An Execution Attempt: Nails made of apologies

When someone asks, or requires you to plead your forgiveness, they are in essence asking you to embrace their set of values. But if those values are wrong, even if 1 million people all believe the same thing, then who’s to say that one must yield their values to the 1 million? To ask for forgiveness over a violation of the values of the collective even if it does not adhere to your own values is in that process, living a lie.

I can feel what Christ must have felt to be nailed to a cross in execution, not just to be kissed by one Judas, but 20 as 100 Pontius Pilots sat in their towers commanding the death sentence. But the nails are not made of stone, but of words. The kisses not with lips, but of paper and pens, and the execution not suddenly declared but carefully planned over time.

The peer pressure that is applied by a collective is to get you to accept their values which are the nails. Once they are taken, they are as strong as steal and will hold your arms to the cross. Asking for forgiveness of values that are not your own is accepting the nail.

But to look at a society that is in trouble, is morally bankrupt, and floundering about in chaos values are not what come to mind. Yet because that society numbers in the majority they believe that they have the obligation to impose their values on whoever enters their domain. Yet terror will come to those minds if they discover that one amongst them has thoughts that differ from theirs, and worse yet, declares that they are in fact the ones with correct thoughts.

A battle will ensue once those two ways of thinking are in open warfare in a game that becomes something like Battleship where both players stare at a board obscuring the view of their opponent. You can only guess what the other player is doing by calling out coordinates and then discovering if you have hit, or missed. The collective mind will seek to use more battleships hidden in obscure locations to increase their chances of destroying their challenger. They want to sink the battleship of the challenger vigorously, so that the ideas they adhere to cannot be challenged.

Sometimes the only way to discover who your enemies are, and where they are hidden is to pour some blood in the water and watch them flock to be fed. Like in the game Battleship, the enemy is revealed when a pattern of behavior is established.

I have been told that I hate kids because I oppose a school levy. I have been told I hate women because I called some blind levy supporters names for not using their brains. And these claims are arbitrary and not rooted in any reality. I have placed the reality here for all to see, the evidence of the school levies, and my personality. If only one would take the time to listen. But that is not the goal. The goal is to sink the battle ship, to end the challenger of thought. And execution is their second option after forced submission.

This is what is meant by apology, accepting the values of the mass collective, even if they are wrong. Even if their only evidence is in their own imaginations, facts are not important. Emotional consensus is.

As I studied the patterns of behavior behind the attempt to paint me as a woman-hater I saw how much faith the collectivists placed on turning so many others instantly to their favor with unfounded claims. To take random selections of my writing and paint it as a woman-hater when in fact the context was a metaphor for the type woman who blindly supports a tax increase seems far-fetched. My first thought would be that people would see through the attempt for what it was, nonsense.

Yet as I have observed the events around me for the past month, the people connected to me directly and indirectly, the people who are my enemies, the people who pretend to be friends, the people who pretend to be patriots, and mix them up with the real friends and patriots it was difficult to see who was doing what, because something was amiss. Something didn’t add up in the behavior patterns.

So I tossed some blood in the water and watched the frenzy. The sharks came up and tossed about rolling on top of each other wanting some of my blood detecting a weakness. I had known that there would be 4 or 5 such sharks. But I was surprised to find 20 to 30 instead. The sharks in themselves weren’t involved in the execution attempt. Much was learned in watching the patterns.

When it is said that someone is “playing politics” what they are talking about is a process of conceding beliefs to the general attitude of a collective represented by one political party or another. The participants of a political party generally apologize or concede their beliefs to various degrees to fall in line behind the masses. So when a stray thinker exists outside of this establishment peer pressure is applied to bring them into harmony with the party in charge. This is why boycotts, name calling and other forms of radicalism are attempted, so to discourage public scrutiny. If one wishes to avoid trouble, they will fall into line and apologize if they step outside of the political parameters. This is how people get into the habit of making personal concessions to their beliefs and over time they lose their original thoughts so completely that they can no longer think for themselves, but instead allow politics to think for them. And this is how people become social sharks hidden under the water.

The political machines of humanity know that this is the way of things, so they understand that all it takes are key words such as “hate” or “child,” or “women,” to turn on the blank minds of the masses to fall in line behind the politics of establishment. And even if people think something in their hearts, they fail to act it out in reality, so not to be crushed by politics.

The pressure I felt on Thursday March 15, 2012 was this type of public crucifixion attempt. The intent was to apply so much pressure on me that I would either break or fall in line. There were many times during the media spectacle that I wondered if it was a good idea to give my enemies ammunition against me the way I did as I saw how many sharks were swarming in the water. And that’s when I thought of being hung on a cross, the way the Romans executed many of their criminals. And I felt the kiss of many Judas’s and saw the names of my Pontius Pilots. It was overwhelming and it was meant to be that way.

But what was my guilt? Saying what many people think but don’t say? As to whether I am a woman-hater, or child hater, my proof is on these pages that I’m nothing like those accusations. Far from it. But the politics of the situation wish to paint me with that brush to control my behavior. And the hope is that my friends will turn on me and I will be left alone and defenseless to the political machine.

But what the people involved in the media blitz against me don’t know is that I long ago braced myself for this day and I knew it would hurt. But I also know the reality.

For my own sanity, I needed to know who my friends were and who the enemies were. I needed to know who were the magpies and the forked tongue friends and they revealed themselves. Now I have names to the faces that lurked beneath the water and the pain was worth it to get that information. Because I understand that nobody has a right to crucify me unless I give them the right to do so by endorsing their values, which I don’t. I said what I believed correct of the situation and the people who are most angry know in their hearts and minds that I’m right in a metaphorical way. The nails that attempted to confine me were made of the word “apology” and are actually made of nothing but public acceptance of the political structure that is inherently wrong, as evidence by the current direction of our culture.

Since I am such a large public target and due to the circumstances of recent I will change my focus here. The attack on me was personal and now exceeds beyond the scope of fighting school levies. I am now free of politics completely, which I wanted, to pursue my own interests completely. It is not only the names listed in the Enquirer article who I now learned have used politics to advance their agenda at my personal expense. But the people connected to those names. And I now know who they are…………….Thank you. To see the players involved and their behavior patterns were worth the pain.

I knew all along that I couldn’t be pinned to the cross and am free to walk away from the crucifixion. Because the real power behind it is not one that can personally affect me. The only power it has is in the accepting of political value, which I reject.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior



  1. I won’t muck this up with a long-winded comment but to say..


    Brietbart IS Here!
    His name is Rich Hoffman

    ….and Gatekeeper and NKLM and Phil and Proud American and thousands upon millions more.


  2. One of the best blogs you have written. The sharks certainly did come out in full force… least those quoted in the enquirer used their names…..more disturbing was reading the many “fly-by” comments on the enquirer article facebook site, such cruel and gleeful things. I have to believe that many if not all of these people have children in the Lakota schools……..that sort of nasty, vicious behavior doesn’t come out of nowhere….is that the kind of cruelty you want to teach your children? If you say these cruelties are in response to a few things that overman wrote in his personal blog, what does that say about you?
    You can crow all you want that this has helped the pro-levy movement? I say it’s uncovered a lot about human nature and the need for many to feel superior and in turn be cruel.


    1. That’s the kind of people “they” are. They are two faced. They only know one thing, more money and anyone who stands in the way of what they want they will do what is spoke about in this article. We have revealed what they are all about. That want to believe they are nice people, and good parents. But they are bad people and it will show in their children. Money can’t hide what terrible parents they are because the kids will still turn out messed up no matter how much education they have.


  3. This is beautiful. Many of the agitators did not show their faces or their names, but we know who they are and who they represent. Sad that there are so many ignorant people out there. Anyone with a brain should have understood the metaphor you used. So some of those in pretty high places showed their true colors. Maybe it was because that metaphor you used hit pretty close to home.
    What is so discouraging is that Sloanie bought into the mess. He allowed a few vindictive people to take up air time. He has sure allowed the empty headed sex talk of Tracy destroy his brain. Then he has the unmitigated gall to put you on the spot when he allows Tracy to talk dirty to every female caller – including Marilyn Harris on the day you were on in the morning. Talk about a double standard! The saddest part of this is that the NoLakota group allowed you to front for them while they hid behind the scenes – turned on you when they needed to support you. There are far more NoLakota voters, proven by the elections, but most of them won’t speak out. They are afraid of what happened to you will happen to them. Freedom? First Amendment? or Union intimidation by all sorts of threats? Thses include shutting down a business, bodily harm, threats to the children they profess to support, tearing down signs, publishing misinformation etc.


    1. There are a lot of people who do not want to get involved because they don’t want to be attacked. They are scared to speak out, and why? Because they don’t want to be publicly ridiculed or boycotted against. Now, I poked at them to spring the trap so people could see for themselves how the machine runs from top to bottom. I hope it was worth it.

      You are right about Scott. I didn’t expect him to play things that way, but according to Pam Parino from Julie Shaffers Facebook account, Julie now has friends at WLW and they played their role. It doesn’t matter that Tracy Jones has made a living lately saying much the same kind of thing on the air. Their approach surpised me, but also said a lot. Things change, and my friend at WLW was fired while on his honeymoon, so business can be brutal. When you find yourself in the cross-fire you just have to take it and rearm yourself.

      The fear that is used to prop up a public school are what I fight against. It’s certainly not Lakota itself. It’s the intimidation used to make it all about the employees and not the children that I find so disturbing.


      1. something tells me you will do just fine, if not better on your own, Rich Hoffman. And radio is as dirty a business as many others, to stay afloat one must often align themselves with those they find distasteful to keep their head above water. Good point about Sloanie–unless he had a lobotomy, this is the same guy who has been insulting and being truly offensive to women for years. They are like 2 different people–who is the real Scott Sloan? I suspect we’ll find out soon enough…..


    2. And you are right, they became so upset because I did hit too close to home. The violent reaction wasn’t so much aimed at me, but at keeping that reality from themselves.

      This site saw a spike of almost 15,000 hits over the last three days and most of them were good, normal people just coming to check out what all the fuss was about. Anyone who reads here knows that the things said about me are misrepresented. But there are the same 100-200 people who left some nasty comments and were involved in provoking the whole situation who were the real vilians. Those are the people who participate in boycotting businesses, and sticking their kids on sign poles to wave about to pass school levies. They are the ones who make public education a joke for everyone. And because of their attitude, they waste enormous sums of money.


    3. I’ve been listening to WLW and other local stations since 1987. I’m a fan of radio in general; one of my hobbies is restoring antique vacuum tube radios. When I started listening to the “Big One” and the other Cincinnati stations, the level of programming was very high. I learned a lot over the years and was entertained. I’ve felt that in the last few years the quality of programming in general has plummeted. It’s one of those gradual things that you may not notice until you step back and look at the entire picture. Eddie and Tracy? Really? Is that what we’ve come to think of as “afternoon drive” entertainment? The list of comedians and comic-based shows that I love is very broad; everything from the Simpsons to South Park to Beavis and Butthead to Mel Brooks and on and on. I’m no prude. To me Eddie and Tracy are two unsophisticated boobs with nothing of value to offer. I feel the same way about Sloan.

      It’s a rare talk show host (and those behind the scenes) these days that has the creativity to fill a show with three hours of decent entertainment and enlightenment. Scott Sloan is not one of them in my opinion. It doesn’t take talent to do what Scott did during and after Rich’s interview; it was the radio equivalent of the “fart joke”. Doc was so much better.

      What really disturbs me is the greater societal implications: since the Eddies and Tracys and the Bill Cunninghams of the world are so prevalent on radio, and “reality TV” rules the tube, have we gotten to the point where this is all people understand? Is this the movie “Idiocracy” come true? Is the next hit TV show going to be “OW! My balls!!” Is it going to be the Terrance and Philip show from South Park where it’s one long fart after another?


  4. Just to clarify for some what RIch said above, although I really should not have to: when Rich referred to “them” above, he did not mean all parents of Lakota children or all mothers who voted “yes” on the levy. He’s talking about the kind of parents with the mentality that would encourage their children to steal or destroy someone else’s property under the cover of darkness, in this case “No Lakota Levy” signs.

    Let’s call a spade a spade: the main culprit here are unions. There’s a *lot* of money at stake in the Lakota budget, and when there’s that much at stake the stakes for some are incredibly indeed. My best friend did some research the other day and told me that only around 13% of the country are unionized; about half are public sector and half private sector. So we’re talking about a very small minority of the population, or “the tail wagging the dog”. They get their way through threats, intimidation, violence, and bribes.

    I’ve been involved with unions at my place of employment for 24 years. I’ve seen some unbelievable stuff (I’d love to use the other “S” word here). I’ve seen otherwise good people go from good workers to “Screw the company! Key that guy with the foreign car’s paint job! Flatten his tires!” just because of union influence. That’s what the “card check” legislation that’s sitting in Congress is for: to make it easier to unionize a company by being able to intimidate employees into signing instead of having a secret ballot.

    In Lakota’s case there’s a lot of money at stake and a *lot* of money being used to bribe or threaten certain individuals. It’s that seedy underbelly of life we here at Overmanwarrior talk about…while you’re dropping your kids off at school and trying to do the best for them these are the things that are going on behind the scenes. As Rich said, the problem is that many times you can’t tell who the guy is who keyed your car, to use that analogy. They smile at you and joke with you at work but they’re not your friend. Rich has just smoked out many of these types of people, and it was a brilliant move. In any battle you need to know who your friends and enemies are. You need to know that the guy or gal next to you on the front line shares the same values and has the same goals as you do. Just ask Julius Caesar what happens if you don’t.


  5. BWAHHAHHAHHHA! I just heard Brian Combs say on WLW news that “Superintendent Karen Manita says that despite the huge budget cuts at Lakota, it is still better run than most businesses and the level of education remains high as evidenced by high test scores DESPITE THE LOW AMOUNT OF MONEY COMING IN TO THE DISTRICT.”

    I couldn’t make this stuff up. At least I got a good laugh this Saturday morning.


  6. Whats funny and more ironic is the fact that its bloated salaries and benefits like hers which is 80% of the reason there is low money coming in. Utter greed.


    1. The median salary for COOs overseeing organizations with over 1000 employees is about $433K, with total compensation at over $700K. Seems to me like Ms. Mantia is kind of a bargain. 😉

      This is the most entertaining blog I’ve ever seen. You guys should take this act on the road!!


      1. Entertaining is good. Otherwise a lot of this stuff can get pretty boring. If Mantia behaved like a CEO I’d agree. But she gets told what to do by a school board that only has control of 20% of their costs. The other 80% is tied to union labor contacts that can’t be touched. So Manita is barely worth six figures. Nothing close to what you said.

        Also a CEO would be required to drive down costs. She’d be worth millions if she could drive down per pupil costs from say $9,500 each to $8,500 from year to year then within five years drive down even more from $8,500 to $7,500. If she could do that, I’d agree with you 100%. But all she can do is make token cuts as outlined in The Pulse Journal on Thursday, which should have always been done. Those aren’t things that deserve highlights. They’re expected. But anybody can just ask for more money. My cat could do that. A child could too. Unless she can drive down costs, she cannot be called a CEO. Because she’s a token position with no real power but to advance tax increases.


