Rich Hoffman is Evil, Mean, and Wants to Hurt Kids: Letters from my critics

For some bizarre reason the announcement that the new group created by the No Lakota Levy has created a firestorm of controversy……………..who would have thought such a thing. (SHRUG) And I was the target of much criticism. As of this writing I have only been able to read a fraction of the emails sent to me or to follow the links discussing me online. So for fun and perspective I am putting a few of them up here to share with my readers.

Anyone who reads here every day knows how foolish the following comments are except for the comment by Joe Montana. If you hit the link below you can see the whole thread of these comments, and the author called Joe Montana was actually thought to be me. But I had never heard of this online forum until one of my readers tipped me off to it today. So as a scientific experiment it is interesting to study just how these people think. Obviously prior to this posting are over 600 articles that I have written each of them over 1000 words a piece, so there is a lot of documented evidence that shames these poor people to shame. I respond at the end of this posting to one of the emails I directly received that I only read because I recognized the name coming from The Pulse Journal last week that I responded to this week. In fact, I’ll post my letter that is in the Pulse this week after my response to Laura Sanders who I use as a climax to this mess. Enjoy.

Joe Montana below starts a discussion in reaction to the announcement that Yes to Lakota Kids is providing money to needy students struggling to pay the $550 fees to play sports at Lakota. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THIS ISSUE. (Caution, the text below is presented as written, grammatical errors and all.)  Also, remember that all the anger and talk of boycotting below was started with my announcment of helping children.  That’s how messed up these people are.


Lakota will balk at this, for sure.

It would be great for the kids, and great for the district…

BUT, unfortunately, the only thing Lakota admin/board cares about is funneling as much money as possible to their union cronies.

Thus, since NoLakota is actually trying to help the district–rather than funnel money to the teacher’s unions–the higher-ups in the district will shun and badmouth them…

Don’t believe me??? Just watch this unfold, and tell me if there’s ANY other possible explanation than simply that these crooked thugs are trying to funnel money to their union cronies…


I get so sick of idiots complaining about what teachers make or how much time off they get. Think of the job we are trusting them to do. We want them to mold the minds of that which is most precious to us, our kids. Yet, we don’t want to pay for it, at least not what it’s worth. Everytime a community votes against education it’s an assault on children. That guy running the No Levy campaign in Lakota is punching every kid there right in the stomach. And he’s laughing about it. People there need to take action against that guy and all the jack knobs falling in line behind him. Picket those businesses, picket his business, picket his house. Make sure people know he’s hurting their kids and their community. It’s one thing to make this about politics and money, but make it about the kids he’s hurting and he’ll wither. Because that’s what bullies do when faced with united opposition.


That’s the thing…there have been changes in compensation. No Lakota asked for a pay freeze. They got that. Instead of offering support, Rich Hoffman moved the goalposts and asked for benefit cuts. He got that. He moved the goalposts again, and asked for salary reductions.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m no cheerleader for Teacher’s Unions. That said, Rich Hoffman is a lying, passive-aggressive dooshbag.

What’s most disturbing about this is Rich Hoffman is using this as an opportunity to become a hero and gain more favortism within the community to support his cause but what about all the other students that have been hurt – those in the arts, band, other activities, etc.

What’s also disturbing is No Lakota is largely backed by business owners who don’t want to pay more taxes. Common sense would say you want your business to be established in a healthy community that is prosperous and growing. Will a community with a minimalized school system foster growth? Will their business benefit from this? I hope their revenues fall as fast as my home value. There needs to be an all out boycott of businesses that support NoLakota.

Dear Rich Hoffman

You are making teachers out to be lazy, not worthy of the salaries they earn. I have close friends who teach in Lakota, and believe me, they do more in a day than you will do in a week. BACK OFF!!!!!!


If you are going to post salaries online, then make sure you get your facts straight. The top 625 are NOT ALL TEACHERS. They are administrators as well. The average teacher salary is $58,000. The average salary in Liberty Township is $107,000. Do you have a problem with that ratio? Don’t you think our community can afford to pass a levy?

I know now much your home is worth, and it’s about half as much as most homes in Liberty Township. People built their big houses here, knowing fully well how much their taxes would be. We are a highly-residential community with no big businesses to offset our property taxes. I pay $5400/year in taxes. How much do you pay? $2800? If you don’t want to live in an affluent community with good schools, then move!

You are ruining Lakota.

