The Power of Guilt: What Rush Limbaugh and Rich Hoffman have in common

Below is the link to the article of which this post is dedicated.

When Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown University student a prostitute on the air at the beginning of March it was several weeks after I had said similar things here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom about the type of people who attempt to make citizens who don’t want to vote for a school levy feel poor for not wanting to commit to further taxes. I didn’t mention anyone specifically, but alluded to a mentality that seemed to think applying peer pressure on their friends and neighbors in order to secure increases in school funding was appropriate.

Well my comments had been up for weeks, and clearly thousands of people saw them, and I personally didn’t think they were all that bad. But shortly after the Rush Limbaugh story shown below broke Julie Shaffer the new school board member and former tax levy advocate took sections of my comments and placed them on her Facebook page–and taken by themselves–without the context of the rest of the article, they sounded bad. So I put those articles on password protect so I could re-read them to see if there was any validity to the claims of my critics that they were harsh.

When I wrote them I was very angry, and tired of the criticism leveled directly at me saying that I “hated children” and that I was “greedy,” for fighting off the tax increase. So the text was more colorful than usual, but I still thought my critics were reaching, until I watched the news and saw where they got their idea from. Rush Limbaugh had just lost some of his radio sponsors and were protesting his show because of his comments and his enemies had him on the ropes. It became clear to me that the same type of progressive forces had just got in their heads to do the same to me.

The progressive mode of attack they use to protect their positions which cannot withstand scrutiny is to attack people like Rush Limbaugh whenever he says something they believe they can use against him in an emotional argument. Conservatives typically are terrible at playing this game with progressives because they tend to operate on a belief system rooted in the truth. So they can easily be attacked because if they cross the line, they feel bad about it, and that guilt is used against them to change their behavior in the future.

Locally I have seen this up close with the school levies. I have seen PTA groups work with principals of elementary schools to organize boycotts against businesses that have supported tax fighting efforts. The intent is not to allow all citizens of a community to vote their conscious, but to win votes, even if the method is arm twisting and extortion. Routinely those who oppose school tax increases are labeled as anti child, anti education, and anti community, and when citizens who do own businesses and are genuinely concerned about their taxes going up they are called selfish, greedy and destructive to the neighborhood if they oppose tax increases. The situation is so bad that there was even an effort to apply pressure to local businesses who opposed the levy by contacting the higher offices of some of those businesses to apply pressure on the business owners the next vote around. That is called “strong arming” the public and its wrong.

I have been categorized in all the ways above and more because I have been putting the focus of the real problem with school funding on the runaway costs associated with school salaries. The progressive political machine that functions behind the labor unions and is subscribed to by parents who just want their child to get what they perceive a good education have used boycotts, letter writing campaigns, and protests to apply pressure to anyone who opposes their plan. And that plan is to create budgets that always inflate and must be fed with higher taxes without opposition. It’s that plan that has made school boards only able to deal with 20% of their costs leaving 80% to be untouched which is ludicrous.

My approach to the levy fight has been to take on that 80% and I knew when I did this that the progressive machine would be very angry with me. But if the solution is ever to be fixed in public education, then the 80% of the costs must be tackled rationally. And this has made me public enemy number one in my community as far as those who support progressive politics are concerned.

Going into this fourth levy fight I have been reading the online boards and studying what has been said about me so I can get an idea of how to plan for the next levy attempt. The trouble is there are never any real names behind many online forums. It’s difficult to tell who is doing what and to trace back what’s behind them. So one tactic in discovering who your enemies are, and what they are planning to do is to provoke them to do it when you control the circumstances, instead of waiting till they decide to attack. So on occasion I will install dialogue at this site to provoke a reaction so I can study the behavior.

As predicted the forces who oppose me sought to take my words and use them in the same fashion that the progressive left did against Rush Limbaugh. It started with a school board member posting it on her Facebook account. Then it migrated into many of her supporters wanting to picket my house, wanting to run me out of the community, and wishing to declare that I was a threat to their safety. All these inflammatory comments were on the tips of their tongue and were prepped for the next campaign attempt. They then went to the next step of contacting anyone who might support me and put pressure on them to withdrawal from me, because I was not to be trusted, I was inflammatory, and a right-winged-nut job—to use their words. Then they contacted the papers to drum up articles about what a menace to the community I am, and they took excerpts of my words and are planning letter writing campaigns to our local paper to expose me. Of course their hope was to isolate me of my support in the community, by painting me as a radical.

From the inside and outside at Lakota I have learned that the superintendent has been sending links to this site hoping to turn the community against me. (I wonder if she has been doing this during company time.) But what she doesn’t know is that was my intention all along.

When you are fighting against forces who believe that boycotts, intimidation, peer pressure, and the dismantling of a school system to protect wages and benefits are good behavior, then equal force must be used against them, which is what I’ve done. But unlike Rush Limbaugh and other conservative and libertarian activists I don’t feel I should apologize. When I am told that I hate children, I take that very personal. It is one of the worst names anyone could call me. I consider it a very low blow, and I do not have any reservations of turning the tide against those name callers, especially when I need to identify the behavior patterns of those who are plotting for another tax hike. Now that I have seen that behavior I can adjust, and with the increased traffic coming to this site, those eyes will see the articles that those same angry activists hoped to avoid, such as the sex story at Lakota involving the teacher and the parent using the child as a vehicle, or the Laura Kursman $90,000 payout, or the fat double-dipping contract of the current superintendent.

Because the other side has dictated that using inflammatory rhetoric is the way they have chosen to play the game, I will oblige them with heavy doses of it in return. And I will use those words as a marketing device to bring people to the truth, so their eyes can see for themselves what our community is fighting for. You can’t fight a radical with a smile on your face and a polite nod. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place. You have to fight them the way they fight, and you have to be better at it than they are. Because in order for any community to survive, the radicals must be removed from games of extortion and peer pressure to cover up bad business practice. And this is the task that is before us.

Rush Limbaugh is using inflammatory speech to generate ratings for his radio show. I’m using it to bring people to the truth, not the same old people who read here every day, but I want the people from the other side of the aisle to join our levy fighting efforts. So I fanned the flames a bit to attract attention and bring people to the information that they may have been avoiding, because the truth is there for all to see. But they have to be willing to act on what they see, and not allow extortion methods to hijack their senses. The truth is more important to me than my public reputation, more important then having friends or supporters, or even having people wave hello to me at the grocery store. I’d rather get things out in the open so we can fix the problem instead of just throwing money at it to bury our community ten years down the road in debt beyond repair. The time to fix it is right here, and right now, and if some toes get stepped on and feelings get hurt in the process, then so be it.

I’m not interested in protecting the employees of a school system; I am interesting in protecting the community and the kids who are products of that community. Everything else must form itself to those two entities without compromise.

To those who wish to categorize me as a right leaning radical or Tea Party activists, the truth is that I’m a Transcendentalist in the purest form of the word.  Just to clear the air. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


18 thoughts on “The Power of Guilt: What Rush Limbaugh and Rich Hoffman have in common

  1. I’m not interested in protecting the employees of a school system; I am interesting in protecting the community and the kids who are products of that community. Everything else must form itself to those two entities without compromise.>

    Exactly. People are so infuriated that you are essentially in their eyes the person stopping people from voting “yes” to a levy which is an easy fix in their eyes.
    It so ironic when people call you greedy, how funny is that….you are not the one asking for money to give yourself a raise, or secure unreal benefits.
    Sandra, the former board member said it best”the party is over”. it was great while it lasted, although for some it still goes on. The young teachers of today have got to be disapointed that in all likelihood they do not have a double dipping future, unlimited time off, free benefits, etc(although no matter what anyone says, it is still a very good deal compared to the public sector
    When SB 5 was on the ballot, I actually had a friend going back to school who said if SB5 passed, she wouldn’t become a teacher because in her opinion it was not worth it. I can’t imagine viewing my profession in such stark terms.
    anyway, as Cyd says, this is your blog and your arena. I do wonder if the superintendent is doing this on school time–does it really matter? with the 2 salaries, all that time off and the bulging retirement account, at this point we can never get a fraction of our “investment” in her back. She might as well stay home, she’ll be paid anyway with all the accrued sick time, newly accrued sick time vacation time and normal time off from the school system.


      1. I POSTED THIS OVER ON THE cinci enquirer comments ..EXCLUSIVE: Lakota anti-levy figure whips up controversy on blog.. “”I kept reading Mr Hoffman posted this, and MR. Hoffman posted that… and yet..NOT ONCE in this
        ‘alleged’ postings…DID the cinci enquirer.. PROVIDE THE SOURCE OF the “” supposed “” comments..

        CAN SOMEONE.. provide credible sources.”””

        and I added.. that since NO ONE CAN PROVIDE ME credible sources of proof…. then MR. Hoffman might just have a CASE for ”’libel and slander””


  2. several years ago, I was a PTA ( or is it PTO?) officer and I voted yes because it just seemed “sensible”.
    All I saw when it finally passed was bussing was added back and all my friends who were teachers got raises.
    I saw a you-tube video of your bullwhip stuff, which I thought was quite interesting, and then started reading what you had to say. A lot of it was in my eyes, over the top, some of it was over my head, and a lot of it really made sense.
    So I have to believe you have made a lot of people stop and think. Thats a wonderful thing!


  3. Here is a much better link, as it is the “Exclusive” story today!

    And, you have obviously missed the entire point of the article, which is your hatred of women, not children. Teachers are mostly women; therefore, they are not deserving of good salaries, correct? Our superintendent is a woman; therefore she should not be making a six-figure salary, right? Women are your target, and if you are in complete denial about that (which I am sure you are), just read your own statements at the beginning of this post claiming that you didn’t think your comments were all that bad… that they were taken out of context. Those words — in or out of context — were completely misogynistic and reprehensible. You are a disgusting and disturbed man.


    1. Just because you say something doesn’t make it so. You are incorrect on every point. Nice job on the article. Now you have freed me to do even more, because now I don’t have to worry about holding back.


