Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom Gathering: Rebellion, taxes and fighting back

There is the ever-present tendency for any group or organization to become infected with the desire for complacency. This desire acts like handcuffs upon free movement and sucks from the intentions all worthy deeds possible. This is how the two-party systems in America have become two left-leaning umbrellas isolating nearly half the country with one of two options, a presidential pick that is in the center or one that is radically to the left. Party politics are constructed not to represent the people but to protect their lobby manipulation and power base. Nothing more. They are all about money which makes them no different from thieves. The only difference between a common thief, a pirate, or a politician is that the politician gets to write the laws to justify their actions as “legal.”

We have seen the long demise of the two-party systems and the infestation of that party politics with crony capitalism, labor unions, and legalized theft through a tax code that was built for all the wrong reasons. To rise up against these infractions, there has been the Tea Party movement and 9/12 Organizations, along with other liberty groups, but the infestation by party politics has taken root, and the temptation to swing back into mediocrity is all too seductive. Currently the Tea Party movement finds itself held down by party politics into inaction that cannot capture the passions of its members.

I don’t trust groups and organizations. I don’t trust committees, and presidents, or anything with a nameplate. I have seen all such organizations become less influential the larger they became, as the temptation to play machine politics numbs down the passions that created the need for the party in the first place. Unfortunately, fear is what motivates most everyone in the world, fear of loss, fear of gain, fear of mediocrity, fear of being forgotten, fear of being rejected, and so on, so fear is used to keep everyone in line, and thus you have the beginnings of failure.

There is a need to have a collection of people behind these political machines who do not think this way, who remain as a threat to the established order, to apply fear in order to keep politics honest. These people ideally would not be motivated by gain or fear of any kind, but simply a philosophy of freedom that is their foremost concern. So long as this is the case, they cannot be seduced into mediocrity. And this is what prompted our second Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom meeting in 2012. (You can read about the first one at the link below)


I could not invite every single Overmanwarrior out there working to this event that took place on March 24, 2012 because to be honest, there is danger for some to be seen in public with me. Of course I have many enemies, and some people are best kept out of the lime light—for now, since there is simply too much risk to those Overmanwarriors in showing that they know me. And others still live too far away to be able to join in an afternoon discussion about philosophy, freedom, and rebellion.  But all who were invited came and told their own individual stories as Vicious acted as master of ceremonies.  One of the most compelling stories for our group was from Justin Thomas just ahead of the USA Today article due out about how the IRS has personally targeted him because of his affiliation with the Cincinnati Tea Party.  I will be covering this in greater detail now that I’ve had a chance to meet with him personally. 

I model my outlook on this matter after the pirate Henry Morgan who was hired by England to harass the Spanish as a privateer in the Caribbean, and was able to bring a small empire to its knees for a short time with just few ships and a lot of guts. That’s why the flag of the Overmanwarriors is a pirate flag tied to the traditional Tea Party flag of the Gladstone Flag “Don’t Tread on Me.” But we are not a Tea Party group. We are a group that hovers behind the Tea Party and our activity is not to study conservative principles but to undermine corrosive forces to our liberty actively with a vast network of infiltrators who are able to supply me with information to publish here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.

The discussion in our meeting was preparedness, because the projected path that our country is on is one that is not healthy, or beneficial to long-term sustainability. So I have piracy in mind, not peaceful co-existence. The root for this idea comes from philosophy not law. And as of now, our action is rooted in information so that people can make good decisions when it comes time to vote. Some of the attendees at this particular meeting are people who have in the past been chased down by the IRS just because of their affiliation with liberty groups, or have been raked across the social coals and blamed for insanity because they refused to comply with a group consensus surrendering logic for peace. And of course many saw this happen first hand to me just this past week when words I said were taken and used as an attempt to remove me from the political arena, because they couldn’t beat me straight up.

Case in point regarding my comments, if the voters decided that my words were too harsh, then so be it. I said them knowing full well the risk. However, the political machine showed its gears of influence and a grand show was put on in an attempt to wreck me in any fashion possible. This political machine desired to see me completely destroyed. In the old days we might call this a “hit” where a literal assassin would be called into action to remove the problem. These days it’s public relations firms who do the work, and it is an ignorant and cowardly public motivated by fear who listens intently.