Laura Sanders

Pretty interesting isn’t it. Amazing how these people think. To my frequent readers here, you might think that these comments were written by children, but no, these are adults—I know it—it is scary to think. But these are functioning adults who are really lost and have a long way to go. So I am including here what I sent back to Laura since she decided to send me her real name and email address.

Dear Laura and the rest of you misfits, buffoons, lowlifes, and ignorant apologists:

You and your kind are the problem. You only see your little piece of the pie. And I’m concerned with all the jobs, not just teachers. And being able to pay is not the same being stupid and just paying. And I was here long before you were, and I’ll be here long after. You are a fair weathered resident that needs a vast education before we can even have a conversation.

I don’t care who your friends are. Don’t you even think to tell me to back off. You’re likely to piss me off more than I already am. You left me two messages; both of them aren’t worth the time of my dog. I do so much work in a week that I could do your job and any 10 of your teachers at the same time. Don’t be so stupid to assume you have any idea to declare your friends are equitable to my work week.

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid sweetie. And learning the value of someone’s home is pretty easy. That’s no technical marvel, but it’s cute that you think it is.

And to answer your question, yes, I think $58K in average salary is way too high for what we get out of those employees. For the same reason that Payton Manning was cut from the Colts, teachers with a high salary at the top of the scale that are under performing should be removed to make room in the budget. That’s good business. The education output will not change. Believe me.

And you are comparing household salary to individual salary. You just made my point for me. If the average salary at Lakota was in the mid 50 range, we’d have a balanced budget. In fact, we’d have excess money.

A correction from last week’s Letters to the Editor–the average Lakota employee is not making $58,000 per year, but rather $63,000 per year.

And no, we are not obliged to pay a tax increase because the community can afford it. The superintendent and school board have shown so little skill in dealing with a multi-million dollar budget that I wouldn’t give them .75 cents to buy a can of soda from a vending machine. The final straw for me was the second budget meeting held at Lakota East. Their idea of meeting the budget is to cut away the outside crust of their funding pie instead of dealing with the middle. Every cut made, including the administrative cuts from Monday were token cuts that deal with jobs that should have already been reduced. The cuts do nothing to handle the problems of fiscal year 2013, and 2014. There is no long-term plan but to ask for more money—forever!

If Superintendent Mantia tried to sell the smoke and mirrors game she and the school board pulled with these large forum budget cutting meetings in the private sector she would have been fired after the first meeting. They were an insult to the intelligence of the community.

The only hope I have for Lakota’s employees is that in 2013 Ohio will have the Workplace Freedom Amendment which will allow teachers stuck under the Lakota Education Association contract to leave that union enabling the community to deal with them individually instead of the current collective bargaining agreement that is bankrupting our current $160 million plus budget. Be sure to sign the petition when you see it to help us make that happen. In the meantime, No Lakota Levy has started Yes to Lakota Kids to help families pay for the sports fees that the district has consumed on excessive union contracts. We are taking donations and this will help kids in the short-run while the adults of the community get the budget straightened out by driving teaching costs down. You can get more info including applications and helpful links at

 And to those who are thinking of retaliation against me in ANY way.  A fair warning……………….

Bad idea…………….I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Check out Rich Hoffman’s favorite website, (besides this one):

41 thoughts on “Rich Hoffman is Evil, Mean, and Wants to Hurt Kids: Letters from my critics

  1. It is too bad the union has no respect for the taxpayers. They seem to think that we owe them whatever they want. Me, Me generation for sure. Entitlements galore and they use the children as pawns in their little game. I spoke to a member of the Lakota community (also a graduate of Lakota) today and she said that people are sick and tired of the teacher’s demands. She is having a hard time making ends meet and thinks that the teachers need to take a cut. If they would volunteer to forego their many supplemental contracts and volunteer to perform those duties, maybe the district could balance the budget. Someone should check the cost totals of all of the supplemental contracts. The band director, alone, gets paid for duties that should be considered the job of a school band director.
    Check out the many dinners and hotels the district employees expense to the taxpayers. None should be allowed when they are in a claimed “austerity” mode.

    When I was in high school I earned all of the money I needed for anything extra. This included school fees and uniforms. With minimum wage at $8.00/hour I see no reason why students could not earn the fees. If you want to participate in something enough, you will find a way to earn your way.


  2. Since this article deals with attacks of a personal nature, please allow me to express my opinion of Rich. A couple of months ago I was able to meet Rich for the first time, in a group setting. I’m sure anyone who has not met Rich but has read this blog and watched his videos has formed an idea of what it might be like to sit across from this proudly independent man. It’s just human nature to do so.

    I can tell you what my immediate impression was- this man listens. Then he listens some more. He took everything in that was said on a particular topic by the group and only then did he give his opinion in a calm, thoughtful, rational way. He is nothing like the raving lunatic that his opponents make him out to be- quite the opposite. He was exactly as I expected him to be- a man with a great knowledge of history and philosophy who is very passionate about his beliefs but very respectful of others and their opinions. That said, I can see why he is short with people like some of the letter-writers above, like “fish82”. A “lying, passive-agressive dooshbag (sic)”? Passive-agressive is the last thing I’d call Rich. Please look up the definition of that personality disorder…it in no way describes Rich Hoffman.

    I also found the mention of how much Rich’s house is worth to be humorous. Was Ms. Sanders playing the “I make more than you do! My house is worth twice what yours is!” Na na na na na!!” game? That’s very mature. So Rich lives within his means and this is supposed to be a negative?

    In my opinion $2800 a year in taxes is enough to ask of anyone, regardless of property value. In the end that is what drives people out of a school district, even more than the quality of the education system or lack thereof.

    In regard to teacher’s compensation in the state of Ohio- the fact is that we will not know what the true monetary value of teachers until they are no longer represented by a union monopoly. There is no way to separate the good teachers from the bad, no competition like in the private sector, and the “gatekeepers” of the taxpayer’s money (the school boards and superintendents) have proven to be aligned with the unions far too often. Maybe good teachers are worth $60,000 a year, but we have all been through school and know that the “good ones” are many times in the minority. Unions ensure that all teachers are compensated based on seniority and not on merit, and tenure makes them very hard to terminate. Fish82 above said that Rich was “moving the goalposts” every time the district gave a concession…that is not true. The “goal” is balancing the budget while delivering a quality education. The fact is that history has priven that when the taxpayers make the “concession”, i.e., passing the levy, the union “moves the goalpost” by pushing through a new contract with raises and benefits that many in the private sector do not get.


    1. Thanks Phil, That is exactly what Laura Sanders was doing. She believes that I would somehow feel bad about that value. These are the same idiots who make their husbands buy them big diamond rings so they can impress their girl friends…”see how much he loves me.” People like that are shallow and they reveal the limits of their thinking. Sadly people like that have an equal vote to the rest of us who actually take the time to think. These people have obviously fallen into a good job and they flaunt their money immaturely because it’s not they who make it. They are the sum of the looter mentality.

      Anyone who would brag that they spend $5800 in taxes is an idiot who does not value the money they make because it comes easy to them. That’s why they don’t understand how much education should cost.

      I raised a family in my current home and I lived in the district while people like Laura were drunk on their asses in college still wondering what they were going to do with their lives. And I did all that without my wife every having to work a day in her life. Fools like these run themselves into the ground, that’s why they look like train wrecks by the time they are 40. And a big house won’t help a woman when she gets to that point, because her husband will leave her spoiled ass for a younger woman who knows to shut her mouth and just put out. “keep the ring and the house, I’ll go find another ass to tap.” That’s the fate of people like that letter writer, and I actually feel sorry for her. But nothing we say will help her and those who think the same way. They have sealed their own fate in misery. Just give it ten years.


      1. I suddenly feel sooooo inadequate living in my house that I bought for $83K, which is now valued at $124K. 🙂


  3. You are correct. There were a lot of spelling errors (ie dooshbag). Let me say that Rich Hoffman has done a wonderful thing for our community and we value him tremendously. If someone doesn’t point out these problems who will? The Yes to Lakota Kids group is a great idea that I hope has the opportunity to help a lot of children.


    1. I agree, I mean he’s trying to do a good thing, why call him names? It must be because the unions know that they have been using kids as “emotional hostages” for years, and they are afraid that the creation of this Yes to Lakota Kids will take that leverage away from them. I might be wrong, but that’s how it looks.


      1. My board, my rules, and you’d never hear from me if you didn’t ask for anything. Sounds like you’re getting the point.


      2. I don’t mind healthy debate, but the name calling pisses me off. Call it thin skin, thick skin, selfish, whatever you want. I don’t value the opinion of people who are obviously lacking in understanding. I am not running a democracy and don’t care what other people’s opinions are to be honest. I only participate in debate to help people arrive at the truth. But when people start name calling to attempt to change my behavior you just lost the ability to gain my attention. Don’t ask me for anything and I won’t judge performance. Once you involve me in your mess, and give me your problems, you can expect me to point out where the problems are. Because I’d rather think about other things, and it pisses me off to deal with people who let others do their thinking.


