Rich Hoffman Loves Women: The tricky business of rejecting a progressive platform

(In the letter included below there is mention of the tears that have fallen by the cuts made to the Lakota school budget. The letter in context deals with the hypocrisy of this statement, because if reality were taken fully for the truth, it would be discovered that there is much to cry over. But the article from Saturday of which the letter writer referenced, I’ve included here for comparison. The attempt of the article was to paint a picture of a district that should vote for a tax increase to prevent these tears. It’s about time that we stop making decisions because people cry, and that we begin to actually think—just an observation. Crying costs a lot of money and doesn’t solve any problems. Now–onto the meat of this particular article.)

My daughter and I had a wonderful time reading the various Facebook comments from the ignorant specimens who were so quick to judge me following the salacious Enquirer article provoked by a swarm of angry Lakota residents who see me as their number one opposition to passing their next tax increase. The comments were funny because as she said, “you are anything but a sexist woman-hater. You raised me and I’m one of the most independent women I know.”

I told her that what those accusers were trying to paint me as would not stick once people dug into my life, which I have been very open about here on these pages at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. I told her that I hoped to lure the radicals of our community to that bait because my character could withstand the accusations and that I hoped to show the hypocrisy and ignorance of their position so people could see that radicals jumped to the same type of elementary conclusions when promoting school levies or any other taxes. The comments were funny, and the way that people adhered onto a collective band wagon to believe something even when overwhelming proof otherwise is abundant for all to see, was quite astonishing and a wonderful experiment in political science.

What my accusers of hating women neglected to account for is that my view of women is much, much higher than what the feminist movement has given to women, and I live by that heightened state every single day. In fact, the women who know me, and there are many, knew instantly what garbage the things being said about me where which allowed me to show how the other side manipulates the facts to suit their version of reality.

My daughter has been present when I’ve had many fights with other people so she understood the context of my comments and how they were directed. But to say that I hate women is an absolute joke.

Where the breakdown begins is that feminists believe that unless you buy into their version of women and their social roles, then they say you hate them, so that they can control your behavior. Once they put you into a defensive position, they can control the argument. This is how they have as a group advanced many progressive topics, by using the collective nature of some women to appear as though they could massively shape worldwide perception.

Since I personally reject most aspects of progressive political platforms my views will drastically contrast with those who subscribe to those progressive theories and I will say that liberal feminists have it wrong and for me to endorse their views even though they are wrong would be dishonest to my personal observations, which I will not entertain. People who wish to advance progressive policy attempted to use on me the same strategy they’ve used on many to shut down an enemy to their ideas because I said things that they thought gave them the right to pass judgment on me to build a case that I hate women.

In my personal life I have so many instances that display how much I value women that I could write an entire book on just this topic, but for simplicity let me address one of my beliefs that will probably insult 99% of my readers here, but I will say it because this belief of mine is based on my observations of reality. I’ll say it because it is my belief system, and has been well-known in my family for years.

Typically there are bachelor parties for the groom before his wedding. This tradition eludes me as to its value and I’ve thought about it in great detail. When I had my own wedding 24 years ago the members of my wedding party watched a movie. And I’m not talking about a dirty movie where drinking was involved……we watched The Empire Strikes Back, because we all wanted to watch something we all enjoyed, and that was my bachelor party. To do the usual thing and go out on the town to a strip joint, or have members of my wedding party purchase a stripper for me would have been an insult to my bride. If I desired to do such things as be with another woman, or see another woman naked, then why should I get married, and why should some whore gain the ability to rob from my bride the gift of sex on our wedding night? Why should it be cheapened with a stripper who will take her cloths off for just money and for anybody?

When my brother was married he and his wedding party flew out to Vegas for one of those bachelor parties glorified in the film The Hangover. I did not go nor was I even invited, because the answer was known before the question was even asked. He knew what I thought about those types of activities so we avoided the discussion and just agreed to disagree. When my brother-in-law was married every man in my family went to a bachelor party involving the typical fair except me.

When I’ve had to marry off one of my daughters the bachelor party we had for him was at Target World and the women of the wedding party were invited also. We rented the place for the evening and shot up a storm with all the members of both families present. No strippers to insult the bride. Only guns and lots of ammunition fired off.

Last summer my nephew was married and he wanted me to be his best man, so that meant I was in charge of the bachelor party. Instead his brother handled the duties because they knew better than to ask me, because I feel so strongly about disgracing a man’s bride by indulging in a cheapened slut the night before a man’s wedding. I believe these things because the sanctity of the woman’s sexual offering on the night of the wedding should have epic meaning. The sex on a wedding night should not involve images of a painted up hussy on the mind of the male, but the gift of his bride and that’s all there is to it. The woman should be put on a pedestal and treated as though she were the most important woman in the world, and it’s the man’s job to do this, to make her feel this way.

Progressive feminism has robbed women of this experience, and has cheapened marriage to such an extent that nobody even tries anymore and this is a tragedy on our society and I don’t participate in those social activities because I see where it’s taking us.

This is just one example, but it’s a big one because it reflects my views across the entire spectrum. I will say that the feminists are wrong. Their focus is on the wrong aspects of their plight because the essence of their argument is false right out of the gate and our entire society has just adopted those failures without question. The feminist focuses on “the collective whole” and this is why they are an intellectual failure. And if their movement had legitimacy they would work together to help Arab women and the abuses they suffer, (CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE) but they don’t. Instead they are used by political machines to purchase bloc voting and nothing more.

The people who know me best are ashamed to tell me they flew out to Vegas with “The guys” for a wild night of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” They don’t tell me and I don’t ask, but I hear about them bragging about such experiences when they think I can’t hear.

I live by my own morality, not one created by Margret Sanger or some other feminist progressive. I think for myself and my opinions are sometimes very strong. But the people who know me best knew instantly how ridiculous the accusations made about me in that Cincinnati Enquirer article truly were. And those people were able to see how a group of progressive activists were able to shape a lie into something the masses wanted to believe so easily. This was valuable because the same tactics are used to paint anyone who doesn’t want to pay higher taxes to a school a “child hater.” The same strategy is used against a person who rejects progressive feminism which is why I worded my statements the way I did, to provoke those activist radicals so we could have names to place next to their actions.

My comments were artistically rendered and intentionally graphic on purpose. I didn’t say them on the radio, I didn’t send them in an email, I said them on my personal blog posting and given the things I have seen on the screen shots I collected about the people who most criticized me, I’d say my comments were a lot more tasteful, and respectful then what I received in return. I personally don’t have much respect for people who sell themselves cheaply even if the act is not sex and that’s my opinion that will not be shaped by some pathetic progressive thinker, whom I reject. My daughter knows this because she’s heard it from me for 22 years. And everyone who knows me understands as well.

After the Enquirer article some of my friends were so enraged that they felt they had to come to my defense. Some of them came to my defense here on these pages; some of them called me, or sent me personal emails. Some of them wrote articulate letters like the one below, which has special meaning because a year ago this person was one of those who might have believed what they heard about me and added to the pile of accusations. He certainly wasn’t a fan of Rich Hoffman a year ago–quite the opposite. He asked me to include his letter on my site which you can see below.

I have taken time to read the blogs and the enquirer article. Taking time to reflect is important because emotion just gets in the way of the objective facts. But what I have to say has nothing to do with the content of the above.

Passing judgment is a dangerous and tricky undertaking. It cannot be achieved thru one moment in time. You need to look at the full body of work in one’s life.

So, those of you who shared your feelings; do you really know Rich Hoffman. Have you seen him outside the blog, listened to his feelings, experienced his actions or witnessed his family values. I have so I believe I can pass judgment on the real Rich Hoffman.

I know your voices in some way are defending a person or persons. Or you are speaking for a certain group of individuals (Hint: they make decisions for us). My question is do you really know them, their agenda or what their motives are. You see I have experienced that side also, and put my trust in them. But what happened; I felt the impact of intimidation, silence or humiliation. I know which person cares about my family.

On Saturday I read about the tears that were shed. I ask were where the tears for my family as our life was being crushed. Ask Them!

I tried to do everything the right way. I do not like being backed into a corner especially when it involves a friend. A friendship not born from a blog but from a time of need. Your actions did not just affect Rich but his family. I know that feeling all too well.

Maybe it is time to share the facts, name the names and let everyone decide who the destructive force really is.

When you are ready to share, contact the man who was there and will always be there for us, Rich Hoffman.
As far as the two most important women in my life, my wife and daughter (remember them) just ask them about Rich. They will say without hesitation that he is welcome in our home anytime. Until next time: be well.

Grateful friend

At no time in what I wrote did I say I hated women. I just made an observation and stated facts as I see them. A majority of the hate directed at me from that Enquirer article was all assumptions where the advocates offered their translation of my thoughts based on their deformed political opinions, framed for them by progressive politics. I feel comfortable saying such things because I have a personality that can withstand those types of misjudgments because in no aspect of my life is there a woman who can come forward and honestly proclaim that I’m a sexist or a woman-hater. So I was able to provoke from those school levy advocates their tendency to completely lie and manipulate the masses to serve their own selfish agenda.

So remember when a fool tells you that Rich Hoffman is a woman-hater, it’s most likely the same fool who will tell you that you are selfish for not paying more in tax, and that if they don’t obtain the right to rob you of more of your money, then the kids will suffer. The only thing that makes our kids suffer is having lying, manipulative, progressive radicals in charge of their lives. That in itself is a tragedy many people aren’t willing to deal with—yet. But they will. It was not me who said such bad things about the women of my community. My comments were directed at a select few who have attempted to smear my name with rhetoric for years now. It was those advocates, those who placed those falsehoods on their Facebook accounts and added the statements “woman hater” and many other terms using a progressive definition that is less than my personal standard. Because my opinion differs from theirs they felt entitled to attempt to ruin my name in behalf of their selfishness. That is why they are dangerous and should not be in control of any additional funds. It’s also why nothing they say can be believed because they have shown that they will go to great measure to out-right lie.

The lesson here is that no group or gender should allow themselves to be pulled into a political argument just because they believe they are assimilated all for one, and one for all. And they certainly shouldn’t be so quick to accept comments without verification, making them instruments of evil. And there are few evils in this world more severe than the thoughtless diatribes of a group who is too lazy to think for themselves and would rather destroy the life of another to preserve their existence of mediocrity.

To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

51 thoughts on “Rich Hoffman Loves Women: The tricky business of rejecting a progressive platform

  1. Your wife and daughters are very fortunate. How refreshing that you reject the truly disgusting women-hating spectacle of bachelor parties and what they are fabled for. All the proof is here right on your blog–with your name, your words and your thoughts and theories. I have shared this blog with others lately and they all love it!!
    You’re a great Dad,husband,and friend, and someone who truly cares about their community, and the well-being of others. Just ignore the haters, because they wish they had what you do. Hate and jealousy makes people incredibly ugly.


  2. Hey Rich, when you get around to it, after writing blog after verbose blog about all the people who have done your wrong, could you please find time to type out a clear answer to my question? You promised.


      1. It honestly blows my mind that you’re still trying to play the victim card on this. The fact that it apparently never crossed your mind that hitting “submit” on that original post would come back and bite you in the ass is surprising for someone allegedly so media-savvy.


  3. Wow, must have really touched a nerve. Do you work? I don’t have time or patience to even read all this stuff and I only work part time.


    1. Like I said in the Enquirer “I’m a head for an eye kind of guy.” A bunch of people went for my eye. So I’m proceeding.

      I work a lot. There’s quit a need for ghostwriting, and I do a hefty amount of that. It’s no secret. I produce about 10 times the material you see here on a daily basis, so this isn’t that big of a deal.

      Answering your question right now feels like work, so that’s why I’m not head over heels to do it. I’ve explained that very thing to so many people I’m tempted to just copy and paste something I’ve written somewhere, but that feels cheap, so I haven’t done it yet. Not blowing you off, but I know it will just lead to a lot of unpleasant discussion that will take time.


  4. OK, rant on then, if that’s what’s working for you. Just please continue to refer to yourself in third person. I like that part.

    I wouldn’t mind reading a cut and paste, but I can’t trudge through all the crazy ranting on this website to find your explanation. But if it’s anything like what Phil tried to explain on the other thread, please don’t bother. That was all emotional rhetoric: unions are bad, m-kay… the school board is incompetent and out to get us… and so on and so forth.


    1. Go ahead and be a smart ass, but remember something, I think the whole education system needs to be injected with competition. I think government schools are a serious failure. The longer I’ve worked on these levies, the more and more angry I’ve become about the sheer stupidity of the entire system. And people who lobby for even more taxes for a system that is already failing “socially” are asking me for something. I’m not asking them for anything.


    1. We all did. I went to Lakota when it sat in a corn field. And I’ll still be in this community when your kids are grown and you and your husband sell your home and move someplace else. School pride only goes so far. I’m not asking the school to fail. I expect them to live within a budget like everyone else. For the same reason a sports player can’t stay with a team, because they are worth too much money, no school should have to carry top heavy labor under a forced contract pushed off on the tax payers. It’s very simple. Replace expensive labor with cheaper labor so you can meet a budget. More money does not mean better education. That is a myth. And those “rants” that you are speaking about has loads of information in it backing up what I’ve been saying. I don’t believe the system is effective and it needs serious reform. It sure doesn’t need more money.


      1. I have to ask—what do you mean that he is referring to himself in the third person? are you suggesting he is making up the letters describing him, or the ugly comments directed toward him? They’re all on Facebook and online to see.
        I work full time but when traveling, have a lot of time to read. Mr. Hoffman posted a ton of links last night and I found most of them to be very interesting–factual, interesting, not too much ranting.
        I thought what Phil write to be very reasonable. You seem to want to pick a fight and you want him to do all the work for you–read even just a few of these blogs and the answers you are seeking are right there in front of you. If you don’t agree, you have that right.
        You complained about gatekeeper being very condescending,-your snide comments like ” do you work” or “did you and your wife graduate” are extremely condescending and nasty. pot-kettle -black.
        Are you here to learn or just peck? Since you claim to have no desire to “trudge through” his words to get the answer to this burning question that he has answered over and over, it seems like you’re just here to waste time, and pick a fight.–and I think you’re pissed that he has been very accommodating to you and not getting angry.
        Too bad, there’s a lot to learn–i don’t agree with all of it, but find it all (except the spider stuff) very interesting. I’m not that interested in the Hobbit either.


      2. These are just levy supporters who are poking then copying and pasting my comments over on other forums. They use the same 5 or 6 statments year after year. And people tell you your ranting when they lack the comprehension ability to process the data, which isn’t my problem. This is my site. People are invited to read or not to. It’s up to them.


  5. You said, “No school should have to carry top heavy labor under a forced contract pushed off on the tax payers.” Again, that’s the union. Voting down a school levy will not change that.

    Also, I can agree with the statement, “more money does not mean better education” but I’m not interested in a school system providing my educational services with “cheap labor.”


    1. The union control over the school has to end. And to end it, it must be starved out. The only way they deal is when you cut off the money they have to work with. And you as a parent have lots of choices as to where you can send your child. There’s private if you want to fork out the extra money. You have all the options in the world. But asking me to pay for your wants is not justified. The community already supplies a school, and a good one. Anything more than that is your option.


    2. who suggested “cheap labor”? just a budget and salary/benefits within their means. Oh that’s right, “its all about the kids”, lets go shed some tears while announcing cuts that hurt the children so we don’t touch those salaries. whatever.


    1. Yeah. Sometimes you just get tired of listening to these people. You try to be nice, but eventually you have to make the decision to tell them what you really think, which will hurt their feelings. In the end, we’d never talk or interact if they just did their thing, and we did ours. But…..they want something from us, they want money. And they try to use guilt to get it. So back to the little message from Mr. Hunt above, I hit send on purpose because we were going down the same dead end road once again. Union labor is driving up costs, and everyone wants to look at everything but what the problem is. And I’m done trying to be reasonable and talk sense. They won’t listen, so it’s time to try something else. And yes, I’m media savy to know what I’m doing. It’ll make sense later on. And I will beat this issue into the ground and back so come election time people have plenty of explanations to satisfy their questions. I will probably write 50 more articles on just this topic alone. They can call it a rant to attempt to belittle it, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll do it anyway.


      1. It;s a shame. if you are nice, they ignore it. if you get angry, you are “playing the victim”. On your blog for goodness sakes,lol. like you said, anything to divert attention from the topic at hand. I give you a lot of credit,for hanging in there.


      2. Which is fine…although I find it mildly hard to believe that pissing off 2/3 of the district and getting fired was part of your “media savvy” Master Plan. I’m starting to think that you guys believed everyone in town would say “Look everyone, Wise Rich Hoffman is accurately describing us using poignant and colorful metaphors…we must repent our ways immediately!!”

        Suffice to say that it’s going to be an interesting and fun campaign this fall. 😉


      3. It is going to be an interesting campaign. Now we have not one. But two groups working to fight –if that’s not master planning, I don’t know what is. As oft quoted in the hunger games ” may the odds be ever in your favor”:):)


      4. Yes it will. There are a lot of angry people out there and they were that way before my comments. If you’ll recall, that’s what led to them. My side has felt this anger for a long time and I think there are more of them than anybody thinks there are.

