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Every now and then when I’m in partnership with other people, and an article I write makes them uncomfortable, they will ask me to remove them or protect them in some way.  I’ve had to do this on occasion before, and I’m sure I’ll have to do it many more times.

It is for these reasons that I typically just do things myself, because it’s easier.  But, when you involve other people, you have to take their feelings into consideration.  The password is available to my frequent readers, but not to the people who wish to use the information against those involved.   So to sum up the articles that are password protected here is an article to satisfy your curiosity.   Enjoy!

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


The Evaders of Lakota: Why our community, state, and nation suffers

The criticism abounds toward the creation of No Lakota Levy’s new group, where our tax fighting organization is helping to pay part of the school fees for kids struggling to come up with the money to play the sport of their choice. The critics say, “Why can’t ‘they’ also pay for kids in music, what about special needs kids, what about kids who need sign language? Why don’t they just pay the tax so we can have everything? What about busing? Why are ‘they’ so selfish?”


When these critics are talking about “they” it is the members of No Lakota Levy they are talking about, and our choice to pick sports as the object we would help fund because its programs like football, track, and baseball that carry the public image for a community, and that is what we are seeking to heal. $10,000 dollars is a heck of a lot of money to come up with to help kids which comes directly from people’s pockets. But the behavior of those critics is what articulates correctly the scope of the problem we are dealing with in regard to school funding, and in a greater regard, the funding of every program created under the umbrella of The Great Society, or The New Deal.

The lack of appreciation from these critics speaks that they have no scope, or understanding of the world around them. They are the classic examples of “EVADERS.” Evaders are people who chose openly to ignore the conditions of reality. They tend to use terms in sentences such as “I wish” instead of “it is.” They make a daily practice of evading reality. An example of this, which will upset greatly my Christian readers, is in the concept of religion. No matter what the faith, religion is an act of evasion. We ask our minds to accept on faith the concept of our version of God without any proof. We might read the Bible and declare that we will take it word for word as fact without any proof. This is an act of evasion, of evading reality in favor of a belief. This is why religion is such a volatile aspect of human existence. There are a lot of religions all of whom believe that their version of reality is correct, and they are willing to die to defend their version. This makes sense from their point of view because if their illusion of reality is stripped away from them, then they have no foundations upon which to exist, so they defend their religious views with much vigor, even without evidence to support their views.

The trouble with evasion is that once human beings open their mind to it once, for one thing in their lives, then they have a tendency to open it for all things. Again, when we are speaking of evasion we are talking about suspending logic in favor of blind belief. We are accepting facts that are not grounded in reality, but upon a belief founded upon wishes of how reality should be.

These are the people who typically make up the pro levy supporter base, and on a national level support President Obama’s notion that all things in government can be fixed with tax increases. And of course the easy target is always the “rich” because most people aren’t wealthy, so the target of reality is always on some horizon out of reach maintaining the illusions of the evaders. However, the evaders can only maintain their illusions if they deny the facts of the world around them, so they do not understand how business connects to residents, they do not conceive how their actions might put the corner coffee shop out of business because of high taxes because they are practicing evasion. These same people chose not to look at the senior citizens of a community who is locked in a fixed income, because the residents are practicing evasion in that aspect also, because the senior citizen represents “old age” which is something many middle-agers seek desperately to forget about. So they “evade” the reality of their own existence because in the back of their minds, they know their religions have provided them little truth and they fear what the truth of their own deaths might bring them in the future. So they evade the facts of old age by putting their parents in retirement communities and avoiding eye contact with them at the grocery store, because those senior citizens are facing immanent death, and can no longer evade reality.

A person asked me the other day why so many “gray hairs” were in the Tea Party movement. After all weren’t many of these people hippies during the 60’s era? The answer is that as time goes on, and life runs out, people can no longer evade truth. They tend to pick a religion and stick to it gathering as many facts as they can and root what they can’t prove into a general morality centered on goodness. Because goodness is a truth that extends beyond the reach of any religion and is generally agreed upon, so it’s universal, and senior citizens tend to base their religious lives not on silly facts written in a book, but on the concept of goodness. They do this because evasion will not help them at their age. There is no more tomorrow, there is only now and things must be fixed today.

Unfortunately pro levy supporters are at the beginning of this process. They have all the time in the world—they still have their kids to raise and then they have their retirement ages in front of them, so they have time to catch up in their minds all the aspects of reality that they are evading. And they are aware they are doing this. They drink, watch TV and pursue material wealth to help them evade their reality. These are the people who think there are no limits to taxes so long as they can get what they want. They don’t care how they get it; they only know what they want because they have evaded the conditions of the world outside of their perceptions distorted in the process of evasion.

People like Saul Alisnky whom the labor unions have used to help them hijack vast amounts of personal wealth, advance a progressive political agenda, and create legislation like what Lakota is suffering from, have used this science to their advantage. It is because of labor unions and their manipulations that a school board can only deal with 20% of its costs due to aggressive union contracts that have money guaranteed to its members from the community. They achieved this by playing on the human tendency of evasion, particularly those who are in the middle of their child rearing years, to use emotional arguments based on evasion techniques instead of reality. This leaves school boards with only extortive measures to utilize, such as cutting busing, sports, electives, and new teaching positions. The unions let the school boards take the entire public outcry while they hide in the shadows like cowards maintaining their evasive illusions, and that’s exactly what’s happening at Lakota. My anger at the school board is in their defending such a structure because they are guilty of evasion themselves. They know they have no real power to control their costs, yet they don’t reveal that to the community. That’s how they become union stooges. All the participants in this game are guilty of evasion. The school board in believing that they can just pass another school levy to give them the illusion of control, the unions in believing that if they just tax the “rich” more they can have infinitely high wages with great benefits and summers off and nobody will suffer. And the parents whose children attend the school believe the members of the community “owe” them a “sacrifice” so their children can become wonderful citizens while the parents pursue their own illusions of professional evasion.

This evasion process culminated late last week when superintendent Mantia told one or our members of No Lakota Levy that the Lakota School District’s legal team instructed them that the school board had no power to regulate their wages, that it was considered illegal. This is because of the wording of the union contract negotiated in the summer of 2011 where the teachers agreed to a wage freeze and elimination of their step increases. School Board President Dibble backed up Mantia’s statement in writing reiterating that sentiment. As I heard this news I thought, “Finally, they are at least admitting they are not in control. That’s the first step in grasping reality.” And I think that’s good, and I do not fault the school board members for such an admission. I only get angry when I see them evading reality. But the reality is they are powerless to the union machine, and they are finally admitting it in public.

The critics of No Lakota Levy have said to us directly and about us publicly that “The teachers have agreed to a pay freeze. They took a step forward.” I have said back both directly and publicly that it wasn’t enough, because it didn’t balance their budget. Those who participate in evasion believe that they are entitled to something I have, and believe that negotiations place them on equal footing with me and my friends in No Lakota Levy. It does not. The members of the union who constructed the labor contract which is dismantling our local government school of Lakota believe that they have given something, but they are not in a position to offer anything of equal value. It is the community that must give, and to the union members they can only receive. They have in their minds the evasion of reality and believe that their jobs are worth infinite amounts of money, and people who are also evaders tend to believe such a thing because they do not place value on jobs, people or ideas based on reality, but on their wishes.

But in reality, the world I live in, and the world of my friends in No Lakota Levy and the 18,000 voters who voted three times to defeat further taxes, we have sent a clear message that our value for their services have exceeded their worth and no more taxes will be tolerated. That message was given in realty, but the ears that need to hear it are practicing evasion, and as long as this continues, there will be a school district that will struggle, parents will be upset, and children will miss opportunities. But the villains are not those who say NO to further taxes, it is the evaders themselves who have allowed their lack of reality to control the world around them with neglect. In their minds people like me might be “evil,” “greedy,” and “selfish,” but such thoughts are only wishes and not grounded in reality. The opinions of those who evade responsibility of thought have no value in the realm of ideas. And their credibility will not be endorsed with time, and money since their thoughts cannot grasp reality, let alone the maneuvers available to move within it. Lakota is failing as a district, and the nation is failing as a country because of evaders, and their inability, or courage to face reality.

And that problem is a problem specific to the evaders, not the people who take the responsibility to live in reality. Ultimately it is the practice of evasion that makes people and their children suffer. To understand the scope of the problem and the real reality behind the Lakota budget this link below will clear it all up for you. It is this reality that the “EVADERS” are hiding from, and why our community is suffering.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior