The Ugly Side of Politics: Going over the edge in full control

For a bit of perspective, I have received messages, email and other comments to the effect shown below for the last three years now due to my involvement in staving off potential school levies and advocating labor union reforms.  This is my view of many of my political rivals; it’s what I see routinely.  I typically respond to each of them with an equal answer to keep things fair and balanced, and on occasion I will respond in mass to them with a blog posting to save myself some time.  One of these comments from the fake email address RICHHOFFMANHATESKIDS I received yesterday.  The other I received a few days ago. I picked these two because they are different but have the same intention.  I have received these types of messages for years now and have grown used to them, but it always brings to my mind, why should I have to.  What is the purpose of these harassments?  What is their objective? 

dmtracey15 03/16/12

Rich Hoffman is a vile, disgusting, piece of shit!

Submitted on 2012/03/19 at 4:42 pm
coward coward coward!! hiding behind your ability to moderate comments. you are a small small little man. no wonder your wife is seen in the company of other men.

HA HA HA! NO LAKOTA DOESN’T WANT YOU…HA HA HA! Its a sign that you are a nobody when groups start running away from you.
ha ha ha ha ha!!!

The criteria for me that a political organization whether it be a school or any other branch of government is up to no good is whether or not they respect the voice of the voter.  In order for our nation to operate the way its intended, utmost respect must be given to the power of the vote.  The vote is the voice of the people in our government, so in order to understand what that voice is; we typically count votes at the balance box. 

You can see how honest a political group is however by their actions during this process.  If they attempt to steal the campaign literature of the other side hoping to take away the voice of the opposition, then the thieves are afraid that their message cannot stand on its own and seek to manipulate the vote with vandalism.  You can also see if voter intimidation is at play, where members of an opposing political party try to turn a vote in their direction with threats of various kinds.  You can also see if a political party is attempting to spend money on firms to tell them how to convey their message to manipulate a potential voter with marketing key words.  All these practices and more speak volumes about the intention of these political entities. 

In my personal situation at Lakota where I have taken a stance against higher taxes, I have now been in a three year fight against a school driven by radical politics.  The public image is like most political entities, good and full of smiles, but behind the scenes is a radicalism that is expensive, manipulative, and very disrespectful to the voters who have now voted three times to defeat potential tax levies.  In that three years I have seen everything mentioned above and much, much more in an attempt to shut down the voice of opposition so that a vote in their favor can be achieved.  And since I’ve been on the front line of that fight, I have seen lots of attempts at intimidation—acts that were intended to push me off the front line and hide in the background so my points could not be heard in an election.  When people wonder why I get so mad and say some of the things I have said, they often don’t get the context of what goes on behind the scenes, behind the newspapers and television reports, which tend to paint things with pleasant images that don’t dig too deeply into the real issues.  The political rhetoric can be intense, and many nasty things can and do get said. 

This is why The Pulse Journal had to shut down their comments section on their web site and why The Cincinnati Enquirer turned their comments to Facebook accounts, because the political rhetoric sometimes became so heated that very nasty things were said—and people were saying more than they should because they were using screen names, and not their actual names.  This still goes on with online forums, and some of the really nasty stuff has calmed down on the Enquirer sites but it still does not change the fact that in a political endeavor, both sides want to win, and they’ll say and do just about anything to achieve their aim—especially if the real intent is up to no good.

I started this site at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom because I couldn’t get all the depth needed to understand some of our modern education problems with just interviews in the newspaper, because the story is complex and requires a lot of information.  A political entity such as a school tends to want to dominate their public perception by gaining as much control of the media as possible.  They lean on reporters who write articles not favorable to them with “blacklisting” or letter writing campaigns from volunteers dedicated to their cause, and this is typically how they achieve media monopoly.  So by starting this site, it is a form of media that they don’t control. 

On the other side of my political beliefs are vast networks run by the OEA, the NEA, ProgressOhio, and countless smaller organizations who propel myths intended to manipulate the typical voter, and it works.  And within each of those organizations are groups of radicals who lay in wait to provide pressure, protests, and apply defensive positions upon any opposition under the mantra of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  Because most of the time, it does, so whoever screams loudest and longest tends to win in this kind of politics.  Because on the surface, the mainstream media carries only the bullet points of all the results of the dirty deeds that go on behind the scenes, and most people don’t want, or have time for all the nasty business.  They would rather not know because in knowing there is a responsibility to act.

Public education behind the façade of children’s learning and community enrichment is a deep seated radicalism that is very powerful, and corrosive to the world around them.  The source is the labor unions that make up the labor force of these schools.  They seek an employment monopoly that they can use against the tax payers to drive up their wage rates.  They seek to eliminate any DISCUSSION of competition let alone actually embrace it.  And they are one of the most destructive forces currently at play in politics. 

If you speak out against them, and take ownership of your comments you will see lots of messages as those seen above.  And the hate speech will fly in your direction.  The obvious reason for the hate speech is to control your behavior.  It is the same motive of a typical bully, they threaten to hurt you or will push your buttons trying to find something that hurts you so that the pain will be so great that you won’t question the reality they are trying to sell. 

Hiding these radical elements are the emotions of being in business with children, and the parents of these children tend to want to believe they are doing the right thing, so they put blinders onto the ugliness and do their best to put on a positive outward appearance.  These parents tend to be the outward appearance that a school system uses to protect their monopoly status to the mainstream media.  It’s a scam that has worked for many years and is excessively corrosive to community involvement.  For those like myself who expose these discrepancies there is much anger, and letters like I’ve shown at the beginning of this article are typical. 

