Educrats and Public Schools are Useless: Revelations from The New York Post

One of the reasons I dislike government schools so much, especially now that I’ve had the opportunity to see how they function up close, is that they are turning our children into veal—mush minded, overly-compassionate- gray minded slugs. Government schools, otherwise known as “public schools” are advancing progressive politics and have become overly sensitive to political correctness and they’ve done it with money they’ve stolen from us in the form of property taxes. For a bizarre example of one fine case of just such a story check out this New York Post story from Yoav Gonen.

I love Yoav’s use of the word “educrats,” which is entirely appropriate to these times of political correctness. The sum of the tragedy discussed in the New York Post article is that schools can no longer discuss in class references to religion, dinosaurs, Halloween, poverty, wealth, junk food, dancing, divorces, or diseases. There are of course many more terms that cannot be discussed in schools these days, but those are just some of the examples mentioned in the article. The emphasis in education now is to not offend anyone, to make it so everyone has a pleasant experience and that every child understands the merits of “social justice,” so that they will grow up to become nice little tree hugging hippies and slack-jawed patrons at their local sports bar.

When I was a child we spent our recesses pretending to shoot at each other with toy guns that we made out of combs, sticks or even pencils. These days, a child can’t even make the shape of a gun with their hand. Government schools are out-of-control with pretentiousness run by neurotic malcontents serving a clientele that is even worse. And between these adult groups of politically correct, progressive loving ambassadors are the poor children who spend their spare time playing games like Halo, and Call of Duty at home, but find their experience in the government schools to be stifling with overly sensitive politics. If schools can’t teach kids anything useful, then why do we send children to them? Why do we spend so much money on education institutions?

Government schools are functioning along the premise that accreditation has value in the future. The educrats believe that the world will need all the nurses, software engineers, lawyers and doctors that we have now. I even heard so much at a recent school board meeting in my neighborhood where the superintendent swore that the medical industry was where the future was, and that their school needed to fill those market needs. But—the world is changing. We have too many lawyers now. Some of the most brilliant software engineers are computer hackers who possess skills that schools don’t teach, and the future of medicine will not need more doctors and nurses. The future of medicine is in regenerative medicine. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CURE FOR CANCER. The superintendent didn’t mention anything about the changing technology that will completely transform all these occupations. So what is all the education worth?

When I was in school I took computer classes learning how to program a very primitive Apple Computer. Within four years Bill Gates was mass marketing Microsoft Software that completely made useless everything I learned in two years of computer classes. That information is only good for a nostalgic understanding of how computers think, but it would do me no good for programming a modern computer. The same could be said of foreign language classes—who needs them? If we want kids to learn a foreign language why would we force children to take two years in high school when they could spend 6 months with Rosetta Stone Software and become proficient in another language in a quarter of the time? There are literally hundreds of similar examples of how education could be improved, yet we are continuing to waste the time of our youth because of some strange nostalgic affection with the past.

Government schools headed by “educrats” aren’t producing geniuses like Albert Einstein, or Thomas Edison. They are making activists like Bill Ayers and Barack Obama. They are breeding future union protestors and kids who spend their entire weekends drunk and clueless. That is what happens when educrats teach kids. The kids aren’t allowed to learn about anything because everything has become too political in the government schools, and nothing can be discussed out of sensitivity to “social justice.”

So why is society so hell-bent on a public education? Do parents just want baby-sitters for their children? Why do government schools run by unions want a monopoly on education—so they can drive up the costs? Because the kids coming out of public education aren’t exactly lighting up the world with new inventions and political genius. What is the appeal, because I see almost nothing that makes a government school essential to the life of a child?

Think about it. Why should society send children to a government school? What are the benefits? Because I don’t see any. I hear a lot of talk from schools who want money, and unions who want control about how valuable they are, but how can they be valuable when all they seem able to teach children is how to believe in global warming, and how to be an activist.

I would have gone insane in public school if I couldn’t pretend to shoot at my classmates in games of cowboys and Indians during recess. If not for the fun of running and hiding behind trees and playground props there may have been nothing positive to come out of public school for me. I can’t imagine being a kid now where they can’t even do that. Heck, they can’t even say “Indian,” they must now say, “Native American.”

Government schools have made themselves extinct. There is no modern use for them. The only real benefit they seem to have is as social institutions where kids interact with other kids. But as far as building up the intellect of students—I don’t see it—and I’ve been looking. The accreditation a child receives means almost nothing in a world that is changing so fast, that what is learned today will be out-of-fashion within a few years. It’s the core stuff that children need to learn—all the stuff mentioned in the New York Post article—that can no longer be discussed. And with that in mind, what’s the point of spending $10,000 per pupil of tax money on a system that doesn’t work? Because it makes us feel like we’re doing something? If so, where are the results? Where’s the proof? What is the reason to continue on in the same fashion without serious reform?

The real answers to education are outside of the government schools run by educrats. The sooner we decide to cast those progressive activists out of our lives, the sooner we can actually begin to solve some of our modern problems. And for me, I would start with introducing competition to the education process, so schools couldn’t play it safe by dumbing down their instruction to fit some “social justice” model that is unwanted, but would actually have to teach so that the customer—the parents—would want to keep their child in the school by choice, not by force. The answers are in choices, not more educrats, political correctness, and government schools. CLICK HERE FOR MORE EXAMPLES OF HOW EDUCATION SHOULD BE.

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Lakota Turns to Children to Solve their Budget Problems: Moody’s makes a threat to force levy passage

When people who don’t pay too much attention to things wonder why education issues make me so angry it’s probably because they don’t see it from the underbelly like I have. Those same personalities might be inclined to consider that looking too closely at how things connect would be regulated to conspiracy. However the reality of such people is that they are simply too lazy to look at the evidence, or the evidence is “inconvenient” for them to learn, because once they accept it they might feel inclined to act, and that would require a responsibility they are not comfortable with. The information that follows is that kind of information. The links to the supporting evidence or at least the tip of the iceberg is there for all to see. All one has to do is look at it. But there is a danger, because once an individual knows the information, they are responsible. They will either do something about it, or they will choose to ignore it which contributes to more of the bad behavior. But the knowledge erases the ignorance, and the manipulation that allows such injustices to be committed upon our communities. Pretending the injustices aren’t in front of us all won’t make them go away into convenience. And the implication of negligence will define much about us as individuals, families, communities, or even the human race. The decisions we make right now will define us well into the foreseeable future, and so far I see that it is the short-sighted of us that is winning. And I will admit that it makes me very angry.

Dealing with these people who have drunk the kool-aid of the education entitlement culture is like dealing with an infant baby. All they can do is cry to get what they want. You can’t explain anything to these education culture people because they have such entrenched ideas and aren’t open to discussions outside of their reality–inside their crib. So the world of bigger ideas is completely foreign to them, and it’s impossible to explain it to them until they grow older and become more experienced. All you can do with such infants is just let them cry so they learn that nobody is going to give them what they want. The article below reflects much of this type of crying that is disguised as sophisticated opinion but in reality is simply just noise designed to provoke a panic reaction from the parents of the community. And it’s disgusting, and insulting.

Yes, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer on 3/27/12 Lakota’s next move as one of the most prestigious government schools in all of Ohio is turning toward its children who attend the school to help them solve their budget problems. Superintendent Mantia stated that she intends to select 180 students from the district to participate in a series of “engagement meetings” to ask the children what they think their future will be. Once this process is done, Mantia intends to parade those students out in front of the public to plead for more tax money.

The question is who will these children be? How will their eligibility be determined? Without question many of these kids will be from the families of some of the PTA groups who helped organize boycotts against local businesses that did not support past school levies along with assistance from elementary school vice-principals. (Yes, I know that sounds harsh, but I have the paper trail in my possession with names and places and was just as shocked to see it as you are in reading it. The only reason I have not put it up here is because the owners don’t wish to have more trouble brought down on them) Or other pro levy members who have attempted to boycott local restaurants and threatened boycotts of news outlets that didn’t just lay down and blindly cover all Pro Government School propaganda. (FOR PROOF CLICK HERE) I bet many of those 180 students will come from those parents. Or maybe the kids will be like the ones who left this sign in the yard of a No Lakota Levy supporter. (CLICK HERE). Or maybe the ones who ran around in the middle of the night stealing thousands of dollars worth of property as law enforcement turned a blind eye to the activity. (CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF)

It’s just a guess, but I’d say the 180 children selected will have a “please give the school more money so we can have a future,” message that they will say to the public. Without question the school board is prepared to use those children now to help them sell their school levy. I will bet money that some of those children will be paraded in front of the school board in front of all the cameras to plead to the community to pass a school levy so they can have an education……………tears anybody………….it will be so very, very……….sad.

But I’m predicting the future here. These are things that will happen, not what’s happening currently. Also according to Superintendent Mantia from the same Enquirer article she reports that Moody’s Investors Service “MIGHT” lower the district’s bond rating. She reported that out of the 613 public schools in all of Ohio only 10 have the top AAA bond rating. She said that Moody’s “Particularly hone in on districts that are losing levies.” So because Lakota has failed three school levies, there is a risk that our interest rates will go up if we lose our AAA rating. (kind of sounds like what America is going through—Hmmmmmmm)

So in the very same article Superintendent Mantia is telling us that if we don’t pass a school levy, then we will lose our bond rating, and we’ll be hurting children, this is of course implied.  Nothing is ever directly said. That just might cause a lot of parents to panic—maybe even homeowners and business owners. Oh my—that is scary stuff! The message is that everyone should panic so that the community will pass another school levy.

This kind of behavior should insult the intelligence of everyone who has a brain. Any organization that uses fear in this fashion should be questioned as to their intentions. When people question what the solution is to these government schools, the answer is to control the costs, don’t let the costs control you. In the case of Lakota they are letting the costs of 80% of their budget drive all the bad things that are happening in the other 20% which is where all the detrimental cuts have occurred. The labor union that has refused by default to renegotiate their contract with the district due to the three levy failures is to blame for why Moody’s is threatening a downgrade. Lakota is infested with a radical, selfish labor force that is certainly willing to destroy our community so that they can protect their gold-plated wages and benefits.  (Just because they smile and speak in complete sentences, they can still think and believe as a progressive radical does)

When I first became involved in these levy fights I often heard from teachers who said, “You’ll support players in sports who make millions of dollars, but you won’t support a teacher who gives a child a future.” That kind of rhetoric is standard union nonsense right out of the NEA playbook. My response to that ridiculous statement is that even sports teams have limits. Players are often let go from teams because a team can’t afford them. CLICK HERE TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF THIS. If teachers and administrators make too much money, they should be let go in favor of cheaper employees, just like the way the rest of the world functions. It is the refusal of these employees who make over $63K per year on average to cut even 5% to save the community they live and work in–it is they and everyone behind them who have caused all this trouble.

