An Execution Attempt: Nails made of apologies

When someone asks, or requires you to plead your forgiveness, they are in essence asking you to embrace their set of values. But if those values are wrong, even if 1 million people all believe the same thing, then who’s to say that one must yield their values to the 1 million? To ask for forgiveness over a violation of the values of the collective even if it does not adhere to your own values is in that process, living a lie.

I can feel what Christ must have felt to be nailed to a cross in execution, not just to be kissed by one Judas, but 20 as 100 Pontius Pilots sat in their towers commanding the death sentence. But the nails are not made of stone, but of words. The kisses not with lips, but of paper and pens, and the execution not suddenly declared but carefully planned over time.

The peer pressure that is applied by a collective is to get you to accept their values which are the nails. Once they are taken, they are as strong as steal and will hold your arms to the cross. Asking for forgiveness of values that are not your own is accepting the nail.

But to look at a society that is in trouble, is morally bankrupt, and floundering about in chaos values are not what come to mind. Yet because that society numbers in the majority they believe that they have the obligation to impose their values on whoever enters their domain. Yet terror will come to those minds if they discover that one amongst them has thoughts that differ from theirs, and worse yet, declares that they are in fact the ones with correct thoughts.

A battle will ensue once those two ways of thinking are in open warfare in a game that becomes something like Battleship where both players stare at a board obscuring the view of their opponent. You can only guess what the other player is doing by calling out coordinates and then discovering if you have hit, or missed. The collective mind will seek to use more battleships hidden in obscure locations to increase their chances of destroying their challenger. They want to sink the battleship of the challenger vigorously, so that the ideas they adhere to cannot be challenged.

Sometimes the only way to discover who your enemies are, and where they are hidden is to pour some blood in the water and watch them flock to be fed. Like in the game Battleship, the enemy is revealed when a pattern of behavior is established.

I have been told that I hate kids because I oppose a school levy. I have been told I hate women because I called some blind levy supporters names for not using their brains. And these claims are arbitrary and not rooted in any reality. I have placed the reality here for all to see, the evidence of the school levies, and my personality. If only one would take the time to listen. But that is not the goal. The goal is to sink the battle ship, to end the challenger of thought. And execution is their second option after forced submission.

This is what is meant by apology, accepting the values of the mass collective, even if they are wrong. Even if their only evidence is in their own imaginations, facts are not important. Emotional consensus is.

As I studied the patterns of behavior behind the attempt to paint me as a woman-hater I saw how much faith the collectivists placed on turning so many others instantly to their favor with unfounded claims. To take random selections of my writing and paint it as a woman-hater when in fact the context was a metaphor for the type woman who blindly supports a tax increase seems far-fetched. My first thought would be that people would see through the attempt for what it was, nonsense.

Yet as I have observed the events around me for the past month, the people connected to me directly and indirectly, the people who are my enemies, the people who pretend to be friends, the people who pretend to be patriots, and mix them up with the real friends and patriots it was difficult to see who was doing what, because something was amiss. Something didn’t add up in the behavior patterns.

So I tossed some blood in the water and watched the frenzy. The sharks came up and tossed about rolling on top of each other wanting some of my blood detecting a weakness. I had known that there would be 4 or 5 such sharks. But I was surprised to find 20 to 30 instead. The sharks in themselves weren’t involved in the execution attempt. Much was learned in watching the patterns.

When it is said that someone is “playing politics” what they are talking about is a process of conceding beliefs to the general attitude of a collective represented by one political party or another. The participants of a political party generally apologize or concede their beliefs to various degrees to fall in line behind the masses. So when a stray thinker exists outside of this establishment peer pressure is applied to bring them into harmony with the party in charge. This is why boycotts, name calling and other forms of radicalism are attempted, so to discourage public scrutiny. If one wishes to avoid trouble, they will fall into line and apologize if they step outside of the political parameters. This is how people get into the habit of making personal concessions to their beliefs and over time they lose their original thoughts so completely that they can no longer think for themselves, but instead allow politics to think for them. And this is how people become social sharks hidden under the water.

The political machines of humanity know that this is the way of things, so they understand that all it takes are key words such as “hate” or “child,” or “women,” to turn on the blank minds of the masses to fall in line behind the politics of establishment. And even if people think something in their hearts, they fail to act it out in reality, so not to be crushed by politics.

The pressure I felt on Thursday March 15, 2012 was this type of public crucifixion attempt. The intent was to apply so much pressure on me that I would either break or fall in line. There were many times during the media spectacle that I wondered if it was a good idea to give my enemies ammunition against me the way I did as I saw how many sharks were swarming in the water. And that’s when I thought of being hung on a cross, the way the Romans executed many of their criminals. And I felt the kiss of many Judas’s and saw the names of my Pontius Pilots. It was overwhelming and it was meant to be that way.

But what was my guilt? Saying what many people think but don’t say? As to whether I am a woman-hater, or child hater, my proof is on these pages that I’m nothing like those accusations. Far from it. But the politics of the situation wish to paint me with that brush to control my behavior. And the hope is that my friends will turn on me and I will be left alone and defenseless to the political machine.

But what the people involved in the media blitz against me don’t know is that I long ago braced myself for this day and I knew it would hurt. But I also know the reality.

For my own sanity, I needed to know who my friends were and who the enemies were. I needed to know who were the magpies and the forked tongue friends and they revealed themselves. Now I have names to the faces that lurked beneath the water and the pain was worth it to get that information. Because I understand that nobody has a right to crucify me unless I give them the right to do so by endorsing their values, which I don’t. I said what I believed correct of the situation and the people who are most angry know in their hearts and minds that I’m right in a metaphorical way. The nails that attempted to confine me were made of the word “apology” and are actually made of nothing but public acceptance of the political structure that is inherently wrong, as evidence by the current direction of our culture.

Since I am such a large public target and due to the circumstances of recent I will change my focus here. The attack on me was personal and now exceeds beyond the scope of fighting school levies. I am now free of politics completely, which I wanted, to pursue my own interests completely. It is not only the names listed in the Enquirer article who I now learned have used politics to advance their agenda at my personal expense. But the people connected to those names. And I now know who they are…………….Thank you. To see the players involved and their behavior patterns were worth the pain.

I knew all along that I couldn’t be pinned to the cross and am free to walk away from the crucifixion. Because the real power behind it is not one that can personally affect me. The only power it has is in the accepting of political value, which I reject.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior