Whitney Houston: Glenn Beck talks about her life and death on GBTV

I don’t have much thought about the death of Whitney Houston other than to say that her trajectory was predictable and self-imposed. It was easy to see where she was headed, and it’s frustrating to see and not be able to help such people. I live around and speak with future Whitney Houston’s every day and they are hell-bent on personal destruction. So I usually don’t commit much of my mind to their lives.

But Glenn Beck had a wonderful summation of the life of Whitney Houston on his GBTV show that many people who aren’t aware of his show might have missed. So I’m putting it up here so that it can be shared for its own merit.

A fate cannot be escaped. One plus one equals 2. 5 plus 5 equals 10. This notion that people can have whatever life they conger up in their minds no matter what they put into their head is utterly ridiculous and leads directly to these terrible tragedies whether it’s Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, or Elvis. Talent in life is not enough, and money cannot make you happy. It’s far more important to put quality into everything you do in life, than to just coast on a raw talent and hope it all works out. It takes work to live, and it takes a lot of work to live a good life. And sadly for stars like Whitney Houston, she not only deprived millions of fans a role model to look up to, but she denied herself a quality life that love, money, drugs, or any mindful fantasy could not give her. It’s a life lived in the pursuit of the wrong things that leads to such tragedies, and should provide a lesson for all the future ghosts that hover around us hell-bent on the same fate.

I’ll always remember Whitney Houston the for film The Bodyguard and her rendition of this song.


Too bad the words and actions of Whitney in that song only reflected an idea and not the actual words of a wise person.  They are just sounds that come from the talent of a unique voice but lack the foundation of reality like so many stars of our age.  Be cautious of what you let into your mind, because you are the sum of everything that you put into it.

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