the meeting began at 7 PM. To me, the school boards choice was an easy one. After the defeat of the levy in November, they had a mandate from the community with over 18,000 voters turning down their third levy attempt to ask the teachers union to take a 5% pay cut, which isn’t a big deal since the average pay at Lakota is $63K per year. That simple request would have put Lakota’s budget in line with the revenue stream coming to it where residents pay around $1,140 per 100K of property value on their businesses and residence. That tax is already high. So much so that it does discourage existing businesses and prospective businesses from coming to the Lakota district. That number is the breaking point, so from my vantage point and many who support the NO LAKOTA LEVY group, the tax burden needs to be decreased, not increased.

At the school board meeting the only way to describe my nausea at the obvious scheme to launch the district into a FOURTH tax levy attempt was to compare it to the visitation of a funeral. That’s how it felt. The participants on that large stage in front of a vast audience fumbled about like an episode of the Three Stooges. These buffoons had the audacity to attempt to attract this large crowd to the biggest venue in the district so they could show a PowerPoint presentation on a very large screen to look good for the cameras. I instantly recognized the tactic by Superintendent Mantia, because she used almost the exact same forum up in Pickerington when she lobbied for a levy passage that passed just this last August. The goal of the meeting, (THE REAL GOAL) was not to announce any real cuts. It was to say that the Lakota School System was going to go to state minimums and do only what they had to do to get by. In fact, the teachers are going to teach one less class a day since they are getting rid of the 7th period! So they are doing less work than they do now! How is that beneficial?

Hidden in the dialog throughout the evening was the reminder that if the community did pass a levy, that some of what was being taken away could come back as a kind of Plan B. The entire event was a page ripped right out of Saul Alinsky’s The Delphi Technique. The school board batted around comments like tennis players hitting a ball and a bewildered audience watched waiting for a score. A woman in front of me took vigorous notes until 8:30 as her three kids started getting restless. The meeting began with a lot of energy, but by 9 PM the energy had died and people started to look at the exits. The entire goal of the meeting was to drag out a large audience, complain about how little money the board had to work with, and then use a lot of terminology that the audience would think sounded impressive to appear efficient.

The only strategic option the school board had was to force the union to take further concessions and if the union refused, to use that against them in a public relations campaign. That is if the school board wished the future solvency of the district and not just some short shot in the arm from a tax increase by a levy passage. Increased taxes are not an option. It will cripple the growth of the Lakota district not only in families moving to the area, but also the commercial business that is prevalent in the community. Yet the school board showed at this latest meeting without any doubt that they are completely on the side of the union labor and lack the resolve to meet the budget crises head on and actually solve it. After several months of work after a failed levy, our triple dipping superintendent Karen Mantia from Pickerington, Ohio who makes nearly a quarter of a million dollars in overall compensation can do nothing more with her budget than cut teachers and services as an extortion racket to set up another school levy attempt in 2012.

I witnessed from the top row the funeral of public education, which I’ve never been a fan of, but saw it die right in front of my face. Any hope that public education could resurrect itself was beyond doubt gone from that stage at Lakota East on February 13, 2012. Lakota is the 7th largest district in the state of Ohio; it’s been excellent with distinction for over a decade. Lakota is the best of the best when it comes to public education, and it is a scam. So if Lakota is a scam, then what are all those schools who aren’t as good as Lakota? Lakota is a scam because there was never any intention to balance their budget no matter what combination of personnel was put on the board, because the system itself is on life support and what the audience has to do is decide whether or not to pull the plug or not.

As I watched a parade of parents plead with the school board to find ways to reach out to those of us in the NO LAKOTA LEVY so that some common ground could be found to pass the next levy, I saw a group of people addicted to money like a dying patient might be addicted to morphine. The public school of Lakota is comatose because its employees lack the will to make any hard decisions. They think the school exists so that their employees can make healthy incomes, double-dip in their retirements, have great insurance benefits, and have all summer off. And they are willing to feed off kids to achieve their goal. Their very lives require vast sums of money to feed their addiction and once that money is cut off it is clear that their collective minds lack any direction, imagination, or leadership to exist on their own. So the moment they are taken off that supply of money they become sick and are ready to die.

