Fight Back: You don’t owe anybody, anything!

My wife and I dined out with friends on Friday March 16, 2012 one day after the media blitz against me where every single radio station in the city of Cincinnati broadcast the salacious details of the Cincinnati Enquirer article designed to crush me into oblivion where quotes from my blog postings here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom stirred up my community into a vengeful froth. Everywhere I went that day a radio personality was reading the latte sipping prostitute quotes I wrote about and the metaphor used to describe the type of dangerous voters who do not spend time educating themselves on facts, but instead cast reckless votes based on emotions. It wasn’t just AM radio but many of the FM stations as well. Everywhere I went, every person I spoke with knew the news of the day and I was it.

I was made out to be a radical, even though I’m not; I was told I’m a sexist, even though I’m far from it. My name was slandered with complete lies by supposedly respectable public personalities. And I was betrayed by many, many friends when they saw how much heat I was taking because they feared those same guns being turned on them. But I’ve been there before and I’ll be there again. I can say that I completely understand what Glenn Beck goes through on a routine bases, because the backlash toward me was not because of what I might have said. Those same critics of me say much worse things online themselves where they think their user names make them anonymous, (which it doesn’t). It’s because I’m in the way of the powers that wish to change the world in a direction I don’t agree with. It’s due to progressive politics using our public education system and the easy target of emotional parents to advance an agenda that translates to a federal government that is quickly turning toward socialism. The same people who targeted me target anyone who opposes them with a fury so that uncontested advancement of a corrosive political ideology can proceed. Glenn Beck in the following clip is spot on to what I am thinking at this very moment except for the part where he speaks about jail. I wouldn’t go to jail peacefully.

My trouble began when I received several messages and comments from pro tax levy supporters calling me a “baldy,” because of my receding hairline which I make no attempt to hide, and proceeded to inform me that “I hate children,” “I’m anti education,” and other derogatory statements. So I responded by calling them in an article I wrote, “Latte sipping prostitutes.” Sticks and stones. It was OK for them to say such things in public in an attempt to smear my name, so it’s only fair that I return the favor. But that’s not the rules they are functioning under. Since I’m a “public” official I am held to some invisible standard—I am to behave “above” such insults.

Well, I don’t know who made up those stupid rules, but…………no I’m not. It’s that kind of double standard that has brought about the kind of world that Glenn Beck is talking about in that clip. The world has gone mad, and I’m not the crazy one. And I’m not going to follow the rules made up to subtly control the “middle class” with social customs that will lead to our demise by progressive nut jobs.

All during that day and thereafter people asked me if I really said what I said. I replied that I did. The conversation would end there because I was supposed to feel some kind of guilt I suppose and people didn’t know how to react when I didn’t show any remorse. But why would I? I said what I thought portrayed the situation as I saw it. It wasn’t meant to be taken literally, but since I’m a writer I often use metaphors. But these radical locals who see me standing in their way of a tax increase wanted to use some silly social standard to control my behavior, to actually apply pressure on me to retract my statements, to cheapen my property, which are my ideas, my words, my essential being. They exhibited all the signs of a typical looter who consumes the world around them.

Lakota School Board member Julie Shaffer on her Facebook page started this process by inflaming her base with the question as to why so many people listen to what I have to say. This is the spark that set the fire of radicals to come after me and blitz the media, putting my name on every radio station and newspaper in town with a vengeful fury. They sought to separate me from my friends, to break me down so I was standing alone. They wanted to push me in the dirt alone, begging for forgiveness. But as I switched through the stations and heard the howls of anger and I read again, and again, and again the salacious details of the Cincinnati Enquirer article I felt pride.

Whenever you do something so innocent that attracts so much attention, and congers up so much power against you, you know you have done something right. And to answer Julie’s question, people listen to me because I tell them the truth. And I’m not afraid to tell them the truth no matter how harsh it may sound. It is these radical types who have put Obama in the White House, and given us a 15 trillion dollar deficit. It is these types who have allowed college tuition to escalate to such high levels that kids are quitting after 2 to 3 years $100,000 in debt. It is these types who think public education can hide the fact that they are not doing their job as parents and they think the community should blindly support per pupil costs of over $10,000 per child. It’s these kinds of people who have made gun ownership taboo, and made it so we can’t even say certain words in public for fear of offending their fragile sensibilities.

The same personalities who came after me with great force are the same idiots who are screwing up our country and it gives me great pleasure to see them so upset! Because it tells me I did something right. They are the same idiots who say that Glenn Beck is a kook, or Rush Limbaugh is a whack job. They say these things because they hope people won’t listen to them. But there’s a reason Glenn Beck is so popular. And there’s a reason Rush Limbaugh has weathered so many storms over the years to still have one of the top radio programs in the country. Because they say what people are already thinking.

Progressive politics assumes that every human being feels an inherit need for human company, for acceptance, so they use that need to attempt to crush down thoughts of insurrection against their policies. If you begin to question them, they will seek to isolate you with emotional arguments and publicly discredit you. But in my case, I don’t care what the opinion of a fool is. So if thousands of fools are passing judgment on me to attempt to change my behavior it will have no effect. It might affect those connected to me, because they might care about those fools’ feelings so the leverage can be used against them, but it can’t against me. That’s why I seldom ever get involved in anything that I don’t have complete control over that has a lot of people in the organization, because when things get hot—and they always do—some of those people will turn on you. So it’s better to fly fast and loose, and as independent as possible.

But Beck is right. As an individual in America it is not the individual’s obligation to surrender anything to a collective mind. In my case the public schools are a form of collective that is permeated with radicalism. It’s so bad that those close to it, who understand no other way of life can’t even see it. They seek to impose themselves on the community as though they are owed something that can meet their outrageous social expectations. So my plan is that if Lakota ever get’s their tax increase, then I plan to have my home reevaluated lower so I can offset the tax. I would encourage everyone to request a new appraisal at such a time to be taxed at the lower value. Because it’s not my obligation to pay anyone a tax. It’s my money and nobody is entitled to it. If I want to support an organization like a school, I want the free will to do it. I don’t want my arm twisted into doing so, and I certainly don’t want assassination attempts because I’m in the way of passing a levy, which is what Thursday was all about. It’s why Glenn Beck spends over $1 million dollars a year on body guards. It’s why most people I speak to about why they don’t get more involved say, “because, I don’t want anything to happen to me.”

We don’t owe them anything. They don’t own, or control our lives. And if they steal from you with tax increases, you have a right to evade the tax, through legal means. But they are not owed anything by you to them. Nobody has a right to legalized theft. Nobody has a right to detain or arrest you for no reason other than you disagree with them. If the attempt is made then we as individuals have a right to end their reign of power.

When Julie Shaffer painted me as anti public school on her Facebook account and deliberately sought to put an end to me so she could have her tax increase on the community and become the hero of her followers what she can’t control is why people listen to me. She can try, but the essence is what she misses. People listen to me because I have shown that I cannot be forcibly dismissed, and that the information I provide begins the process of thinking. And people are grateful for that because in most forms of media, and sources of information, the pressure can be applied to twist the world around to convince people that red is blue and white is black on a whim. And here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom the colors are always what they seem, and the truth is spoken even when it hurts.

It’s not because paying a tax is unaffordable, and it’s not that I hate anything, other than people who impose themselves on me. It’s that I have the right to my own time, my own money, and my own thoughts and anyone who imposes themselves upon me has committed an attack against my personal sovereignty. And if that seems radical, it’s only because the people who believe such things are so far gone that they can no longer see reality.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior