The Spy Master Takes Power: A mirror into the United States

Only in Russia does a chain represent freedom, but under Vladimir Putin’s leadership that is exactly what the Russian people are trying to convince the world of. Barred from a third term of Premiership by the Russian Constitution Putin has maneuvered himself into an obsessive quest for power and his behavior is alarmingly similar to Barack Obama’s own quest for power. It’s very interesting to observe just how close Vladimir Putin’s leadership is to Barack Obama’s. For those who forget how dangerous the Russian KGB used to be viewed world-wide it is alarming to see how accepting that same world is toward Putin who is in effect a master spy right out of a James Bond film and has found power much to his liking.

Putin loves power so much that he was the subject of Glenn Beck’s GBTV episode on this very topic. For whatever reason, most Americans find it difficult to grasp that much of the fantasy of spy films like James Bond are actually watered down revelations of the real mentality occurring in the actual world. I have provided many instances at this site about how the KGB has infiltrated American culture during the Cold War and had the intent to manipulate our culture to destroy it from within. This is a fact! It is not fiction. You can see one of those articles here:

You can see the video from GBTV below where Glenn Beck breaks down the most recent manipulations by the supposedly dismantled KGB, who now has a world leader from their ranks pulling the strings. This should concern every person on planet earth.

Spies like Putin know that most people are so addicted to their static patterns that they often will refuse to see the truth even if it is placed right in front of their faces. So for the sake of education I would encourage you dear reader to Google any term I use here along with the key word “OVERMANWARRIOR” and you will see the hundreds and hundreds of articles that I have written on that term. Pick any term, and you will see that I have written on it. Serious, try it out. So when you want to understand what static patterns are, know that they are what govern your life, and if you want to change those patterns then you must introduce a dynamic pattern and accept the results. If you reject the results, then your behavior will not change the evidence provided by the dynamic. Closing one’s eyes does not make the problem go away just like pulling the covers over your face may make one feel safer, but the danger outside of the covers is still very real. There is a real science to this stuff, and KGB agents, and the CIA are VERY aware of these methods. And they use them against each other, against other governments, and against the entire human race in various applications. This is not news.

Most people however do not want to accept that many of the influences in their lives currently may be the result of war between two counter spy networks who have become so good at their jobs that they are on a quest for power themselves. I saw a young girl the other day who was working on computers and she was covered in “PEACE” symbol jewelry. It’s very fashionable for young people to buy clothing and jewelry displaying the “peace symbol” so I asked her if she knew the origin. She of course didn’t, and when I explained to her that she was a victim of Cold War politics and that the peace symbol came from the KGB implanting it in American culture in the 60’s to turn the youth against the adults so that the will to fight against Russia was diminished greatly averting the necessity for direct conflict with communist Russia. Russia knew they could not beat America in a production war because communism cannot beat capitalism. So Russia sought out to turn American youth against the adult establishment in an effort to destroy America from within. And now we have a president like Obama which is a result of these youth created by the KGB in the 60’s who openly embrace communism. The KGB is as much behind the creation of The Great Society as LBJ was, because President Johnston and Kennedy before his assassination were reacting to the communist push by the KGB infecting Cuba at the time and felt they needed to respond to the millions of protesting youth who had the power to vote.

As angry as I get at President Johnston for bringing America The Great Society and Roosevelt’s New Deal it is communism pushed upon American society by the KGB forced onto those presidents into making mistakes against our own Constitution. It was an act of war during the Cold War and freedom was the casualty, not actual human bodies. It was a casualty predicated by the KGB.

I told this story to the young girl who was no older than my youngest daughter. And she looked at me like her head was about to explode. I just smiled at the kid and let her off the hook with conversation about the computer she was fixing. Her reaction was at least more honest than that of most contemporary adults who pretend to understand what I say, then belittle the information behind my back as though by doing so it might change the facts of the matter. Most people are so intent to keep their beliefs intact that they ignore the evidence of new information which tends to shatter the illusion they wish to believe about the world around them.

