The Crows Test: How the human race gets screwed over

A person of considerable intelligence might ask why our current society with all the technological innovation available to us, behave in such a foolish fashion. Why do people not see what Barack Obama and the government in general are all about? How have labor unions and politicians built an organized crime style empire on the backs of tax payer money in plan sight right without punishment? Why is it that with all the news stories happening at such a feverish pace on the nightly news that all news channels seem obsessed with the Republican nomination for president? Well, the answer is one of science, and is proven beyond refute, and the thieves of our society use this science to openly rob society in legalized theft.

This science is similar to what makes a human being see “magic” during a magic show. It’s used heavily in such demonstrations and can be tracked with the increase in media devices such as radio and television, and now the computer to happen in day-to-day life. One would think that with the advent of these technological breakthroughs that society would become collectively more intelligent, but this has not been the case.

To understand why society is functioning at a low-level of intelligence I will use an example discussed in the book Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand to exhibit the condition that is currently enslaving the human race. To understand the science of this enslavement we must look at how crows process cognitive information. Crows have been studied because they have shown to be comparatively intelligent for a grouping of animals, specifically birds. So they serve as an excellent example of displaying a complex problem.

A hunter goes into the woods to shoot a whole flock of crows that have gathered there, but upon seeing the hunter the crows flock to the tops of the trees to hide. The hunter frustrated that the crows won’t show themselves leaves the woods. After the hunter leaves, the crows come out of hiding from the top of the tree and resume their activity.

The hunter returns to the wood now with three hunters hoping to confuse the crows. The crows seeing the hunters flock to the top of the trees and hide as they did before. But this time the hunter tells his two buddies to leave the woods while he remains hoping to convince the crows that the danger is gone. The two hunters leave and the first hunter remains. However, much to the hunter’s frustration, the crows remain hidden. This is because the crows have the cognitive ability to count and recognize the threat of three hunters as individual threats and not just a group threat of unidentified challenges to their static pattern existence. So the frustrated hunter leaves the woods not getting a clear target at any crows.

The hunter thinks about the problem and decides to try one more time. He grabs four other hunters and returns back to the woods. The crows see five hunters and flee back to the tops of the trees. The hunters have no clear targets. But the original hunter tells his four friends to now leave the woods which they do. The first hunter remains still. The crows see four hunters leave and they assume the threat has now left the woods. This is because the crows do not have the cognitive ability to see more than three threats at a given time, anything more than three sort of blends in to the surrounding environment. So the hunter has discovered the weakness of the crows. He has figured out a way to trick them into thinking the threat to their lives is gone. Once the crows believe this they leave the tree tops to resume their activity. At that time the hunter can then open fire and kill as many crows as his gun can destroy.

For human beings, we are considerably more intelligent than crows, but how much cognitive material can we process at any given time? Is it 7 items, 9 items, 20 items, how many issues can we deal with in our daily lives until everything becomes a blur to us.

Well to my knowledge developing cognitive ability is a skill built much like one builds a muscle. By doing the work of cognition often, the ability is improved. So I would probably be able to count more hunters than someone else, because I work the ability more than most people do. But at some point, we reach a saturation point in how much information we can absorb.

This is the strategy of the modern crook, the politician who seeks to swamp the human mind with so much detail that the average person cannot retain the information presented. This is why legal contracts tend to be too long, and sales people speak too fast, and the wording for products sold on TV for $19.99 are often too small to see, because the intent is to scam the public by presenting so many facts that no single person can understand the information. Just like the hunter sending the other four shooters out of the woods to trick the crows into coming out of hiding, the salesmen of the world wish very much to overwhelm their customers with too much detail.

The looters of our society do seek to overwhelm the voters, consumers, and demographic groups into behavior they know they can control. Obama has been very active with executive orders while the media focuses on the Republican debates. Looters know that most people arrive home at the end of their day with their minds filled with their business, their associates, their pleasures, their pains, and the essence of their survival—such as food, water and clothing. The human mind after being concerned with those primary things in their life have perhaps room for one or two major news stories before all the other information coming at them turns into a blur of data.

A person who has developed the ability to grapple more subjects at the same time might be able to pay attention to the needs of their family, make a living, pay their bills, read a newspaper, listen to the radio, then send texts to their friends while still maintaining the ability to read part of a book, watch the evening news, check their email and browse the internet for interesting topics pleasant to their minds. But somewhere in all that the modern human must develop some interest in the laws of their state and community, and pay attention to what the federal government is doing.

The looters know that most of the human beings they are dealing with do not have room for those other topics, let alone the notions of world economics and the spread of communism as a global political philosophy. Human beings have the tools available to them, in computers, the internet, and more books published per day than in any time in human history. There are numerous television programs that can teach everything from advanced physics to the history of particular battles. Yet society seems to not have the ability to handle very many topics at the same time and find themselves easy prey for the hunters in our civilization.

I watched this hunting of the human population just the other night at a school board meeting in my home district. The administrators wanting a tax increase from the public used all the key words to trick the large audience into believing that the hunters, (the administrators) were looking out for the residence of the district. The hunters know that the parents supporting the school had very full lives, and there wasn’t any room for these parents to learn much detail about why the school needed money. So the parents just wanted someone to tell them what to do, to vote yes on a levy or no. They don’t have the cognitive room to think, so they let the looters do it for them which was the plan all along as the meeting drug on for over two hours discussing so many little details that meant nothing, that the real intent of the meeting existed outside the cognitive ability of most of the audience.

The same thing goes on in our state and federal governments. This is why more people know the contestants to American Idol over who their representatives in government are. It’s because the American Idol knowledge is more pleasurable to know, and if the typical human must pick between the cognitive retention of one item or the other, they will almost always pick the one that is most pleasurable. That’s why sex sells. But since human beings do not have unlimited cognitive ability they cannot behold everything, just as the crows could not determine that all the hunters had left the forest if the number was greater than three. The human being, like the crow is vulnerable to an attacker if the predator attacks while the mind is being asked to function outside of its cognitive ability.

Much crime happens under these conditions, and the roots to evil seen in the human race can be traced back to this notion of limited cognitive ability in the human being as they find themselves continued victims of hunters who reside like the forest hunter, outside the human perception of cognition.

So be cautious of any being, governing body, or media outlet that attempts to overwhelm your mind with too many details too quickly. Chances are its being done on purpose. When you feel it happening, even if you can’t see the threat, duck your head, because there is a hunter in your midst’s ready to take a shot at you. Chaos is the camouflage of the predator, and camouflage does not always have to be cosmetic. Sometimes the camouflage can be within the mind as too many details flood the brain’s ability to reason through all the options and cognitive ability falters under the load. That’s when the attacks happen and the hunter’s show themselves. That’s when we wonder how it happened even though we couldn’t see it coming, but should have because the enemy was right under our noses.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “The Crows Test: How the human race gets screwed over

  1. Or, to get another explanation of this phenomenon, just go watch “Idiocracy”.

    I’ve got to get back to watching “OW!! My Balls!”. Best show ever 🙂


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