I believed up until a few weeks ago that this kind of thing could be combated with just facts alone and I was willing to put up with the harassment.  But seeing what happened in the Little Miami School District with 9 levy attempts every 6 months or so and seeing that as soon as the levy was passed the district turned on the spending facet to full blast, then noticing that Lakota was doing nothing to proactively solve their problems by driving down their wages, and Lakota was headed for a 4th levy attempt in 2012, I realized that just fighting them on the high ground would not be enough, because at Lakota, we are headed for the same path as Little Miami, and this is all by design by the radical elements behind public education, especially in Ohio. 

There are many who read here who know what I’m talking about from experience.  There are many who are learning these things for the first time.  And there are many who want to hide the information I’m exposing so they can continue on with this epic education scam that is perpetuated at our expense.  That last type is dangerous and they’ve been able to hide in the shadows behind feel good sports stories and busy parents just wanting an education for their children.  The media that they largely control with the same extortive methods employed on me just cannot dig too deep into these stories. 

So sometimes, to beat such types you have to beat them at their own game.  You have to flush them out of their hiding places and expose them for what they are.  And you can’t do this without going down into the burrows where they dwell, behind the layers of facades they’ve created. 

I wish none of this were necessary.  I wish that a vote was a vote, and we could let those votes speak the desires of the public.  But when groups see that a community says NO, and they proceed to take away offerings to the public that the public is paying for with their tax money because there isn’t any competition, and that same organization pretends that the majority did not vote against them, so they try again 6 months, or 1 year later hoping that the numbers will change while there are members of these organizations who work behind the scenes attacking voices who present opposing points of view—with the hope of altering the final vote, the system is broken beyond repair then action is mandated. 

And action is what will happen.  Because the value of the vote is worth fighting for—without it we have nothing.  Executive Order 10988 should be repealed, and then we can start to figure things out.

To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

12 thoughts on “The Ugly Side of Politics: Going over the edge in full control

  1. It really is a sinister and perpetual plan the unions are and have always used. Levy time rolls around and the teachers turn students into radicals to pester their parents into voting for more taxes, they distort any information they can as long as it furthers their agenda. And when the tax payer stands in opposition, they collectively turn and scream destroy him! All because the rules of government budgeting or base line budgeting, in this, the budget can never decrease, it must always increase no matter what the costs, nor who pays for it. “Communism, where the end, always justifies the means!”


    1. And most people can’t admit it to themselves. They don’t want to believe it, but it’s true. Government schools have destoryed our culture. They’ve left one generation in mush, and the next lost to progressive concepts.

      Remember this sign from the last campaign?

      That’s how our own kids are used against us through the radical network within these schools. They learn their behavior from administrators like this.

      And they learn to bully from the teachers in the school.

      And kids also learn there is no justice, just coverups.

      The kids also watch their parents and how they act.

      And they listen to what they say around the dinner table.

      And we wonder why everything is so messed up. Why our children are so apathetic.

      They learn it from the adults. They see how people are treated who stand up for themselves, so why should they?

      The kids learn from radical teachers and parents who try to blame everyone but themselves.


  2. Sad, sad, sad that people can say such ugly things with such cowardice….what a fine example they set for their children.( sarcasm for the morons who might be reading here)
    Kind of reminds me of a sign I saw at the circus many years when i was quite young.
    “This way to the most dangerous animal on earth.” I was so disappointed, when we got there, to see only a mirror. I didn’t understand–but only a few years had to pass until I did. Human beings can demonstrate complete selflessness on occasion, and the most horrific hatred on other occasions. It takes your breath away.
    By the way, Rowdy Roddy piper was a big favorite of ours in the 80’s. LOVE the hoffman lenses-too perfect!


  3. Wow, just went and looked at all your links!! It’s like Overman’s greatest hits!! Pretty awesome reading.
    So how did you get that picture of those kids stealing the signs at 3:49 AM? LOVED re-reading your letter to little. Yes, public educations biggest threat is a wealthy businessman from Lakota with flaming leather bullwhips who is pretending to be Buffalo Bill-you just cant make this stuff up.
    and what a nice pic of you and your wife!! I don’t think Ive ever seen a bad picture of her.


    1. You have to be everywhere at all times. Actually it helps to have a small army of people who work behind the scenes to help.

      I told you this stuff wasn’t new. They’ve tried this before. They’ve tried everything before.

      It’s all part of the plan……………………….. : )


      1. well, your plan is going exceedingly well. I guess it must be quite infuriating to all the people who are trying every dirty trick in the book to get rid of you. It sucks to be them.
        OH and I had to laugh at the WLW video with PP whining they weren’t getting equal time.
        Whining is so effective.(again, sarcasm for the morons who are probably reading).


      1. Love the supernormalstimuli one. sorry to say I was one of those people planning my spring break that you described.
        Cannot even look at anything with a spider, sorry!


      2. That’s OK, most people will just leave me messages like the one at the start of this article, then they’ll go do one of two things, they’ll watch American Pie, or (drum roll)……………they’ll watch Sex in the City.


      3. Ha! never watched either. However, I do watch the bachelor. a not so guilty and completely mindless pleasure. After over thinking and troubleshooting intricate electrical devices all day, I need a break!


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