I’ve joked about it here, I’ve ranted about it on these very pages, but public education is in all essence dead. Tax levies are the life support that keeps them living, and they are in such a condition because they are money addicts. Their philosophy is essentially wrong and this has led to the addictive behavior that they don’t even understand about themselves. It was obvious to me and to others in the audience who see that the body is already dead even as that body attempts to put on a big show to pretend they are in fact alive and well. They aren’t. Because the moment there isn’t any money to keep them alive, they are ready to die, unable to break themselves of that addiction. The school as a whole would rather cut off parts of their body in labor reductions and reduce their offerings to the community as a service than adjust their bloated bodies with the hard decision of restructuring their lives to what the community is supplying them with in funding.

I left the meeting at a quarter till 10 PM as a slow boil of anger swelled within me well into the next day that finally erupted halfway through the following afternoon during a contentious conference call on an unrelated matter. As my wife and I left, it had the same feeling that we’ve had as we’ve left the visitation of a family member at a funeral. The school board members and supporters of public education are so far out of touch that they didn’t know they were already dead. Instead they reside like ghosts who refuse to move on hovering over their bodies in confusion as if somehow they would spring back to life.

It was sad to see, but also revolting all the same. It’s an insult to be told by a ghost how to live life, yet that is what the Lakota School Board did at their meeting. It’s like taking advice from an alcoholic how to avoid drinking too much; it’s an insult to listen to the slurred speech of the drunkard lecture on the evils of drinking. The school board instructed the audience of the need for cutting money while at the same time asking for more, so they could live just a few minutes longer, just one more year. Once 2014 hits the pay freeze will be lifted and Lakota will have an onslaught of employees expecting 3% to 6% increases to make up for their losses during the three-year pay freeze designed to get a levy passed.

Public education is a joke. The employees of the system are a joke. And the administrators are a joke and in bed with the employees. The whole system is a failure of money addicts lost in a reality of their own making. And they have committed their own suicide by their actions and lack of realism. When residents of the nearby neighborhood of Four Bridges are paying over $5000 a year on their homes, as both parents work hard to just keep their property as their value plummets and job opportunities are restricted, the idea of a further tax on homes like that are unbearable, not to mention the senior citizens on a fixed income or the businesses that are barely getting by and thinking of leaving their leases for a cheaper district. The Lakota School System under the leadership of the Ohio School Board Association in Columbus and the Ohio Education Association and its parent organization the National Education Association of socialists have painted themselves into a corner and expect to be rescued with life support to sustain their addiction to money. But the money isn’t there anymore and the community must now decide whether or not to pull the plug on a loved one in order to ease their own minds to the terminal patient that will never get better on their own.

To me the thing is already dead. It might look like its breathing; it might even look into your eyes. But it’s the drugs talking. In this case it’s a $160 million dollar plus budget that somehow isn’t enough. And given that fact, I’m prepared to pull the plug and leave the hospital. Because the death is inevitable—it’s just waiting for someone to make the hard decision.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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47 thoughts on “The Day Lakota Died: February 13th 2012–the decision to be taken off life support

      1. I’m about to really piss some off if R.I.P is offensive. Buckle up.
        I got my ass kicked on and off in school until I left Florida. It was the 70’s and the school was almost all black. The culture clash was a daily grind. I’d go home bloodied for standing up for myself and what did my parents say? Either don’t pick fights you can’t win or buck up!!
        These kids are so freaking coddled these days, they have zero natural defense strategies. They’ve been stripped away by the parents. I see it everyday in every situation. I’d say society will eat them alive but society is just as coddled. Just pathetic and spineless.
        OK…. bring on the therapist who’s gonna “school” me on bullying. Take it elsewhere. I’ve heard it all.
        Unicorns and butterflies not working out so well eh?


  1. You are right on target. The taxpayers are sick and tired of footing the freight for a system that is not only out of control, but totally ineffective. The government/union controled schools have lost touch with reality. Test scores are manippulated (e.g. Atlanta) by almost all school districts. I was told by a parent that on test day they “pull the kids who won’t do well into another room.” That’s manipulating the results. They use the “Excellence” rating as a form of propaganda and most people don’t realize how low the stardards for excellence really are calculated.

    Why wouldn’t Lakota have better test scores than Cincinnati Public Schools where less than 14% actually graduate. Now CPS has the, not so brilliant, idea of paying seniors $25.00 per week to attend school. Just because a kid attends school doesn’t mean he actually learns anything. They say “14% graduation rate” without a hint of shame.

    Sheriff Jones was on the Cunningham show today and said that the schools are a mess. That there is no discipline in them and the kids run helter skelter in the halls. Not a teacher is seen in control the situation. Hall duty is considered and “extra duty – supplemental” position. How can anyone learn anything if there is zero control in the schools. Most of the teachers do not dress professionally and the students are not dressed in a manner for serious study. Check out the news videos taken at the schools. See for yourselves and remember the contrast of private schools. It is a well documented fact that in schools that enforce a dress code, the students perform at a significently higher

    Getting back to the deficit. The “General Fund” of Lakota is over $150 million. Add to that total the millions and millions of dollars that are owed to banks for the construction and reconstruction of all of those schools. Who is qualified to manage that amount of money? Does anyone believe that anyone on the board knows anything about finance in those numbers? Does anyone believe that there is an expert among them that knows anything about construction? Does anyone believe that just one of them has an idea of planning a budget with the money they have on hand? You have a glorified teacher running the schools. She is not an expert and probably obtained her superintendent diploma on line. Most of them do exactly that.

    Now for the $9 million deficit. I notice that they do not state over what period of time that deficit will accumulate. They don’t state how many raises are built into that deficit. There is no explanation as to why they do not have a deficit today, but soon they will have a $9 million deficit. They do not say that they have made $9 million worth of promises that they don’t have the money to pay. Why do they make promises they can’t keep? Why do they negotiate with the union for raises that there isn’t any money to pay? The answer is that they feel like they are ENTITLED to these raises whether they are effective or not. They get the raises and double raises because they have been in the building for so many years. They don’t have to perform well. They only have to sit on their chair and BE THERE. What other profession pays their workers for being alive? All other professions demand their employees to perform well. You do your job well or you move on. So the $9 million is an amount of money that was promised to the union when the board knew they didn’t have the money. They created the deficit expecting the taxpayers to pay more taxes. EXTORTION TACTICS would be used like they are always used to extract more money out of retired people living on a very low fixed income. Over 70% if the taxpayers have no children in school and many of them never had any children in school. My annual tax bill went up over $600.00 for a 3.8 mill levy. That is $600.00 that I could use to pay my ever increasing heating bill.

    Speaking of heating bills. Look at the two high schools that they built. Take a nice long look and ask yourself what brainchild designed those buildings? Green energy certainly wasn’t a factor or energy conservation or building on a flood plain where huge sump pumps must be going 24/7 so that the basement won’t flood. What special favors were considered when that property was sold to the district? A district that could have built a school elsewhere.

    Lastly, that meeting was held for entertainment purposes. I would make a bet that teachers were required to attend. Probably most of the people there were teachers. Stacked for pressure Alinsky style all the way. GREED!!!!!!!


      1. We love our Gatekeeper. What a great post Sandra! The other side of it that I’ve seen is the high costs of constructing these new buildings…expensive union labor that could have been done much cheaper with competitive bidding. It’s all a huge union money laundering scheme..take the money from our pockets which will end up in Democrat re-election coffers.


  2. OMG. Cut N Run Mantia is up to her old tricks. I know it’s not unique, but that’s EXACTLY what the Pukerington schools (under the control of Mantia) did when the levy failed in Nov 2010. Cut teaching positions (including THREE award winning teachers), cut busing, cut athletics programs.