        No Lakota Levy has good people in it who can play it straight and fully want to. I’m personally sick of being handcuffed. When a district doesn’t respect the votes of the majority, more drastic action is needed, and playing patty cake ain’t going to get the job done. Good luck.


  6. I’m right there with you on the bachelor party. When my best friend got married he and our other male friends couldn’t wait for the bachelor party. Of course it involved alcohol and a stripper. I went because he was my best friend but I didn’t enjoy it at all. The other men had a great time getting drunk and watching the stripper, a young girl with dyed-blond hair and tattoos, which is not my thing. I’m a “Dagny Taggart” kind of guy. When it came time for my bachelor party our other friends began salivating again like Pavlov’s dogs. My best friend, knowing me well, immediately said that my bachelor party would be more like the one you described (minus the Empire Strikes Back). They all drank, although not to the same excess as the previous bachelor party, and we enjoyed reminiscing about the times we had growing up. It was much better in my opinion.


    1. Dagney Taggert is far more attractive than a Megan Fox type. You’d think that all these “modern” women would love Dagney, but they don’t. They hate her, because she is strong and independent. She does not think with a swarm mentality. That says a lot about the politics of the so-called womens movement. They reject the work or Rand even though she produced probably the strongest female character in literature. Because independence is not the real objective.


      1. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Empire Strikes Back…I think it’s the best movie in the series. 🙂


  7. So essentially, if someone runs for say, State Representative 3 or so times and loses each time, he/she needs to stop running, or “more drastic action will be needed?” 😉


    1. When a levy is put on the ballot it is a budget approval, not the free will of a politician to occupy or not occupy a seat. A tax levy yea or nay is a budget decision. And asking again and again, and again until the community says yes is arm twisting. It’s more similar to a child screaming till it gets what it wants to embarass the parents in a store.


      1. No it isn’t. The budgetary process is completely separate. If the district had to put the actual budget to a ballot, then you’d have something.

        And if we’re being honest and realistic, you’re the one doing most of the screaming the past month or so. 😉


    2. Terrible analogy. Election schedules are etched in stone, whether it be every 2, 4, or 6 years. You can just hold another election if you lose…..nothing wrong with tenacity, but to just to keep throwing a ballot up because the results aren’t what you wanted doesn’t happen doesnt happen anywhere else.


      1. It’s actually an excellent analogy. You have a choice whether to run again after being defeated, and you have a choice to place your issue on the ballot again. If the levy was held as a special election instead of on regularly scheduled Election Days, then you might have a case. As it stands, you don’t. Sorry.


  8. Well, Rich, for what it’s worth, I don’t think you hate women. And I don’t think you hate children.

    The media attention last week brought me here, but I didn’t find factual information about the school levy. What I found was “The Rich Hoffman Show!” You are the hero of all your stories and have a very high opinion of yourself. That’s fine, and I don’t doubt that you have friends and family who respect and love you very much. But for me, as I mentioned before, I don’t care to talk with extremists, and that’s what, in my opinion, I have discovered here. There is no common ground to be found with someone who thinks the world is going to hell in a hand basket and they have all the answers. I can’t go through life seeing the world in black and white. My world view is graying at a rate that matches my hair.

    I agree that the election this year will be a very interesting one – and for many, many reasons. I don’t think your gaffe will cinch a win for the pro levy side, and I don’t think Mitt Romney’s nice smile will cinch a win for the Republicans. (If there is anything you and I can agree on, it’s probably that the majority of the American public votes for a president based on looks and personality, and that Red River Gorge is an awesome place.)

    OK, with that, I’m off! The negative vibe here is bringing me down, man. Back to latte sipping for me. I may even let my husband slip his manhood in tonight. But I better find a hundred dollar bill in my purse… and get a ring as big as my ass for my upcoming birthday! (Couldn’t leave without one last dig.)


    1. Lol Valerie-you are funny. But you like to throw things out and then leave. You felt gatekeeper was condescening, but then acted in the same manner. You claim there is no factual information, when there are so many charts and numbers and reports on here…and as far as the RH show….lol well it is his blog. Rich and I had this very discussion last week–I’m not a blind overman reader, I read everything and try to see all sides and don’t necessarily like or agree with everything. You should look at all the facts and figures when you have time away from your part time job:)


  9. It is not advisable, James, to venture unsolicited opinions. You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener.
    Ayn Rand (1905 – 1982), Atlas Shrugged (1957)


  10. Rich, I am looking for a man who has a backbone, a man who can say what he means, even to the point of deliberate provocation.



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