When the only resort for an organization is to use fear to get what it wants, then the validity of their argument must be questioned. If the facts of the matter cannot stand on its own, then why is fear needed to provoke a reaction? Because the organization in question is up to no good.

What we’re dealing with at Lakota and most public schools is a radical, union workforce that hides behind layers of emotional supporters directly attached to children. I would say that any organization that hides behind children to create emotional support is a faulty organization that is scamming the public. The solution to this budget problem is very simple. Superintendent Mantia has been given a budget by the community and she is required to live within that budget. But her real boss is the labor union. That’s who is wagging the dog in this case and dictating to her and a token school board what to do. If Moody’s drops Lakota’s credit rating it will be during the term of the quarter million dollar woman, Superintendent Mantia and will thus be her fault for not finding a way to maintain that rating. She chose to participate in the union extortion tactics of the community instead of forcing the labor to live within the community’s budget. She is the one who has decided to fight half the community who has voted against her by turning the minority into the majority with a contentious levy battle three times that has given Lakota national headlines. Those acts were done by the school with radicals acting behind the scenes who are simply acting on behalf of their selfish interests. Make no question about it—when these employees attempt to say that everything they do is for children, they are lying. Much of what they do is to protect their extraordinary compensation packages. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW GOOD THEY ARE. If money was not the driver, then the union would have taken a 5% concession to help the community stay strong without tax increases, and maintain the excellence of the school district. Instead, these radical employees are choosing to hide behind children to twist the arm of the community, and are attempting to wreak the bond rating with a public relations campaign designed to incite fear through the business community.

If these employees of the Lakota School District were so interested in doing what’s right for the children, they wouldn’t attempt to even inject them into the debate. It is the school boards job with Superintendent Mantia to make their payroll fit the budget allocation while still providing the services the community expects. These radical cutbacks of 20% of the budget while protecting the 80% is disgusting and an insulting display of arrogance from an organization that seeks to make itself the center of community value. Yet in that role, they fail to make the sacrifices they ask the rest of the community to make. They expect everyone but them to make a sacrifice. And if they don’t get it, they chose to hide behind children. And that should go a long way to revealing what they are really all about.

I see the tricks shown in the Enquirer article by Superintendent Mantia to be among the lowest of the lows. It actually sets a new standard for deceptive practice that is despicable. And what’s worse, there are many parents who will allow their children to be used for these tactics. On the surface, everything looks spiffy. Everything seems very professional. But all anyone has to do is raise up the rug just a little bit to see all the dirt that’s been pushed under it, to see what is really going on. And the fact of the matter is that Lakota is protecting its labor union at the cost of the community. Pure and simple.

If the issue were simply a straight up and down vote about the level of taxation in our communities, I wouldn’t have a problem. But when boycotts are organized against those who disagree with one side and vandalism is encouraged against those with opposing views then there is a serious problem, and that’s been my experience with dealing with these tax culture education people. When an organization openly manipulates the voters with games, and emotional tactics, and disrespects the voters over a three-year period with more tax increase demands, then there are serious problems with that organization. There comes a time when an organization’s value must come into question, and I would say that we are there with the Lakota School District. After three years of fighting them over tax increases I no longer have any faith or trust in them as an organization. I don’t think I should have to pay one cent to such a corrosive organization run by such selfish employees. I see that my money has been wasted so far on a system that I don’t agree with, that is teaching kids all the wrong progressive values, and I think it should be in my right to opt out of paying the tax all together—and not even entertain further taxes. I think this is the new direction that must be pursued, because it’s obvious that these education employees understand only one path—more taxes—more behavior of the tail wagging the dog—and a level of selfishness that I don’t think should be taught to children in any capacity. It deeply disturbs me that a school would even consider bringing children into this debate. And it should concern you too.

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Red Tails Coming to DVD and Blu-ray: See this great film!

As my readers here know, I loved the film Red Tails.  It’s a movie for all the airplane enthusiasts that fly big planes or small ones.  And it’s a wonderful throwback to old-fashioned filmmaking.  You can see my original review of RED TAILS by CLICKING HERE.

If you like this kind of thing–you’ll love this movie. 

Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. Lead an All-Star Cast In The High-Octane Action-Adventure Coming to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download Just in Time for Memorial Day on May 22
Los Angeles, CA (March 29th , 2012) —Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment present the remarkable story of an inspirational group of men whose legendary bravery was cemented in the sky in RED TAILS, soaring onto Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital Download May 22.  Set for release just prior to Memorial Day, RED TAILS stars Academy Award® Winner Cuba Gooding Jr.* (Jerry Maguire) and Academy Award Nominee Terrence Howard** (Hustle & Flow) leading a powerful ensemble cast in this high-flying epic inspired by the real-life adventures of the first African-American combat unit to serve in World War II.
Italy, 1944.  As the war takes its toll on Allied forces in Europe, a squadron of black pilots known as the Tuskegee Airmen are finally given the chance to prove themselves in the sky… even as they battle discrimination on the ground.  Featuring jaw-dropping aerial action and thrilling special effects, RED TAILS is a breathtaking tribute to the unsung heroes who rose above extraordinary challenges and ultimately soared into history.

Directed by Anthony Hemingway, RED TAILS features an extraordinary cast which includes David Oyelowo (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Nate Parker (The Secret Life of Bees), Elijah Kelley (Hairspray), Tristan Wilds (“90210”), Method Man (“The Wire”), Ne-Yo (Stomp The Yard), Michael B. Jordon (Chronicle), Leslie Odom, Jr. (“Smash”), Marcus T. Paulk (Take the Lead), Kevin Philips (Pride), Andre Royo (“The Wire”), Daniela Ruah (“NCIS: Los Angeles”), Gerald McRaney (“Major Dad”), Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”). The film was produced by Rick McCallum and Charles Floyd Johnson and written by John Ridley and Aaron McGruder.

Click here to see the TAIL OF THE DRAGON press release for an update on my most recent project:

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Ronde Barber Will Be Back: Why schools should take pay cuts to avoid tax levies

Ok, I’m happy……………… favorite football team on the face of the planet has managed to secure a 16th season from their future Hall of Famer, Ronde Barber. I was concerned after the Buc’s picked up Eric Wright, that Barber might retire, or that he might not want to play for Greg Schiano who will be Barber’s fourth head coach for the same team over his career. But Ronde has agreed to terms that will allow him to return for a one year deal to help the Buccaneers bring back to life a defense that was epic under the schemes of the great Monte Kiffin.

The offseason moves made by the Glazer family, who own the Bucs have been impressive so far on paper. I think they did the right thing to hire the right kind of guy in Greg Schiano from Rutgers. It is very difficult to walk in the footsteps of coaches like Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden, but the Glazers interviewed a lot of coaches before settling on Schiano. After making that hire they proceeded to hire a completely new coaching staff and picked up some key free agents.

It might seem strange to some who read here every day to understand why I enjoy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so much. Well, aside from my love of pirates, the Buccaneers have a long history of innovation and thinking outside the box for a sports franchise, and even when they lose, most of the time they are exciting to watch.

The Glazer family operates their franchise from the front of the train. If you read here often you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then CLICK HERE to learn what I mean. It is a scary place to be at the front of the train, and sometimes you pick the wrong track, which is what happened when the Buc’s committed so much in Raheem Morris, who was a good coach, but had lost the team halfway through last season. But that doesn’t mean everything Raheem did was bad. He went out and found a lot of good talent, by thinking outside the box, and those players are now gathered in one place. What they lacked was leadership, which Raheem could not bring to the table unfortunately, I think because of his youth.

So the Glazers rather than overreacting from the back of the train and spending a lot of money on a quarterback to save the day, like a Payton Manning, or a Bret Farve type, stuck with their players and decided to invest in leadership instead of players. The Glazers chose to go against the knee jerk reaction of the status quo by throwing players at the wall and hoping they stick and instead found leaders who think at the front of the train.

That kind of ownership is what makes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a quality organization that I have enjoyed for over two decades now. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY PREVIOUS ARTICLES. That’s the kind of mentality that brought about one of the greatest defenses to ever play football lead by Warren Sapp in the late 90’s, and what I have seen the Glazers trying to duplicate since, without falling into the grove of complacency.

It has been difficult for Tampa Bay to retain their identity after Monte Kiffin left to help coach with his son Lane. But Tampa had to deal with that problem sooner or later, and they have tried to find the right personnel who will help them regain that level of play.

The Bucs have a lot of great young players and statistically, they should be one of the best teams on any football field. But it takes more than just players to achieve greatness. Greatness is more than just throwing and catching footballs. Or running a football. Or stopping someone from doing those things against you. Greatness is in the heart, it’s at the front of the train of thought. It’s in the drive to always become better. And for young players to see greatness, they need to be around it, so they can see what it’s supposed to look like.

In Tampa Bay the Buccaneers organization under the Glazer family has seen many players retire as Buc players, notably, Derrick Brooks, Mike Alstott, and now Ronde Barber, and each of those players late in their careers took pay concessions in order to stay with the Bucs, so the organization could afford to keep them around. Ronde if he really wanted to could most likely double his price on the open free agency market, but Ronde like Brooks and Alstott, even John Lynch before he suffered a serious neck injury and Warren Sapp just before going to the Raiders as a free agent were willing to take significant cuts in pay to stay with the Bucs. This is how so much veteran leadership has been able to stay with Tampa over the years, and why it is such a relief to see that Ronde is going to stay one more year, so that the young Buc players can learn from him.

The people I might sit at the bar in Chili’s with on a Sunday afternoon watching football understand the economics of Ronde’s decision. They also understand that Payton Manning couldn’t stay with the Colts because the price tag to keep Payton was simply too great. Around the bar over beer, nacho’s and cheese dip, people understand that sports teams can’t afford to pay $20 million dollars for a player that might not play a lot and is likely to end up hurt before the end of the season, so they often cut their losses unless the player is willing to take major cuts in pay.

But in the next conversation with the same group of people, they will say that teachers and school administrators should be paid an infinite sum of money never to be capped off. Never to end. They will say that it’s OK for a school system to operate with a top-heavy payroll and that if more money is needed to balance the budget, then taxes should be increased.

Why are people smart about sports, but not about education—or government? I have a lot of theories, but for now it’s just an observation to consider. When I say that a school system, or a public service that charges taxpayers for their service requires more money, I wonder how many of those employees at the top of their pay scale would be willing to do as Ronde Barber has done so he could stay with his team, and take a cut in pay. To help his team out with leadership so he can play another year with the group he has known and loved for years. Or should he betray his fans, and his employers the way Labron James did in Cleveland, and just go for the big money and tell everyone else to go to hell.

One of the reasons I like the Buccaneers as an organization is because of players like Ronde Barber. There is no question as to where his loyalty is, or what his intentions are. And because he is a straight shooter he has a lot of leadership to provide the young talent who need someone to look up to for guidance. It’s too bad that people like Ronde Barber are so few and far between. I can only wish for a world that had more people like him, who put loyalty before a payday, and honor before ease of gain, because if more were like him, it’s likely that the world would be a much better place. School levies wouldn’t be required, politics wouldn’t be so dirty, and people would mean what they say.

But since there aren’t many people like Ronde Barber in the world, I will enjoy the only one I know of on Sunday afternoons as he plays at Raymond James Stadium for one more year, and thank God he is still there. Because someone must pass on the torch, and it’s a veteran like Barber who has the potential to lead a rag-tag team of youngsters into the next decade of domination because it’s leadership that does such things and leadership exists at the front of the train, not in the size of the paycheck.

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The Cult of Compromise: Shades of gray and a long list of taxes

If you want proof that politicians are a sleazy, manipulative bunch, all you have to do is listen to the open mic comments President Obama made recently to the outgoing Russian President in South Korea.

But why are they like this? Why are politicians universally perceived as corrupt? Well, I got a taste of why during my recent contentious week of politicking when a group of progressive thinking levy supporters tried to paint me as a sexist because of comments I made here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. The panic from these groups appears to have been triggered by their intention to pass tax increases for our school district, and they thought that by removing me, it would shut down the tax resistance to their objectives. I heard from many of them as they gloated at my peril, or what they thought was peril, and they revealed much about their mentality which I have no doubt they share with President Obama.

One of the most shocking things said to me during the last week was that I was wrong for seeing the world in “black and white” and that the world was actually made up of shades of gray. In fact, that was the number one criticism of me by the mob of pro tax levy supporters—that I was too black and white for them, and that’s not the way the world works.

Well, I have news for those people and everyone else for that matter. Gray is not a decision. It’s a compromise where good surrenders something it has to evil. There are always right and wrong answers. There is such a thing as good and evil. And black and white are different colors.

When someone says they are in the middle of the road, or they see life in shades of gray they are essentially declaring that they are surrendering a portion of their decision-making ability to the collective mind of society. They trust society to make decisions for them. And individuals who make decisions outside the parameter of social consciousness are then called radicals. Being called a radical is the type of term a group uses to disqualify the statements of an individual who is more black or white than the group decides is comfortable. I am often termed as being a radical by these “gray” thinkers.

However, in any negotiation of any kind if equal value is not exchanged from one party to the other, then the party who gave away more than they should have would be said to have gotten a “bad deal.” When the “good” people who self generate and have intentions that are pure and non corrosive to the world around them, continuously produce “value,” even if the value is monetary or spiritual, or some other variation. Then evil are the parasites of existence, those who need to take from the “good” in order to live. They cannot self-sustain themselves and require the looting of the good in order to advance their lives, even for basic items. Evil must find ways to convince the good to give them something. The good does not need to ask evil for anything, because they already have it. So evil seeks to degrade those around them so there are always willing traders they can scam for their sustenance.

This is what has created the modern Cult of Compromise, it’s where the good are sustaining the life of evil as the good has been convinced that in so doing they are being “compassionate.” And since compassion is “good” then helping evil live is doing the right thing. That is by the definition established by the Cult of Compromise which was written by those who are most evil.

This is where my critics get upset with me—they require me to buy into their definition of compassion in order to force me to act in accordance with their needs, which is they want something from me. In the case of my community, they want me to pay taxes to a school I disagree with so they can have a more affordable form of education or day care for their children. If everyone in the community chips in some money, it brings down the cost of education for those who have children in the district. So those who desire public education require me to buy into their values of “compassion” and to compromise on my beliefs so that they can have what they desire—cheap education for their child.

But since I question the validity of public education and the costs of it, then I am dangerous to those who think with a looter mindset. The looter is one who wishes to take from me something I do not receive in equal value. So in the negotiation process, I will be giving more, so my full participation is required by the parasitic entity. That is why those who function this way are considered evil, even if they believe themselves to be good. Their definition of good has been determined by the gray color of compromise. Mine has been defined by the black and white definition of good and evil—contributor or parasitic entity.

This process of attempting to inject “compromise” into blurring the lines between good and evil, right and wrong started in this country a 100 years ago as progressivism came from politicians who adored the European concept. These progressive socialites looked down their nose at the simple mindedness of the typical American back then–the way the modern progressive does—by chastising Americans who think in black and white terms as simpletons, to discourage those simpletons from refusing to give the looters of life a seat at the table. It was these fools who created the Cult of Compromise and below you can see the result of their actions. The list you are about to see is a list of the various forms of taxation that has been imposed upon American society, all initiated with the looter mentality under the guise of “compromise.” As you read this list consider that all these taxes were created within the last 100 years. Think of all the hands that are in your pockets, in your every productive activity, in your goodness. Think how much good you could do in your life if you did not have to pay these taxes to the looters of the Cult of Compromise. Think how much more money you’d have for food, for savings, for your retirements, your kids, your grandkids, your mothers and fathers…….yourself!

Building Permit Tax
CDL License Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax (Fed)
Federal Unemployment Tax (FU TA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Tax
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service charge Taxes
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Tax (Truckers)
Sales Taxes
Recreational Vehicle Tax
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring and Non-recurringCharges Tax
Telephone State and Local Tax
Telephone Usage ChargeTax
Utility Tax
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax

Each of those taxes was the creation of a “compromise” between a “looter” and a “producer.” It is because of all that revenue generated in all those different ways that average people are taxed to the point of numbness. They don’t even realize the imposition upon their lives. They just assume that because they’ve been told in the Cult of Compromise that each of us were born into, that everything is gray, that the good needs the bad and the bad needs the good and everybody must help each other and pass no judgment. So nobody considers the reality, which is the bad needs the good, but the good do not need the bad. By helping the bad, the good become less so—they become gray—middle of the road.

And this is where President Obama found himself in South Korea. As a looter, he has nothing to offer to those around him. He does not even have thoughts of his own to contribute to the world. He must take information from others, then make those others believe that they shared the exchange due to the Cult of Compromise. Obama asks if Russia will give him “some space” in dealing with the missile issue of Europe while Obama runs for his reelection. Obama is asking that if the Russians leave him alone, then the President will be in a position to help the Russians once he’s elected back into office.

Obama is acting as the classic politician. He starts with nothing, but makes deals with all sides using compromise to give the appearance that he actually holds equal negotiating power. But in reality, he has nothing, and allows himself to be played at the expense of the American tax payer. Obama is a looter, a parasite. He requires that Russia give him something, “peace” so that he can then return the favor later, “a promise” once he’s president again. But if Obama does not become president again, what does he lose? Nothing. Russia losses because they delayed their aggression by request of a looter in hopes of getting a favor later. If Obama loses the election, Obama has lost nothing in his deal with Russia. But Russia losses opportunity.

This is why what Obama did feels wrong. This is how we ended up with so many taxes, because thousands and thousands of politicians over the last 100 years made deals much like what Obama is attempting to do with the Russians, and when it came time to pay for the favors, it was the tax payers who paid the money with the creation of a new tax. It’s for this reason that politicians think nothing of giving away billions of dollars to another country for aid, or for financial bailouts—because they don’t understand the value of the money or where it comes from. It’s also why a local school board makes deals with their labor unions that cost them to operate in a deficit by the millions hoping to use the Cult of Compromise to convince the tax payers to bail them out of the fix they made for themselves.

The Cult of Compromise is evil. It leads to degradation and is the antithesis of prosperity. Those who advocate compromise—who speak of seeing the world in shades of gray are simple looters who have accepted little bits of evil—of incorrect answers in favor of compassion. What they fail to realize is that those who contribute most, those who think, create, and produce must produce much, much more than they need to in order to carry all the looters on their backs. That is why we have so many taxes as shown above. Each one of those taxes was created by a deal like what Obama attempted to make with the Russians—a looter negotiation. And over time they have added up to the point where we all must work much harder for much longer to pay for all the debts the looters in the Cult of Compromise have negotiated away on our behalf. In the end, the looters lose nothing, but gain much, because they did nothing to make anything in the first place. It’s those who actually do things who carry the whole load. They are the ones who suffer because they are good, and trying to allow the truly bad to believe they are equals in a Cult of Compromise is the advancement of an evil that defy all those who think in shades of gray.

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The Rock Island Line: Why gas costs so much

It might be because my first moments as a baby were to sleep within 20 feet of a railroad track, but there are few noises that appeal more to me then the sound of a train running on a hard steel track. To this day as my window is open to the spring air the distant sound of a train roaming across the countryside sends me into a deep and blissful sleep. I enjoy the sound of a train so much that I have an hour-long recording of various steam engines and diesels running that I play on my iPod often.

But why? Why does the sound of a train have so much appeal? And why do some think the clamor of them is noisy, and being held up by them on roadways is inconvenient? Well, I have a theory, but I will say that for me the closest thing to a religious experience on earth has been to be in the front of the line of traffic on my motorcycle in the pouring rain as lighting was striking all around me at 3 AM in the morning and to watch a large train go by as it’s rumble shook the road beneath my feet.

I would say that people who don’t like trains are the same who are the tree hugging hippies, the capitalist haters, the school levy advocates, the welfare recipients, the drug induced derelicts, the communists, the latte sipping prostitutes, the haters of manufacturing, in short, those who do not understand how something gets from one place to the other. These are also the same types who are directly responsible for gas that is over $4 per gallon, because they have belittled the techniques that make energy cheap and affordable for everyone. They have artificially driven up the cost of energy because of their deficit understanding of the forces that move the world.

Such is the case with my good friend Matt Clark in a broadcast over just this very topic–why fuel costs so much and how things came to be this way. The high costs are a result of lack of competition, over regulation, short-sighted political philosophy, and an intentional desire to destroy what makes America the greatest country on earth.

To see how far we’ve fallen when compared to the types mentioned above who simply hate trains, it is important to understand the role that trains played in making America such a great nation built on innovation and tenacity. The train itself came to represent American will as the nation grew. The steam engine and the 1000 HP locomotives built our nation.

For Christmas this year my wife bought me a DVD set featuring over 43 train documentaries and one of my favorites in the series was the Rock Island Line episode called The Wheels of Progress. Upon watching it I felt like an archeologist who had uncovered the American past and was able to see it for the first time in years. You can see this documentary below as I watched it just a few days ago. It represents everything I love about trains and why. Upon viewing, notice how the documentary is presented. Notice how the family eating their meal is portrayed. Notice the emphasis on productivity and innovation. It is because of everything mentioned in this documentary that I find trains to this very day refreshing, life-sustaining, even religious.

The irresponsibility of our modern culture to throw off all the values seen in that video has been a reckless attack on the most wonderful culture to ever call itself human. To allow in such a short time ourselves to apologize to other nations for being so good at manufacturing, at invention, at enterprise, and wealth building, has been the same mentality that has allowed us to choke off all those technological innovations in favor of socialism and the limits that come with such political philosophies centered around “fairness” which is a cleaver disguise by the lazy to justify their parasitic behavior.

Those modern minded people who look at trains as a nuisance to be avoided, and who close their windows at night so they don’t have to hear them are the same who are destroying this country of everything that is good about it. They destroy it because they don’t appreciate how their food comes to their table, how the gas gets to their cars, or how the power comes to their televisions. They allow their pretentiousness rooted in ignorance to cast giggles at how out of fashion traditional American values are.

They look at old clips like the one below with Johnny Cash and Roy Clark singing about that same Rock Island Line shown in the documentary and laugh at how old and backward these two artists are. How out-of-fashion they are in singing about such things. The mistake is in casting this folklore off into the past in favor of some new mythology like Two and a Half Men, and How I Met Your Mother, stories about broken people living broken lives. Then those same minds wonder why their own lives are broken, unhappy and miserable. And those same minds wonder why gas is over $4 per gallon, and why driving to Disney World costs over $500 now, when it used to only cost $200.

But in the first moments that I learned to walk, when my parents lived above my grandparents, my grandfather, the same guy who taught me to use a bullwhip, shoot a gun and spit in the face of authority since he used to run moonshine in the hills of Kentucky with his own father, listened to Johnny Cash in the house he had by a railroad track and as I struggled to take my first steps I can remember Johnny Cash singing Rock Island Line as trains would storm by the window shaking the entire house with raw American power—the power of the nation moving by at the pace of business. And I learned from an early age to appreciate it as the foundations of America manifest in folklore and rail cars.

You cannot abuse your nation just like you cannot abuse your mother, or father, or even your children with badmouthing neglect. They will only love you so far, and they can only withstand the abuse so long before they start to believe the spiteful words from the villains of thought. And to those who yell at the trains and chastise the old-fashioned remnants of the past in favor of what’s new and fashionable, it is those types who have made gas $4 dollars a gallon and climbing. It is they who have driven up the cost of food. It is they who have allowed the Federal Reserve to destroy the value of the dollar with devastating inflation. It is they who have said yes to every tax put before them because they believe money can be plucked from a tree and that government will bring everything they need to their doorstep. It is they who have destroyed self-reliance and instead put ear-rings of peace signs in their ears and taken up the mantra of the hippie, the lowlifes, the smelly occupier who finds themselves disillusioned at a government so inept it cannot give back all that it promised to these poor youth waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.

What none of them know is that it was railroads like the Rock Island Line that built our country and made all Americans, even the poor, the richest in all the world. And it was the blood vessels of our economy such as our railroads that the parasites of communism attacked first, and why the perception of many now look upon those old relics as a nuisance. And that is why our gas is too expensive, and our way of life is dimenishing, so that soon, like the train, our way of life will simply be another ghost from the past that whistles in the quiet of the night to windows, ears and minds that have closed off to their beauty.

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The Tyranny of Government: Justin Binik-Thomas tells his story

When I heard from some residents in our sacred Liberty Twp, Ohio that Justin Binik-Thomas, founding member and leader of the Cincinnati Tea Party, and author of the book Profit is Not a Dirty Word came up on an IRS questionnaire to various liberty groups about their affiliation with him, something was amiss. My buddy Doc Thompson up in WXYT in Detroit had Justin on Thursday March 22nd, 2012 to discuss this compelling story, and a few days later Justin came to our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom gathering which specializes in just this type of treachery. That is when I heard from Justin’s own mouth the tale of sedition that many of us long suspected—that the IRS is targeting leaders of the liberty movement in hopes to beat back the advances they’ve made so the status quo of government mediocrity can continue forever—and the IRS is acting out its role as the hammer of government designed to put dissidents in their place.

Of course I can only speculate into the intentions of the IRS since they hold all the cards and would be unlikely to ever admit anything I’m about to say in a court of law. The IRS holds all the cards because we let them have the entire deck, stole from us like thieves in the night, and now in a game where Tea Party groups are trying to peacefully bring government back into some sense of fiscal responsibility, the push-back from government has been a crack-down on FCC license holders to quell “hate speech” otherwise known as the “truth,” to use the labor unions as arms of thuggery in an organized crime type racket to advocate demonstrations among the various “occupy” groups all over the nation, and to use the IRS to audit and harass individuals the government considers “trouble makers” and put fear into the people who look up to those leaders.

Justin Binik-Thomas is a resident of the City of Deer Park, Ohio and a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University (MS) and The University of Cincinnati (AA, BS). In addition to working in the medical industry, he specializes in media relations and communications as owner/consultant with Conservative Media Group, LLC. As stated, Justin was a leader of the Cincinnati Tea Party and a founding member. But the young man who sat with me during our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom meeting was hardly a trouble making—rebel rousing—tax evading dissident. He was cerebral, well-spoken—well mannered and displayed all the typical signs of an author that is intelligent, aware, inquisitive, and he possessed a perpetual hunger for the truth. You can see a copy of Justin’s book at the link below, as well as the stories so far covering this issue. As I write this, USA Today is set to cover it in the upcoming week.

Profit is Not a Dirty Word

IRS Targeting JBT Stories

MARCH 16, 2012

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MARCH 16, 2012
** Update March 24


MARCH 22, 2012

Detroit’s WXYT Radio – Doc Thompson 5:06 PM

MARCH 23, 2012

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You cannot put a godless heathen on the stand in a court of law and expect the truth, because the heathen does not believe in any god, so to ask the question, “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God,” means nothing, because many who function in our current government no longer understand the meaning of most of the words in that sentence. So I would never expect a truthful statement from any government official in any capacity. If they were asked whether the IRS was openly harassing Justin Binik-Thomas because they wanted to send a message to other members of the Tea Party Movement of who the boss is—the IRS—the Federal government more specifically, then I’d never expect them to admit so much. I would expect public relations firms to be hired to convince the media that people like Justin and the “radicals” of the Tea Party movement are extremists and should not be listened to while at the same time harassing the leadership of such groups with mind numbing paperwork designed to limit the movement of such leaders so they waste their time filling out forms, and not writing books countering the socialist push the government seems committed to as a public platform.

But you don’t need anybody to admit anything. As always, actions speak the truth that the mouth doesn’t say. And the actions here are open harassment of a young man so to send a warning shot to every Tea Party member in southern-Ohio. That message is, “If you mess with us, we’ll cut your noogies off.” The questionnaire sent to the multiple liberty groups Justine spoke about was a warning as well as it was intelligence gathering. It sent two messages; it said that if you wish to mess with the federal government that you will be targeted, just as Justin has been. Since he’s a leader among Tea Party people (this is how the government thinks) look what we can do to him. We will hunt down your family, and friends. There will be nowhere to hide. And the second message is the show of force behind the rule of law to comply with their mandate.

Justin didn’t say it when he spoke to me—he was genuinely concerned as to why he was a target. I understood his feelings. Having a target painted on your back is a disconcerting feeling and he was in good company. Of the 22 people in attendance at our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom gathering 8 of them have suffered similar harassments in the past and knew instantly what Justin was going through. And we’re not just talking about mild harassments, but extended jail time—deliberate arm twisting to gain testimony. The same practice the IRS is using to send a “subtle” message to liberty groups using Justin as the sacrificial victim.

Well, I think the IRS is completely illegal according to the principles established by our country. It’s a degrading, tyrannical force that should be abolished completely. It is used to steal money from everyday American’s to redistribute into enterprises that I would term evil, funding abortion, funding corruption, paying high salaries to worthless federal officials who in turn spend back on K-street prostitutes advancing the sex traffic industry and I personally don’t want any of my money to go to those activities, but the more money I make, the more those thieves take, and they use the IRS audit and strong-arm tactics to do it granted to them by the law—laws created by the thieves who have made theft legal for their benefit. You can read my thoughts about the IRS and my friend Hickory who simply refused to participate in any of these extortion measures at the link below. Things didn’t go well for him, but he also exposed their true intentions. (Very interesting story.)

Just because a person is your neighbor and wears business attire when they go to work, it doesn’t make them less of a thief if they work for an organization that openly harasses citizens using the tax code to beat people into compliance. And that is what the IRS is, a money grabbing entity designed to perform legalized theft, and enforcement of their ability to steal through force and intimidation if necessary. Again, nobody would ever admit so much in a court of law, but their actions demonstrate their intentions.

People ask me often why I don’t sell commercial space on this site of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, since it is rather popular and could probably generate a healthy revenue if I so desired. My reason is that once you bring money into the mix, the IRS gains control of your ability to produce. That’s why they are called The Internal Revenue Service. Its revenue for the government—revenue for the looters and moochers, the legal thieves and the scum bags who hide behind the laws they create to extort money from our wallets. And I will not give them access into my life by making more money than I need to live because in my experience with them in the past, they only seek to steal it anyway. So working to make more money serves them, not me. And the moment I take revenue from this site, you can bet they will be at my door looking for their take, just like a mobster. Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is not about money, it’s about philosophy, an American philosophy, and the IRS has not yet figured out how to tax—philosophy—the ideas that come from our minds. If they could, they would. That’s why at meetings like the one we had where I spoke to Justin we took no money for donations, we accept no money for the web work, we don’t even discuss generating revenue, because the moment money exchanges hands in a donation of any kind, the IRS has legal rights to your organization and are free to enforce the power of the government against you at their discretion.

I think Justin Binik-Thomas is being used as an example of what can and will happen if the liberty groups do not evaporate back into the shadows. That was my first thought when I heard Justin’s story over a month ago, and now hearing it from Justin himself—I’d bet money on it. The IRS is flexing its muscle and showing what its functioning patterns are. It’s showing what it believes, and who it works for. It’s also showing its future intentions.

When a robber holds up a victim at gunpoint and says, “Hands up where I can see them, give me all of your money,” the robber wants to know that the victim will not attempt violence to defend themselves or their property. They want to see an act of compliance and eliminate the danger of defensive action. The robber wants unmolested access to the victim preferably without violence so they can take the money and leave unharmed. The IRS is doing the same thing to liberty groups using Justin as the gun. They are saying that if you continue, you will be harassed and we will come after you and your families. See—we are doing it to this nice, young man who is one of your leaders. We’ll do it to you too.

It is for these reasons that any president who supports the IRS as it is now are part of the problem, every senator, congressman, lobbyists, intern, news reporter, stripper, prostitute, pimp daddy, (they’re all the same to me) who work in Washington and support the coercion methods of the IRS is supporting open tyranny of the American people by theft they legalized under penalty by law—law they created to means they created—for their personal benefit. And the IRS thinks nothing of ruining the lives of anyone who stands in their way to get what they want, even if it’s a nice young man like Justin Binik-Thomas who is simply asking questions, writing books, and desiring reforms that don’t run up the national debt to over $15 trillion dollars ruining the lives of his children’s future. If a person like Justin is the enemy of the IRS and the federal government—then we’re all in trouble.

But we know who the bad guys really are.  And we’re not it.  Unlike other groups, the IRS won’t be able to do anything to this one, and that’s a reality they better get used to.   So no matter what happens Justin, we have your back.  You can count on that much in this life.

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