Putin in Russia is doing almost exactly what Obama is doing here in the United States and considering that it is well-known that Putin is a former KGB agent, a particularly dangerous one, who has been running Russia for a number of years both in front of public image and behind the scenes, it should bring every American great concern that Obama who hasn’t been anything in his life before becoming a Federal Senator from Illinois who was propped up to become president by powers many people don’t wish to comprehend, are so similar in their behavior.

The details of what Obama has done are so numerous that I have enough material here to fill an entire book. Just go back through some of my previous articles to learn how. Obama shares with Putin a love for power, a manipulation of the people with his public image, and a desire for world domination that is alarmingly similar and that should tell Americans everything they need to know about the political world around them. But they chose to ignore the information and this is by design. I have even went to the trouble to teach your dear reader how this is done to you, and you have read the information, yet are powerless to alter your behavior to incorporate that knowledge into your daily life. For a review look at this article of how you are manipulated by virtually every entity in your life, family, friends, local politicians, national politicians, public relations experts, and spies from far away lands. There is a lot of competition for your attention and often you are so tired you don’t even know why because so many images come at you on a daily basis that it’s just too much to comprehend. So you turn on American Idol to relax and let them entertain you while your brain recovers from forces you don’t understand.

Like the girl I tried to explain the peace symbol history to, most people point at the things I say and want to call it fantasy. However, they are using an inaccurate definition of fantasy. A fantasy is an assertion that is not based on any fact and the facts of a case like the spy manipulation of America by the KGB show that our culture has been transformed by Russia into a country that does not pose a threat to them. The fantasy is to declare that the opposite is true, that all these world powers want world peace and is a world that holds hands and sings songs around a campfire. That is the fantasy.

If Obama is not stopped in 2012 during our own presidential elections you can look forward to taking another step into the direction of Russia which has been their plan all along. And if you want to have an understanding of how bad Russia is compared to the United States take a hard look at the reality of the people between the two cultures. If you go online, you will see without any difficulty thousands of attractive Russian women who are willing to marry an American man just to get into the United States to live. You do not see thousands of American women putting ads in the paper to marry a Russian man to move to Moscow. The market just isn’t there. That fact alone should tell you dear reader everything you need to know about the situation. The law of supply and demand will tell you what the media, controlled by people like Putin, will not tell you. And that is how you know you’ve been scammed, even when the conditions shown to you by the spy masters of the world indicate otherwise.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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7 thoughts on “The Spy Master Takes Power: A mirror into the United States

  1. The peace symbol was started as part of the anti-nuke (bomb) movement back in the 1950’s, then became a symbol of the anti-war movement in the 60’s.

    It supposedly has double meanings: the original designer supposedly designed it to be the semaphore (nautical flag) symbols for “N” (nuclear) “D” (disarmament). The letter N is an upside-down V shape and the letter D is one flag up, one down. The other meaning: it’s a broken cross, as if to indicate the failings of Christianity.

    Of course, the russians are behind the anti-war movement. They, more than anyone, would benefit from nuclear disarmament of the USA.

    Whichever it represents, it’s a putrid symbol that I will not let my daughter get near, even though she has tried, not fully understanding the gravity of it. This, in my estimation, is no different that obowmao’s office in Houston displaying the Che Guevara flag on their wall in the 2008 election.

    Rich, great post, as always.


    1. That analogy works for me too… just replace the foo with shi…

      as a matter of fact, there is a band called chickenfoot, I think with Sammy Hagar, that uses the symbol. I’m sure they’re too clueless about the real meaning of it, though.


      1. I don’t see how Hagar can write a song called “I can’t drive 55” then talk about peace. I’d say his agent told him to use it because it would help sell records. They have no idea what it means. And a chickens foot is great! Perfect way to describe it!


  2. The peace symbol definitely epitomizes the “utopian” liberal that Mark Levin and others have written books about. If we all just hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” then we will all get along. These types of people are well-meaning but their personality type is such that they don’t want to acknowledge the existence of evil in people…it’s much easier on their psyche to try to explain away their behavior as being caused by some unfortunate childhood incident or “society”. Like Sandra and I were saying at the Overmanwarrior lunch, “evil is evil”. There’s no getting around that evil exists and to pretend otherwise is extremely dangerous.


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