The Death of Andrew Breitbart: Picking up the light to continue on

I heard the news of Andrew Breitbart’s death and immediately my mind went to conspiracy theory, since he was such a controversial character. You can capture the spirit of this news for posterity at this article from The Blaze shortly after the death announcement.

There is a lot of ugliness that goes on that nobody ever knows about when conservatives push back against this progressive machine that has been imposed upon us. So nothing surprises me.

It should not come as any surprise that the first thing people assume when they hear that a 43-year-old man who is a very controversial conservative media personality has suddenly died, that the first thoughts are—who did it. Those who think such things are speaking from experience.

But this isn’t the time and place to contemplate such things. I was a fan of Brietbart’s work, but those who know it understand that these kinds of things do happen. There are also many who are right now plotting against those voices of truth to meet similar ends and to those with such plans I have this message for you.

Not all of us are pacifists who play at this game of putting light where the thieves reside in the darkness of their own success. And we don’t assume that the law is there to protect anybody.

Fortunately Brietbart wasn’t the only light so if the hope is to put out that particular light with cheers those ovations will fall on deaf ears, because behind Andrew Brietbart is a whole army who will pick up his light and proceed on. And those dark places will see light again. And those who wish to stop that light will simply fall the way of the article placed two paragraphs up.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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3 thoughts on “The Death of Andrew Breitbart: Picking up the light to continue on

  1. This is a huge loss. His speech at CPAC was magnificent and I thought he would be a great choice for the top job. I loved the fact that he nailed Bill Ayers to the wall after having enjoyed a fine dining experience in the “devils domain.” how fitting that one of “us” was able to break bread with the devil himself and get out, not only alive, but having beat the beast at his own game.

    I don’t know if our loss was caused by an evil trick or simply that a real hero simply worked his body to the limit by fighting for our freedom and for saving our Republic. It is our duty to keep the fight alive and I am sure that there are many who won’t allow Andrew Breitbart’s memory and battle to be lost.


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