The Rock Island Line: Why gas costs so much

It might be because my first moments as a baby were to sleep within 20 feet of a railroad track, but there are few noises that appeal more to me then the sound of a train running on a hard steel track. To this day as my window is open to the spring air the distant sound of a train roaming across the countryside sends me into a deep and blissful sleep. I enjoy the sound of a train so much that I have an hour-long recording of various steam engines and diesels running that I play on my iPod often.

But why? Why does the sound of a train have so much appeal? And why do some think the clamor of them is noisy, and being held up by them on roadways is inconvenient? Well, I have a theory, but I will say that for me the closest thing to a religious experience on earth has been to be in the front of the line of traffic on my motorcycle in the pouring rain as lighting was striking all around me at 3 AM in the morning and to watch a large train go by as it’s rumble shook the road beneath my feet.

I would say that people who don’t like trains are the same who are the tree hugging hippies, the capitalist haters, the school levy advocates, the welfare recipients, the drug induced derelicts, the communists, the latte sipping prostitutes, the haters of manufacturing, in short, those who do not understand how something gets from one place to the other. These are also the same types who are directly responsible for gas that is over $4 per gallon, because they have belittled the techniques that make energy cheap and affordable for everyone. They have artificially driven up the cost of energy because of their deficit understanding of the forces that move the world.

Such is the case with my good friend Matt Clark in a broadcast over just this very topic–why fuel costs so much and how things came to be this way. The high costs are a result of lack of competition, over regulation, short-sighted political philosophy, and an intentional desire to destroy what makes America the greatest country on earth.

To see how far we’ve fallen when compared to the types mentioned above who simply hate trains, it is important to understand the role that trains played in making America such a great nation built on innovation and tenacity. The train itself came to represent American will as the nation grew. The steam engine and the 1000 HP locomotives built our nation.

For Christmas this year my wife bought me a DVD set featuring over 43 train documentaries and one of my favorites in the series was the Rock Island Line episode called The Wheels of Progress. Upon watching it I felt like an archeologist who had uncovered the American past and was able to see it for the first time in years. You can see this documentary below as I watched it just a few days ago. It represents everything I love about trains and why. Upon viewing, notice how the documentary is presented. Notice how the family eating their meal is portrayed. Notice the emphasis on productivity and innovation. It is because of everything mentioned in this documentary that I find trains to this very day refreshing, life-sustaining, even religious.

The irresponsibility of our modern culture to throw off all the values seen in that video has been a reckless attack on the most wonderful culture to ever call itself human. To allow in such a short time ourselves to apologize to other nations for being so good at manufacturing, at invention, at enterprise, and wealth building, has been the same mentality that has allowed us to choke off all those technological innovations in favor of socialism and the limits that come with such political philosophies centered around “fairness” which is a cleaver disguise by the lazy to justify their parasitic behavior.

Those modern minded people who look at trains as a nuisance to be avoided, and who close their windows at night so they don’t have to hear them are the same who are destroying this country of everything that is good about it. They destroy it because they don’t appreciate how their food comes to their table, how the gas gets to their cars, or how the power comes to their televisions. They allow their pretentiousness rooted in ignorance to cast giggles at how out of fashion traditional American values are.

They look at old clips like the one below with Johnny Cash and Roy Clark singing about that same Rock Island Line shown in the documentary and laugh at how old and backward these two artists are. How out-of-fashion they are in singing about such things. The mistake is in casting this folklore off into the past in favor of some new mythology like Two and a Half Men, and How I Met Your Mother, stories about broken people living broken lives. Then those same minds wonder why their own lives are broken, unhappy and miserable. And those same minds wonder why gas is over $4 per gallon, and why driving to Disney World costs over $500 now, when it used to only cost $200.

But in the first moments that I learned to walk, when my parents lived above my grandparents, my grandfather, the same guy who taught me to use a bullwhip, shoot a gun and spit in the face of authority since he used to run moonshine in the hills of Kentucky with his own father, listened to Johnny Cash in the house he had by a railroad track and as I struggled to take my first steps I can remember Johnny Cash singing Rock Island Line as trains would storm by the window shaking the entire house with raw American power—the power of the nation moving by at the pace of business. And I learned from an early age to appreciate it as the foundations of America manifest in folklore and rail cars.

You cannot abuse your nation just like you cannot abuse your mother, or father, or even your children with badmouthing neglect. They will only love you so far, and they can only withstand the abuse so long before they start to believe the spiteful words from the villains of thought. And to those who yell at the trains and chastise the old-fashioned remnants of the past in favor of what’s new and fashionable, it is those types who have made gas $4 dollars a gallon and climbing. It is they who have driven up the cost of food. It is they who have allowed the Federal Reserve to destroy the value of the dollar with devastating inflation. It is they who have said yes to every tax put before them because they believe money can be plucked from a tree and that government will bring everything they need to their doorstep. It is they who have destroyed self-reliance and instead put ear-rings of peace signs in their ears and taken up the mantra of the hippie, the lowlifes, the smelly occupier who finds themselves disillusioned at a government so inept it cannot give back all that it promised to these poor youth waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.

What none of them know is that it was railroads like the Rock Island Line that built our country and made all Americans, even the poor, the richest in all the world. And it was the blood vessels of our economy such as our railroads that the parasites of communism attacked first, and why the perception of many now look upon those old relics as a nuisance. And that is why our gas is too expensive, and our way of life is dimenishing, so that soon, like the train, our way of life will simply be another ghost from the past that whistles in the quiet of the night to windows, ears and minds that have closed off to their beauty.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior