Attack of the Greenie Weenies: How to beat high gas prices

This is the kind of world that our current government wants us to have. Every time I see one of these stupid little cars I feel like running it over with my motorcycle.

I heard a fool the other day proclaim that they were willing to pay more Federal taxes because they use roads. Don’t they know that there is a separate tax built into the price of every gallon of gasoline? Well, of course they don’t. That’s why they’re stupid and why they don’t realize they are being looted in their pay checks. They are being looted when they buy and sell items. And they are being looted every time they buy a gallon of gasoline. When you go to the gas pump and pay almost $4 per gallon for gas, make yourself aware that you are openly being robbed, and not just in the very high taxes per gallon, as in Ohio where it’s 28 cents. The government led by Barack Obama and his imperialistic EPA is stealing from you each and every time you put gas in your car. The reason they are doing the robbing is to force you to buy one of their government-owned cars built at General Motors. The arrogant bureaucrats in Washington believe that if they force gas prices higher than you the consumer will be inclined to buy one of their electric cars or stupid little go-carts. They have artificially driven up the price of gas through their regulations in order to “nudge” Americans into giving up on their fossil fuel cars and buying “eco friendly” cars.

I’ve covered this issue before, and by reading the article below and the links attached to it, much perspective and more technical explanations about the increase in fuel costs can be ascertained.

But the essence of the scam is shown in this video which breaks down accurately the utmost thievery that is going on in the greenie weenie movement.

The same people who won’t allow the United States to drill for oil—so that there is an oil shortage can also add more regulations through the EPA to force oil refineries to drive up their prices. The government will have you believe that the oil companies are evil for wanting to make a profit, but what they don’t tell you is that they are ultimately the organization that is driving up the cost of gas not just in regulation, but also in helping maintain oil monopolies by stifling competition.

The decision to drive gas prices up to over $4 dollars per gallon or even $5 dollars per gallon is a direct push into forcing the American public into considering alternative forms of transportation. The government is more than happy to force Americans to decide between food and gas so that the stressed out citizens will give up their fossil fuel burning car for a greenie weenie mobile.

The American economy is built upon the premise that its people will have expendable income to spend on the economy.  Oil speculators will proclaim that the cost of oil is dictated by Middle East activity and world-wide demand.  They are liars, and are serving merely as emissaries to the greenie weenies.  So when fuel costs are driven upward to over $4 a gallon the Federal government is openly stealing from the American people, the money they might spend on eating out, on movies, on buying books, video games, or participating in a hobby.  When it costs over $50 to fill up a vehicle for a tank of gas as opposed to $35 a year or two prior, that $15 dollars is stolen money that the owner does not have to spend on an activity they might otherwise enjoy. 

The point is to frustrate the consumer of oil to the point that they will accept the dialogue of the greenie weenies.  The intention is to force Americans to stop protesting the times with their large cars and trucks and buy one of these punky cars that are simply glorified golf carts.  The price hike in gasoline is looted from the American people in order to achieve a social gain politically. 

But what are we to do about it?  How can we protest such a thing?  Well, I can tell you what I do.  I ride a motorcycle every day.  I can afford to drive a car.  I can afford to drive a big, fast car every day.  But I don’t, because I purposely have cut down my consumption so not to pay the extra taxes, and the inflated costs that are politically motivated.  My motorcycle gets nearly 45 miles per gallon and I ride it all year which saves me hundreds of dollars every month.  With that money I take my family out to eat, go to movies, or give my wife more money to go shopping with.  I do not give it to the government, or the greenie weenies.  That’s one of the primary reasons I ride a motorcycle all year. 

But if a person does not want to go to such extremes, I would suggest that you stop giving the government money that they can then use to take more money from you.  For instance, do not agree to pay more federal taxes because that money will end up finding its way to further funding of the EPA.  If you want to defeat an enemy, you must take away the money that feeds them.  In military activity we call this cutting off their supply lines.  In the Civil War the tactic was to destroy the railroads that fed southern forces with food and ammunition to the front.  In World War II the D Day invasion was to sever Berlin from coastal access and step between Berlin and France.  And in our modern war against government and specifically the greenie weenies we must cut off the money that feeds them so that they may whither away under their own opulence.

Do not approve a single new tax on yourselves.  If you don’t wish to have a police state, take away the money you give to the police.  If you don’t wish to have national insurance, take away the money that fuels those agencies.  And if you don’t want government controlled schools that help propel the entire machine of greenie weenie philosophy, cut the money that fuels those schools.  It is in the public schools that the greenie weenies teach our kids about the lie that is the climate concern movement of false science.  Such a science is only designed to rob the public of its wealth and lifestyle and is purely evil. 

I say to you do not turn the other cheek and just take it from these fools.  But take an eye for an eye.  If they rob from you, rob from them back.  Take from them the needed funding for their government expansion.  Take from them the funding for their “pet projects.”  Deny them of their future ability to rob loot and steal from the American people by taking away their money.

But inaction is not acceptable and if you just blindly pay the extra money for gas without complaint then you are assisting evil and are just as guilty as they are, because you helped them bring America to it’s knees with lack of action or protest.  For confirmation to what I’ve said notice that fuel costs right around the Christmas holidays dropped down to just under $3 per gallon, so that the economy would show positive growth during the holiday season.  The American people would have the extra money to buy Christmas presents because of the saving in fuel costs.  Such a drop in the cost of gas is not because the Middle East wanted to cut the American people a break, so they could go Christmas shopping, and it wasn’t the big evil oil companies who decided to cut their profits as a present to The United States.  The manipulation is exclusively the design of the EPA and the influence of the Federal government and it’s speculators of deceit.  The market is controlled by the government monopoly and the goal of global interdependence that is purposely driven to advance the agenda of the world greenie weenies, the old hippies of the 60’s and the children raised on the green initiatives of public education programmed into believing they will save the earth if they listen to the recommendations of the EPA. 

The increase in fuel costs are an assault on the American lifestyle and until citizens’ stand up for themselves, the looting will continue.  It will not be solved through pacifism, or through silent protests around the kitchen table.  It will only be solved by taking back the money that is looted in ways that hurt the greenie weenies themselves.  Cut the supply line of the enemy, and thus you will defeat the greenie weenies, and they deserve to be defeated because they attacked first.  We didn’t ask for it, but because of the greenie weenie actions we must defend ourselves by striking back and taking away the money that feeds them so that we can expel them from further intrusions into our lives and quest for freedom.  Once we defend ourselves we can then send the plans of the greenie weenies into a ball of flame, which is where they belong.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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5 thoughts on “Attack of the Greenie Weenies: How to beat high gas prices

  1. As a medical professional who travels through 3 states for work, I cannot ride a motorcycle–How i wish I could–so I agree to try and keep taxes to a minimum, unfortunately for some of us a motorcycle or public transportation is sadly not an option.


      1. Thanks for the pardon:)
        my gas reimbursement hasn’t changed in a few years, so every gas increase is a stab in my heart…and wallet. it infuriates me.


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