License to Murder: What I think is behind the death of Andrew Brietbart

I am sorry to shatter the world of many of my readers with this revelation, but as promised upon the announcement of Andrew Brietbart’s death I would get into the “conspiracy theory” side of that sudden death.  Upon revealing this information which hard facts are nearly impossible to come by, it is more important to study what observable conditions we do know to understand the surroundings that led to Andrew’s death.  Before getting too far into these thoughts that I will reveal to you here you will need to understand a technology called Nanorobotics and you can read about that at the below link for a basic understanding.

Alex Jones thinks the way I do about this issue.  While those who point at Jones, and me as advocating dangerous conspiracy theories, it wasn’t us who did anything wrong.  But the circumstances around Brietbart add up logically to an assassination if the facts are observed rationally.  The same methods that first discovered black holes in the darkness of space can be used to ascertain the murderers in this case.  When black holes were discovered they were noticed by what they didn’t show to a telescope by eating light and bending space around them.  And the death of Brietbart can be understood by seeing what is being covered up.  Have a listen to Alex.

Within hours of the death Media Matters was very conciliatory, quickly offering a statement that bridged political differences.  On the surface this seemed appropriate, but under the surface, it was a bit too quick for a group that has displayed so much hatred for people like Brietbart. That’s not to say that it was Media Matters who ordered the hit, but that they were following the orders of the company line which came straight down from its owners who also have their hands into the executive branch of our current government.  The push recently from the progressive media empire has been in 2012 to hit back at the liberty groups and Brietbart was a large, symbolic target.  His recent speech at CPAC was the push that took Brietbart over the edge and called out the hit.

Since 2012 was ushered in it was on New Year’s Eve that the President of the United States signed into law the NDAA act that was the offensive launched by these progressive tacticians to bend the world into their direction.  Fox News has come under vicious attack to water down their content focusing almost exclusively on the details of the Republican candidates for president, while quite sinister news has transpired unreported by the media.  Just two weeks ago the highly respected Judge Napolitano had his show FreedomWatch cancelled as other media personalities have found themselves suddenly fired from large companies that are publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange. 

“He who has the gold rules,” is what a very evil, and vile man once told me as he sold me out to the political machine to save his own skin nearly two decades ago.  His decision very nearly ruined my life, and put me on a path that was intended to kill me many times over.  And if I did not die, then I would rot away in jail for the rest of my days.  The only thing that saved me was my brain.  So I know a lot about what I’m talking about here.  The evil man was right, whoever has the gold does rule, and large companies publicly traded will pull the plug on controversial people so they can be removed as a threat, and this has been happening in abundance.  It’s a global push, not a local one.  Many people locally have seen it in newspapers being shifted around, coverage being a bit different on their nightly news, and radio stations taking noticeably “neutral” positions.  The employees of these organizations don’t know what’s going on.  They are simply responding to corporate memos.  And those memos come from those who hold the gold.  People like Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones have learned to carry the news without putting the control in such hands, and this has infuriated those with the gold. That’s why people like Jones are particularly dangerous to the gold rulers, because they have lost editorial control over such media personalities.

In my 2004 book The Symposium of Justice I put into fictional context what years and years of being followed, wire tapped, and harassed by every legal mechanism available could muster.  My simplified conclusion in that book was a government organization called “The System” had developed a mind control device which affected the pituitary gland in the human brain with a radio wave activating it in a similar fashion as a brain wave does.  This would cause people to become overly sexed, and impulsive consumers—and made them easy to control.  The villain in the novel was named the Magic Man, because he had a unique way of making people disappear.  Killing people with a gun or another Hollywood type of assassination is a crude way to remove enemies.  A bullet has traceability, and actually touching a body has fingerprints and DNA that can be left behind, so the modern assassin must find ways around these traditional assassinations. 

If you haven’t read The Symposium, I’d encourage you to pick it up.  I keep the Amazon link off the right of the page.  I wrote it to get people thinking about the improbable, and to give them hope.  The money is used to fight back against these progressive losers so it’s for a good cause.  That book comes to my mind because 10 years ago it was obvious to me that this type of assassination was going on and I wanted people to understand how the game was played against them.  And the game is quite serious. America is under attack—not directly, but indirectly.  Just listen to the remainder of Alex’s broadcast. 

These days it’s not subtle mind control being employed through television broadcasts, radio waves and public relations conditioning.  Now for those rich enough to afford them, the modern assassins have nanobots.  Nanobots are real, but are very expensive so you won’t find them at Walgreens.  Nanobots are not science fiction and a thing of conspiracy theory.  They are machines that are built at a molecular level and can be so small they would be undetectable with anything but a powerful microscope.  So a coroner performing an autopsy would have to look in the specific region of the damaged tissue upon death to even see a nanobot. 

A nanobot could be programmed to attack a specific region of the body, such as a heart and weaken the cellular structure that supports the organ.  This could be done through the nervous system or actually by breaking down the actual tissue.  Once the target is assassinated and death is prescribed, the nanobot could then move to another region of the body and hide so that it will not be detected by the autopsy when tissue samples are taken and sent to the lab. 

Based on my personal experiences with law enforcement, big business, and politics, I can say with confidence that if I were hired to perform a high-profile assassination I would not use poison, because it’s detectable in an autopsy.  I would not use a gun, because that is simply too messy, predictable, and has way too much traceability.  The only reason one would use a gun is to take credit for the kill.  Not good for such a high-profile assassination.  I would use a nanobot if my client had the money to supply them.  And in Andrew Brietbart’s case, the enemy clients do have the money and access to technology. 

When I heard that Andrew Brietbart just collapsed after walking his dog in the middle of the street subsequent to being invited to a Superbowl party at Bill Ayers house where a known terrorist had cooked for Andrew it was the very first thing I thought of—nanobots.  There is means, there is motive, there are all indicators that this was a homicide.  The only reason such a statement would be regulated to conspiracy theory is because nanobots are not widely known to the science community yet, and they certainly are not part of the forensics world at this time.  There are probably only a handful of people on the entire planet who even have access to them.  Of course twenty years from now when nanobots are mainstream science and are being used to repair organs, damaged nerves and severely broken bones, this murder case of Andrew Brietbart will have long been forgotten.  The murder weapon will have dissolved away into nothing along with the natural body decay and there will be no trace left.  For all practical purposes, such a murder until that time will be considered science fiction. 

But remember where you heard it.  And know that I will be there to remind everyone that I told you so.  Because the death of Andrew Brietbart was not by natural causes, it was made to look that way by a progressive movement who will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives.  You can see their movements by observing the vacuums left in their wake, at what isn’t there.  Once you stop looking for an actual entity, they are easy to see in the shadows they create throughout society.  Andrew’s assassin was probably nowhere near the death when it happened.  The murder weapon was probably ingested in food that Andrew ate at a restaurant or even at someone’s house—maybe even during a party.  And once in the body it worked its way near the heart where it began to weaken the tissue there over the last couple of weeks disguising itself to the body as just another cell.  Until out in the street for everyone to see, he just died.  It was meant to look like natural causes, but more than that it was meant to be a warning to all who oppose the regime of progressivism currently attempting to rule the world. In public we dare not utter such theories otherwise we might be called kooks by the same assassins who do these killings.  But deep down inside we all know that this was a warning kill, that war is declared and there will be more death. 

Alex Jones knows it and many like him.  I certainly know it without even being there.  Because the wake around the killing reeks with motive, means, and a vast network that intend to rule the world at any cost, even innocent lives.  The weakness of this case is in a crime investigation that does not yet know or accept evidence of technology that is not yet known to the general public.  But it will be, and until then how many countless thousands will be terminated in the same fashion? 

For those who doubt what I say here, consider how the NDAA was passed and what it means.  (If you’ve forgotten already CLICK HERE for a review.)  The people involved have no love or morality for the average American, and they have shown they are willing to kill if necessary to protect their intentions.  And that is the strongest evidence at play in the death of Andrew Brietbart.  The assassins know that nobody in the legal system will pursue such a murder, because they don’t want to have the same thing happen to them.  They know like the rest of us do, that “he who has the gold—rules.”  If you want to find the murderer, follow the gold and you’ll have your man.  But nobody in the legal community has the courage to take on the ruler…sadly.  So this death will be pronounced “natural causes,” and life will go on as usual with more mysterious deaths to follow.

So we will remember Andrew Brietbart for all the things he did for liberty and that long fight out of this very black hole.  He can be seen in his finals days at the link below where I have his CPAC speech up to watch again.  And remember when you see it, that the contents of it led to his death.  So don’t let it go in vain.

To see a primitive test of a nanorobot, you can see one here moving across the surface of a dime. Welcome to the modern age of assassin technology.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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