    If they really believe all their socialist drivel about “To each according to his need” they would all take an across the board pay cut so all their comrades could stay on board. The systems show how incredibly selfish those in the teaching system are.

    I’m sick to death of it all. The SAME dog and pony show, just moves from one town to the next. The SAME players. The SAME outcome.


    I’ve surmised the people of Pukerington are too effing stupid to figure out what’s good for them. They all want to support their fellow PTO moms and look good to one another, and especially lick the ass of the teachers and their union.

    I’m SO glad you have a strong base there in Lakota. We need to import some of your residents into Pukerington.


  3. Oh, and tell me HOW A SHORTER SCHOOL DAY saves money for the district? They might save $1,000 a month in utility bills, but the effing teachers sure aren’t taking a pay cut.

    Effing stupid. God damn I’m tired of Mantia and her union f*cks!!!

    Can you tell I’m mad?


    1. It’s alright. Be pissed off! These are thieves and looters to the absolute extreme. Self entitled bits of shit on a stick. And the stick up their ass is held by the union! Bunch of lying, manipulative, punks!


    2. Wow. How in the world did Lakota manage to cover up this sad, sad suicide of a bullying victim that occurred LAST WEEK? NO mention of it in the board meeting, was there? I heard about this last week and cannot believe it was nowhere in the papers…..when we reported our child being bullied last year, we were barely tolerated, and the school acted as if we were the perpetrators. We contacted the state about all the bullying incidents and they were completely ignored. They simply do NOT care about the safety of our kids at all (as shown by their rush to eliminate busing if we dont vote for a levy). sad….
      Didnt Lynda Oconnor say in an interview that “bullying has no place in the boardroom”?
      heres a news flash-bullying has NO PLACE in school. its tolerated, and unreported. Very, very disturbing.
      By all ,means, lets blow past the sad, sad loss of a pre-teen and just push for a levy passage……..


      1. That young lady did not kill herself because of bullying. Don’t bring that tragic incident into your rant when you have no idea what the facts are. Her family doesn’t owe you or anyone else any explanation as to why their daughter did what she did.


      2. Well that’s an interesting response, I never identified the child as a girl or a boy—oalso funny that you should accuse me Of not knowing what I am talking about- I knew abou the incident the day it happened and heard from many what this child was going through. Quite honestly, I was shocked that this didn’t warrant more coverage, this is such a sad, sad situation. Ultimately, no matter what her reasons were, we can all agree it’s unacceptable that a young teen would feel there was no other alternative than to take her own life.


      3. What was it? The kids in the school are saying otherwise. What’s that all about? If it’s a private matter, I understand. But why did the school involve themselves in it with a letter? I didn’t think anything of it till the reports from students brought the issue to the surface.


      4. Again, it isn’t anyone’s business except for her family and close friends what her reasons were. She has plenty of friends at school that are making sure the message is spread throughout the student body that she was defintely not a victim of bullying. I have two students in that building and they and their friends know it wasn’t about bullying. As a parent, I see nothing wrong at all with the letter that came home. Please don’t use her death as an excuse to get even madder at the administration.


      5. Sadly I do not have to find an excuse to be angry with administration. A friend of mine who has a child at the school was complaining about bullying and how noone wanted to report it or do anything about it– a few days later she told me about this tradgedy and how it could have been prevented….I had a child who was bullied and we tried everything in our power to get some assistance–no one, including the school psychologist was willing to even call us back. Bullying is a serious issue, and one that should in the best of all worlds not be tolerated EVER.
        So again, even if this is not the case with this particular instance, Lakota needs to act like they care when these issues occur. There should be a no tolerance policy in place, which we were told was being put in place by administration last year.


      6. And yet you want it brought up at a board meeting and accuse Lakota of a “cover up”. Unbelievable. And you don’t know what you are talking about because you called this a “sad suicide of a bullying victim”. Just stop it already.


