Tail of the Dragon Update: A note from the copyeditor

Among the many things I am involved in, especially this past week in the middle of a lot of chaos is the final draft of my new book Tail of the Dragon which has been in editing and rewrites since June of last year.  I have spent the last week going over the pages of notes, remarkably all good.  I have developed a good working relationship with my editor, like people who go to war with each other usually do, but this copyeditor is a person whom I’ve never met–which is on purpose, because the intention is that the publisher wants a fresh set of eyes looking at the manuscript before it goes to print. 

This is always a nerve-racking experience because in many cases the copyeditor will be brutally honest, which is the point, and pleasant comments are not normal.  So it gives me great pleasure to report the note that this copyeditor left for me at the end of the manuscript.  I didn’t even see it till I went through the entire document and accepted the changes under the tracking format. 

It is as follows first from my editor, then the copyeditor.

Rich, here’s a lovely comment from the copyeditor to you:

 Mr. Hoffman:  It was very much an honor to work on your book, which I found to be fascinating, thrilling, and insightful.  I found myself pouring through the book, wanting to know what would happen next.  Your book is wonderful on its own, and on top of that, it reminds me of my own parents; I can’t wait to have them read the book once it is printed.  Thank you for the pleasure of being part of such an enjoyable and rewarding process;
I wish you the best of luck! 

Let me tell you something–after the week that I’ve had, that message was a very welcome note.  I LOVE SMART PEOPLE!  I’ll have to admit, because I spend so much time in books, writing them, or thinking about them that I sometimes forget how some people might think of me.  I’m not a politician even though I can speak well and can sound like one.  I wouldn’t even say I’m an activist, even though I have very passionate thoughts and ideas about what society should be doing.  If I had to call myself anything it would be a writer who paints with words what I see deep inside and I form my thoughts upon these pages for characters not yet written.   I am most happy in those written realms and it’s nice when someone else appreciates it.

Once I send this manuscript back to the publisher, which I will after another complete reading, it will be in print within months.  Which is exciting.  This book is a long time in the making and represents a deep plunge for me into a unique work of philosophy that I hope will endure for many years.  The comments from this neutral person eases my mind in ways that are impossible to articulate.

Rich Hoffman



4 thoughts on “Tail of the Dragon Update: A note from the copyeditor

  1. I can’t wait to get my brain into your book. You deserve the kind words from your editor and I’m sure they were really welcome after the week you’ve been through. I think I mentioned to you some time ago, that I lost many friends because I spoke up about the waste in the district. I know it hurts because I’m still hurting. Not because of what they said, but because I allowed myself to trust so many people. As a result of that experience, there are few people that I really, really trust. That’s a horrible feeling. Everyone I meet does go through a testing period before I will allow them to be called “my friend.” I bet the same feeling will creep into all of your new relationships. Thank God we have our little circle of friends that we can trust.


    1. You know you are doing something right if a majority of the people hate you. So I consider it an honor to have so many fools spending their time reading all my words to spread all over the internet. Maybe two or three of the extra 700 to 800 new readers I have now will learn something. I deal closely with very few people for all the reasons you mentioned. This is their pattern and they’ve done it for years. When they can’t win with facts, they hope the mob of fools and despites can do the job with thuggery and manpulation. These will all be characters in a future work. I consider everything I do research, so it’s no big loss when people fall short of my expectations.


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