The Termites in Lakota: Pulling up the floorboards to find the nest

The only way to describe how I feel at this current moment is to describe the situation as if I were trying to exterminate a home from the termites that are eating it from the inside out.  You know the termites are there, but you never know how many till you start pulling up floor boards.  Then once you do you see a giant nest of infestation that is bustling about in a fury now that you’ve removed their hiding places.  Obviously the termites must go; otherwise they’ll destroy your home.  It’s their nature to destroy.  So termites and a healthy home do not go well together, so if you want to save the home, you must exterminate the termites. 

Of course the termites will be angry when you start to burn them out, and put poison in their nest to destroy their eggs so more of their kind cannot hatch.  And they will think that you the homeowner are evil for trying to remove them from your home.  To them, you are the most evil being in the universe, and are the destroyer of their existence. 

And this is what I feel has happened in the wake of my announcement of our new group Yes to Lakota Kids.  What should be a good thing for the community and should have been a bridge that helps heal the community has turned out to become an angry tirade against me personally.  CLICK HERE TO READ SOME OF THE ANGER UTTERED ABOUT ME IN THE WAKE OF THE YES to LAKOTA KIDS PRESS CONFERENCE.  Considering how much anger was generated by our $10,000 donation proves that our community has termites, parasites that we always knew were there because we could see them here and there, but once we pulled up the floor boards, we discovered a swarming nest of vitriolic parasites that are slowly destroying our community. 

Just as I could never hope to set a termite down and explain to them the nature of things, the rules that all life are governed by, I could never explain to these blind school levy supporters the same type of information because they appear to have the same mental processing faculties as a termite—they consume, destroy, and breed.  So it’s wasted energy to attempt to explain to them anything.  But for my readers here who have their minds confused by the rhetoric of these parasites let me set some things straight for you. 

As demonstrated in a termite colony, it is quite possible to have 1 million insects be completely wrong if they establish their nest in a location that violates the property of ones home.  The proper place for the termites to create a nest is in a decayed tree, not a quarter million dollar home.  In that case, the termites are not correct because their collective minds believe the home is a good place for a nest.  So it is that 1 million pro school levy advocates are not correct by consensus.  Because they wish to believe that taxes are owed to them to maintain their existence does not make it so.  Their wish is simply that—an arbitrary desire that is not grounded in reality. 

No idea was ever implemented off group thinking.  The PC was not created with a group mind.  The car, the airplane, electricity, nothing in the history of man has ever been created by committee—anywhere—at anytime—or in any place.  An idea, such as public education was created in the mind of one man, then lesser men and women looted off that original idea for over a hundred and fifty years not adding anything but more funding requirements and rules to the concept.  But nothing new in thinking has ever come from a “consensus.”  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.  I challenge my readers here to come up with one thing created by a group mind in committee—-think hard.  Take the idea back to its root to conclude before you write.

It is not the obligation of any individual or business to give anything to anybody just because they exist.  It is not the individual’s job to provide sustenance to parasites.  There is no compassion clause that an infant signs for upon coming from its mother’s womb.  Yet that is the assumption from the parasitic levy supporters.  Levy supporters believe that every human being and the businesses they create are part of some “community property” and they have a right to the profits of those who create ideas. 

Taxes are legalized theft of property.  Taxes assume that a community will not take care of their communities on their own, so the money is stolen and distributed by bureaucrats for the aims of the bureaucrats.  The tax money collected is done by force.  It is stolen.  If a levy is passed and I vote no, then a group consensus has just found a way to legally steal from me because a democracy of fools, of termites, have decided they want what I have.  That is fundamentally wrong.  The way these schools operate is that they do not answer facts, they deal with emotion to achieve a group consensus, and this is how they perform the legalized theft.  I have proven here that homeschooled kids perform better than publicly educated children, (CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW) so the argument made that a community must pass a levy if it is to produce great children is completely invalid and arbitrary.  It has no ground in reality.  Kids are produced good or bad depending on the quality of their parents.  It has almost nothing to do with the quality of the teachers and testing proves it.  That’s why unions are so terrified of testing children to determine compensation amounts. 

Anyone who claims they have a right to your property is a thief.  Anyone who makes comments that have no foundations in reality is a fool subscribing to theories of mere wishes that have as much merit as making a wish on a birthday cake or shooting star.  They are mystics who believe their lives are guided by mysterious forces they are too lazy to understand.  It is far easier to surrender thought to others and make wishes.  Not to function from reality.  That is the world of the termite and the school levy advocate.

The world, our country and our school system are in trouble because we have let the termites rule, and those with thought have avoided those parasitic nests because of the sheer ugliness, and unpleasantness of dealing with such bloodsucking insects.  This has made the thinkers of society victims to the parasites, and this is not how it is supposed to be. 

I personally know when I am right and once I know it will not retreat ground under any circumstances.  Other people who pursue actual truth will arrive at the same conclusions by default, because there are right answers and wrong answers.  There are not negotiations between the right and wrong to arrive at some middle.  A person of thought who wants to preserve their home cannot negotiate with the termite and hope the termite will not eat their entire home.  The termite must go if the home is to be preserved.  If the world all pursued the truth instead of wishes of the truth a consensus of correct answers would be achieved.  If every human being pursued the truth, they would all find the correct answers and incorrect answers.  The only variations would be their path to that truth.  But there are no arbitrary aspects to reality.  A fact is a fact and those who wish for more taxes, for collective “group” thinking, who take no responsibility for the thoughts in their heads, are parasites to society.  I am as sure of that concept as the sun in the sky causes daytime on earth.  And taxes are not owed become some mystic fool not rooted in reality decides they have a right to legally rob me.  Because that’s what taxes are, theft. 

The Yes to Lakota Kids group formed by the No Lakota Levy group is proof that the community is willing to privately take care of aspects of education without the interference of the looters, the termites, who just wish to consume more and more of our community until there is nothing left.  That is why there is so much anger at me for helping to start a group that does community good, because the do-gooders of education want monopoly power over community activity so they can justify their looting tendency.  They don’t want community volunteerism because it shatters their false reality of self-importance.  If we allow that to happen it is our fault for denying the destructive tendency of the termites.  And the pro levy people who do not think for themselves, who believe what the “group” tells them, who fantasize that boycotting me, or “running me out-of-town” with some sort of peer pressure–as some of these idiots have proposed, are attempting to rally the parasites to destroy me because I am a threat to their nest of vermin. 

To me, they are just insects.  They do not think, they can not be reasoned with, and they will never ever stop till they are destroyed or they destroy.  (Kind of sounds like a Terminator from the movie doesn’t it.)  There is no consensus.  There are only right answers and wrong answers and the most dangerous people on this planet are those who cannot distinguish between the two, and seek to use money to hide their ignorance.  And that ignorance will not be tolerated.  The more they push me, the angrier I will get, and I can promise you I won’t be the first to blink.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 parasite, 5 parasites, 50 parasites, or 1 million.  They’re all just insects of no thought to me, and have as much relevance as a termite.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


8 thoughts on “The Termites in Lakota: Pulling up the floorboards to find the nest

  1. “I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”


    1. The deeper down the rabbit hole we go, the more meaning that line has. For a long time I tried to give this stuff to people in small bits. But they are just so stupid. It’s like trying to tell a deaf, and blind dog that’s had it’s back legs broken to sit.


  2. Mr. Hoffman, do you have an email or some way to contact you personally? I am from the school magazine at Lakota East and I would like to talk to you.


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