  4. Hey, aren’t you proud of me? I’m figuring out this whole web-site thing. I hadn’t realized that you started a new discussion here, perhaps as a way to avoid my questions from the other thread? Certainly as a way to explain away your wacky behavior. Perhaps you will answer my question on this thread?

    You said, “I have been putting the focus of the real problem with school funding on the runaway costs associated with school salaries.” Rich, again, please explain to me the details of how voting down levy after levy will change anything about school salaries? Phil admitted on the other thread that there is no direct connection between voting a levy down and what you believe to be the root of the problem.


    1. I love how you put words in my mouth and use the classic “thank you for making my point for me” tactic Valerie. FYI I did go back on that thread and tried to clarify what I said earlier. I’m not giving one more cent to people like Dr. Mantia and the school board until they prove that they spend my money responsibly. Voting for union raise after union raise “for the children” is not sustainable.

      There are MANY roots to this problem. I’m for dealing with all of them including “starving the beast”.

      I thought of a great analogy. I have two dogs. They are crate-trained. Some days when I come home, Phoebe (the one who thinks she’s the alpha dog) will bark loudly until I let her out of the cage. If you know anything about dog behavior, you know that to let her out at that time would only embolden her to bark again tomorrow, as she got her way this time. I would just be rewarding her by letting her out while she is barking. I see the levies the same way. Superintendents use the same old OSBA tried and true tactics of cutting bussing and things kids enjoy like sports, while not touching the real problem. I’m not going to reward thug union tactics and extortion. It just emboldens them to do it again and again.


    2. I am proud of you. And what you’re asking will require me to spend some time, which I don’t have. As you can understand, I’ve been busy today. But what’s most important people are thinking.


  5. All we need do is look at the primary demand the Eurozone and IMF are placing on hopelessly bankrupt Greece to get their new $170 Billion bailout — Greece has agreed to cut 150,000 government employees. Even Cuba’s leader Raul Castro recognizes government employees are at the root of economic destruction, as he is cutting over 2 million of them to save Cuba from bankruptcy.
    The truth is that government employees are the true 1%. We have far too many of them (21 million), many of them are paid too much, and their union demands are straining taxpayers to the breaking point.
    They have become a privileged class that expects to be treated superior to the taxpayers — the same folks who pay their salaries and pensions. But it is their obscene pensions that are the big problem moving forward for America.
    How would you like to retire with $6 million? $8 million? $10 million? All you have to do is become a government employee to hit the jackpot.
    You don’t believe me? Do the math.


  6. I recently talked with a retired New York City toll taker. His salary averaged about $70,000 per year over 20 years. But in his last few years he worked loads of overtime and added in accumulated sick days to get his salary in those final years up to $150,000.
    His pension is based on his final years’ salary. This is a common pension-padding ploy.
    He bragged that he will now get a taxpayer funded pension of $120,000 a year for the rest of his life. He’s only 50 years old.
    The average 50-year old male has a life expectancy of almost 80. With automatic cost of living increases, that’s a bill to taxpayers of $5 million for the next 30 years –for not working. THREE TIMES WHAT HE EARNED WHILE WORKING.
    And, of course, we’re also paying his medical bills.
    No country, no budget, and no taxpayers anywhere in the world can afford this. Ask Greece.
    But here’s a frightening question- what if he lives to 90? Or 100? His pension could rise to $8 million or higher.
    Multiply this times 21 million government employees (on the federal, state and local level) and you now get a sense of what is bankrupting America.


  7. FOR AS BROKE AS ”’THE LAKOTA SCHOOL DISTRICT IS/WAS”” they sure are busy with

    TOP SUPERINTENDENT moves… Mantia resigns to become Lakota superintendent | ThisWeek …

    Pickerington Local School District Superintendent Karen Mantia officially announced … Lakota Schools spokeswoman Laura Kursman and board president Joan Powell did not … live/ content/ pickerington/ stories/ 2011/ 06/ 15/ Mantia-confirms-resignation-as-superintendent.html?sid=104
    _____then there is this____Laura Kursman |

    … of School Community Relations, Karen Mantia, Lakota Superintendent Dr. Karen Mantia, Lakota Superintendent Karen Mantia, Laura Kursman, Mantia, Superintendent Dr. Karen …

    and then there is this>>>>>> 2011/ 12/ 26/ lakotas-laura-kursman-the-horse-trainer-the-payoff-for-a-neck-injury/


  8. I love the two dogs analogy, Phil. The barking will never stop. Feeding the beast only incites more barking.


  9. wow…..grasping much? most teachers are women? The superintendent is a woman therefore does not deserve a 6 figure salary?? ::::::::::shaking head::::::::::::::
    I know you can do better than that.


  10. I am curious about something….isnt a school board member supposed to be an elected official who is at the core unbiased? So a school board member is posting this on her facebook? I’m thinking this is completely inappropriate for an elected official.


  11. We’re with you, Overman Warrior. Most people with any common sense are. In our society, as you well know, it is the whining, squeaking, squealing, wheel that gets the attention and the oil. You haven’t said anything in this blog that was not utterly true. That is why the soccer moms are so angry.


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