      3. This blog started because one side wishes to impose its will on the other, and I represent the other side that didn’t ask for any trouble. But trouble came because we think high taxes are the wrong idea. And every one of these stupid levy campaigns makes me more and more angry. And we planned from the very beginning that we would turn up the pressure more and more until the district and public education in general finally gets it. I specifically remember seeing the kind of attacks the union members did on forums like the one you were in, shown here, and how they attacked anyone who disagreed with them. I saw that they were bullies and were attempting to crush any voice against them. So I started this site. And the more they dish out, the more they will get in return. But you better believe that my anger is real. If not for this site, I might have blown a gasket on someone by now. Because the situation is so bad, so wrong, and so twisted, that it is beyond reason. And now that I’m involved I will see it through to the end like every job I’ve ever performed and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. This is a situtation that requires a fix. Putting our heads in the sand won’t get that job done.


  4. it bothers me when levy supporters bash those that dont vote for levies. in nearly every case people vote against them because they cant afford any more taxes- get that? its not against kids or teachers- its about taxes. what I suggested years ago was that those supporters voluntarily send in the amount to the schools that they feel is required- to my knowledge NO ONE has ever done that. Mr hoffman is taking a step in that very direction and now he gets criticized!


    1. Great comment. Many of the people in No Lakota Levy are holding properties that they pay taxes on that are empty. People assume they are rich and are obligated to pay huge amounts of taxes, but they don’t see the tax bills. They only see that the taxes on their little home will go up ten to twenty dollars a month, and it’s no big deal to them, because they are getting a relatively free education anyway. But that same tax rate on even a small business can amount to several hundred dollars a month, and that can easily put the local flower store out of business, or the little coffee shop, or the sports bar. J.D. Stackers ring a bell? There’s a reason those business developments are empty, it’s because business owners can’t pay the taxes. If we want growth in this community, we have to drive costs down, not endorse socialism, which will empty out the community quickly. That’s not flame fanning dialoge, it’s the truth. We are at that point and what we do now will decide if we live or die as a community. If we don’t correct ourselves we will become the future Clifton, or Evendale. Prosperity is maintained, it isn’t given out like fruit on a tree.


    2. I am a levy supporter and feel that those against the levy are entitled to their opinion. I may not agree with you but it is your right to vote anyway that you want. What I am against are the insults that Mr. Hoffman feels are necessary to get his point across. Why does he have to tell women who disagree with him that sooner or later their husbands will leave them for a younger version or that they “prostitute” themselves out to their husbands to get money (2/20 blog). It is unnecessary and completely off the topic. Why would I even want to speak with him let alone work with him?


      1. can I put you down as one that has voluntarily sent in money the levy would have generated? after all thats the obama philosphy: those that have, shoulder the burden for the have-nots. as far as mr hoffman and his behavior. I think it all reflects in the frustration of the situtation, and others gravitate to him as he seems to voice what many think- and some women LIKE to be treated as you described.


      2. What Rich is describing in posts like the ones you referenced are not attacks on specific individuals. They are comments on human nature and the psychology of what drives many people to act the way they do. I knew exactly what he meant when I read it. Rich was speaking of the shallow, self-absorbed women who attempt to overcompensate for their lack of self-worth and the fact that they has “let themselves go” with large rings, plastic surgery, furs and other material goods. They are incapable of having a true relationship with their husband, who is just as likely to be a shallow, insecure, self-absorbed man who camouflages his middle age and/or penis envy with a fast car and a moustache. This kind of man is also incapable of a mature relationship, and will leave his wife for a “newer model” to try to reclaim his lost youth. Both of these types of people are usually not the type to look deeper into any issue, whether it’s the presidential election or the school levy. The woman in particular will support the school levy both out of guilt for all the hours she devoted to her career while in the back of her mind knowing they should have been spent with her children, and the ego boost that comes from her “making a difference in the community”. Rich gets frustrated because neither of these types of people have the grasp of history or philosophy to realize that the education funding model is broken and passing levy after levy will quickly lead to the ruin of the community as surely as Greece is headed toward default. They bring nothing intellectual to the discussion, and instead rely on emotional arguments and attacks.


      3. Maybe I wasn’t clear – why even discuss others in that manner? How does it further the discussion and what does it have to do with the budget? I respect your right to have a differing opinion than me without trying to make a social comment about my personal opinion of you. I do agree completely about the broken educational funding model. Why are the people not joining forces to convince Columbus to create a more fair method of school funding? To Wayne – no I have not sent in money but I do pay my taxes and do place value on our schools. Your comment makes no sense since I am not even discussing President Obama.


      4. I think it makes perfect sense with the obama reference. its the “it takes a villiage” bs. apparently the 40% plus are voting to spend MY money and unwilling to actually pay the extra 300 bucks themselves. now to the persons that voted for the levy and put their money where their mouths are, I sincerely thank them for their contributation and I can only hope someday I can add a similar gift, until then I will pay my required tax as you do.


      5. I write about whatever I want here. And on that particular day, No Lakota Levy was trying to reach across the political line to give $10,000 to a founation so they could give it to some kids to play sports. And that group was afraid to take the money because the members of No Lakota Levy were the enemy and their pro levy friends might boycott them for working with the enemy. So those people pissed me off and I vented my rage based on my observations.

        After I finished being angery, we managed to find a way to do Yes to Lakota Kids on our own. But I’ll have to say, I was even shocked at the narrow mindedness of the pro levy people. They put their own version of the truth in front of their kids well being, and it really made me mad.


  5. They not only hit the small business owner with taxes, but the school activities constantly barage the owners for “gifts” and donations to every imaginable school function. Examples are ads in the yearbook, ads in the programs, donations of items for auctions, money for this and that over and over. It never stops and if your small business can’t afford to give, they boycott your business.


    1. Just a little inside information for those pro levy supporters who have given me over 700 additional views so far today, the business community is done with additional taxes. And if they leave, think of the tens of millions of dollars that will go with them. If Lakota thinks it has problems now, isolate them and ask them to do more. I know many of them, and they are done. Good luck getting that additional revenue out of Four-Bridges, Beckett Ridge and Wetherington, from individual homes. Keep raising taxes and watch business dry up in The Streets of West Chester and Union Center. Force the business at Cincinnati Dayton by Lakota East up the road to Monroe. And forget about Cox Road and Tylersville. Keep raising taxes and watch 40% of the business community pack up and leave within 5 years. That’s how stupid these pro levy idiots are. They don’t get it. They think the money tree is always in bloom and can always be picked.


      1. Maybe we wouldn’t be in such dire situations if these businesses were not given multi-year tax abatements. Maybe they should be required to pay taxes immediately. P.S -I know that you are such a stickler for spelling and you spelled Beckett wrong!


  6. I am struggling for a word to best describe the logic that exists in some of those letters. They actually are encouraging people to boycott the businesses and homes of people who have raised $10,000 (and undoubtedly will raise more) to help students be able to participate in Lakota athletics. Ironic is just to week of a word, any suggestions?


    1. It is those kinds of minds who created the budget problems at Lakota. That’s why they need to be removed from the process. I mean we can give them some coloring books to play with or something, but take away the multi-million dollar budget from them. You might as well give it to children, who’d probably do a better job.


  7. As I read these responses, I am constantly amazed at the hateful things that come out of everyone’s mouth, including Mr. Hoffman. To insult the people that disagree with you is just unbelievable. Others may not agree with you but you then do not have to turn around, criticize and stereotype all the women in this community. It is my experience that hateful comments come from fear and that you have a tremendous amount of fear in you. You seem to fear any intelligent person who disagrees with you. It is a shame. I am sure that many people in your organization truly are trying to do something positive; however, others may not be able to get past the name Rich Hoffman and his knee-jerk reaction to immediately insult those that disagree with him.


  8. It would be nice if the news media would just perform a modicum of research on what it reports. Instead they accept the numbers that Lakota spews as fact. Please tell me how Lakota cut $25 million and now will cut $11 million. Was this $36 million that they intended to spend by giving raises? Did they already give raises across the board with the hopes of passing more levies? How did they freeze wages when facts prove that salaries went up $11 million according to the latest published salaries PAID. They never state that they have lost over 1,000 students and should cut personel according to the declining student population. They never state that they went on a building spree and that the taxpayers owe millions of dollars for loans obtained to build those new schools. They spent millions on rehabing Union School and then moved the students to other schools. They spent millions over and over to the building that is the “Early Childhood Development Center” on Tylersville Road. Who voted to establish that program? A socialist program at a minimum. Also, it is a program that most people did not believe was needed in the district. Does anyone consider the fact that over 70% if the residents have no children in school. Many have never had any children in the system. The UNION rules the schools. That has to stop. If the Sheridan writing is the same Sheridan of past years – she has often enjoyed standing in the shadows of the limelight generated by the superintendent. A position that many of the mommies believe is as close to touching fame as they’ll ever get. The inflated egos of most superintendents is enough to gag most intelligent people. Most of them are ego driven and are dupes for the union.

    The numbers must be checked and published. Supplementals must be published. Travel and dining receipts must be published. These were hidden in the past. No district can get away with refusing to provide documents. Lakota has refused the documents in the past. They can’t do this today.

    When kindergarten teachers are paid at the same rate as chemistry, physics and calculus teachers, where is the motivation to perform at a higher level. The union must go. Parents must have a choice. Children MUST be the primary consideration.

    A levy will be put on the ballot. It will be put on when the fewest people go out and vote. They have an Alinsky strategy and they are trained.


    1. Great points Gate Keeper. You can always tell who the bad guys are when they start screaming, and they have been screaming since our press conference on Tuesday. They don’t like it when they realize they are not in control, and that they don’t rule. They are public servents, and consumers, nothing more. It shatters the impression they had of their place in the world it appears.


  9. I forgot to add that there are many dedicated and decent teachers. Many would not join the union if they had a choice. Many do not agree with the tactics used to promote levies. Many will not use the students for the propaganda tactics. Unfortunately, they are afraid to speak out. They need a job and they love teaching. My own mother was a teacher and she loved her job. She hated the union and their tactics.


    1. That’s why I’m backing Workplace Freedom. It’s the start of a solution to this mess.

      For those who wonder why I’m doing all this, it’s because of an argument I had with a union president about 2 years ago. They started the fight. And I don’t back down. I saw in their behavior what was causing the funding trouble and I have set my mind to fixing it. If they didn’t want this, they shouldn’t have picked a fight with me.


  10. Very well said Phil. Sometimes it is necessary to post what wakes up the

    These mommies, that Rich refers to, are very happy to be used by the
    people in charge and the teachers. What is also evident is that they
    hope to obtain “special” treatment for their child. This means throwing
    a scholarship or athletic position to their kid. Many kids make the
    team depending on the efforts of the parents. This is a known fact.
    Athlete of the week is often picked according to the buddy system.


    1. And that is the wrong kind of thing to teach kids. In my view, if you’re going to get in trouble for resisting unions and the school funding issue, then you might as well attack the whole pie…..the whole social problem. And that’s what I intend to do. Everything is up for discussion as far as I’m concerned.


  11. Sandra, just read all your comments. so much of what you say is just dead on. And i also wonder about these numbers.
    I almost fell over when I found the buckeye institute website–trust me, I think teachers are wonderful, and they do a job quite honestly I am not willing to do….
    but to go on this website and see people I know who are in their late 30’s, earl;y 40’s, getting 3000-5000 a year in raises year after year just floored me!! (Yes, i am on the bitter train because I stopped getting raises years ago) Something Rich has written over and over came to me–this type of lifestyle is simply not “rooted in reality”. After seeing these meteoric rises in pay on this website, I will go a step further and say that if some of these folks do not get a raise for several years i still believe they are getting the deal of the century.
    The bubble needs to be burst.


  12. I pray daily for the workplace freedom act to pass. I have 25 years of healthcare experience and all of the non-union hospitals stopped giving cost of living raises as many as 10 years ago.People don’t feel it is necessary to pay reasonable fees for the service provided, however, when you close your eyes and drift off to sleep you want the absolute best caregivers responsible for your life( union workers are the worst offenders) Let me assure you we (healthcare workers) didn’t cowardly walk away from our calling, like the coaches, music, and arts teachers are all across this country! We work every holiday, late nites, long hours and we do it because we have a MORAL COMPASS that doesn’t allow us to cry about it and push our union boss weight around intimidating the average joe. Despite the lack of raises we have received, you want to collect more from us to give less and with less DEDICATION! You LIE to our children while they are entrusted in your care(to give the education paid for with our sweat) pitting them against hard working parents and neighbors.


    1. the comment by the woman (she could be my neighbor!) bragging about the cost of her home and the amount of taxes she pays….that is truly pathetic. Are you so proud that you have a big fancy home, and do you really think that anyone who cant afford it should move?
      I just find that so awful.


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