Luke Hall for President: But first he should be a Lakota School Board member

The first day of March 1, 2012 was special for three reasons. First the morning air was cool but noticeably spring like. There was a hint to the air that indicated that spring was very near as I rode my motorcycle to work with a sunrise poking above the horizon. The clouds high overhead reflected a brilliant orange and it was just a spectacular motorcycle ride, a welcome change over the many mornings of brutal cold. It felt as though I could actually feel earth’s elliptical orbit closing back in on the sun after a long journey through the cold of space for the last three months.

The second is that I was able to turn the calendar in my office to the month of March. It’s not only special because March is the month of spring, which happens to be my favorite of the four seasons, but my calendar features various aircraft and in March it displays a gorgeous P-40 Warhawk painted up in the Flying Tiger paint scheme. (CLICK HERE to see just how much I love The Flying Tigers and why.) Needless to say, I have been looking forward to looking at that picture on that particular month since I received the calendar just prior to Christmas.

The third is that I heard from a young man I supported for the Lakota School Board named Luke Hall. Luke is a political science major at Miami University and a former student at Lakota East who worked for Spark Magazine. During the last election I thought Luke was one of the two best candidates and unfortunately I think that Luke’s youth worked against him in the court of public perception. But I was delighted to watch a recent video that Luke did where he gave the history of American politics in a rather concise video that sums up American politics in a remarkably abbreviated fashion. When I watched this video it reminded me of why it should be Luke Hall that is on the current school board, and it gave me hope that during the next election that Luke will be back, because I want a person on the school board who knows as much about politics and history as Luke does. Check it out!

When the members of the school board and other pro levy advocates proclaim that I expect too much out of the education of our youth, I hear from them a sense of laziness. And I would point them in the direction of Luke Hall as an example of what I’d expect coming out of Lakota as a student body and what level of comprehension I expect on the school board. Luke Hall is the type of person I would like to see at every single school board position. He’s what I expect out of a superintendent. He’s what I expect out of principals and teachers. And I don’t think it’s too much because Luke is in his early 20’s. He’s only been out of high school for a couple of years, so how difficult is it for grown adults to learn what Luke does when they have much more time to learn it?

I think very highly of Luke. I’ve met his parents and it is immediately obvious that he comes from a caring family, which helps a lot to encourage a young mind to excel, to read all those books that are behind him in the video. A young person has to be the one to do the act of learning, but it is the adults in a young person’s life who set the bar of expectation. And Luke has those types of people in his life and it shows.

That is not to say that Luke and I always agree. During the Election of 2011 Luke and many of his friends from the Spark Magazine took exception to my opinion of their teacher at Lakota East when I called that teacher a “radical liberal.” Luke and his friends rallied to the defense of their teacher which didn’t bother me. I like to see young people believe something, so I encourage such confrontations. But ultimately in the theater of debate, compromise is not the objective. One’s political beliefs are not to be compromised in surrender to another. This is because there is a right and a wrong answer and one cannot make a correct answer partially wrong as a “compromise” to the opposite political party.

For that very reason it does not matter to me if Luke is a Republican or a Democrat. As he said in his video, politics has changed many times over time to reflect the strategy of party politics. So the title to something cannot be completely trusted. My interest in any discussion is what the truth is. Party is not a consideration. Learning the truth is. My support of Luke Hall for school board in spite of his youth was for this reason. It doesn’t matter what his age, it doesn’t matter what his political affiliation, or it doesn’t matter if he wants to defend his teacher–what matters is whether or not Luke has the ability as an elected official to discover the truth and to act on that truth.

The budget crisis at Lakota is not a negotiation between various political factions. It’s not a compromise. Currently the school board is behaving as though if they make a few cuts around the outside of the pie, the parameter of the budget–the meaningless crust, that the community will forgive them for not touching the heart of the pie, where the real costs are. These school board members are not dealing with the truth. They are not facing reality. They are showing that they do not have a grasp on history or an understanding of economics, because they assume that the rest of the community is at the same proficiency of understanding as they are. The budget crisis at Lakota is about truth and the ability of management to arrive at that truth. Truth is not a negotiation process.

Luke has shown that he has the ability to grasp facts and to reach the truth. Where politicians go wrong is that they begin to compromise the truth in exchange for political donations, then they seek to justify their position with more fuzzy facts and over time, they become corrupt because they lose the ability to see the truth. So they fall into this whole notion of compromise with other political factions to arrive at their reality, and that is why politics is screwed up, and that is why in the history of American politics that Luke so eloquently invoked there have been so many changes that have gradually taken America away from its founding concepts.

The American Constitution was not a document that was written upon fantasy. It was written based on philosophic observation and a pursuit of basic human truths that are not negotiable. That’s why the Constitutional foundations produced the greatest civilization in the history of the known world. America is now living off its reputation but is unable to rekindle its once potent power because it’s political structure as been seduced by the notion of “compromise.”

Luke’s video made my day better because it displayed to me that there are youth coming up today that are able to understand the basics of truth, and it gives me hope for the future. Because without knowledge of history and a grasp of essential truths, society will fail, and Luke is evidence that there is optimism. As I parked my motorcycle in my place this morning and put down the kickstand I thought of the presidential primaries that are coming to Ohio this upcoming week, and Luke Hall was on my mind as a potential future candidate. Ohio has not produced many presidents of late, and I hope that Luke Hall becomes one that breaks that streak in his political future, and I hope that he begins the practice now of holding on to his essential truths along the way. His first challenge to that process will be when he is finally elected to the school board, where his first test on that path will be cast against him by the powers of politics who have built their lives upon falsehood. Luke will be a threat to them because his mind is hungry for the truth. And that is why I will support him in his next run for school board, then school board president, and eventually President of the United States. Because whether or not I agree with Luke or not isn’t important. Luke like me is in search of the truth and once it’s discovered we will act on it, in spite of our personal beliefs. Because once truths are discovered they must be incorporated into our thoughts and our beliefs must reflect them. To do anything less is a “compromise” toward corruption that is the foundations to every kind of human failure. It is in such failures that we find our current school board suffering and our nation in general.

Soon Luke will have to add to his speech in that video to describe how America had to reset itself after that long chain of events to a national respect for The Republic upon which America stands and to pursue the truth that is required to feed such an entity on a diet of authenticity without compromise to the evil of falsehood.

Luke Hall for future President of The United States! But that is the end of a long road he has not traveled down yet. I look forward to his long journey. It should be a lot of fun to watch.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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