        1. You said it way better than I did. The current CEO of my company has been with us 2 years, and is being applauded for cutting costs of at least 9% this year–tough on us, but good for the bottom line. That is one of the most important aspects of the job. Here, if you screw up, you have an overpaid team of people to cover it up, pay off and do damage control( georgette Kelly or Laura kursman anyone?)


      2. The overman tour…I like it. As far as your theory about ceo’s, most companies do not rely on the taxpayers backs, and most ceo’s I know work. 365 days a year. Mantia is NOT a CEO, she was brought on because of a particular skill set, that is to pass levies.


  7. CEO???? All of money this “corporation” takes is taken out of the pockets of the homeowners. They never balance their budget and they sure don’s show a profit. Ms. Mantia (and all superintendents) was a classroom teacher. She pulled strings, promised the right things and gradually moved up the ladder to her current position. If she ran a company – it would be out of business in less than a year.
    She would move in the union, give them whatever they asked for, lock in the salaries and then close the doors. The product could never recoup the cost of
    production. The union could try to run the company, but that would only work for a very short time. Sound familiar? Another thought that the pro levy groups harp on is that the way schools are funded is “unconstitutional.” Soooo what do they propose? Let the state take over financing the schools? Who in blue blazes do these idiots think pays taxes to the state and federal governments? The same people pay all of the taxes. Further, does anyone think for one second that the union wants to take the funding away from the districts where they control the children. When the money comes from the locals each union can use the same old tried and true extortion tactics of cutting the bus service, cutting extra curriculars, threatening to raise classroom sizes (can’t do it because the numbers are in the contract) etc. etc. I wish everyone would read the contract. The board says they can’t re-open the contract – I bet they could if they wanted to really cut costs. All contracts can be reopened. Both parties have to agree.


    1. Didn’t they just recently re-open and renegotiate certain aspects of the contract? Also, It’s technically incorrect to put “unconstitutional” in quotes, since it was kinda officially done and all. Just sayin. 😉


  8. Most if not all CEO/COOs (The terms really aren’t interchangeable, by the way) report to a Board of some kind, and quite a few of them deal with union labor contracts every day. They’re hired to run the organization within that context, and many do, quite successfully.

    So when you say the cuts that “should have always been done,” which ones are you referring to? The actual reduction in headcount or other secondary expenses?


    1. The secondary cuts specifically. Some of the head count, but I would have rather seen an overall reduction in salary so that there wouldn’t have been lost jobs. That’s a shame in this case, because they aren’t that far away from balancing things out. 5 to 6% would have done it.


      1. Well to be fair, that’s how most organizations do it. When cuts need to be made, the vast majority trim headcount in lieu of salaries. Several studies have shown that affects overall quality/productivity/morale etc the least.

        Just a quick sidebar…I see your imbedded spreadsheet on the front page post on “Sex in Lakota,” (whatever that has to do with funding lol) seems to compare the average teacher salary with the mean private sector salary in the district, which is as I’m sure you know, a completely inaccurate comparison. Also, the mean is closer to 54K than 50K. I’d hate for your readers to get the impression that you were fudging numbers to make your case…I’d probably fix that.


        1. the sex story is one of many things that overman has uncovered during years of investigation…..payoffs, coverups, and the like involving huge sums of money being spent by the people claiming we have none to spend. This is part of why many people will not vote yes unless there is complete transparency on these issues.


      2. Thanks, I’ll check it out. And like you said, it’s entertainment……………sometimes. People don’t like to read spread sheets by themselves. I do, but not many enjoy that kind of thing, and that’s unfortunately where all the problems are.


  9. Rich,

    I hope you realize what a blessing you have received. To be able to identify who your true friends are, at such a (relatively speaking) young age is powerful knowledge for you.


    1. I do, which is why I had to find out. I’m glad you see that, it’s not easy. We have a gathering, like last time, and you know you are invited. There’s a lot to discuss. You should come. Let’s talk off-line within the next couple of days.


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