This is how machine politics is able to diffuse the Tea Party movement, through defensive action, by calling them “tea baggers” and other derogatory names so to turn the public against them. Machine politics don’t kill like they used to with literal bullets from guns using actual hit men. They still do this on occasion, but only when the public relation hits don’t work.

And that is why this band of Overmanwarriors gathered on a Saturday afternoon, to discuss many of these topics and gain firm holding of our personal philosophies. I personally believe that it is philosophy that is more powerful than bullets, so advocating a philosophy of freedom is a very powerful weapon. It does what the assassins of public relations are doing, it allows for a bloody fight to rage on with counter measures the assassins are not equipped to handle. That is how we plan to fight, is through philosophy gradually bringing more and more members into our tent to help support the liberty groups with our reach, and willingness to punch the political establishment cleanly in the mouth. I personally reject the entire system that is built on concessions and favor a system that is built on logic and is prepared to fight on any ground necessary to have it. The preferred method is in the court of public opinion and the ability to vote.

However, much of the time the law is not made to protect, but to control, and that makes it an enemy of freedom. The old song by the Bobby Fuller Four, “I Fought the Law and the Law Won” deserves to be challenged.

The law is the same system that allows a school system to forever rob a home of property taxes and if the community does not approve the levy, the law allows the school to ignore the voters and try again within 6 months. The law now says that anyone can be detained and tortured if the President of the United States deems you as a terrorist completely superseding the American Constitution. The law dictates that you do a lot of things that are not in your best interest and while you work hard to be a “law abiding citizen” the same law makers are the biggest law breakers. And it’s time to end the practice of hypocrisy by turning the other cheek. As we were told recently in our local school system, “we can’t control our costs, because it’s against the law.” That’s when enough is enough.

Labor unions have lobbied to create laws that guarantee payment to them from the ownership of property. And they can do it because it’s “the law.” Lobbyist help create laws we all must live by, but do nothing to actually help any of us. Such laws should be broken, since their foundations rob and loot America of its drive and innovation.

And that’s what our group of independent minded Overmanwarriors discussed during our meeting. We discussed how we got here and what we do now. My suggestions are to turn the mechanisms of machine politics back on itself. To support the Tea Parties, but to stay in the back ground as a watchdog to their efforts, and to attack like water the rigid controls of the establishment. I mean like water because water can take any shape even if that shape is in the form of the enemy itself.

The corruption of our culture did not start with guns or even people, but of ideas. A communist ideology has been introduced gradually to American culture that has brought our nation to this current place in time and is the real villain. As I examine the roots of that thinking, it is easy to see that the philosophy itself is weak and can be easily crushed by better ideas. So as for now the guns will stay in their holsters and the advancement of good ideas will be injected into our social fabric like medicine into the body of a sick patient. And this merry band of Overmanwarrior’s will be on the front line of providing those ideas that will fight off the sickness that has paralyzed our civilization. And the fight will be to ensure that no concessions take place between the truth and the half-baked diatribes of machine politics and their tentacles of power.

For it is not our responsibility to play the role of the compliant citizen, but a vigilant one. Freedom isn’t cheap, and the lazy do not have the ambition to maintain it. When the thieves, looters, and scum bags who crave power over logic desire to deliberately build a society of the lazy so that freedom can be reduced and power will be gained by the machines of politics, then the enemy is easy to see. It’s right in front of you. But you have to start calling it what it is and not dance around the politically correct terminology that the enemy has given you. And here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, with the large group of members behind it, being a rebel against such tyranny is becoming more and more fashionable. Which is a welcomed relief.

What all the members of this group had in common was each and every one of them had been involved in some kind of aggressive set-up involving some form of government.  And we were brought together with a desire to fight back.  The intention inflicted upon us all was to subdue the fighting spirit and desire for freedom in favor of some mundane security.  The attempts ranged from Federal prosecutions, IRS thuggery, sexual harassment, public humiliation, and many other stories inflicted to destroy any competition to the desires of a tyrannical government.  And that is going to end.

A special thanks to Vicious, and the Gatekeeper for bringing everyone together and making it fun.  We’re a serious group, and your creative wit brought joy to an event that was intense by nature. 

I would expect that our group will probably double by the next meeting.  Soon, it looks like we’ll need a bigger venue. 

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Rich Hoffman