The Hobbit Blog part 6: Respect for nature versus nature as a religion

Filmmakers tend to be extremely aware of environmental concerns and the film crew of The Hobbit is no different. As can be seen in this next blog posting from the set done right out of the New Year the crew went to incredible extremes to protect the environment and specifically the fauna in a specific filming location. (To view the previous postings on this topic follow this link back through the stories.)  The care taken in this production is not what I’d equate to extreme environmentalism. It is more along the lines of respect since the equipment of a film crew can be very damaging to a location. Check it out:

I’ve been on many camping trips, several going into the deep back country, and the general rule is to leave a campsite the way it was when you found it. Put rocks back where you found them, don’t leave behind any garbage, and make sure the area where your tent was pitched didn’t leave behind any evidence.

The same care was obviously taken during the production of The Hobbit. Showing care and respect for a natural setting is not the same as being a “tree hugging hippie.” Environmental extremism is not what I’d classify happening on this Hobbit set. But rational concern and appreciation for the settings they are trying to capture on film.

Of a particular interest in the above entry is the scene with the barrels being filmed. Anyone who knows the book The Hobbit, knows that this will be the scene where the Hobbits escape from the mountain prison.

This is yet another reason that The Hobbit will be a fantastic film. The personalities involved are having fun; they are being smart in how they go about the production without going overboard. I enjoy these wonderful little segments not so much for the documentation of the film that they are making and the content of that film, but for the adventure along the way. Watching this journey of making the film has turned out to be an adventure in itself that is as much fun, if not more so than an actual film.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


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