      7. Please don’t put words in my mouth–I never said I wanted it “brought up” at the board meeting….however I find the almost complete “blackout” of the news in this case very strange. Last year when a Lakota east golfer killed himself there was wall to wall coverage, which is sad for the family, but important for the public and the kids to know there are resources out there if they need it.


  4. The kid killing himself is indeed sad. But I have a question: if he’s being bullied, and he tells his parents, why the f*ck would you even involve the school? Even thought it’s happening AT school, it’s no more the school’s fault OR their responsibility.

    When did we cede control to the f*cks in the schools? They don’t know how to wipe their asses.

    It’s between your kid and the bully, and you and his parents. Or how about teaching your kid to fend for himself? Teach him to stand up, punch the bully in the face? The school would find out AFTER the fact, when the bully shows up at school black and blue.

    Go see the parents! Read them the riot act! Get in their face! I certainly wouldn’t take any sh*t if someone was messing with my kid.

    Boy have things changed since I was a kid.

    Let’s all crawl in our little rabbit hole and suck our thumb and let the schools tell the bullies to stop mis-behavin’.


    1. Great comment. The trouble is we did give control over to the schools. The schools step in if they suspect abuse in the home. They inject themselves into the lives in students in many ways, but when something goes wrong, they want to shrug off the responsibility. As parents we are not “allowed” to tell our kids to punch a bully in the face, and because the schools think they can police all situations. So the result is kids who grow up and vote for police to run them like a police state. So the schools are responsible for this culture of “safety” that they try to sell. Of course those of us with common sense know schools can’t perform a perfect world for students. But they seem to think they can, and when the world is not perfect, they shrug off the responsibility.


  5. good post rich, glad you attended the function im sorry your the only one in the room to “get it” though. its as though everyone is looking at the bloated ground hog carcus and wondering why its so big- it takes someone with courage to jab a stick in it so everyone can find out its full of maggots.
    im looking at a letter from the tax dept informing me of a reappriasal of my property, so I hold my breath and wish for the best. Presently it takes one of my social security checks just to pay the property taxes now.


  6. You have an incorect statement in your blog that I hope you will correct. Teachers will not be teaching less, they will be teaching more. Teachers now teach 6 out of 7 bells. In teh new schedule, they will be teaching 6 out of 6 bells. In addition, bells will be longer and class sizes larger. Teachers plan peeriod will now be before school starts. Hope you correct your error.


    1. I’ll let your comment do the correction. I’m not sure how I feel about your explaination. It’s still less. At least from my perspective. I mean you get to start at 8 and quit at 3? And there’s a lunch period. I start my day at 5 AM and at noon I’m only halfway through my day that doesn’t end till around 5 to 6 PM. I’m not trying to make you feel bad, or belittle what you’re doing, but it’s not something I consider difficult.

      But thanks for the insight.


      1. I agree….how can teaching the same amount of bells be considered more?? Unless your workday is extended, you are not working longer, you are simply working more efficiently. Like Rich, my day starts very early, and often I am working into the night. I dont even have a lunch built into my schedule, I just eat on the run. No biggie


      2. if they cut the school day by a half hour and the teachers are salried, where is the savings? and as far as class size- in a couple years in college, the class size is hundreds. kids that want to learn will.


      3. I start my day at 5:30 to 6, and work at least till 5, but then how would you even begin to know, my schedule? Also, since you have no clue what I do how would you know if its easy or hard? Maybe you should think before you assume? I don’t have a “lunch period” I try to catch lunch when my job gives me a chance, but I guess you are tryingt to “belittle” me?


  7. PP, although I agree with you on almost everything…I have to say…if bullying, severe bullying is going on in school, sorry it is EVERYONE’s responsibility–My child has special needs, and was unable to defend herself. We were on the phone with parents, other students and to the people who observed this bullying and looked the other way. to say the school has no responsibility….were not talking about someone who had their lunchbox stolen…Im talking about systematic and repeated verbal attacks,and not every child can be taught or is capable of “fighting back”. the bullying Im talking about is not physical.
    we are lucky we have such a good relationship with our child, and she was able to come with us…or we might be another sad story they would have to cover up.
    Obviously it starts at home, but according to what they said at the board meeting the other nite, their mission is to provide a safe and secure environment.


    1. Believe it or not (since you met me in person NLKM 🙂 ) I was an obese kid who went to a small elementary and grade school. I was the only “target” at that school; I got all the bullying. There’s nothing like a fat, smart kid with glasses! Many times my lunch, books, or jackets were stolen and my parents had to replace them. The teachers absolutely knew it was going on but they were friends with the parents of the “cool” kids who were doing the bullying. If I complained that my books were stolen the teachers just laughed.

      Later on (cue “Rocky” music) around 9th grade I said “f**k this” and lost 60 pounds, began working out and learned to defend myself. The point is that I considered suicide many times and in my opinion it was a failure of my parents as well as the teachers. The kid in Lakota who committed suicide is sad but surely it speaks to a lack of involvement by the parents.


    2. NLKM, I agree, your child is an exception to the rule. I think society has a special role in protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Teachers and schools especially are held to higher standards than the rest of the poplace, only because they are in a position of authority to protect the children, so it’s especially reprehensible when they refuse to do their job.

      The principal of one of our Pukerington junior highs has been confronted by parents over bullying issues in that school, and nothing ever gets done. He keeps tabling action, appointing committees, brainstorming, the usual progressive, do-nothing bullsh*t. Good thing the arts hasn’t been lost from our schools — this principal is the best tap-dancer in the county!

      We had a situation here in Cowtown where a mentally challenged girl was sexually assaulted at Mifflin Junior High and the principal and several other teachers refused to call the police in a timely fashion because she didn’t want the call to go out over the police scanners (thus letting the public know what a sh*t for brains she was by letting one of her children get assaulted). She was eventually fired and the union actually tried to get her reinstated. I think she works at Church’s fried chikken now. At least I hope.

      Glenn Beck invited our beloved (unopposed + elected too many freakin’ times) Mayor Michael Coleman on his show to discuss it, accused Coleman and things in Cbus being totally out of control, and Coleman totally freaked. It’s classic.


      1. Thank you for that. many parents feel as you do, that bullying and policing of the bullying is the parent’s responsibility and noone elses. I call BS on that, whether or not the child can defend themselves. If it;s under your roof, sorry its your responsibility. In my place of business, if an act of violence or nastiness takes place, its my responsibility to control it. There is a statute out ( i think 677) that specifically speaks to bullying incidents, how to handle them and how to report them.
        Last year when that 16 year old killed himself, the first thing we said to ourselves was “this will not be the last”. We were told a “zero tolerance policy” was going to be put in place. it’s sad, very sad, and perhaps I am so upset by it because it hits so close to home.
        And I am sorry you were a victim of bullying yourself! As i posted last nite, lynda oconnor said “bullying does not belong in the boardroom”
        Newsflash–doesnt belong in the schools either, at least act as if you are attempting to police it.


      2. One of the (many) challenges for the teachers is the spineless administrators that are running the schools. They are more worried about getting sued than they are about protecting the children. When my daughter fell at recess in 4th grade and broke her wrist, they behaved as if they thought I was going to sue them for millions of dollars.

        I was (and still am) vertically challenged when I was a kid. I was always a head shorter than the rest of the kids. My self-defense mechanism was charm — I could charm girls, boys, bullies, anybody. But once or twice somebody pissed me off — and they NEVER pissed me off again. I bet they all remember that to this day.

        In one particular incident, my sister and I were in grade school, both rode the same bus. There was one kid on there who frequently picked on me, but I blew him off. Wasn’t really afraid, he was just a mongoloid with caveman parents (I think his dad was an MP – we were army brats).

        One day, however, I saw him picking on my big sister, and I literally FLEW into a rage, flinging my whole tiny little body at this kid, knocking him on his ass in the aisle, busting his lip, then I proceeded to pound on his face. It’s called earning respect. He NEVER bothered us again.

        In today’s society, I would probably still be suspended. In the sixties, I don’t think the driver put his cigarette down long enough to even look in the rearview mirror. Good times, good times.


  8. Glad to hear from Picktown Patriot. The fact that Mantia spent some of her days of wine and roses there is valid information. Looks like she didn’t learn much from her experience there. She is using the same old tactics while double-dipping at Lakota. They all have the same script. Directions come from the “comrades” at the top. They don’t make a move without checking with their lawyers (we pay their fees) and the OSBA. Check out:

    and see the invoices for the legal consultant fees. Lakota used the same firm when I was on the board. Everyone in that firm must be a millionaire many times over. Thank the property owners for their donations to the cause.

    Bullying is not dealt with because the administrators are too lazy to deal with the issue. They’d actually have to get off their a$$ and call a few people. Instead they just let the ticking time bombs tick on until there is an explosion.
    Does that bother them? No! They just sweep anything negative under the carpet and deny, deny and deny some more. A while back a friend of mine reported that her daughter was being physically abused right in the halls of the high school. She reported the violence to the principal and he denied he even knew her daughter. The girl was one of the top students in her class, very popular and known by just about everyone. The lazy a$$ principal just didn’t want to help.
    The mother showed the jerk bruises on her daughter where the criminal had hurt her. The principal just said that he had no authority over that boy. This violence happened near his office, on school time and he refused to deal with the situation. The girl had zero dealings with the boy. He was just fixated on her.
    So he was trying to get her interested in caveman style. I hear the guy is in the state pen today. No thanks to Lakota administrators.

    When people say most of the administrators are lazy, that they don’t care and that they often operate their side business right out of the schools – believe it. Many of their contracts allow them to travel all over the world as “consultants.” Often they are paid to speak at a meeting and the district pays their expenses to attend the meeting. Just another double-dipping scheme.
    Until lately, no one cared and no one checked the books. I feel the breeze of change, thanks to the people who read and write on this blog. Thank you Warror!!!


    1. You are right about the change. This article in a 24 hour period had over 1000 hits alone. So people are hungry for the information.

      Do we want to end public education? I didn’t start down this road wanting that. In the beginning I just wanted to keep the taxes lower. But now, I think public education is just another form of welfare. It’s a way to infringe on the property righs of American citizens while dumbing down the population and controlling society with leftist ideology.

      I know of a teacher who showed his class the film Hotel Rowanda, which is a good movie about a civil war in Africa. I asked the man, did you also show your class The Patriot. How about Amastad? Why not show those films too, why Hotel Rowanda?

      Because the guy was sucking up to the union and thier global agenda. He was hoping to get his name in the OEA newsletter, or maybe get a feature with Progress Ohio. Maybe he’d get an award at the next NEA convention. That’s how these idiots think, and we pay for all this crap with HIGH taxes. I personally think the whole business of education should be turned over to the private sector and the government should be taken out of it entirely. Homeschooled kids are doing better with much less experience, so it’s time to admit that public education is not the way to go. it’s a scam at every level. It has as much merit as the kid at Kings Island who guesses your weight in one of those booths. The educators are just guessing what the world will be like tomorrow, and the world they are preparing our kids for is the one that the NEA sends them in the newslatters. They are way off base from the reality of an economy that must reset itself. All the inflation that has occured since Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard is coming crashing down. Who will pay $100K for college then. Nobody. People will be lucky to have a job at McDonalds at this rate. We have let these fools ruin our country and all they want to do is ask for more money! It disgusts me!


    2. Sandra, I disagree about Mantia not learning at Picktown. She learned all too well, and I believe she was recruited by the OEA to come down there and break the logjam like she did her in Pukerington.

      I can guarantee if my daughter came home from school with bruises, I would give the principal 1 day to deal with the issue. Then, assault charges against the other student, as well as a restraining order.

      I would also try to file criminal negligence and child endangerment charges against the principal, asst principal, and the entire school board. I would also file suit against the schools and the principal individually. I’m sure the county prosecutor and sheriff wouldn’t cooperate (after all, the schools keep money coming in to support the sheriff’s budget, with a deputy at each Pukerington school at start and end times every day, and the schools pay for that “private duty”), but you could sure start a firestorm in the media.

