Join Doc Thompson on the Radio Again: He’s on from 3 – 6 PM at 1270 WXYT Detroit

Yes, fans of Doc Thompson can relax.  Doc Thompson is BACK!  And, he’s better than ever.  WXYT has placed Doc on from 3 to 6 PM right after Laura Ingram on the popular Detroit talk radio station.  WXYT is so powerful you can listen to it in Cleveland as the signal broadcasts out across Lake Erie and deep into Canada.  This is a big move for Doc as this radio market is #11 in the country so it’s a chance for him to really shine in a spot that is designed just for him.  You can read the announcement article about his debut here:

For his fans in Cincinnati and Richmond there’s a wonderful thing called the Internet, and satellite radio, so you can still listen to Doc anywhere in the country.  So be sure to listen in on your commute home from work and get your evening news from the Doctor, because he’s back in the office!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Check out Rich Hoffman’s favorite website, (besides this one):

Yes to Lakota Kids & NO to Lakota Levies

9 thoughts on “Join Doc Thompson on the Radio Again: He’s on from 3 – 6 PM at 1270 WXYT Detroit

  1. I’m listening on line. Great that he is still giving ideas on education.
    Since I’m originally from Detroit, I know he’ll have plenty to talk about.
    They have real big problems there.


      1. You are right. Doc is the best. I have missed him. He just said he’s
        been off for two months. WXYT is a huge market. Good for him.


  2. I posted this over on the Cinci “bsenquirer comment page”–

    ‘I kept reading Mr Hoffman posted this, and MR. Hoffman posted that… and yet..NOT ONCE in this
    ‘alleged’ postings…DID the cinci enquirer.. PROVIDE THE SOURCE OF the “” supposed “” comments..

    CAN SOMEONE.. provide credible sources. ‘
    and I posted this –
    “For the first 177 years in American history, there was no federal Department of Education, which was reserved to the states and localities to handle as they saw fit. This was also in agreement with the Constitution of the United States, which does not provide any justification whatsoever for federal power over education; in fact, the 9th and 10th Amendments make such action both unconstitutional and illegal.

    This changed in 1953 when Republican President Dwight Eisenhower created the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.”

    MAYBE..if WE the PEOPLE lived in the SOLUTION.. like ABOLISH THE DEPT OF ‘INDOCTRINATION’ and then the STATES WOULD be able to.
    KEEP THEIR TAX DOLLARS for well funded and well paid SCHOOLS>.

    oh GEE let’s not live in the SOLUTION!


  3. Way to go George. Indoctrination is what these schools accomplish. Our children will be nice little robots for the state. It is time for people to wake up. Time is of the essence. Saul Alinsky taught his followers well. “Bottom up, top down, inside out.” The union members are willing to sell out “for a few pieces of silver.” I would think that a good teacher would have some sort of conscience and be able to see the wrong in destoying our nation. The union demands and the contracts signed by government workers will be the demise of our country.


  4. Good God! I was unfortunate to drive an old car this morning that doesn’t get Glenn (55) so wlw was it, and no I haven’t tuned in for a long time….. but good grief!! The poor listeners, if there are any left! Talk about talking about nothing. Ugh. I listened to Sloan talk about nothing until the pity meter was maxing out!
    Enjoy that middle of the road radio. Inconsequential.
    It would be wonderful however to tune in while watching paint dry or grass grow…riviting! Ratings and revenue mush be kickin’ for CC with the asleeple.
    R.I.P LW.
    Doc…you never would have survived the new regime change. Thankfully we have endless options!


    1. As my friends say, +1,000,000 Vicious. I don’t know what kind of forces are behind WLW and Fox both doing more “middle of the road” but it does bore the pants off me too. We’ve got Union Brother Willie, Tracy and Eddie, Sloan, Darryl…all talking for hours about 20 year old girls raping 16 year old boys and what Sloan’s wife thinks about the real estate market. As you said, thank God there’s other options. I’ve been listening to Neal Boortz on 1290 in the AM and Savage on 1160 in the PM. Both of those are worlds better than the FM-morning show-inspired salacious garbage and the “What kind of tree would you be? What’s your favorite color?” stuff we’ve been subjected to on WLW lately.


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