      I would also attend EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL BOARD MEETING until I got satisfaction.

      How could they ignore such a story?


    3. as the overman would say, sweep it under the carpet….then ask the taxpayers to pay for more carpets to cover up some more stuff…..


  9. Easy to snipe from the sidelines, harder to come up with the solutions. Public education dead? Well, OK, what is in it’s place? “Private” education for all? Maybe only those who can afford it? What if they do something stupid? Summit Country Day, tuition $20K+, also had students watch “Hotel Rwanda” and missed “The Patriot,” can we shut them down too? Did your teacher really say, “Hey, I’m sucking up to the union and trying to get my name in the OEA newsletter!”?

    Homeschooling for all? Really??? Do you have the time to do that? Like everyone on this board, I work 5am to 11pm and miss lunch everyday, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to teach my kids.

    I guess returning to the gold standard is the only way to fix education/inflation/everything. Damn you Nixon!


    1. Make time for it. Rearrange your life around the important things. And snipe from the sidelines? Many of the people chiming in on this board have been school board members themselves, or they worked on behalf of a school levy at some time, or like me have tried to help these schools by showing them how to balance a budget.

      You don’t kill a black hole by going into it. Jumping on a school board or finance committee is just that, a black hole. I know many well intentionted people who try to help, but they can get nowhere with the current system. So sniping from sidelines is not what’s going on. We are giving the result of our findings. Big difference.

      Privatize education and competition will bring down the cost per pupil, because right now it’s a monopoly that costs too much and does too little.


  10. Kids in a one room school received a better education in eight years than our current kids receive in 12 and even 16 years. Even college has been dumbed down in this country. Foreign students could go from high school to grad school without any trouble. Our college grads owe $100,000 or more and can’t find work. So they “occupy” to assert their frustration. Over 50% of young people are currently unemployed. That fact alone is going to lead to revolution in this country. People that are comfortable now will find out that the gas at $5.00 a gallon, no electricity (power plants shut down by government decree), food shortages (land not allowed for farm use by government decree) etc. etc.
    The economy is heading for the tanker, much like Greece. All of the unions will be on the street working for Obama. They want their man and his handlers back in office.


    1. That’s true, all of it. I am surprised by those who put themselves in debt, where both parents have to work full time, then complain they don’t have the time to “teach” their kids. Doesn’t that sound wrong to anybody? I made sure my wife was able to stay home so she was always there for my kids. I always saw it as my responsibility. Why do these parents think it’s OK to run themselves into financial trouble then expect society to teach their kids with free government schools? Think how much money parents would have if they didn’t have to pay property tax and could use that money on the school of their choice?

      Of course I already know the answer, and I know you do to. : )


      1. Oh, the tangents I could go off on…it all starts with responsibility– how many children , how much of a house, how nice of a car can you afford? What are you priorities? i never even drove a new car until my company gave me one a few years ago….yet I see teens in my neighborhood driving brand new bmw’s!
        I applaud anyone who makes it their priority to teach their kids, and to make sure a parent is home.


  11. That video says so much. Most countries are way ahead of our standards. Our standards are written by the union. The Race to the Top money went to the school districts and they spent it on union salaries and benefits. When the Race to the Top money ran out, the school districts had to find a way (levies) to fill the gap. Special interests (unions) have decided that elementary school kids can use calculators in class. They don’t have to learn to write in cursive, they don’t have to bother to learn spelling and punctuation, they can read any kind of trash and write (print) a report, they don’t have to bother with dates, places or facts of any sort. So when “the man on the street” asks them a general date of the civil war, they don’t have a clue. I recently read that calculators should never be used in elementary school, kids should have to memorize (rote learn) facts and multiplication tables etc. It develops the brain. Of course that is something that is not a goal of our government schools. Until every kid is wearing a Che shirt, they won’t feel like they have done their job.


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